Colaiste Cholmcille, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal

The Wolves

Broken spirit

Mask on

Head down

The dread sets in.


One foot in front of the other

She walks in

She sees the wolves

Their teeth are sharpened.


The wolves circle in

Her face drops lower

The execution is set in motion

The wolves circle slower.


She knows the story

And tries to prepare

The wolves howl

The world turns slower.


They finish their meal

Her soul is torn

The wolves circle back

Blood has been spilled.


She’s is in a heap on the floor

Not a soul to care nor help her

The wolves watch from afar

Their danger is a scratch on the poor girl’s soul.

Patrick Daly

The Pain of Words

Bullying is a word that’s tossed around but never really listened to

You’re told to deal with it, work it out yourself

Suck it up, it’s only words, it can’t hurt you.

But that’s a lie, I’d prefer sticks and stones

Bones can heal but words are forever implanted in your mind

When they’re said to you so many times, you begin to believe.

No one can help you get off the never ending rollercoaster of words

When you try and bury the past, it comes back to bite you

But for those that are still here, I salute you.

You are stronger than you think, you keep fighting, you’re unstoppable

You’re still here, because you have a lot of motherf**kers to prove wrong.

You’ve already started.



All my life I tried to fit in

Only to get shut out

Trying to duck insulting words

But they come back

To hit me again

Always on the move

From town to town

Words echoed within

Only to bring me down

Music became my only friend

It always understood me

But didn’t take the pain

Forever marked inside

Will it ever end

Or continue like a cancer

Growing until I shrivel up

Will I ever have true friends

Who will save me from myself?

I’ll never forget their laughter

While they mocked me

Is it over now that I’m in a new country?

New people

New life

We`ll see.

Ines Almeida


I wonder

If had a rubber

What would I erase?


I’d erase the face of the bullies that walk these halls and haunt this place

I’d blow away what’s left and dust it off as if nothing had happened

I’d have them gone

Along with the whispers and insults

They spread upon the room, like a contagious disease

And one by one my life would ease

My head would clear and I could think straight

They’d disappear without a trace.


But why take the lives of others just to free mine

When I could take the rubber and erase the source of the problem




I don’t think you’ve noticed

But girl you look like Mila Kunis

Your beauty got me so obsessed

You got me all oppressed

I’m so mesmerized

I think I’ve been baptized

Girl look at your eyes

Are you an angel in disguise

Every time I have a stormy weather

You make it all better.


Just remember

When you need shelter

My heart is 5-star accommodation.

Luigi Mark Fernandez

Drink Drank Drunk

The clink of the drink

Has teens on the brink

Has teens on weed

And doing the deed.


The Vodka Tingles

Shall it be a naggin or a flaggin?

Captain Morgan or Smirnoff Ice,

Does it even taste nice?

We went from Jelly Tots to Vodka shots,

Beginning to see dots.

Under the tree at Spar or in the underground at Mace

Parks or shelters, beaches and buses

I can’t feel my face

I’m never drinking again.



I’m so hungry right now

Stuck in class waiting for the bell

The school is just like hell

Sitting in class bored like mad

Just waiting for the Pearse’s roll

School can be good but also bad

You just have to take it on the chin and go mad.

Dyl, Steve and Gmc

Shop Till You Drop

You’ve got to dress good

The internet says you should

You go out to shop

Only in Penney’s f**k the lot.


We ain’t got no money

We ain’t got no time

To shop to look like celebrities

I don’t care, I look fine.


I ain’t able to afford no Nikes

My Penney’s shoes are very alike

One day I bought a scratch card

To realise I don’t need no MasterCard.


Now I’m sitting in Spain

Thinking my life was so plain

Now I’m drinking to celebrate

Hopefully I won’t be home too late!

Enya Kilfeather & Kerrie Britton


I like sheep

Sheep are neat

When they see me they start to bleat

Goin’ baa baa baa all the way down the street

Oh f**k! lambing season bye snap streak.


The Internet

Uggs and leggings on,

Adidas top and broken iPhone,

Tiffani, Vicki, Mindi, all fake tanned,

Starbucks and Instagram in hand,

Food getting cold but the filter is key,

“Omg, I love minions”; they all agree,

I burst through the door and yell “get down!”

Rob the store and slap a ho,

Police catch me, and I say “its just a prank bro!”

Nojus Norkevicius


We are put down

But we get chased out of our own town

We get called alcoholics

When there making us workaholics

We cant live with the stress

But we cant confess

That there being harsh

That we have to lash

We can’t be free

So there’s absentees.



1 2 3 to the 4

MC Seany is at your front door

Hold tight up on the mic

Daire to my right

Lookin for a fight 😉

Sean to my left

Gonna do some theft

JC boi lovin’ life.

Sean O’Flynn, Daire & John Conor