Our Lady’s Secondary School, Templemore, Co. Tipperary

In Our Day and Time

In our day and time
Being weird was fine
Looking down on others wasn’t a crime
But we found pride
In their stride
Looking up got you blame.
You knew only fear and were afraid
You lived your life in a problem state
But you couldn’t give out
No world could work together
We were separated as if at birth
We loved and fought for nothing
Just to give it all up and mock others
And let them take the blame
But now we stand together and live our lives
Without fear and blame
Stand up for yourself and help the weak
Look at the wonder in their eyes not the pain or tears
Don’t leave them to cry help them fly high
And use life to the fullest
And have no doubts
And walk as their own King And Queen.

Troy Costelloe

Every Day

Every day the same
Living without an aim
No goals to achieve
Getting grief from everyone
All I want to do is run
No friends no one
Carrying a ton
Of hate that I never deserved
Everything is already served
But never letting it stop my dreams from growing.

George & Ainhoa

Our Lives

Our lives are ruled by our lives in school
The grades we get and the never-ending rules
Trying to fit in with the cool school crowds
All the while trying to make our parents proud
They expect so much in so little time
While telling us school age is our prime
So don’t try to tell us how we should live
We’ve all got so much we can give
To the world and to school and to our own lives
You’ll figure that out when our happiness’s deprives


We Learn

We learn from mistakes
From the wrong turns we make
From the fake friends we make
From the times we almost break.


Stop Hating

So am I still waiting for this world to stop hating,
Can’t find a good reason,
Can’t find hope to believe in,
How far and long will it take,
To get some peace in this place,
How has it come to this,
We were given this gift,
Taken for granted,
Blinded by hate,
The higher power is the problem,
Too little too late.


My Storm

Our relationship is like the sea it’s all set free
With calm waters in the morning
But without a forewarning
The calm waters turn into typhoon and blow out all your confidence and love.
If only I knew how the wind blew, but
Being a passenger on his sea is confusing as can be.

As I sit on the boat I try to keep everything on a high note
But occasionally the water seeps in and reaps
Rubbing salt on the wounds from the unpredictable storms
It’s hard to get in form
But that’s life with a bipolar dad
But there is a fine line between magical and mad.



We go to school
Meet the same old fools
Put on a smile your fine
They don’t know your lying
The shite they talk
Keep walking while they gawk
Go home go sleep
Wake up repeat.

Orlaith Maher


I have an imperfect life,
My family is far from perfect,
I have messy hair and no money,
I am a moody teenager,
I spent a lot of time on my phone,
I do not have a perfect body,
I did not get the perfect grades I wanted in the junior cert,
But still I am considered a perfectionist to some people.



On the 26th of December
The day after Christmas
My brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
He gets several injections a day
And checks his blood nearly 20 times a day.
He cries over going through this everyday
He can’t handle it yet people can judge
They don’t understand .
He has to take food when he doesn’t want to
He doesn’t want people asking questions
Because it reminds him he is different.
He is not different
He’s just extra special
Having something different with a person doesn’t make them different
We are all still the same
In many ways it makes him braver.

Sophie O’ Brien


Why are expectations so high
Why set us up for failure
Teachers, parents and friends
Pressure is unavoidable
Exam results “weren’t good enough” or “I thought you would have done better”
Better … you’re teaching us that if you don’t pass you fail
And when you fail your “lazy” or “not bothered”
And when you pass you still “could’ve done better”
When I’m happy with my progress
You put up a barrier making me sad again
And then you tell me to “cheer up” or “smile more.”

Johanna Finn

Poetry Slam

Doors swinging and pinging from the near walls
Children yelping small and tall
Bags flinging against window glass
Why such a rush its only a fall.

Wanting to scream and let feathers fly
Holding back your breath to live one time
What about being moons in the sky way up high
It’s all a joke lets have fun and dine.

Jessica Young


I come home every day worrying about me being fat
I am worried that I will be spat at.
Sometimes I feel like I am alone
That I am on my own.
Sometimes my friends abandon me
Like they want to flee.
I am usually very sad.
It’s like you think I’m very bad.
Where are you, my friends?
What can I do to make amends?



Teachers yelling and children yapping,
First bell goes, everyone goes,
First class is always a bore as Ms. goes on about that project due,
Everyone waits for break of class as we all stand up and go to the door,
As the bell goes we rush out the door,
To talk to our friends and go for a walk,
After that we go to the next four classes,
Last class before lunch is always the worst,
As our belly’s rumble with the hunger,
But when that bell goes we run out the door,
We head out to the shop to get some grub,
After that the days a doss.

Amy Fogarty


From bullying to studying,
This life can be boring,
The question about depression
Can it lead to an obsession,
To drink or drugs,
All they really need is a hug,
Not be called names like,
Fat, stupid or ugly,
All they want to say is,
“I have someone who loves me”
So the next time you think of,
Of being mean to someone,
Just stop and think and realise,
This is not funny.

Jack Shanahan

Society Today

I hate all the pressures of society today
We all have to be a certain way
I hate the fact that we are told how to act,
How to dress, and how to impress
Everyone is expected to be the same
It is not a fair game
And if you don’t follow these rules
You are considered a fool in school.

Cara McMullan


Bullying is a problem
So don’t be a goblin
Leave people alone
Because we’re all different
So stop being a bully
And just try to be funny.

Hugh Maher


A place, teenagers everywhere dread to go
A place, where they have to work for several hours with no
Breaks between classes.
To get a few passes
A place, that when they leave
They have to go through another two hours of study
So they don’t get a low grade at the end of the year
A place that only wants your blood sweat and tears.

Adam Duffe