Crescent College Comprehensive, Limerick

For Women

A mother given a so-called ‘gift’
A child who’s life is a wasteland drift
Unwanted, unloved but born anyway
Life forced by the rules of a blind man’s state.
Give every mother the freedom of choice
Take the gag from her mouth and her voice.
We say ‘rights for everybody’,
Who was really sacrificed
The body of the woman
or the body of Christ?

Róisín MacNamee


For a society that praises education and respect
But diminishes individuality causing people to disconnect.
We wonder why people are obsessed with being perfect
But if that’s all societies preaches what do we expect?
We set high expectations which only few can reach
Pushing people to far right to their peak
But if we spread love instead of forcing fear
We can make a society more clear.

Holly Finucane

Our Generation

“What are you going to be when you grow up?”
The phrase that strikes fear into each young adult
When we were children it was so easy
“Princess, footballer, rock star”
Now these expectations from people that don’t realise
I don’t have any idea of what my future holds
All I know is:
I don’t want to end up like my parents
I want to make mistakes and learn from them
I want to be me
We are under constant judgement of the older generation
Little do they know
We are the future
And the future is bright.

Isabelle and Olivia

I Understand

I understand friendship is sketchy, everyone’s still learning,
I understand it’s hard to trust people who don’t even trust themselves,
I understand everyone has a basic understanding of adolescent,
The basic understanding is just a foundation, an estimate to what people are going through,

I understand that bullies are not the reason I am ruined or wrecked,
I understand that I am the only one who has control over my emotions,
I understand because I am one of the few people who are growing up in 2016,

I understand that my parents don’t get it,
And that no one will,
I understand…. to a certain extent!



We live in a society
Where we are expected to be “normal”
It gives me anxiety
It’s a little too formal.

What is the definition of this confusing term
The meaning in our world is as follows
“Beautiful, smart, great personality”
But wouldn’t everyone then be normal?

Does being normal mean being like sheep
Living your normal life in your sleep
Because if what it means is acting the norm
Then I’d rather be strange.

I don’t want to conform.


It’s Hard Work Being Me

We’re just teenagers
We’re not all on the same level
The same path, the same page
An adult one minute, a child the next
Sick of being spat out like an unwanted reject
Yeah, it’s hard work being me.

Social media, Snapchat,
Instagram and Twitter
Gotta look better, get slimmer, get fitter
Dolled up to the nines on a Saturday night
You’ll be judged either way
In the dancefloor light.
Yeah, it’s hard work being me.

Erin McKillican & Aoife Murphy

The Life of a Tall Person

A lot of people don’t know what it’s like to be tall,
Yes no one wants to be small,
Everyone wishes they were taller,
They’d give their bottom dollar.

I’m 6 foot 7 and I’m size 16 shoe,
You can’t believe the struggles,
It’s so hard to get clothes; I don’t know what to do,
It’s so hard to get shoes I have to get them online,
When I get them there always really bad,
It would be so much easier if I was size nine.

Kids look at me in awe,
They think I’m a giant,
They think I’m so tall it’s breaking the law,
They’re all scared of me so they’re never compliant.

Ronan Cregan


Dirty looks in the hallways
Disrespectful comments from guys
A society who praises beauty
And doesn’t give a crap about lies

So-called “friends” who talk about you when you’re not there
When they Say things like “no offence” or “in my defence”
It has me wondering
Do they really care?

A world where hearing about deaths in places like Syria doesn’t even have an effect
On first world snobs who only care about being the impossible “perfect.”

Emma Waddell

Derby Days

The derby here was a big tradition,
It was sure to be an exhibition,
Ten minutes gone they’re down by two,
The players didn’t know what to do,
The whistle was blown after forty-five,
The fans couldn’t believe their eyes,
The team’s manager shouted and screamed,
At his poor and underperforming team,
The team ran back out to a roar from the crowd,
The atmosphere was fiery and loud,
The team was poor at the back,
And lacked creativity on the attack,
The manager’s words gave inspiration,
To a comeback that would inspire a nation,
They came back to life and scored twice,
The manager surely gave great advice,
Last minute decision gave a free kick,
The players ran a training ground trick,
He ran up quick and struck the ball,
He curled it straight around the wall,
The players saw what it meant,
To a group of fans that gave one hundred percent,
The whistle blew and in jubilation,
They all broke into celebration,
This was long I wish I knew,
I should have wrote a haiku.

Conor Ryan

Teen Pregnancy

Just another punishment that leads to banishment
I sit there rolling my eyes.
I was never understood for the things I could do good.
Feeling unwanted and deprived.
Teenage pregnancy leads to dependency of getting out of this crime
Although they may not all be hoes they will still get abusive lines.
Coming from a “perfect” family
An abortion is expected
Taking away an innocent life the baby is affected.
Sitting in the waiting room getting stares from every direction.
People not realising there adding to my depression.
Forgive me father for I have sinned
It’s been nine months since my last confession.



Standing at the Door

I’m standing here glancing at the door
Just hoping for an opening but it never comes
Waiting for a light to shine through the dark
Still staring up above but yet I can’t get off the ground
I keep waiting for something but nothing ever comes
Still praying And begging for someone to come
But they never do
So I’ll stay standing at the door.

Gavin McGrath


Why are girls seen as kind and gentle?
Why do they have to be careful around guys
because they could be raped or abused?
Disrespected, used.
Why are they judged on looks or the way they are standing?
There’s a lack of basic understanding
“They’re asking for it,” they say.
Seen as a slut if they wear short skirts
High heels, cropped tops
Treated like dirt.
Why when girls do the things that guys do
like playing games and smoking?
Are they seen as weird?
but the guys are seen as legends
Why do guys take the piss out of them all the time?
Think it’s funny to bully us.
The world is thought to discriminate against girls they are not born.
with it there is only one race in the world
and that’s then human race people shouldn’t be judged
by the colour and complexion of their skin or gender.



The knocks, the falls
The laughs, the LOLs
The wins, the losses
The stitches and bruises
The fights, the lying
The finals and crying
The points, the goals
The celebrating and elevating

Tim Lyons

Parents Believe

Parents believe that it’s all about A’s and B’s but it’s just not
Sometimes kids are forced into sports from a young age
But sometimes, that’s just not what they want.
Teenagers are forced down and are afraid to do what they feel like
It should not be about what’s “good for you” but about what you want to do
Doing something you don’t want to do for someone else just isn’t right
So now it’s time to think for yourself because
It’s not their lives, it’s yours.



The pressure of being perfect is hard to take
It forces many people to be fake
The fear of being different and being labelled an outsider
Is the reason people reluctantly drink dodgy cider
And do other things, eager to impress
They even alter the way they dress.
People are brainwashed until they’re made to think
You can’t be cool without sex drugs and drink.
Willing to do anything to be one of the lads
They’re up for anything whether illegal or just bad.
Jumping on the bandwagon of the bullying game
To avoid the embarrassment of having ‘pussy’ as a name.



Since the start of the May
I have had to get the bus to and from school every day
7:47 in the morning, 4:07 in the evening but never on time
You never get a seat, it’s always too warm and nobody wants to open the windows for some reason
From Dooradoyle, through Weston, past the station, into town and out to Corbally
The thing is a carriage with half eaten food, people coughing and the fat guy who smells like he hasn’t showered since 2012
Then there is the hole who thinks everybody wants to hear his awful rap music and the woman who talk loudly about her problems that nobody cares about.
From the four crying babies to the 40 minutes delay
I wonder if there is a quicker way, to walk maybe?
I would rather be stuck on the 301 for a year then have to walk through that dodgy place.


Am I Lucky?

Am I lucky not to be troubled?
I don’t even know anymore
Underdogs are loved when they win, but hated in defeat.
Clear winners are favoured in the race, but ignored in victory.
I’m just there, what does that make me?


Travel the World

I want to travel the world
Unravel the transworld

See new things I’ve never seen
Been to places I’ve never been

Grab a plane
Travel to Spain

I’ll get to fly like a vulture
See new culture

After a year
Come back to set my future clear

Come back and settle down
To go and live in my hometown.

Killian Scanlon


The hell am I meant to do?
I’ve deleted about eight shitty poems because of this shit.
I’m mad at you
Because I don’t want to know what I hate
I don’t hate! Is that so wrong?
I’ve gotten desensitized to bombs, torture and kidnap.
I don’t care about punches, insults and shit.
Damn! I want to something because I want to.
Jesus, is that so hard for me
To stop doing something because I was told to do it and I lied so long it became expected
And dedicate myself to myself and do what I want, toss the consequences to the side.
I’m not a bad person, OK!



All the work you put in,
Sometimes people just throw it into the bin,
You will win you will lose,
To keep on working you will have to choose,
For eventually everything will go right,
And hopefully you won’t get a fright,
If you do don’t be scared,
For it all works out in the end.

Ben Quilligan

School is Cruel

School is cruel
Wasted time, basic crime
Tired and uninspired
Teachers’ wannabe preachers
Future boosters
Helpful, claim to see potential
Exam time, cram time
Success impressed
Failure traitor
Judgemental not gentle
School is cruel



I love to play rugby
But I don’t like to train
Fitness is an issue
I don’t like that pain.

Every second day
We train hard
In the shitty
Mucky back yard.

Matches on a Saturday
Never get played
Sometimes I have to pray
That I might get the call
And make an appearance.

Harry Coyne


I want to be something I’m not
I want to do things I don’t know how to do
With wanting to be taught
How do I become the protagonist?
When do I reach the status of the antagonist?



Feeling the boat flowing while I’m rowing,
Is such a rush
Imagine the push it took
Nearly hitting that duck
So I can’t complain about the pain
From my aching muscle
You’ve always got to hustle
Or how will you be great?

Jennifer Connolly

Waste of Time

It’s a waste of time
Should be a crime
Irrelevant and unnecessary
State exams in secondary
Tired and stressed
No problems addressed
Sleepless nights
Futures bright.