St. Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow, Co. Cork


Living in a society that is a mess,
If were happy or not they couldn’t care less.
Stuck in school seven hours a day,
Everything’s boring were leading astray.
You’ll always be judged because of who you are,
They say you’re stupid for chasing the stars.
It’s sad to say we can’t wait to leave,
But what happens here you wouldn’t believe.
We are branded and labeled as being a type,
A stain that the system is unable to wipe.

Emma & Shelley

Don’t Be Innocent

Don’t be innocent
Don’t be a slut
Don’t be fragile
But don’t be too rough.

Can’t be too smart
‘Cause then you’re too high
Can’t be too dumb
You’ll never get by.

Shave your legs
But cover the bleeding.
Eyebrows on fleek?
You’re shallow, only focus on aesthetic meaning.

Be beautiful
But not Barbie doll.
Branded by brandy
Judge like the covers of all the books you read.

Girls should be weak
Muscle isn’t pretty.
Men can’t be meek
Girls can’t be ditzy.

Girls in the kitchen
Boys on the pitch.
A bossy man is powerful
A bossy woman’s a bitch.

They put men in suits,
And girls in frocks.
They tell you to reach,
Then put you in a box.



From a perfect home, big house and money,
Little do they know it’s not as sweet as honey.
Screams ‘Help me mummy, there’s no food in my tummy!’.
Kids at school think I’m great,
They don’t know my heart is about to break.



Makeup on, hair down,
When can we peel this mask off
Because we look like clowns?
Nails painted, tan on,
Keep in there, hand on
Don’t worry, head up high
Always remember that you
Are a butterfly in the sky.



Poetry is fun,
Rap is fun.
Stephen Murray is fun,
Go like his Facebook page.
Everything is fun.
Poetry is fun,
Rap is fun,
Everything is fun.



Teachers growl,
All they do is scowl.

I’d say their knickers are too tight,
Because they’re ‘oh so wise’ and ‘thin’.

I hope one day they’ll realize,
There’s more to do in life than to criticize.


Curly Hair

Curly hair
will be my end.
Getting stuck everywhere
It is not my friend.

Stuffed in a bun
or in a hat
Nothing else can be done
or it will look like an alley cat.



Step sending shivers
Step raising heart beat
Step creating goose bumps
Step the urge to move
Step. If you can feel the music
Then anybody can dance.



It adds pain to my day
In every kind of way
I dread walking into the class
Hoping time will pass
I sit down in the same place
Listening to him talking at the same pace
The class is so boring
I’m surprised I’m never snoring
I don’t like this class
But I really need to pass.


All Things Bright

Snow is white
Not great to bite
No time for talking
Over the hills
It starts to chill
What a wonderful sight
And all things bright.



I don’t like school
But I’m not a fool
I can swallow books
But I cannot look after my looks
I am confused
But still amused
At the thought of equality
That consumes our so called society
A society of fools
Who all like school.


Live Life

Live life to the full
Over things you want do not mull
Go out and have some fun
Don’t regret anything run
Better things are yet to come
Don’t be sad
Be rad
So go out and have a rave
And dance to the grave.


A Fancy Party

Her nails a fancy party
Her skin is musical
50 shades of tan
Bodycon dress on
Her smartness in every language
Takes a bullet to her head
She is the truth which shines bright
In light of day
In dark of night