Sligo Grammar School

Valid Growth

Don’t assume that all this is fake or a fashionable style
Just because you were my bearer doesn’t mean you have that choice.
What do you know about the emotions that go through people
You blocked out your third eye a long time ago.
I. Have an identity
I. Have a voice and a mind
Along with all the other “misled” kids that apparently waste their time online.

All we are looking for is a safe haven
So don’t you dare say that it’s dangerous.

I like girls.
That does not mean you can furl your fingers around my throat and choke that out of me.
Yes, it can be difficult for me some days to figure out what I am
That is due to the seed of doubt you planted.
But that does not mean you can judge my appearance
Laugh when I say I don’t identify with my name. I will not.
Be made lame by your kicks and sneers. I know.
I will have to deal with that shit for years.
But I will overcome.

Yes, I am young but I know my mind,
I am not lost.
I have placed myself in a category that feels like home.
But near you, I am a dog who you will never give a single, meagre, meatless bone.

This isn’t a decision,
Why would I choose a life where I would have to go through painful, expensive
Incisions to change my body to who I am in my head
Why would I go through a toil where it is difficult to get through a day without being judged,
For what I wear and who I love.

You can push me to the ground
But that is where I will find the soil,
To grow.


“Just Kids”

“Just kids”, that’s all we are,
Wiping our tears on the way to the car
Because if they saw there’d be questions and worry,
Family scared and weeks of therapy,
Because skinned knees and teasing names
Become drowned feelings and broken brains.

Drinks, pills, hospital bills,
Crumpled paper and lines of red,
No “nice” way to say
“Better off dead.”

Because names shatter, become shards of glass,
Ripping through flesh, leaving acid marks,
Sharp as the burning tongues that lashed them out.

Because the fire in our hearts moves to our heads,
Racing thoughts of death and those we would hurt,
Lying there with tears streaming down our faces,
Just wishing for it all to go away.

We lay there, all alone yet all at once,
Whispering things like “it will get better”
Although we don’t believe it in our hearts.
In the dark, standing alone, together,
All up against this world of ours.

Yet every day, we go through the same,
All of the tears and all of the pain.
It’s easy to say you would die for someone,
But living for them is much harder for you.
“Dying’s easy to say but not easy to do”,
But nobody knows what you’re going through
They say “get over it” but you don’t know how,
Lost in storms of “the future is now.”

Well this a future that you want no part in,
Where children are left trying to hold their tears in,
We can’t even work out what the problem is,
Because after all, we are “Just Kids.”

Kaitlin Cawley


I found my way to go
under the stars
under the rainbow

I made a new friend
one that will last
till the end of the end.

I hope that no matter what
our parallel footprints
will never stop.

Onorian Yeung

Twisted Worlds

The last thing she said was she loved me
But I was crying and couldn’t quite see
She dances between life and death
Too weak to cross the line peacefully.
The nicest person you could ever meet
Now her world is twisted around.
I could beg for hours and hours
But I fear that no one could send
The one thing that I want most right now
Is for all of this to end.

Emma Kilcawley

Shadows and Blood

People die every day.
Worlds get turned upside-down.
It is the bitch that dances between people
Tearing them apart.
Breaking bodies in a way
Nobody will ever understand.
This is her story
Trying to tell itself.
A race against fading light
To find a cure for a shadow.
This is her story.


Tearing Down Walls

Forced to search for meaning and devotion
With my friends and peers
Life is always in comparison.

Rebuilding the wall that I once tore down
Just for that one person I put trust in
But now I regret to cause deep within
I know in only myself I trust
Only will this brick walls turn to dust
When one gives me a reason to strive
Only then I will know my purpose in life.

Trusta Kamy Uchendu


Bones break
Kicks sink
Punches pat
Tears splat
Running fast
Bruises last
Hearts break
A minds fate
Purple faced
Hearts race
Minds reaction
Life’s attraction
Life’s for now
Live it loud
Go speak
Don’t think
Help’s there
Look for it.


Junior Cert

Read this
Write that
Do your work
Don’t chat.

You’ve done well
And that’s fine
But you have to do more
To train your mind.

Exams come and go
And the waiting begins
And you think to yourself
You can never win.

If you get bad grades
It’s a source of shame
But with good ones
Nerd becomes your name.

Well done in your exams
But it doesn’t matter now.


Black Sheep

I was always the black sheep
The one that my parent could not make sleep
At night
I smoked too much weed
and my mind was so full of greed.
Stealing my parents money
but that was not what broke their hearts
It was the gap I left.
Breaking apart inside me
Things were building up and lurking
So bad that I seemed like the only way
was the one to go back.
Back to the start
All the way to the start.


Odd Old Ends

The times when I go off the wall
Try to keep up, try not to fall.

All the shit seems to happen to me,
But people don’t care,
Though they’re not carefree.

The whispers, the slagging
Behind my back.
Trying to be part of the popular pack.

It has nothing to do with being true friends
Time is a healer making amends.

Sarah Lindsay

The Common Cliche

You say she’s fat,”Oh yuck she’s all skin”,
Why can’t she be as fit as her next of kin.
She’s got no figure, no boobs, no ass,
Of course without that she’s a bit of a laugh.
Her thighs so bumpy,her legs, “Ugh how can she walk”,
Yes keep shaming but all you can do about it is talk.
My age,my race why does it make a difference,
The laughter, the bullying why is it consistent?
Kids are cruel is that your excuse, for the demeaning belittling words that we use?
It’s the common cliche for the modern generation, why can’t we stage a rebellion, call it the inspiration of the nation?
I think everyone is beautiful just look deep into their hearts, the world will change if we all play our part.
A loud laugh, a small build,all these extraordinary differences we yield,
A nice smile, a beautiful physique,all these little important things make us unique.

Nina Ndu-Nwogu


You have to be at every training
Be it snowing, roasting, raining
Captain of the hockey team
Gotta keep that body lean

Matches come, I’m missing class
Students watching through the glass
Of a lesson I was supposed to attend
The list of to dos has no end
Pay no attention, make the tackle
But don’t forget, if you miss they’ll heckle

Top grades are expected no matter what
As I try to forget that missed shot
And the missed choir practice and debating meet
As worry sets in I turn as white as a sheet.
Keep studying they say “I’m expecting all As”
Yet do they know how much it takes?

To keep up all these expectations like
What boys like to look at, what results adults want to hear
What team I have to encourage and what goal I have to clear.
These thoughts race on relentlessly through my mind
Over and over they pound, just keep your poise and stay refined.

All these expectations
That people have of me
I’ll admit with no hesitations
Aren’t met easily.


You Can Say No

Everyone goes out some weekends to a party.
Everyone says yes to drugs in a party.
Everyone, says yes
Anyone is strong enough to say NO,
To say NO to something that kills you,
Something that, instead of make you older,
Shows your immatureness.
Lots of kids spend money on party’s and they say that they’ve spent a really good time.
But, think,
Think now in the day after, in your future, in all the shit that your body has inside
Because you,
You have been stupid, you have played with drugs
You have one friend that it’s in the hospital now.
Drugs won’t make you spend a better time,
They just will hurt you and make you needed anytime, anywhere.

Bernat Morros Porta


Alright society
Your cage is officially suffocating
Our world is torn apart
It’s exhausting
Living in this awful dull war zone
Now I see a society of bones
And all I can say is death is better than broken bones.

Zara Walker


One day, out of town,
Whole group, you’re alone.
Following groups, you’re the tails.
You got off first,you’re the last in.
Events done, middle out,
Middle one, all alone.
Packed shopping centre, by yourself,
Repeat the drill,all alone.
Watch your back.

Marcos Thorpe

Junior Cert

Eight lines or more
Eight A’s or more
But I didn’t get eight A’s
like my brother
I got five A’s
Which passed off my mother.
Studying and homework twelve hours every day.
English, Irish, Maths, grinds
All for an A
All for ten letters on a page
To show me I wasn’t as good as I thought I would be
To show me I wasn’t good enough.


I Hate My OCD

I hate when people think that I am weird or annoying or mean because I hangout with weird or annoying or mean people to be nice to them because not a lot of people would talk to them that were “cool” so they would come up to me because they knew that I would talk to them and they would use me sometimes as well.

I hate when boys think that I am desperate for them all of a sudden if they thought that I liked them all of a fucking sudden if I sat at a table they were sitting at or something ridiculous like that even when I was sitting at that table because my friend was there and I needed to talk to them about something…


Every Day

Every day is a struggle
Go home to a broken family
No day without a tussle
It makes me chuckle
What if all I ever wanted was a cuddle.
Now that life is alright
Can’t believe I took it for granted
Gave me an insight
My life was enchanted
How other people live with a lot
More than just a fight


County Final

Losing that county final,
Like an injury that was spinal
Left me paralyzed on the ground,
All alone, no one around
Weeks and weeks of preparation
Yet on the day, no determination
A seven-point gap left like a canyon
Between the dreams of me and my companions
Not much of a woohoo
More like a big f**k you.

Seamus Blackwell

Sligo City

I walk these streets day and night
Know it better than most people do
I see things that make me think
I don’t talk I keep it all in my head
But any smart person knows Sligo city is a system
It’s like a ham and cheese sandwich
The gangs who run the city are the bottom bread
The cheese are the rich high end of Sligo but “SOFT”
The “HAM” or “BEEF” the middle class the less well off the strong to cut
The top bread is da police who make sure it’s all G.

William Moore

Only the Smartest Survive

Schools’ so shit, you’re called a twit
Pressure is mounting, can’t stop doubting
Teenage life is rough, but you have to be tough
Only the smartest survive, most don’t make it out alive.

Annie Spearman


They tell what they want to tell
you hear what they will let
they see it as a waste to dwell
on stories that you’ll never get.

They make you care for her next door
or the one they care about the most
create this idea that him down the road’s a bore
in order to have the ratings to boast.

Andrew Nairn


If there’s one thing you’ll hate
It’s attending school
A decrepit old building
With irrelevant rules
Wanting to drown.
All the cocky-arsed gits
Burning alive
In lava-filled pits.

Josh Conway