Sacred Heart, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

Lighthouses in the Sky

The moon stared white and blank at them

The stars gazed down on them, lighthouses from the sky

The sea drowned out their sorrows, everything bad that happened to them before now

Hands touched, and as they did, a bright array of fireworks light the sky as well as their lives

Orange, pink, purple, colours of hope

Colours of meaning

Colours of love

Lighthouses, they were

Stuck at the far end of the sky

The pair watched,

No words were needed

And nothing seemed to matter anymore

Because they knew nothing would be the same again.

He looked at the time, it was late

Too late,

An exchange of numbers, exchange of names

A final glance

The uniting of an unlikely two, and they knew

Destiny seemed to have worked it’s magic

And all this time, the moon stared white and bright at them,

Suns turned to moons and to suns again

Childhood, Teenage years, Adulthood passed

Until the two found themselves older, wiser

In the same place

With the stars, lighthouses gazing down on them

Time seemed to pass so quickly

Until the day he was left alone

Her body buried deep beneath the stare of the moon

Where it would stare at her forever more

All alone sitting by the grave

That feeling of loss taking him whole

He could only wait until the day he would be with her again

Looking, gazing with wonder

At the lighthouses in the sky.

Orla Scally

I am a Shadow, Hiding from the Light

I am a shadow, hiding from the light

I walk around and sing and dance and smile

But that is not me.

That is the carnival mask upon my face.

I am a shadow; hiding from the place you call reality.

My home is a palace. A palace in my mind.

Everything is safe; no one can hurt me here.

I open and close doors into my worlds of fantasy.

Where time travel exists, where chocolate frogs jump out of windows,

Where I solve crimes at 221B, and where people have numbers for names.

I am a fraud. I am not real.

The person you see before you is just a host wearing a carnival mask.

The palace in my mind keeps me sane,

It keeps me safe from the world outside.

It is my parachute when I fall, the bed I hide under,

And the wall I hide behind.

I am a shadow, hiding from the light.

I walk around and sing and dance and smile

But that is not me.

That is the carnival mask upon my face.

Aislinn Kennedy

Who am I?

No one understands me,

No one can tell me by my background.

Actually, not many people know my background.

For most people, a life like mine is one

Where people drink, do drugs and get into many arguments.

I think my life is the best.

Growing up was the best time of my life.

Growing up has made me into what I am today.

I am proud of who I am

And those who know me well enough are also.

I am different to everyone else;

I am completely honest,

I do not trust anyone.

I am human, therefore

I say things I don’t mean,

I look as if I am dead at times.

I hate people. I hate the way people act.

I hate the way people judge.

Although I’m judging humans, I still hate them.

I am a hypocrite,

Even though I hate hypocrites and talk about them all the time.

I have the power to be who I want to be.

And I will certainly be whatever I want to be.

I don’t let anybody rule me.

I am my God.

I don’t see lousy excuses as being a fair excuse.

I cannot see colours the way colours appear.

That’s because I am weird. I am weird because I am me.

I see black as a mixture of purples and greys,

I see red as a mix of yellows and oranges,

I see white as being cold

And dark colours as warmth and death.

Colours can be connoted.

People think people can be too.

Unfortunately, just one happy face

Can hide thousands tears.

People may say “she’s always happy”

When the truth is,

No-one is ever always happy.

It’s not the way we are meant to be

Or ever are meant to be.

Although people can smile,

It does not make them a happy person.

But no matter what happens in one’s life,

NOTHING is a good excuse to be a sad person.

Everything is the reason to embrace life.

It happened for a reason.

You were not dropped out of the sky to have a boring time at school,

Hate life,

Wishing you’re dead from day to day.

You were brought into this world

To be human.

And that is who you should be.

What is human?

Who is the definition of human?

Everyone is unique.

Take it, embrace it.

After all, it is a challenge.

Win. defines human as;

“of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people: human frailty.”

Kellie Cregan

Wait and See

Silence creeping,

Noise deafening,

Whispers chattering,

Giggles vanishing,

Alarms silencing,

Shouts calming,

Sunlight streaming through the world,

Turning it upside down,

Inside out,

Swirled all about.

Looking from the outside,

Seeing everything,

Every burp,


Teacup crashes,

Moonlight smashes,

Every Daddy,



Smirking their way through the day,

Just a normal day.

Peaking through,

Looking closer,

Spotting everything,

Midnight movies,

Pet feeding,

Window shopping,

Outdoor hopping,

Just a normal day.

Glancing further,

Streetlights highlight,

Babies’ weaping,

Pigeons pooping,

Cowboys flirting,

Teachers fighting

Over custard creams,

Just a normal day.

Stars shining disappear,

Air evaporating,

Darkness sneaking,

Earth shrivelling,

Water curdling,

Desserts collapsing,

Sound melting into the atmosphere,

Not one single tear.

Something’s happened,

Something weird,

Something only I can see.

I can see.

Picket pocketing,

Black mailing,

Shoe shopping,

Doughnut hunting,

Crab fishing,

Soup spilling,

Flight delaying,

Old mistress sneezing,

Just a normal day.

Smash, crackle, pop,

Cry, shout, pinch,

Just a normal day,

Just a normal day,

Just a normal day,

We’ll just wait and see,

Wait and see.

Kate Ryan

I Remember

I remember when I was only five years old.

Boys and girls used to play together happily.

Everyone seemed like my best friend.

I remember.

Everyone was equal.

Everyone was the same.

We were all of equal importance.

And no one seemed smarter or more popular than anyone else.

I remember.

It was a time when I didn’t know about all the inequality in the world, all the wars that were ongoing in different countries, the pain that people felt every day, the suffering and the fight that some people had in order to stay alive.

I remember.

Then I started to realize what the world is really like.

Everyone is not my best friend.

There is inequality all around us.

But it is okay.

People will always judge but you can’t stop them.

There will always be inequality.

It is sad that people can’t accept other people for who they are and for their own personality.

But that’s reality.

But sometimes it is nice to look back and just remember what it was all like when the world seemed like such a great place to live in.

This world is my home.

And even though there are many bad things about it, there are also many good things about it.

I love my friends and my family.

I love going out.

And there are so much more things that I love about this world.

But sometimes it’s nice to remember what the world was like when I was only five years old.

Helen Murphy

The Things That Make My World!

The world I live in is a dangerous place near the sea

The world I live in is like a room without a roof

The world I live in is an oyster.

The world I live in is filled with malicious, back stabbing people.

A place that contains more fluffy socks than boys

They are warmer and cuddlier than any self centered male can be.

The world I live in is a dangerous place

The world I live in is filled with sarcastic people

People that prefer to go to the shop for food than go to a disco

A place where good looking people don’t exist.

The world I live in is a dangerous place.

The world I live in is obsessed with sausages and black pudding

A place where people don’t take any notice of road signs

A place where money is the only answer

The world I live in is a dangerous place

The world I live in kills dreams and haunts fears

I live in a place that tourists come for dreary holidays

A place where “bitch” is used frequently

The world I live in is a dangerous place.

Kayleigh O’Sullivan


Maybe I am different,

Maybe I’m not the same,

Maybe somewhere I’ll fit in,

Some place where it never rains.

Maybe the lines will connect,

Maybe someday I will change,

Maybe it will just take a while,

Maybe I’m just too strange.

Maybe they’ll never get it,

Maybe I’ll be forever alone,

Because now the house feels empty,

Even when everyone’s home.

I know that they can’t see me,

I know I should put down my hood,

But this is almost impossible,

Because I am so misunderstood.

Every day I walk home,

Trying my best to numb the pain,

I can’t let their words seep in,

I don’t want to hurt again.

And now I sit there laughing,

Pretending that I’m okay,

But inside my body is crying.

Alex Shanahan

They Say Clonakilty Is…

Like the Cliffs of Moher, but I think it’s just Inchydoney

There are tsunami’s of marshmallows at everyone’s door, I wish

Although we do get an odd free leaflet from Kevin the postman.

The sun bursts through the sky, on a rarely basis.

We are sick of people eating oranges next to us the smell of them makes us want to projectile vomit several times.

We are addicted to the sound of music; it makes us appreciate the arts.

We have an unhealthy addiction to Tayto crisps, but who doesn’t.

This is where community means tidy towns.

This is where the rain loves to wreck everyone’s day, flooding people’s houses.

This is where the dreamers come to escape society’s pressures.

This is where the land carries a green complexion.

This is where tourists come,

But I’m holding you closer than most ’cause you are my heaven!

Fióna Callanan

The Calculator

We are inanimate objects,

We have no imaginations,

He is making us write a poem,

But we can’t come up creations.

We are illiterate beings,

Who see a lot of red lines,

We put our pens to paper,

And all we do is sigh.

We are no good at comprehensions,

We are no good at rhymes,

And when it comes to writing essays,

All we can do is cry.

We can add numbers,

And subtract them too,

We can solve all kinds of problems,

But when it comes to English we look like fools.

Bébhinn Crowley & Alice O’Regan

Great Escape


That’s what we all want.

Isn’t it?

A way to forget

To ease the pain

The stress

The heartache

The never-ending clutter that is our lives.

At least for a little while.

Whether it’s the bubbles in the tub,

The tea in the cup.

The hugs from mum

The fridge beckoning.

As you relax,

And feel the sensation lessening

The pain receding

The whole world looks

Like it’s not so bad.


A phone call.

A deadline,

An appointment,

A new worry,

An old strain reappears.

And of course,

The need for Escape

Begins again.

Shóna Hayes.


Here’s my advice to you:

Wake up every day in a good mood,

Always be yourself and forget everyone who doesn’t appreciate you,

Tell yourself everyday you’re beautiful and unique,

Surround yourself with positive people 24/7,

Talk to new people and actually listen,

Be what you think is a good person and remember what goes around comes around,

Do what YOU think is right, and not what others want you to do,

Take risks and do something that scares you every day,

Let yourself fall in love,

Don’t judge people, get to know them first,

Live everyday like it’s your last,

Shoot for the moon,

And be the best version of you you possibly can!

Yes, this is good advice,

But why is it that when it comes to me,

It isn’t that easy..?

Katie Lehane


Life’s hard bitch, suck it up,

Life is full of dipshits and f**k ups

Get over it

Indirect tweets

Backstabbing bitches

Instagram feelings

Real life beatings

Concealing our proceedings

All for a society we don’t really know.

Ruth Kingston & Marie Holland


We are like the stars in the sky,

We are like the tears in the ocean,

We are like the Sun and the Earth,

Hundred miles apart

Just like our love.

We cry,

We laugh,

We fall,

We get up,

Just like our love.

We were born to be together,

We were raised to be together,

We were meant to be together,

And so we are here together and never apart.

But nothing lasts forever,

The sun is just a star,

And the stars have died

Just like our love.

The Earth has disappeared,

The ocean is all that remains,

And so I’m here alone

I thought you were the one.

Paulina Mielecka & Chloe O’Brien

Who Are We?

People judge no matter what,

“They’re so mank, hah she’s a swat.”

Age, sex and colour doesn’t matter

“Could you possibly get any fatter?”

But they don’t get how we feel

“Your face just has no sex appeal”

Everyone one has different views

“You’re much too thin, you have no boobs”

But who are they to always judge?

“Your make up always looks like fudge”

We are not perfect yes we know

“But you’re not either, did you know?”

Hettie O’Brien, Kellie Scannell & Clionadh Condon

A Poem about Poetry

It takes and incredibly strong person to talk about themselves,

It takes a weak person to glorify the glorious through rhyme,

Then there’s me, I just go off the point.

But as I go off the point,

I explore the value of poetry,

How a hidden meaning can lie in a poem.

Who knows?

This poem could be about a serial killer in Los Angeles who likes cereal.

And so the poem about poetry is coming to an end because its seventeen minutes past three on a Wednesday and the thought of cheesy Lasagne and greasy chips after school is distracting me, plus my fancy vocabulary is running out!

But…Depth over distance.

I suppose,

Sorry, I hypothesize!

Elena Dineen


I like to be a hippy

Some people think I’m trippy

I don’t like to go to discos

As all my friends all ready know.

I don’t want to drink vodka

If you try and make me I will box ya

My mother tends to get worried

As I eat too much Ben and Jerry’s.

Even though all the boys still fart

You’ve got to have a big heart

As you need somewhere to start

And you’re not gonna find a husband at the mart.

These teenage years are full of drama lies and tears

But what else are we supposed to do

Except follow the crowd

And do things that are truly not allowed.

Marie Claire Whelton


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