Ard Scoil Mhuire, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

Three Years

The weeks leading up to It,
Didn’t do anything to prepare me,
For what was to come.

Sleepless nights,
Tear-stained face.
Countless trips to the doctor.

My best friend,
My rock,
My beacon of light,
My sister.

The loss of hair,
Didn’t change her beauty.
Her sickness,
Never deterred my love.

Three years today,
My earth was shattered.
Three years today,
The world lost a beauty.
Three years today,
Heaven received an angel.

Three years today.

Saoirse Ní Thuairisg


Waves will lap lethargically against the rocks
Love is like opening a padlock
The air will whisper with a gentle breeze,
Love will knock you to your knees.
Shooting stars will soar across the sky
Love is when you find that perfect guy
Fireworks will explode in the distance
Love will make you appreciate your existence
The moon will illuminate the dark landscape
But sometimes you have no choice but to escape.

Aoife Dudgeon & Stephanie O’Halloran


Empathy, help you see
New you, new me
New shoes, my shoes
Appreciate your old blisters
Keep your ashtray
The rights the wrongs
The yay the nay
New pace new game
No time to slack
Popped the air sack
You’re cracked not craic
We’ve done a deal
Too late to feel,
You’re clout, don’t shout
You’re out.



Love can ruin your life
And stab you with a knife
Love can break your heart
And split the world apart
Love can destroy your soul
And then keep you controlled
It can give you strength
And lead you straight
Love can change you and make you wait
It can be trustworthy and great
But sometimes you just want a clean slate.

Eleanor McMahon


Love will blind you
But together, we’ll make it through
Love will cut you down
Without you I’d have a breakdown
Love is pain I can’t get you out of my brain
Love, it comes at a great cost
But with you by my side, I’ll never be lost.

Deirdre Leyden

The Army of Love

The Army of Love arrived
Raining silver bullets like a shower of confetti kisses
It was like the perfect, dysfunctional art
Splattered on the canvas of your heart
Even though it makes your heart kick-start
The Soldiers of Love walk all over your trampled heart.
The Battle of Love commenced
The boxing gloves were on.

Alison McManus & Hannah Flynn


Love will make you regret your decisions
This feeling inside is just like a prison
They realised they forgot to turn off the immersion
Love made me a whole new person
I almost cried when he gave some chocolates
When he left all I had were droplets
I saw my problems and I’ll see the light
But at the end of the day everything will be alright.

Clodagh Duffy


Love has tortured me before,
As the sun rose up from the sky,
Yet I will race after it.
The birds’ singing welcomed it,
As it cut through me like a silver bullet.
Still, I will fight through blood, sweat and tears.
And though it had the audacity to come barging in when I least expected,
I will never let it go.
It has ruined everything I held precious,
A wave crashing, breaking the land
It created a whole new adventurous challenge.
And made us think the world of each other.

Emily Turley


Songbirds started to sing
And red roses bloomed in the garden of their dreams
The earth shook and towers started to fall
A mushroom cloud went up in the air,
But they didn’t care
The atomic wind blew through their hair
But they were together
Together forever.

Sharon McEvilly

Like an Overdoes of Kisses

Like an overdose of kisses
Or a jump into the icy cold Atlantic with you.
Love will knock you out
It will smother you with doubt
Where the willow trees
Sway softly back and forth
Love fills your heart
Like a Trojan.

Meghan & Deirdre


The moon shone brightly
The stars sparkled like diamonds in the sky
They walked hand-in-hand.
Love will break your phone
Love will cut off all your hair
It will be a nightmare
Love will take your wifi
You’ll fall for a bad guy
Love will lose your Snapchat streaks
You’ll be slapped on your cheek
Love is blind.
This poem is perfect for anniversaries, weddings, Halloween…