St Josephs Secondary School, Tulla, Co. Clare

Chant of Air

The spirit of Air holds us
It entraps us
From our First Breath
To our Last.
In the crucible of immortality
One will find the word of the unknowable.
Listen to the wind, friend;
It beckons you.

High in the peaks, a wind came to being
Born from sure spirit, from stony vigils’ dreaming,
Swiftly it descends, sure as an arrow
Caressing oak’s arm, breathing flight into the sparrow.
Whisper through crack and crevice
Fearing no night nor precipice,
Your mantle sheathes all our spirit,
Encompassing Mundus and all that is in it.

The journey continues, it sees no bounds
Breeze searching for answers, persistent as hounds,
While its Master sings sorrow, wondering why
Humanity’s eyes have strayed awry.

The wind whips and wallows, its message now lost,
Its tongue now forgotten, at terrible cost,
Yet still it breathes life into our heart,
Unconquerable spirit ne’er torn apart

The breeze sows life into all that lives
And now it has found me,
Its Master’s voice fills my lungs
Carried into Eternity

Listen to the wind, friend;
It beckons you.

Michael Fitzgerald


Hours and hours,
Spent on a waste of time,
Nothing achieved,
While everything’s believed,
Dreams that were life,
Wither and die,
Because you missed that chapter,
Or else the exam did,
You dedicated your time,
Yet you still missed out,
Life isn’t fair,
You’ve learnt that now,
Ignore the result,
Tell yourself it’s a mistake,
All the while knowing,
It probably isn’t,
Aware of your ability,
But not when faced,
With the cold hard truth,
That you just weren’t good enough.

Grace McMahon

A New Place

Moved to a new place
Tried to start over with a new face
Started a new school
Tried to talk to the kids I thought were cool
I hid behind my mouth
But everything started going south
The face turned into another personality
I started drifting from normality

Gráinne Brady


All this pressure to be better
To look good be good, something you’re not
All this drama over nothing
So much is expected
Everything’s to be perfected
You want to scream
People telling you that you blew it
At times all you really need is a bullet
Parents, so called friends
They’re all the same
You’re nearly friends with rejection
Loads of correction
That you try to change your imperfections
It’s just not worth it anymore
Why should we change for anyone
Stuck in this perfect world of yours
Well guess what it doesn’t revolve around you
We’ve feelings too


The Outside World

All the drama going on is bullshit
Then some people just want to quit
Why can’t we just be free
But people just can’t seem to let us be

Sometimes the pressure gets too much
and people forget to stay in touch
all this time stuck in your dream world
will mean nothing to no one in the outside world.

The sporty, the intelligent, the cool, the perfect,
All of this just isn’t worth it
The musical, the athletes, the goths and even the nerds
Can never be heard in the outside world.


Animals in a Circus

Ironic how there’s only one ring leader
Everybody involved follows
The rest are sheep
Following on.
Welcome to our circus.
Weird animals, I know,
We have to deal with them every day as they put on their show
Trying to make the audience fear them
They’re good at their job.


No Rhyme, No Reason

This is a poem.
That does not rhyme.
Because making them rhyme
Takes too much time.
I don’t have to write many lines,
Only a few
I’d probably do more
If I knew what to do.