Gormanston College, Co. Meath


We’re a hated generation,
But there’s one explanation.
They forget who raised us,
And no one ever praised us.

Drinking, smoking,
Walking around doping.
Teens can’t cope,
All they are told is to have hope.

Our peers are judgemental,
When they’re caught its “accidental.”
Our elders put more pressure,
To make us more clever.

Parental advice is so hypocritical,
All the elders are stereotypical.
Self-esteem is getting lower,
As the generations are getting older.

People think they’re cool,
Cause they’re forever mitching school.
Exams don’t determine our wisdom,
But we need them for our professionalism.

Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.

Hannah Tully & Brooke Courtney


The garden of the world
With It’s wildlife, food and culture
It’s riches, gold and beauty
The sun is always on duty.

54 countries 54 cultures
54 languages All of them different to one another
With diamonds and emeralds, gold and silver
Cheetahs and Lions, and caterpillars

Africa, it sounds like a great place
54 countries we get to embrace
Nigeria, an amazing country
The tribes Yoroba, Ebo and Bini.

But why is there still corruption and poverty
Kidnapping, rape and robbery
We don’t hear about these problems
Why help the poor when we can’t earn from them

This problem isn’t new it’s older than old
The problem is money the problem is gold.


They Say That They Love You

They say that they love you,
You’re sure that they do
They treat you so kindly
Like you want them to
You know they are arseholes
But what can you do
But that’s just boys
They use us like toys
For their amusement
But we’ve come to the conclusion
As much as they say they do
They really don’t love you.

And now there so immature
I don’t love them no more
I’d rather not go there
For them not to care
They are so useless
But we always knew this
But boys are boys
And that’s the joys!



Society lacks variety
Causing unneeded anxiety
We are influenced by celebrities
Causing people to no longer think with integrity
We no longer speak what’s on our minds,
afraid we will be turned down by man-kind
People have become blind as what really matters is inside.

If you don’t follow the crowd,
You get attacked by a group of hounds
People turn into greyhounds as soon as you go out of bounds

If you don’t act or dress like the people that are ‘cool’ you’re made out to be a fool
Although your brain is the crown
And you are the jewel,
Use it to beat the young ghouls.

Do what you like
Forget about the people acting like they’re part of the Third Reich.

Gavin Keogh


Trying to fit in after changing school,
New fashions new jokes and a new type of cool.
A week in and I’ve got a nickname
Nothing serious but nothing cool and it’s still a pain
First impressions not the best but I’ve made no enemies
One guy from skerries so far the only friend to me
They find out I write songs and try take the piss outta me
iI’s a talent not a fault why take the piss outta me?
Wrote a song for a girl and they treat it like a joke,
Playing it in public I should never have spoken
Might not be serious but its sure not fun.
Hoping in a week to go the jokes will be done.
There’s a few sound lads helping me fit in,
I’ve chosen the group that I’ll be hitting.
Some good nights to come yes lads get in.
I’m a little disliked but haven’t found a reason,
A lad I hate though don’t know what year he’s in.
Conversations going on I try have an input
But as the words come out im told to shut up like
I’m not on their level,
This is pure hell and,
My story to tell,
Uninterests everyone,
Wish the lads here would stop having a laugh,
I’m on the other end tryna keep up and have,
A good name for both school and the lads,
Nicknames piss takes its driving me mad
You got a problem with me because I sing and write songs?
Put it up on YouTube so what? What’s wrong?
Better than what you could do you spend all your time,
Going out drinking every night.
I’m gonna make sure my future is bright
And I get a job doing something I like
Sing and songwrite,
Little guitar on the side
So make fun all you like but my track is right,
Money making my direction I see my light.

Darragh Smith



The morning of the first game pumped and nervous
The warm up and the ref blows the whistle
Captains to the centre the ref looks like a Canadian thistle
Toss the coin heads or tails
He’s the posh boy from Yale
Big and towering over me
Thinks he’s going to power through my team
Game kicks off 9 10 then to 12
That’s me the centre he’s looking at me like I’m so old helve
I sprint through and hand off and step
The ref blew the try is good I’ve lead my team
I thought this was only a dream.

Cormac Murphy

The Village

The village is like a ghost town past eight,
We pass through the scummy estates,
The corner boys out doing their job,
You’ll always pass a dirty yob,
The pink dice passed from one hand to another,
Trying to deal some to me and my brother,
The sirens sound,
The feet hit the ground,
Bang Bang,
A man was shot down,
Another sad case of mistaken identity,
Standing in the street screaming obscenity.

Luke Varney

The Wrong Path

Swapped true friends,
For new friends,
So I stay confused.
Ridicule upon ridicule,
Step out of line you’re considered cruel,
So I stay confused.
Wear something different,
Attacked and made insignificant,
So I stay confused.
No nights out without a pill,
Manufactured, my happiness isn’t even real,
So I stay confused.
Smoking joints in cold rooms,
Was led astray by some older dudes,
So I stay confused.
Consumed by likes,
Lost lust lonely nights,
So I stay confused.
Try to inspire, be innovative,
Left mislead and uncreative,
So I stay confused.
Encouraged by your “friends”,
They’re all gone in the end,
So who’s with you?
Xanax pill poppin’,
All talk, the kids lost it,
So who’s with you?
Two roads, Wrong way,
Chose drugs, Filled ashtray,
So who’s with you?

Jake Carroll

Peer Pressure

Walk into the party that is it
Naggin in my pocket that’s the shit.
Having the craic yes that’s the plan
Pulling a few birds that are necking my cans.
When the time drags,
Smoke a few fags.
Come back quite soon to hear whopper tunes,
There’s always a few goons.
At parties these are the expectations
That are assumed by the whole damn nation.
You might think this is pleasure
But don’t be influenced by your own peer pressure.

Daniel Morgan & Mikey Redmond

This Generation

Downing naggins
Counting the score
Always bragging
Slagging looks
Counting bucks
Running from those dodgy crooks

So much for free education
Free and education have no relation
People on the streets looking for accommodation
Running this generation
Screw this Nation.

Andrew and Luke

Drop a Beat Dog

This is me Mc Lynchy up on the mic I’m going to make u loose your mind
This is my story can’t you see, all these rhymes hypnotize me
I’m gonna lay down this rap cool? I don’t give a damn you stupid fool
When you see me gonna reach the sky, I’m gonna steal yo girl on the sly
Got all these pengs on my phone but she’s the only one on my throne
I’m gonna drop the mic I don’t give a damn, all you bros better stay calm.

Todd And Conor