Gaelcholáiste Chomain, Rossport, Co. Mayo

Park Wall

We sit on the park wall,

Staring at the lives of them all.

Some old, some young,

They’re all different,

In their own special way,

We realise nobody is the same,

And it shows us to be thankful for the park wall,

Because we see everybody is different no matter what they are or believe.

But you still must treat everybody the same because in a way were all the same,

Because we are all human beings.

Ciara Deane & Laura McDonnell


The heart sinking feeling that nothing can replace

The feeling when breathing is not worth trying and then the tears sink in

When riding in a car brings fear without doubt,

But hey its all OK right?

That’s just a thing that happens

That black hole sucking up all feeling in your chest

But hey never mind right you can take the day off

Leave it till tomorrow

So you don’t have to deal with it.

Ella Bingham


I could be in a crowded room

Yet still somehow still feel alone

I could have all the money in the world

Yet still somehow feel poor.

I could be on top of the world

Yet somehow still feel low

I could have all the fame in the world

Yet still feel i don’t matter.

No one should feel like this.

It doesn’t matter

Even if they’re a witch.

We go to school to learn

Not to be criticised

By the way we look or earn

We are all beautiful

Even if others may think otherwise.

Ailbhe Garvin

Social Media

Social media is crap

Sitting all day on phone talking to people through text messaging

When you could just go and meet these people

Out in the fresh air and have the craic

Sometimes we don’t even know these people

They could be any age or from any place in the world.

Conor Doherty


She cut herself to sleep

Her eyes full of weep

Turning to drink

Was the only link

Vodka and coke

Was the equivalent of another joke

Everyday getting more worse

Every word said was a curse.



Everyone I see is on their phone,

Not realising they are really alone,

Could be beside them but they wont even know,

What a world we live in it really blows.

Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook alone,

Take over the world but it isn’t unknown,

People are choosing to live online

Try to save them, please give them a sign.

Emer Garvin

When I Was Young

When I was young

I had a lot of fun,

Helping Dad,

I was never sad,

Now I’m old

I play football in the cold,

I love having the craic,

I have a knack,

For playing pool,

And I rule,

Nothing is bad,

And I’m never sad.

Sean Irwin

Just a Girl

I tried.

I did it.

But you told me that I can’t, that they’re better.

I’m just a girl,

Discarded like an open letter.

It’s just a joke.

Get over it.

That’s what people always say, that’s just reality.

I’m just a girl,

Who’s lost her sanity.

I’m stronger.

But I’m not.

Girls can’t be that strong, leave it to the men.

I’m just a girl,

But I didn’t intend

To be born a girl, to act like a girl, to love a girl.

Why does it have to be such a cruel world,

When you’re just a girl?

Seoirsín Bashford


Every teenager gets attacked,

By a person who likes to hack,

Hackers make your life hell,

Which makes you want to scream and yell,

With every button they tend to click,

Makes you get a bit thick,

So when you get suprisingly attacked,

You probably have been hacked.



School line, bell clock


Books down, sit around

Listen to the man at the desk

Hear that ringing sound.


Next day Tuesday! School line bell clock!

We gather ourselves for this test.

Yes. This your life

Listen to the man who will define whats your best .

Small town, to small.

Rinse, repeat what else would you be doing!


Who said think stop that. Its bad for

No college no degree, who’s gonna hire you.

That test you took didn’t go well you fool!

No second chances this ain’t no private school.


This system is whats meant for you,

Your brother and sister did the same thing, they all passed right through!

What the hell is the matter with you.

Life is hard but you don’t want it to be harder , do you

You better get your act together, get down study

Learn about some algebra or cells you will never use


Sequence of events you must do, its oppression!

No wonder were all running around with this great depression


Joseph Corduff


Growing up in place where people stare at your face

Define you by colour or race

Your expected to follow rules and thrive in school

Regardless of what problems that face you

People expect so much

But your best isn’t enough

But what else can you do but shut…

Not worthy of a voice or a say or an opinion

Not even a person to listen

Scared until your throat begins to close

Expecting so much but do they even know?

What it feels like to be hating yourself

Not liking who you are and feeling depressed

Under so much pressure your eyes start to leak

But don’t feel unworthy you are unique

Don’t listen to the comments or sly remarks

Look at the upside and what makes you spark.



Everyone thinks farming life is easy

False faming life is uneasy

Sometimes the weather is an issue if its breezy

Farmers done have it easy

They work until they are weezy

Farming life is not easy its hard

Theres always a lot to do in a farmyard

He’s not just a farmer he may be a shepherd

Always thinking of what to do next but the he remembers.

Shit, it’s the month of December

Gotta give the turkeys to the shopping centre.

Farming life is hard there’s so much labour

But it is always good to have a good neighbour

But just keep in mind you’re the operator

Farmers are better than you expect they are.

Jack Murray


I like what I like, I am who I am.

I am not a drinker, nor a smoker, I don’t enjoy nightclubs.

I detest them. I do my own thing, so get the f**k over it.

I am my own person and I say it proudly.

If you have a problem with it, sorry, I didn’t ask for your opinion.

So I now qualify for me being the odd ball out when I say no to a drink?

I guess I’m going to be on brink if I don’t take a sip,

Sorry I don’t want a dirty smell on my lip, so get a fucking grip. Stop telling me I’m wrong when

there is no wrong or right.

I guess we just have different views on how to live our life,

Mine might be staying in during Christmas and watching ‘Gremlins’,

While yours is going out getting shit faced and waking up in the morning whispering to yourself,

saying ‘Why did I do that’?

Fun is strong word. One might associate it with, booze, woman, sex and drugs.

I consider it when seeing the new Spiderman in the new Captain America movie, but hell, that’s

just me.


I Would Not Change

I would not change anything much about myself

Not even my height when I can’t reach a top shelf

I wouldn’t even dream of tame hair

Even though I sometimes feel like shaving it bare.

I don’t think I could change my mind set

But judge me for it, and I will make you regret.

I will never change my abstract obsessions

Might as well get used to it, they’re more or less my professions

This is my poem and I know that it’s short,

But if you ‘copy and paste’ it as your own original work to a teacher…

I’ll see you in court



Exams are nothing but a test of memory,

Whole lot of wasted energy,

Telling me these things are necessary,

No, this is only momentary.

It’s a grade,

Just a number,

Not a barricade

Or a need for loss of slumber.

No creativity,

No imagination,

Lost in intellectual


Evelyn Corduff


I was confident that I wouldn’t drown,

Because it would be over soon.

A life of working, sleeping, eating,

I believed that eventually I’d be breathing,

Fresh air.

But I wasn’t.

You just pushed me under

And never even thought “Maybe I hurt her”.

A year meant for fun, freedom and finding yourself –


Yanked away when I could almost taste it.

I was confident that I wouldn’t drown,

Because I thought the pool would be drained,

That I’d begin again with freshwater from the rain.

You said no.

The pool remained full with me still in it,

With rain falling as the water rose above my ears.

No distinguishing between water and my tears –

My worst fears.

I was confident that I wouldn’t drown,

Because I was a good swimmer,

But I grew tired with my brain rewired,

To accept it.

I was confident that I wouldn’t drown,

But I did, and you watched.

Seoirsín Bashford


It will come and go

It will play you like a banjo

It will torture you and make you run

It will warm your heart like a hot cross bun

It will mess with your head and screw you up

It will make you feel great when you get a hookup

It will confuse you and will it will be unclear

As to why a stranger asks you out for a beer

It is a curse its nothing beautiful

It like trying to chew gum that is unchewable

It will make you feel empty and you may end up doing stupid things

Like trying to play the guitar with only three strings

Love is confusing and it works in mysterious ways and can cause danger

Love will draw you to the perfect stranger.



Farming is a job

That takes lots of skill

You don’t work in an office

But outside by the field.

You have to feed the animals

Every single day

It takes a lot of dedication

So don’t mess with the hay.

You can drive a tractor

Bringing up a bale

But watch the oil

She could rise any day.

Michael Herbert


I hear it

But she doesn’t see it.

Neither do you.

Shake this monkey off.

Struggle to see a way.

Nobody else can see this battle.

It’s gripping

Monkey go away.

This anxiety is something we can feel but can not be heard

It’s oblivious to everybody

She walks away

We are now alone.

No escape.

Monkey go away

No route ahead.

A dead end awaits

Where does this lead.

Call the police , but you cant

The monkey has your phone.

Nobody see’s this struggle

You are alone.

He bangs his head and grips you near

Dreaming is now not believing

Dream your life our live your dreams

This monkey does not care

We are alone!

Joseph Corduff

The System

The thing we are supposed to follow and listen,

No matter what we must do always listen.

Not aloud to give back the correct answer to a retorical question or no dissin.Colour inside the line of society,

They tell you are but,are we really free?

The answer i cant tell you its something we find you need to colour outside the line in order to be free you can be you and i can be me.

You see? We can have a real life where there are no government telling us what to do then on wars

how many mills?Oh just a few..

The system is the player we are just pawns.Itys time we wake up becaus eits almost dawn in this life

we will never be free if you don’t believe in yourself who will?

You need to get away and feel that thrill….

The people who shrug there shoulders and dont listen to this are still in the abyss.

They haven’t realised that we are just puppets being controlled by the ones above us

Teachers … the government … and our society.



I was sick but then I had to do jobs for my mother,

I couldn’t do it.

I went to the doctors and he gave me tablets,

So I went home again, I was lying on the couch.

I was home alone and I heard something rattling,

I got up and checked, nothing there.

I asked myself, ”who the hell is that?”

I sat down again and I started to watch tv,

My phone rang and I answered, ”who’s this?”



Everyone wants Happiness,

No one wants pain,

Happiness is to be positive,

And happiness is not to be alone.

Always remember to forget

The troubles that have passed away

But never forget to remember

The blessings that come each day.


Same Life

I thought I was ready. My bags were packed. Goodbye’s made,.

I thought it was all a cliché.

About emotions rising up just as the clock goes and nothings left but the door.

I was wrong. The door started to close, I was afraid.

Afraid that if I go I could not return and if I stayed my life would be adjourned.

The door was nearly closed.

The ground was falling behind me as if I was being enclosed.

I knew

That if I didn’t go now I would never go.

Stuck repeating the same life, same code over and over again.

I walked through the door.



Life is a challenge,

Take each moment as it comes,

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as that’s what we learn from.

Everything happens for a reason,

So just move on.



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