St. Josephs CBS, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Twisted Realities

Is an everyday reality really what it seems
Can you alter your own realities with what you see in your dreams
Can your dreams become reality
Or is it a matter of factuality
Can you make whatever you want of yourself
Or is life already written and put away on some bookshelf
what about predestination
Is there already a formation of your life before you live it
Or are we only here in spirit
Do we have any control why do we end up on the dole
Less unfortunate end up six feet under in some hole
We’re all trying to get by but do we ever stop to take it in
Have our lives been lived or are they going to begin?

Jack Carter – Credits : Niall and Tommy

The Homeless Man

If you take a stroll through the city
Everything seems so pretty.
Old folk whistling
The river through which the city flows is glistening
It is the place to be.
But spare a thought for the man on the street
Whose life’s soundtrack is one, long monotonous beat.
Cold, hungry and tired
Certainly not a life to be desired
As you can see.

Gavin Dooley

What’s in a Name?

Every day school is just a nightmare.
You’d swear they are staring he monstrosity that is you.
They call you names and it lights a flame that you’ve never known was in you.
It’s a shame and you are put down by others.
What’s in a name?

When they stare at you coming down the corridor.
You know you can be a warrior and ward off any comments.
They sneer and jeer.
They laugh at you but you just say adieu.
What’s in a name?


I Can’t Hear

You’re always told you’re great, that you’re clever, you did great,
But all it does is make you try to achieve that greatness once again
And again, and again, and again,
Being identified as the smart one, or the funny one, or athletic,
Trying to keep up, I feel like a manic.

I wake up every morning and look in the mirror,
I think: what do my friends expect of me today,
What do my parents expect of me today?
What do my teachers expect of me today?
What does society expect me to do and achieve and become
Not just in today but in life
Because life isn’t something to be enjoyed
You’re supposed to try and try and grind, to amount to your full potential,
Whether or not you care how you do in those things like English or Maths, just for example.

I wish it would all stop, the yells, the constant chatter,
I can’t hear,
I can’t think
I can’t hear what I think.

James Grace

Health Service

Last week my grandmother took ill
We gave her a paracetamol pill
When that didn’t do
She changed hue

When she got sick
We took her to the hospital real quick
When we got to the door
She was put on a trolley in the corridor.

She cried in pain
But it was in vain
We were waiting for hours
It was like eating flowers.

After a while a doctor came by
That’s when my nan started to cry
He said to wait for a while
I left without a smile.

When we came back
We saw nan’s backpack
She died on her own
She had a kidney stone.

Her body was left there
And people would stare
That’s how the Irish Health Service
Is more like a disservice.



With little money and no education,
I’m left sleeping here at a train station.
To some this may seem like an odd situation
But to me, this is a replication
Of half the homeless across my nation.
To the rest of our population we are treated
Like their own defecation,
Flushed away with no explanation
Along with waves of discrimination
Because it’s clear to us that they want no affiliation.
To them we are nothing but a contamination,
In their city built with hatred as the foundation,
Where the less fortunate are cut off
Quicker than a half price castration.
Today I sit here begging for a donation
Even though I’ll still face starvation.

Darragh Ryan

The Ping on the Strings

The ping on the strings to the smash of the shuttle
The screech of the shoes, I take a swig of my bottle
The coach as a he rambles right in my ear
pointless really, nothing else I can hear
Other than the thumping of my heart…
the stillness as I’m serving
I’m pushed around the court, my legs are burning
I progress, to win the game I’m still yearning
Because even when I’m losing, I am still learning.

Daniel Daly

Teenage Blues

Walking around society, minding my own business
The idea of people judging you is an illness
Many people will judge
But they are usually holding a grudge
They will do anything to make someone feel bad for them to feel secure
But really they really need to mature
But lately I don’t let them people get to me because I’m stronger than that
Whether they are calling me ugly, stupid or fat

My name is Craig and I’m 15 years old
And being a teenager is like having a head cold.

Craig Gleeson


We aren’t old enough to say
“Oh remember the good old days”
Because we can’t remember anything other than this
These “Youth Professional Poets” are just taking the piss.

“Oh the past I loved! (Even though I wasn’t alive)
I make up this bullshit in order to thrive”
It’s a joke really, isn’t it
We lie and tell fibs, and all this tit.

But we don’t ever think about today
We just learn our past, and if I may
I think it’s rubbish, and to say the least
We should appreciate today, release our inner beast.

Of our own imagination, because if we live in the past
We learn nothing new, and we remain dead last
Sure we’ll be “successful”, but not in our eyes
The things they tell us, are all just lies.

Appreciate today, and what is yet to come
Don’t live in the past, because that’s all done
Try opening your eyes and seizing the day
Carpe Diem, YOLO, that’s all I have to say.



I was told I should always achieve what I wanted
With everyone saying I was daunted.

I was told I should never give up
But every plan I try always burn up.

But when I achieve a goal
Even if I was a troll.
Even if I was swallowed a whole.

I was always there when you needed a shoulder
But I ain’t a soldier
I’m here to take a stand
Because I can.

But sometimes we all need a hand.
But sometimes we never could always stand.

We need to help everyone in life to achieve things.
But to be honest were not all kings.

I know I’m not always that’s good at rhymes
But they all come at certain times.

I’m only sixteen
And not all that clean
But I’m always sitting at a screen
And I’m not all that lean.

But trust me on this one
I surely haven’t won
What I want to archive
And there’s no time at all to grieve.

And rather than saying this is the end
I never tried to get this to be a new trend.

Luke McGirr


They keep our imaginations locked away
So we cant use them through the day
They limit what we say or do
I wish we could make rules anew.

From day to day life takes place
We are all trying to win the race
The race to get the meaningless grades
That have no effect in your old age.

Joe Keyes & Niall Quilligan


I don’t have many problems in life,
No sickness, bullying or unbearable strife.
I have friends and do well in school,
I’m not called names or treated like a fool.

I’m not the most popular but I don’t really care,
I’m pretty awful with girls and I get nowhere.
Which is pretty normal, I am a 15-year-old boy,
I have my fair share of doubt, fear, anger and joy.

I don’t have many problems in life,
But it feels like someone’s been at my family with a steak knife.
My dad isn’t there which isn’t really fair,
Not on me cause I was seven but my sister was only two, so I can’t compare

To seeing your dad more as an uncle,
Would it cause your emotions to rip and crumble?
She can be really annoying and act like a cow,
But I know its not her fault some way, somehow.

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not delusional,
I know if my parents were married life would be inexcusable.
They shout and argue like two five-year-olds,
And that’s only after five minutes together, their calmness unfolds.

I don’t have many problems in life,
No sickness, bullying or unbearable strife
And maybe this problem isn’t real, not so big,
I could be overreacting and acting like a pig.

But how would you like if you saw your dad as an uncle?



She took her first dose when she was 14
Her parents convinced her from a young age she must stay clean.
As hard as she tries she just can’t seem,
To restore her self-esteem.

Her friends they persist that drugs are fun,
But at the end of every day there is serious harm done
Not only to her body but her mind as well,
Something which the label does not tell.

There is a lesson to be learned for everyone
It’s not too hard to be the vulnerable one.
Remember that you could be this girl too,
Stand up, stay strong, don’t let anyone change you.

Kieran McKeogh & Jack Callery Donnelly


When I was 9 years old
I went into foster care, my mother and father were alcoholics.
I thought I was gone because they never cared.
And I was scared
I was never prepared for school
And all the other kids thought I was a fool
But I would never get far in school
Because I was cruel
And I would follow the crew
Of sheep that could of put me to sleep
Like Little Bo Peep
I always thought I was a dweeb
And my life went deep
Because of the way the bullied me
About the way I speak
And thought I was week
The called me a freak
I would seek
For my family
But they were never there
When I needed them the most.


What World Do We Live In

What world do we live in
Where a racist and cheat can run for president
And people vote for him with intent
Where people would rather talk about Kanye and Kim
Even though the real world is so much more grim
Where people care more about looks and a fake personality
Its just become part of our normality
School is filled with a social hierarchy
The bottom is ignored and the top is filled with the snarky
What world do we live in
Where the only way to express my feelings
Is to write a poem to help my healing.

Gearoid Sheedy

Tipp’s Road To Victory

Cork were first,
They came out the worst,
Limerick awaited,
But after their performance they were slated,
Tipperary won the Munster,
And threw Waterford’s sweeper in the dumpster,
Galway in the semi, Tipp were on fire,
But it all came down to Bubbles Dwyer,
First Sunday in September,
Was one to remember,
Liam Mc was home,
Up Conor Malone.

T.F, B.McL, B.C, C.M

My Dog

My dog got sick not so long ago
The vet said to my parents “don’t feed him from the table anymore”.
A week or so later I got home and what did I see but a slab of meat on the floor.
I ask my mother I said “Why is this here?”
She said “It’s for the dog it’s only some meat it won’t kill him”
That got me angry I said “Do not feed him.”
She said it’s fine I’ve been doing it all week,
I replied “Jesus Christ you might have just killed him.”

I waited a while to my father got home and I told him the story of how my mother was bold.
He said what’s wrong I’ve been doing as well.
I said “For f**k sake you’re trying to kill him.”
He said “Chill out the dog will be fine.”
I said “He’d better or your end will be in time.”

I waited some time to see if the dog got ill.
But fortunately that week luck was on our side.
From that day forth I watched my parents like a hawk
And to this day my dog still has life.

John Spillane


Farmers around the nation,
Love all the precipitation.
In the Spring when the cows are calving,
Farmers are always starving.
In the Summer when the grass is cut,
All the farmers get a nifty haircut.
In the Autumn when the farmers are harvesting,
All the other farmers are doing their marketing.
In the Winter when the cows are dry,
All the farmers are getting high.
Hit the diff for the pillows,
Hit the diff for the silage widow.

Jack Dunne


Many people believe,
That we will all eventually peeve,
And that we all grieve,
And eventually unweave.

I was once told,
That some people are cold,
Everyone will behold,
How they’re behind a blindfold,
Their actions will unfold,
While they remain uncontrolled within their stronghold.

If you don’t know why though,
Why people let go,
I will let you know,
That people don’t show,
Their own shadow,
Even with their amigos.

These people are scared,
But it’s undeclared,
Cause nobody has cared,
That they’re unprepared,

Shane Slattery


Life is difficult that’s what they say
But no one knows what it is like
To wake up every morning
To go to school where you are made to look like a fool.
They say you don’t try you are lazy and a waste
You don’t care enough to even cry.
You put in effort as best you could
What more could you do?
Your view of your intelligence is skewed
Your declarative mood is one of anger causing feuds
What grade is on the paper is not the end of the world
Not everyone is made for tests.

Sean Slattery


Nowadays life can be cruel
Every day you have to try to be cool
If you aren’t you look like a fool
Because nowadays life can be cruel.

These days you get called this and that
Even if you are skinny or fat
You get slagged , if you look like a twat
Because nowadays life can be cruel.

All hours of a long hard day
You try to steer clear and out of the way
But they find a way to ruin your day
Because nowadays life can be cruel.

Christopher O’Meara

The Premier County

At 11 o’clock in the palace
Fans were ready for the battle
A great day for the county
The minors won and
The double was half way done
At half 3 the game began
Our senior hurlers faced Kilkenny again
It was a fierce game 2 points up at half time
It was close but our county had heart and hope
The second half started slow but Tipperary’s goal was a killing blow
In the last 10 minutes everybody knew Tipperary were going to see it threw
Back at the palace celebrations were on after a historic win
For the Premier County Ireland newest champions



When young boys go out for a night
All they want to do is drink and fight
When they come home in a serious state
Barely able to stand up straight

When they wake up in the morning
Their father gives them a serious warning
He says to him sorry to burst your bubble
But you are in serious trouble

Brian & Steven


I went to the pitch for a few kicks
And I started doing a few tricks
I had a match later on
The opposing team had a player called Shaun
I had a new pair of Nike Superfly
And the pitch was very dry
When the game started I had butterflies
But I was thinking of was the grand prize
I just wanted that cup
Even if we lost wed have our heads up
We won the game at the end
The opposing team tried not to pretend
They did their best to defend.

Danny Moisei

Back to School

Back to school I’m so sad
On the other side it’s not so bad
First day back and I’m already late
On the way in I meet my mate
On the table there are numbers one to ten
I have my pencil case with my pencil and pen
I’m ready for the test tomorrow
But I hope someone has a brain I can borrow

Mark Gleeson


She was so clever for her age as a kid
She defined everything she ever said and did
She was born like an angel
Ticked every box and list
How could something so beautiful end up like this.

She was brought up in an every day council estate
Her friends and family were never too far away
Even as a kid she sometimes lost her temper
But those were the days she was to remember.

Hair tied up everyday fist fighting
Till one day she crossed a girl with a sighting
Her mood was igniting
She was as quick as lightning.
Until one day she got a hit that was frightening
And then she saw lights, a deep pain in the chest
The girl ran away, she thought she was the best
Until she realised she caused a major mess.

She fell to the ground, blood on the floor
She did not want to do anymore
She lay their dying, her spirit flying
And that was the day the angel passed away.

S.R & M.S


At home to our major rival
A win would be vital
Down 1-0 at the closing stage
To avoid such rage
We found our form
But in this heavy storm
It was too little
As we were the ones who did not lift the title.

Colm Hayden

The Game

The game was drawing to a close
We were 1 point down to our old foes
We needed this score to level the game
Missing out would be an awful shame
The ball went over and the crowd cheered
The replay was what we now feared
The next game we will dictate the pace
In a sport so old it can’t be traced.

Ronan Clifford & Dylan Armstrong