Ursuline College, Sligo

Unbroken, Untied

I don’t know where I want to go, but I know I want to start
All I’ve got is a broken and empty heart.
With widening thoughts
And narrowing sidewalks
People pass and look but don’t really see
People hear not listen when talking to me.
But all around me I marvel at the miracles we are
Skin, bones and a strong beating heart
But will die for love and thrive for happiness
When none of us really know what that is.

I’m told I’m lucky with my fate,
So my sadness I can’t validate
‘People have it worse’- I am very much aware,
But does that remove your capability to care?
Leave me be if I’m feeling down,
I don’t need your negativity around-
‘In Africa they’re starving, there are people sleeping on streets
And yet you complain about being called a freak?’
Yes I do, as this is my current world
Along with all the problems of being a teenage girl.

No, I’m not in a country riddled with strife,
No, I’m not fearing for my life,
Instead of guns we have glares,
And venomous stares
And these words are knives and often leave scars
Along with the fear of falling apart.

But just because we’re cracked, doesn’t mean we’re broken- we matter,
It just means when put to the test we didn’t shatter.
Each and every one of us has our own story,
Some people’s pain can be other people’s poetry.


My Parents

My parents are mature, protective and great
They did not encourage me ever to hate
I grew up in a home surrounded by love
But society taught me otherwise, kind of.

I have grown up in a society drowning in hate
Children are learning crap at an alarming rate
The media portrays people in a bullshit way
That makes the modern generation feel like shit every day.

I yearn to live back when women were respected
To fall in love and not feel dejected or neglected
But society has made women out to be animals
And men feel the need to chase us like cannibals.

My parents are mature, protective and great
But I’m sorry Mum and Dad, I have learned to hate.

Eimear Osborne

The Future

Corrupt, one word – the education system here,
Forced upon us: religion, beliefs, a sense of fear,
Trying to change me, to make me bend down,
“The Lord is our Shepherd” they frown.
But I don’t want to be a sheep
Not in the flock their lord keeps.
I adamantly refuse to conform
Become one of them – be uniform.
They are crushing others – no breaking free
Crushing creativity.
Yet there is hope – a glowing ember,
We are still young – we must remember:
We are unique
We are smart
A lit match
A work of art.
We can laugh
We can cry
We have hope that never dies.
We can believe
Whatever we choose
We are the future
We will not loose.


When I Wake and Rise

When I wake and rise
Another day flies by my eyes
With not one ray of sun to shine
Through my cold glass window that I tend to hide behind
Hearing my sisters gentle cry
Rattle the paper thin walls my daddy used to beat cross-eyed
Thinking why?

Why I had to be born not qualified
Not qualified to have the life other little kids took for granted
Instead I experienced pain and guilt
Before any playgrounds or things that were enchanted
I lied… I lied to myself that everything will be alright
Knowing that the day of no pain or fear will never come before my eyes
Feeling like my family had a gun to their head to provide money
So much money that they would never be able to save in their whole lifetime..
The guilt kills me inside
Having to let my angel die
Just because they kept ME alive.
I tried… tried to help saving euro by euro
Thousands of paper notes we needed
But mine were only put aside.
Mama telling me to keep my feelings inside
To keep people blind with my joyful smile that only eats away at my soul every time.
She was right.

I don’t know if every day is worth the fight
But I will
I will fight to somehow provide
For the people who didn’t see me as ‘just trash’
But saw the twinkle in my eyes that lit a fire in peoples eyes
For the people who held me tight in their hearts and didn’t let me go
Who felt my warmth and took time to understand,
Understand the fact that I only need time,
Time to show how beautiful things are when you see them in my mind.

Just look.

Austeja Monstvilaite


Everything’s gonna be alright,
She whispers to herself,
She was only six years old that night as she hid behind that shelf,
Cause Daddy had a little too much to drink
And Momma didn’t want her to feel the pain
But she felt she still felt the pain,
Ten years they came and went and Dad was gone gone,
So she looked for love in other men and tried to act strong
With broken hearts and scars in only places she could see
She just wanted she just wanted to feel something.


Life is Like

Life is like a tightrope walk,
At first we’re scared,
We think too much.
There are times we fall,
We feel no good.
But no matter what
Keep your head up,
It’s your life,
Live It,
No one else is worth while.

Aoibhinn Darcy


The unknown unbroken.
People think life is easy as a Teenage Girl,
It isn’t, everyone judges you,
expects so much,
thinks love as a teenager is bliss.
It’s the end world if you miss,
Broken hearted isn’t on
the top of young girls to do list.
Stay away from the guys
Add to your low self-esteem, they are mean,
No hearts should be broken,
No tears be shed
Love each other
Till the end .

Ciara McNiff


Home all summer
Lost most your friends
Every day wishing it was the end.

Saying you’re happy
Saying you’re fine
Same time every day you’d start to cry.

You meet someone different from anyone you know
He makes you happy
Makes sure you’re never feeling low.

Summers nearly over
You feel a lot better
All because of him
And his Ellesse sweaters.

Back to school
Everything’s good
It all worked out like you hoped it would.

You have a love
You have a life
Finally get some sleep at night.

Rachel Davitt

One Person

I’m told that one person can’t make a difference,
there’s no point even trying.
But I want to.

All these people vying for attention. Trying
to make their mark on the world.
To be remembered is hard.

Forgetting is easier, who cares?
Curled up, Unfeeling, insensitive.
The days slipping by like mist through your fingers.

The world is standing still.
The repetitive monotonous,
School books, good looks.

Is that really all that matters?

Róisín Walsh


I am society.
I am the air we breathe and the vogue magazines we read.
I am the fat girl seeking desperation and the woman fighting for our nation.
I am the boy you see in the camouflage suit I am the man surviving on the bottom of a root.
I am the dog that helps blind people see and the refugees travelling over seas.
Why are you looking at me? I am just society.



In school sometimes there is pressure
and we would prefer to feel much fresher
People expect to get good results
from friends teachers and all adults
But we always get through it
without throwing a fit next
to take a break we play some sports
children of all ages fill up the courts
From football boots to tennis rackets
Going to matches and attacking it !!
After getting our results we decide to hit cartown
The day after is a bit of a knock and let down
But all the same its usually worthwhile
In every picture was a big smile
Boys and girls all dolled up
Getting ready since they woke up
For the next few weeks gossip is spread
With lies and rumours being said
The focus is on the night that was had
No mention of the grades that may have been bad
Well we have to go but thanks for you’re time
Just so you know writing this we had a good time !!

Lauren Cadden & Anna McPatlan


All day everyday, life in repetition
Days come, days go, we live in competition.
With difference comes significance
Yes..those tests cause tightness in my chest
And with exams call for no plans.
The times will pass, unbelievably so
With each step an experience had
So enjoy it now, for as long as it may last.

Erin Breheny

Things Happen for a Reason

Things happen for a reason
You weren’t just made for fun
Between everything you do
And everything you’ve done
Something must be right
Something must be wrong
Keep your head in the light
And always stay strong.

They always say no
They try to bring you down
You mustn’t stay low
But keep your head off the ground
Always stay true
And never get screwed
For you are you
And there’s nothing you can do.


Alarm Clock

Every day is Different
But you stay the same
Your dull screeching music,
It calls my name.
I awaken and realise what is in store
But for now I press snooze and I ignore.
The countdown is on and oh does it hurt
I crawl out of bed and button my shirt
I gaze out the window at the droplets of rain
And in 24 hours we shall do this again.

Megan Brady

My Best Bean Friend

To my best bean,

You are the best bean.
The absolute greatest bean.
The smartest bean.
The most beautiful bean,
and even though you won’t believe me,
the most loved bean too.

Love, your second bean in command.



You think you’re so cool but you’re really a fool
You hurt peoples hearts, just like you hurt mine
I wish that I could go back to that time
I’d stick up for myself, I’d be more brave
I wouldn’t let you dig my grave.

With the help of others, mothers and brothers
My world was once again filled with colours
Now I live life to the full and there’s never quite a moment that is dull
I pray that anyone who was like me and has experienced this difficulty
Will come out and say “help me, I’m not okay”
And in that way you can live to see another day
And all this bullying will have gone away!



From the fella in the tux who’s making megabucks
Standing and the bar thinking he’s perfect
As he waits alongside a passed out addict
Curled up in his sleeping bag they peer in disgust
While the pretentious posh tot is full of distrust
There’s a drunk blowing money with his fingers through her hair
Though a kid starving outside takes his last breath of air
His ma waits at home with her head full of worry
As he laughs and jokes as he smokes on a rollie
A teen looking troubled gives her pregnant belly a cuddle
The man in her life hasn’t left a trace
Which sends a tear streaming down her face
Around the corner goes a big Lamborghini
Blaring music out the windows wearing a beanie.



As I ran the long grass,
The field so beautiful and green,
Although I may have trespassed,
It still hadn’t hit…..

Instead, I was thinking in my so-called “blondie” head
I thought about the words that had been said.

The words of the people who we know as society
Spreading their word of life
Sharing all the “life” secrets
Or in other words take the safe route.

When creativity is thought as the devil
And individuality is a waste.
As they go through life following the flock
Or have a community of clones.

While they don’t leave that one town.

Emily Howard


She thought herself an artist, saw art as perfection;
Her body a canvas, never as her reflection
So she hid her true self behind a mask,
While her friends and family too busy to ask;
Her bones became more visible,
And her thinking it was a miracle,
And as her youth and beauty began to leave,
She finally got the perfection she wanted to achieve.


I Will

I will do what I want
I will wear what I want
I will post what I damn want
I can drop you as I easily as you drop me
I will read what I want
I will listen to what I want
I will continue to watch awesome movies
I will eat what I want
I’ll watch the Simpsons
I’ll drink tea
I’ll play the Sims cause my Sims life is more fun then mine
I will not rhyme
I will write stories
I will stare at the moon
I will go to the beach when it’s f**kin’ sunny
I’ll hate maths
I will love English
I will learn French
I will go to ballet shows
I’ll hate poetry for no reason
I’ll appreciate my artsy photos
animal cruelty will make me cry
I’ll walk my dog
I’m done bye.

Laura Kiely

It Feels Like Something You Can’t Escape

It feels like something you can’t escape
Sit there every night afraid
It’s the feeling of being trapped
Not able to function
Not able to love
Not able to feel loved.
Things will get better
It doesn’t last forever.


Not What They Want

Its time to break free, lets get out
Being a teenager can be shit without a doubt,
Hormones, exam pressures, insecurities,
It’s time we fight these obscurities,
We are in charge, our lives are our own,
Our choices should not be for adults to condone,
The system’s crap so lets resist it,
After all aren’t we all just a giant misfit,
Conforming to their ways is not how we’re wired,
I am me, why should I act the way that’s ‘required’,
We are still young, we have our whole lives ahead,
We should break free now, don’t wait for your deathbed,
Live your life to the fullest, do what your heart desires,
If they tell you you’re wrong, then they’re just liars.


Room 217

The windows are tall and white, but black at night
Winter struck sharp, as usual
They were here for the cold one
Every noise made an echo, every hallway had tight corners
All the work made him a dull boy
He wanted to play.
Tall walls short walls long halls
Enormous kitchen and dazzling dining room
Classic lobby, shiny bathrooms
Where were they hiding was it room 217?
Why would they hide there,
Because its a danger zone to him?
In this divine hotel where is it safe?
In this green bathroom, it is not safe,
What’s behind the curtain is unsightly but what he might do could be worse,
Beware of the future, it does not look good the boy said,,

Laura Kiely

I Am Not Perfect, I Am Human

I make mistakes, I have bad days,
I miss project deadlines and I always have tan lines
I forget to feed my dogs and I’m not interested in sloppy snogs,
but it’s OK because,
I am not perfect, I am human.

I mess up in tests, I don’t have big breasts,
I sometimes daydream in class and I don’t
own Nicki Minaj’s ass,
I burn scrambled eggs and don’t own elegant legs
but it’s OK because,
I am not perfect, I am human.

I spend too long on my phone and I hate my cheekbones,
I don’t have a thigh gap and I can barely run a lap
I forget to cut my nails and some exams I do fail,
but it’s OK because,
I am not perfect, I am human.

Erin F


In my world the word teenager is negative
Children are told to stay away from us in the local playground
We get kicked out of our local shops because we are thought to be stealing
But all were doing is having the chats in the background.

In my world there’s girls and boys
From a young age are told to act a certain way
Stereotypes fill our minds
It still happens to this day.

In my world there is global warming
But teenagers aren’t supposed to do anything
You’re a nerd if you care about this stuff
So we leave it to the adults to sort out everything.

In my world there is categorizing
People who are ‘skinny’ don’t eat
People who are ‘fat’ are lazy
Little do they know the cry themselves to sleep.

In my world there is too much pressure
On kids in school who are told it’s this or nothing
To the kids who study all night
To walk into the exam hall and not remember anything.

In my world there are teenagers.


Not That Easy

Make a difference they said
It is not difficult they claimed.

They are not stuck in a routine,
Don’t find themselves between
A huge lie land and a couple of brands
Which society judges you to use.

They don’t know what it feels to go into school
With your bag filled with stupid books and
Noticing ever one insulting you look.

They don’t know what it feels to live your home
And go anywhere, always feeling alone.



I’m tall
I’m no model
I get the odd -‘you could be a model!’

I’m a redhead I’m no blonde
I got that ‘ginga ninja’ thrown at me

I’m loud no bullshit
Straight up about it

I ain’t entirely focused on work,
I try my best
Block out the rest
Hope for the best

Things change
You grow up
Slowly and then all at once.

You’re not the baby of the fam anymore
New cousin to entertain.
Change isn’t easy
It takes awhile to adjust
You move on.

You begin to learn
Things will never be the same.



Up every morning at eight, waking up to that same debate.
Ham or salad mum would say, little does she know she makes my day.
I drag myself to school, feeling like an absolute tool
Waiting till that last bell rings, and all the happiness that it brings
Finally free to be who I am, but always worrying about them final exams.
Catching up with my friends and the lads, trying to avoid the same old questions from dad.
“Who’s the lucky fella?” “Yeah right, as if I’d tell yah”
We chat and joke, with all the laughter we nearly choke.
We all gather round the table and talk about our day, even though the food may not be gourmet.
Out with my friends, having a laugh, wish these moments could last forever, take a photograph.
At the end of the day I’m free from strife
I’m lucky to have such a great life.


Being a Teenager

Being a teenager sucks.
Apart from all the exams and the books
There’s the constant pressure to fit in
To look good, be popular and to be thin.
The teachers are always on your case
It feels like you are constantly running a race.
Your friends say that you have to drink to have fun
And if you don’t you are the only one.
Why in this society is everyone expected to be the same
It’s our life and we’ll make our own name!



I am a girl not small but tall
Scared to venture in case I fall
Trying is hard but its worth the risk
Failing exists but make it brisk.



Jesus Christ here I am
This small f**king child stuck in world of pain
And all I have is confusion, that’s my man
Its not fair that I stand here balancing on the tightrope of sanity
Awaiting the plummet and screaming for sympathy
I’m not trying to say that I’m not lucky
Or that I’m unloved and surrounded by complete and utter psychopathy
There is happiness inside of me
But that tightrope is sometimes too thin and
While I stand here balancing
I cant help but feel that even one breath of wind
Will send me falling
And Jesus Christ this is no word of a lie
I’m pretty f**king sure that I cant fly.

Ailbhe Foley


As I grow wiser and older
I become wiser with the things I done
So it was ordered and so it was done
I feel in love once again
Felt like thunder lighting and rain.

Is he for me?
Am I falling?
My heart is racing.

The past is calling.



You try, but they cant see it
You cry, but they cant see it
People die, people survive
But are you really living?
Or are you just alive?
But do you even feel it?
Feel the world around you
Breath in the air
Try to care, like you did when you were a kid
When you were free and forgiving.

Forgive life, release your pain and strife
Let go and shut off that voice in your brain
That constant negativity, haunting you and not letting you sleep
For once,try not to be so deep
Leave your wrists alone and give your veins a chance to heal
Try to care, like when you were a kid
Really try to feel.

It is hard
You knew it would be
But you can do it,
You can finally be yourself, happily
Independently, free of anxiety
F**k society and be yourself, finally.

Love your body,
Love your girl, love your boy, love both
Love your life, your sexuality
Love your enemy like your family
No one said it would be easy
But no one said it would be this hard
But you’ve gotta keep trying
Really its mystifying what you and willpower can do
You can save and change your own life
And really live
All because of the power of you.



Imagine being able to, fly like a swallow or see like an owl
Charge like a buffalo, or give a wolf howl
Swim like a dolphin, climb like a monkey
Sing like a robin, be as loud as a donkey
If you want to do something, don’t let anyone stop you
Give it a swing and just see it through
Cause you can do all, no matter what
Keep standing tall, follow your gut.



I don’t want to be told what to do or what to think
I don’t want to be told how to live or when to blink
I don’t want to study the subjects that I hate
I don’t want to be compared to another classmate
I don’t want to be judged on the results of a test
I don’t want to be criticised for being second best
I want to be accepted for what I want and who I am
Because when it comes to school I couldn’t give a damn.


Chicken Nuggets

Nuggets are quite fine,
Especially when I’m about to dine.
My favourite, however, has to be the good old nuggets from Mcy D’s.
I’m not going to complain birds eye are quite the same.
Ketchup is nice, Dara likes it with rice.
Now take my advice and have it with chicken nuggets.
When the tasty goodness explodes in your mouth,
You’ll know its chicken without a doubt.
We know your hungry just by reading this poem,
So go drive home and enjoy your nuggets.

Lisa Jane Cawley & Dara Courell