Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork

In a World

In a world where people are supposedly ‘free’
People aren’t what they want to be.
Where depression, anxiety and mental health
Are not spoken with a lot of strength
In a world where people suffer and suffer and suffer
And they’re told to be tougher
In a world where people tell you to speak up
But society says ‘stop being selfish and shut up’
I wish there was a world where people don’t feel alone
Even if it’s just picking up the phone
I wish there was a world where people are more understanding
Instead of just pretending.


Social Media

I am addicted to social media
I am restricted from reality
I feel like I am trapped in this fake body that is not me
I need to impress everyone
Be someone I am not instead of being who I really am
I need to look like a size 6 model
Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect body
I cannot keep lying about who I really am
I want to be me.


Fly Eater

Fly eater, set yourself in our pot,
You’re interesting, you’re strange,
A great addition to our lot.

But you’ll need some fixing up,
You won’t do with those red veins and
Those trumpets need make-up.

Cover it in this,
Put that around the edges,
What will we do with that fly?
You can’t go out – you’ll be shunned by the hedges.

Dress up these petals, now – look at the colours,
The whole garden should see these pictures!

Meet some other plants, you’ve got plenty to show,
Look at this fine azalea here,
He’s nice, good petals, good roots, good pollen you know…
And don’t panic about making seeds, that never happens anyway…
You know there are no other fly-eaters around, so why try to find one?

Oh – you liked where you were planted?
You liked the flies, the way the soil felt,
The perfect amount of rain?

Well, you can’t expect your relationship with us
To grow, if you don’t grow into a flower.
Well, you’re full of venom,
You’re full of shit,
You’ve got flies floating around in you, like we said.

You’re a graveyard, a hoard of dead bodies,
You don’t advertise and
You shouldn’t.

You can pick up the scraps left by us.
Those weed-pervert-dandelion-rejects are our gift to you!
Mow yourself down, fly-eating nobody.

The world’s made for the pretty, the wanted, the flowers.


One People

One Earth,
Cared for by one species
One people
Undivided, but divided in two.

Physical similarities
Yet regarded as different
Mental abilities proved equal and
Rates of development is considered insignificant.

Laws in place to erase
Discrimination 0f gender that
Began thousands of years ago,
And attitudes since then have still not changed as

We are deemed the weaker ones
To be protected by fathers, brothers and lovers
As if we can’t cope on our own,
Earning the same salary will be a milestone.

We were put on the Earth as one people,
A balance of two who are different
But the same
And one day those differences will be insignificant.


Brave Face!

You’re called a slut, you’re called a hoe
They judge you but how do they know?
You come to school with a smile on your face
But why do you bother
When you’re judged by your religion, your sex and your race?
Tears run down your cheek and you’re now considered weak,
You stay at home and hide your fear,
A note is written to your mother to make it clear.
You think for hours and it weakens your powers
You go to the garage to get a rope,
It’s been going on too long you can no longer cope.
Your little brother passes your empty room a
And misses the way ye used to play.
He doesn’t understand where you’re gone.
Bullying is wrong so pass it on!

Lauren Pyne

To The Man I Miss the Most

I really miss you Granddad
The way you made me laugh and smile,
The stories that you told me really were worthwhile.
They really were the best I have ever heard,
The old ones the funny ones I remember every word.
Sometimes I feel sad or maybe I just cry,
Because I never got a chance to say a real goodbye.
I just want to say will remember you every day,
I think of you each night and every day you guide me like a light.


The People

Sometimes people don’t listen to you
I don’t know if they can’t
or just the don’t want.
Sometimes my English might not be the best
But try to understand me,
I’m trying my best.
Sometimes the people can be really mean
And sometimes are not what they seem
Some of them genuine
Some of then fake.
Some of them give
Some of them take
Sometimes the people are nice that you meet
The stranger who smiles at you in the street
Sometimes the only thing that you need,
It’s a friend to be with.
Sometimes the people are just so nice,
You don’t need a reason to be kind.
Because although sometimes
people are bad,
Most of the time
They can make you feel glad.


The Cage

In a cage, with no way out,
Only because the parents doubt
They don’t trust
They just fear
They don’t know where I’ll end up, there or here
Doing drugs and drinking booze.
They don’t know the life I choose
They wrap me up, not wanting me to leave the nest
But if I don’t spread my wings, I won’t do my best
There is no key to unlock these chains
The children bow, the parents reign.

Emma Carey

My Story

You don’t have it that bad,
Someone always has it worse.
But I never understood the curse.
Sad but mad it was all the one.
The cancer a war that couldn’t be won.

Lies upon lies were all I was told,
Because no one could face the truth it was too cold.

Frustrated, filled with hatred, couldn’t turn to anything sacred.
Because nobody understood,
The story I told…



Skyscraper heels and pencil skirts are always on the prowl.
No wonder teens are stereotyped.

People don’t think about the girls who stay at home and don’t go out on Saturday nights.
I’d rather stay at home in a safe environment, watching movies with my friends.
And to the girls on the ‘pull’, you’re only in for trouble.
Find a guy who treats you right and will take you out for dinner.
But to the guys who hurt the girls, your parents would be ashamed.
No wonder teens are stereotyped.

To that old lady down the street who passes and says hello
when you tease and make fun of her it hurts down deep inside.
No wonder teens are stereotyped.

To all those teens on drink and drugs,
Do you think of the future?
I like my health and happy life.
No wonder teens are stereotyped.

I’m telling you all to think before you act, and always to think twice.
Don’t be the teen that all the adults are going to stereotype.

Becka Irwin


Creeping down the stairs at night,
A little girl who got a fright.
She couldn’t sleep, she had bad dreams,
Moonlight, through the curtain, like a gleam.

The stars shined brightly in the deep, dark sky,
As she called for her mom, trying not to cry.
She crept around the house, startled by the cat,
And the fears overcame her, just like that.

She screamed, she shouted, she called for help,
Outside in the yard, she heard her dog yelp.
She sank to the floor, she fell on her knees,
In her nightmare surrounded by forests of trees.

Sarah Burke

Academic Prisoner

In school I sit and stare at a page,
My incapability of learning causing me to rage,
I don’t get it,
How people read something then never forget it.

I can’t study, can’t remember,
What the teacher said last September,
I can’t accept it, move on,
Because without studying they say my future is gone.

But out on that pitch,
With my fingers so cold they twitch,
Now finally I’m at home,
I can score goals, no need for useless facts about Rome.

When I win the All-Ireland they won’t look down on me like before,
Instead they’ll look up and watch me lift the cup as the crowds roar.


Bad Dreams

Twisting, turning, trashing, crashing,
Falling, crying, I’m not laughing.

Walls are crushing,
I’m not breathing,
Waters steaming,
Now I’m screaming.

Falling fast,
Calling out,
Hell’s hole is
Waiting for me.

Red eyes glowing in the dark,
Can you hear the monster bark?
Blanket on the floor,
Fear rocks me to the core.

Jumping up,
Sweat is pouring,
Eyes are open.



My Love Timeline

From a two year little girl’s crush on your best friend’s brother,
Who happened to be way older
To a cute sweetheart that didn’t last very long,
Which ended in me listening to breakup songs.
To falling in love with a player,
And as much as I hated to say ‘see you later’.
Repeating the process all over again,
But it wasn’t like Barbie and Ken.
Now, here I am with a new guy,
Really hoping I won’t have to say goodbye!



A size 6 to a size 22,
Really depends on you,
From salad to fries,
Nerds to hot guys,
Media is trying to change our minds.

You have to be this, you have to be that,
“O please don’t wear that hat”,
That’s not in fashion, you don’t look hot,
Just stop acting like a tot.

We comment “O pretty” “You’re such a slay”
“Eyebrows on fleek” or “You’re just a geek”.
However they turn their backs,
They’re jealous of your contour by Mac,
But really you have just made them more conscious of their flaws,
By painting their fake groomed claws.

Nobody’s perfect,
And that’s what we need to learn,
Compliment others, along with their mothers,
It shows your true beauty,
Hate you or love you,
Who gives a crap?,
As long as you’re happy at the end of the day.

Hayley F.

Beautiful Tales of a Broken Heart

When I was sad
I didn’t cry, I poured
When I was happy
I didn’t smile, I shone
When I was angry
I didn’t yell, I burned

Because you were my storm
When you left me
You ripped out my core
You slammed the door
My broken pieces lay there
On the hard, cold , floor

But you didn’t care, you never did
I was so bare
You were my nightmare.
I just wanted to be loved
Like a snowman loves his gloves

But I’m happy now
You’re nothing but a distant memory
In this cold, ice, air
I have finally found my flare
Someone that loves me
Someone that cares
No more tears
What a year!


Her Mam, My Nan

Our DNA is different
And although we act the same
You may not be our blood
But things will never change

Long lost family
Forgotten in the rain
But you cannot see a blood type
Within a picture frame.


Two Brothers

Every morning I wake up, and I see their stupid faces sitting there,
The two of them, side by side, thick as thieves,
As I quietly sip my cup of milky tea.

Suddenly, as if we have been shoved into a running race,
We desperately attempt to find some space
In the cramped bathroom built for two,
The three of us attempt to brush a tooth.

Mam screams “Hurry, Hurry! Ye will miss the bus!”
As my brother Oisín roars at me to “shut the f**k up”
I have not said a word to him, just “hello”
But still my stomach receives a quick elbow.

To no one’s surprise, we miss the bus of course,
Only to my Mother’s delight,
My brother Darragh shows me no remorse
As he punches me on the cheek, just a bit to right.

And as I emerge out of the car in front of the school,
My brothers beep the car horn, just to be cruel,

And as I escape into my safe and warm classroom,
I begin to realise my certain doom,
That I still have to return home later for tea,
Where my brothers will begin to taunt and abuse me once again with glee.

Shannon Brennan

Growing Up

Things are so different from when I was small,
Trying to play with my football,
Back then things were so simple,
All I had to do was smile and show a dimple.

All the memories that I save,
These old days that I still crave,
Hoping they will never leave,
Maybe I’m just being naïve.

It seems for the future I am prepared,
But the thought of it all is getting me scared,
Growing up is really hard,
But I’ll get through it, with regard.


Society is a Bitch

Have to shave…. to make myself less self-conscious
Have to stop eating…. hopefully I’ll get thinner
Have to put on tan….. to make you look pretty
Have to put on make-up to cover up your face almost like wearing a mask
Never good enough
Everyone tries to ‘cut’ their problems away because….
Society is a bitch.

R.O’.G & L.F.

The Media

The media the media,
It’s an overrated encyclopedia,
Who are they to judge?
And then put a grudge on people,
From photo-shopping on an image,
Into popping the so-called ‘perfect image’,
We believe what we see and don’t question any session,
Just put ourselves into a sesh of aggression,
The media the media,
It’s an overrated encyclopedia.



Friday evening you come barging in,
Barking orders
Acting the big man,
Thinking you run the show,
Telling Mam to get you shit,
Never saying thanks,
You’re not class,
Cop on and grow up,
You pain in the hole.