Borrisokane Community College, Co. Tipperary

The Shadow

The shadow hid in the corner,

flames prowled the hall.

They passed by, loud and colourful as always.

They glided by in groups,

The loudest surrounded by devoted followers,

They paid no heed to the shadow.


She clutched the wall like a life vest,

Panic building in her chest

Then the flames disappeared and she began to breathe again

The wave of emotion rose up,

The weight in her chest twisted

She could feel the whispers in the back of her head, churning.


She’d learned to fear the two-faced flames,

With their false kindness and half-hidden comments.

She’d learned to hide,

Rather than be picked apart for her differences.

Once she’d been a flame as well,

But the whispers had pulled her apart until she was but a ghost.

And it was the nature of shadows to fear the flame.

R. Fox

The Violinist

An audience, a conductor, a band ready to play

Bows poised, fingers ready, a song barely kept at bay

Synchronised movements, ready and sure

Before the blind jump into the abyss

Believing it’s promise of pure

Musical bliss.


In front of the rows of percussion

Beside the instruments of air

Caught in a wind storm,

She sits calmly on her charcoal chair.


Her fingers gliding smoothly along the summit of

Metallic string,

Leaving behind a trail of crotchets and minims, a

Pathway that sings.


The bow casting long ellipses, fleeting in their wake,

Before the hairs return to string,

Beckoning the outbreak


Of the guttural low tones blending seamlessly into high,

The flight of the crotchet from the bottom line to the



Turning to her neighbour, violin an extra limb

She smiles at the cellist, who’s obeying her every whim

The cello, the foundation, the blueprints of the


Reliable and constant, the violin’s remedy.


The perfect pair, steady and wild

Together, music is perfectly reconciled.

Violin plays from the clouds

The cellist playing steady and loud.


Her arm now dancing frantically,

Controlling the insane bow,

As it too dances along the strings,

Over and over, to and fro…


Eventually, the song begins to tire,

Her arm becoming more human, less wire

The notes are not so quick, and

It’s the calm after the storm,

Her nimble fingers now meandering,

Beginning to transform,

From the fiery blizzard back to their icy stance.

As the melody comes to a close, I too break from my trance

But even now, I see the violinist’s fingers performing

Their ghostly dance.

Rachel O’Dwyer

Lost Lives

There are so many ghosts in the walls

Silently lurking everywhere

Going unnoticed and unseen

They could tell millions of stories

of the people that have been.

Their history goes back

Before our time

Before all the wars

Before all the crimes.

They have witnessed heartbreak

They have seen death

They have witnessed the moment

When someone draws their last breath

They go by no time

They go by no name

They are just there

Observing our ways

Before we are born

After we are dead

These ghosts have no beginning

These ghosts have no end…

Elena Mackey

Cyber Bully

You sit behind your screen typing your revolting words as if you’ll get away with it.

You hide in our classroom as if you have never done anything wrong.

Click, click, click you type another nasty word and re-post another picture of me anonymously.

How could a human be so disgusting?

Stop judging others there is enough hate in this world already.

A new year comes and you pretend it never happened.

I see you.

I will never forget.

Screw you.

Caoimhe Milner & Clodagh Healy


Looks are everything in our world,

Judgement isn’t just from peers,

It’s everyday by everyone,

It’s never ending.

Looks are becoming more important than the being inside,

The human inside

Society almost forgets that there is a person with real feelings,

Problems and interests behind the appearance.

Which really is just a shadow of their being.

Margaret Quigley

Be Brave

We are the strays.

Fix up that graze.

Appreciate the praise.

Ignore the judgmental ones who just seem to gaze.

Find your path in the many ways.

Pick yourself up on those dog days.

Ignore all the work on those boring old Mondays.

And don’t forget that today is your day.


Brief Rainbow

Holidays are always fun.

Or, at least they’re supposed to be.

For you it was a different story.

With your minion togs and swimming cap

And your older brother at your side,

You were all set for a bitta craic

But plans change.


Clearly, there was a misunderstanding.

It shouldn’t have been you.

But no matter how many times I say that,

It doesn’t reverse the situation.


Your friends have started school now.

I suppose they had to move on.

But not everyone is finding it that easy

To carry on with their day-to-day.

Every so often comes another reminder

Of your bright smile

And mischievous ways.


Over a year has gone by

Since disaster struck

And it’s just as hard as day one

Realising that you won’t grow old.

Three short years was all you were given.

Your story was barely told.

Michelle Egan

The Human Mind

A library of memories,

which drives you into reveries,

and within these moments, fleeting

but yet so wide and vast

you see forests, mountains , rivers, trees,

all hidden within the past

along with the passed on cast

hidden with the bronze rusted brown with time,

you’ll find a glimpse of gold, a hope,

a mountain yet to climb

and all around the edges,

you’ll see the silver line ,

filled with the happiness of the past,

the present,

all happy to shine.

Rachel O’Dwyer

Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Sunflowers are Yellow

I Bet You Were Expecting Something Romantic But No

These are Just Gardening Facts.

Harry Chambers

A Girl’s Life

We hate the way we have to wear makeup.

We think we are ugly without it and we are

but we have to wear it or else our ugly spots

will appear and we will have ugly eyebrows.

We feel the need to look nice for school and

Make an effort when lads can just show up

Without making a single effort.

We hate it.

Ciara & Orla

Good Days

Take every day as it comes

Live life to the full

It’s what you make it

So make it good

Inhale the good shit

Exhale the bullshit



If I could catch a rainbow

I would do it for you

And share with you its beauty

On the days you’re feeling blue


If I could build a mountain

You call your very own

A place to find serenity

A place to be alone


If I could take your troubles

I would toss them in the sea

But all these things im finding

Are impossible for me


I cannot build a mountain

Or catch a rainbow

But let me what I know best

A friend that’s always there.

Sarah Hassett

The Game You Can Never Win

Too fat too thin you can never win

The pressure builds up and eats you from within

Girls and boys call you anything at all

Too real, too fake, too short, too tall

The money we spend, makeup, tan , hair

Just to please the boys who don’t even care

Our parents don’t get it, they just don’t understand

Everything you buy has to be a certain brand

Girls judge each other, we’re really just the same

We are all playing a part in society’s game.

Siofra Buckley & Mickela McGrath


Life is a shard of glass

the weight of the world

is permanent…..

a dark cloud over you

killing you inside

That special bond has gone

a piece of you is missing

time passes

you learn to cope.

Megan Deegan


A little girl,

Pigtails in her hair,

Hope in her eyes,

She looks out the window

Of her two-bed semi-detached house.

The clock ticking,

The hope slowly dying

The day drags on without a car in sight.

“Is he here yet mommy?”

She begs with her eyes

But can tell, even at 7 that she has been let down.

Her hope is displaced by disappointment.

Hope clouded by tears as they fall





A Lesson in Life

Have you ever thought about life?

No one ever really seems to think about it.

We were all brought into this word for a reason.

We learn many things throughout life, important things and not so important.

Young people may not know the meaning of life.

Life may not be simple or fun,

Life can drag you through a lot of hard times,

Life can be tough, working each day, raising a family,

School, college and many more challenging things.

That is life and we can’t do anything about it.

When the days pass by and

You get older and older you may regret what

You didn’t do, so here is a tip,

Focus on the things you can do when your young.

Life is to short for regrets.



Students that are being bullied always say …… why?

Day by day it’s still always why …. ,

They asks their self,

Why me,

What did I do for this to happened,

Not knowing why,

Not knowing what they even did,

Not knowing why it’s happening,


Not evening knowing when is it going to stop,

Things go through their minds,

How do I stop it or will it ever stop…..

Then things start getting worst then ever before,

Still not knowing what to do,

Parents not knowing, to scared to say,

Then things in school start to get physical,

Cut in bruises on your face,

People start to notice,

Parents start to notice, getting worried,

And the only thing they say ….


Kate Nihill

The Life of a Teen in 2016

Being a teen isn’t always easy

Sometimes school is very breezy

There’s ups and downs and sometimes frowns


Those f***boy lads

That don’t give a shit

And They all just think there it


There’s those girls that think there great

And most of them can even get a date

There so fake with the snapchat filters

But remind u of the ugly stepsisters


Being a teen is very tough

And I know that its rough

But at the end of the day remember its all fun stuff

Emma Cleary & Michaela Lillis

My Dad

I thought you’d be my friend until the end

You said you’d walk the mile for me,

But instead you left me be

You said that we could conquer them all,

But instead you built a wall

You said that you would protect me

But instead you could not see,

How much you really did effect me

But in the end I just had to leave YOU be,

For you did not realise how much you really did hurt me.


All-Ireland Champions

Tipp have won the championship

Ireland’s people can go into the stand

Parishes cherish their win

People gather at the steeple

Everyone knows what they have done

Rivals Kilkenny will need a revival

All Ireland champions

Reminder of the years before

Yup because I play county minor.

Kian Donnelly & Eoin England


In the morning when I wake up

I think about putting on my makeup

What’s the point

I’ll only disappoint

They don’t even care

They’ll just stare

How cruel?

But its just another day at school



Tired of school

Tired of work

Tired of being treated like a jerk

Tired of doing the same thing everyday

will it be like this until I turn grey

When will it change

This shits getting kinda strange.

Shane Courtney


Boys like girls with nice hair and that wear tight dresses

And people wonder why girls got so many stresses

Girls like boys that fill them with lies

And tell them that there beautiful in their eyes

Weeks go by, the time seems to fly

She doesn’t realize that he’s ready to say goodbye

She’s falling in love and he got what he wanted,

Finally it’s over and the memories leave her haunted.

Katie Blagdon

Ginger And Proud

mocked for being different

mocked for trying to fit in

tell yourself it doesn’t matter

tell yourself nobody really cares

try to fit in

try to seem normal

never quite get there

never quite fit in.



School is the finest

Even though half of us are fools

Sure I only come here for the pool

Some teachers are cool

Some are tools

Christ I’ll drown in drool

Cidona is my fuel.

MC Lucozade