St. Brogan’s, Bandon, Co. Cork


Love will tear your heart out of your chest

It will drain you of every thing you got

It’s the monster you can not help

But summon its intense feeling

Pain deep down in your soul

You try to ignore it

But will always be there

Eating away at you

Destroying you

It’s a disease

You must live with

There is and will never be a cure.

Matthew Long

A Letter

I am feeling all alone

With no one on the phone

My Mam is just around the corner

I wish I could see more of her.

Soon I’ll be back to normal

Just till the end of summer

It started of rough

But its getting better

This poem’s for her

A little love letter.

Kaya Quinn


Things I say

And things I do

They may not be good

Tut the thing

Not everything is right.

I get bullied everyday nearly

But I’m strong I keep

Going until the end

Never give up.

When I go home everyday

There’s always something wrong

You feel very lonely but I have

Friends and family by my side.

But be happy because

Life is too short.



School is hell on heaven,

It is homework on the weekend,

It is bad weather on a Saturday,

But it is the start of many friendships,

And it is the end of childhood.

Brian O’Donoghue

The Script

I was just 12-years-old when my friend offered me

She offered me a ticket a ticket to The Script.

It was it Dublin in Croke Park

The lights were bright

Brighter than my future.

When he started to sing

He sang about his dad

His dad who he had just lost.

He was quite emotional

He started to cry

He keep on singing trying to be strong.

Strong, strong, very strong.

Leanne O’Callaghan


In the night the stars shine so bright.

They guide you around the sky like a flashlight.

During the night meteorites fall from the heavens.

And the moonlight glistens

You can look at the Space Station satellite.

And that’s what happens at night.


Pretty Little Liars

Full of dark secrets

With no escape

‘A’ is always there

With it’s stalking cape.

‘A’ has many forms

Also known as ‘Red Coat’

Be careful what you say

‘A’ will save your quote.

Leah Skeath


I have been through a lot

From ups and downs

I have kept my head

Held up high

And soldiered on

I always try

I never stop

I must not let

My young head drop.

Richard Looney


I used to blame myself

For the decisions of my family

But now I don’t

I used my strengths to find stuff out

Stuff that changed my life

Changed my opinion of people

People I knew, people I loved

I thought confronting them was right

But I was wrong

I learnt that the hard way

But I kept my head held high

I’m glad I did

I’m happy now

I’m free.

Alan Burton


Sitting home learning everyday

Doing homework for the next day

Being sad that I’ve grown up

Wishing to be small in a carefree world.

I want to be home

To see my grandparents

To see my friends,

But I can’t.

Here in school everything is fine

Outside the school everything is dark

My parents are trying to help me

But they can’t.

It was perfect before my dad came here

Then everything got ruined

I can remember talking with him the night before

I can remember crying after him when he came here.

I want to be in my country

Next to the people I love

But my parents say it’s better here

But it isn’t.

Alex Oltean


People say that my music is disturbing

While they would be listening to stuff about booty and money.

They would say that the lyrics are evil

Even though it is about the evil of media.

They would complain that it is just some noise

While they would listen to dubstep.

They would say who makes it are violent psychos

While their favourite artists go into prison for shootings.

Shaun O’Callaghan


The teachers judge me on the scores of my exams

When my parents tell me how are you doing

I lie and say I’m grand

But the fear inside of disappointing my family because they told me

You’re the smart one you got the most attention

But its bloody hard to keep myself out of detention.

Joseph Horgan

Cats and Dogs

Cats are cool

So are dogs

They are funny

And are bony.

If you kill my dog

Or my cat

I will pull your hair out

and flush you down my toilet.

I like to play

With my cats and dogs

I hug them

And I kiss them.

If you come close to them

I’ll take your eyeballs out

With my spoon

I will also put you in a blender.

Wiktoria Palka


Love will strangle you

Rip out your hair

It will make you jealous

Make you want to fight.

Love is a fight

Love is a monster

It will eat you.

Niamh Crowley

What Life’s Like For Me Everyday

We live young and free

Wake up every morning thinking life’s not a dream

Teenager dreams is living young wild and free

No one likes to be told so we all just be bold

Hanging around town with all these clowns

Nothing to say nothing to see

Just thinking about when we were young and free

Teenager years is a life full of dreams

Thinking about now we were young and free.

Mary Robinson

A Car Is…

A car is

If it can ride you nearby or far.

A car is

When it gets you in time to the bar

A car is

When you are addressed as Madam or Sir

But for some

A car is not just a car

It is a man’s bae

After a daylight roam

It is a home

After a nightly diff

Kind of like a homelessness

Reccurring syndrome.

Now give me any twincam

I’ll give it epic burn outs

Play sweet tunes to it by scooter

By the time you watch me stand by it

And pose with a new huge exhaust

Waiting to take you out to the lads

You may even prefer it to be a Ferrari.

You see, to me

A car

Be it in a new coat of matte black and green paint

Or one decorated with tarnished scars

The simple reality

Is they all have similar

Passenger capacity

Whether be it a personalized twincam with an exploding roaring engine.

A car is a car

A vehicle of motion

A medium of transportation

Even when it shows signs of erosion

As long as it can move from junction to junction

I personally sanction

A car is just a car.

Matthew Hegarty


This bully he teases He I do not like it much

He taunts and teases good thing he doesn’t touch

That is next he says

So all I do is stick up my thumb

I think a bigger kid I might come along.

And when I arrive home this bully moves online

Snapchats and Facebooks about how his fist will soon be mine.

The next day I try to ignore him

But then I’m shown the door I try to hold it in I really really do

But I can’t take much more of putting up with you.

Ali Buttimer


I’m quite afraid of death,

My death isn’t what scares me

It’s my loved one’s that I fear

Closer to it every year

The pain I don’t want to feel

My loved one in a coffin

Me praying while I kneel.

Leave me in my sadness

While my heart is corrupted by badness

Surrounded by darkness

I can feel the sharpness.

Death. Controls. Me.

Gerard O’ Donovan


Summer time silage grass on

Flat out cutting grass in my T6070

New Holland with a 18-foot smith silage trailer

With a big load in it then one of the lad

Hopped up on the tractor

And now we are sucking diesel

On 50 euro an day.

Darragh Collins

Rowing 2k16

We are getting ready to row

The cox yells flags up all boats ready


We rowed as fast as we could

We are racing along the river

Then we pass the galley it is now feeling like a rally

We are coming up to the turn my arms are now starting to burn

We are rowing against the tide

It is now feeling like a roller coaster ride

Then it comes to the turn the cox yells


We are now on the way back

We are all tired and start to slack

But we are so close to the finish line

We finish first so I gave a burst with joy.


Video Games

I play video games to get away from the real game called life

I do this to hide my real self

For I fear of being judged in the real game.

Matey & Brandon


He walks into the room at nine in the morning

He looks like he’s got a poker face on but it’s a game face

He’s doing his best to survive the day

He wonders why school doesn’t pay

What he does must be harder than a bad day at work

He goes through this almost 5 times a week

He’s got a few friends but for some reason

It doesn’t help versus the people against him

When he gets home every day,

He rips off the mask he wears and breaks down

He can’t help it

There’s something about how insignificant his problem is on the outside

Compared to how he feels on the inside.

He moved to a new school, he was scared about it

Compared to his previous experience

His theory is that it could never get better

But about a month later, a new guy moves in

He was in a different class but they moved him for some reason

This new guy and our “here” shall we call him,

They make friends and it’s like

They’re different from being friends.

Jake Bean

This World

Here in this world

A world of exams and studyings

It makes me sick

But I was told to get a good job.

When these days are all over

I need to provide and not be on the streets

To help the others in need to be a good person and make a living of myself,

I could be an athlete but to be honest I can’t be arsed.

Adam Brogan


Music makes me happy

Music makes me sad

I love pop, classical and especially rad.

I have a lot of favourites

Who mean a lot to me

But the music that I love the most is love symphony.

Angel Duffy


I will travel around the country but will all pay off

Will they win the league this year, or can they take the cup/

Will Dundalk rival us once again?

Will they pull away?

We will go up the country we will stay at home

And they will have the support of the garden gnome!

Caitlin Fitzgerald


Everyday we have to wake up and go to jail

Stuck in classrooms all day

Learning about stuff we’re never gonna use

Spending hours upon hours memorizing books

Just to get an A that you’re never gonna use

The only reason I’m motivated to go school is to see my friends

You’re never gonna need to know what people did thousands of years ago

Or how to draw a Venn diagram

Teachers give out to you even though you’ve done nothing wrong

And they confront you about your exam results in front of the whole class.

Oscar Atkinson & Kevin O’Regan


You wake up every day already in pain

You spend every waking regretting the day

You made one fatal mistake

It doesn’t matter how big it can be the end of you

One slip-up and its over

Forever laughed at and exiled

Everyone ignores your existence

The one person who opens up to you backstabs you and reopens then wound

The second everyone turns their back on you you start the long journey

When you’re finally finished

You’re lonely.



We want to stop bullying

No one should be a bully

No one should be bullying

We don’t want to bully at St. Brogan’s College

We don’t want to see bullying

It might be funny for some people

But its sad as well for other people.

Ciara Montgomery

I Hate Poems

Poems I hate them so much

I hate the timing of the rhyming

I hate the words you have to use

Why are poems still being written?

They are old news

Oooooooooooh get rekt m8!

Fionn Mooney


I have no idea what to write for this poem,

Well I have just learned that a word that rhymes with poem is jeroboam,

Jeroboam:noun:a large wine bottle (holds 4/5 of a gallon),

It is a better start than a talon,

Right what is next on the list,

Maybe something that has hissed,

I think that snakes could be a dull topic,

Just like anything telescopic,

Now it may be time to end,

Hopefully there has been no offend,

This poem may not be good enough,

But this is my last huff.

Tomás Fadian


Friendship is a priceless gift

That can’t be bought or sold,

But its value is far greater

Than a mountain made of gold.

For gold is cold and lifeless,

It cannot see nor hear,

And in your times of trouble,

It is powerless to cheer.

It has no ears to listen,

No heart to understand.

It cannot bring you comfort

Or reach out a helping hand.

So when you ask God for a gift,

Be thankful that he sends,

Not diamonds, pearls, or riches,

But the love of a real, true friend.


The Clash of The Ash

The crowd roared, The sky rumbled.

We looked at the sky as we ran out

Dreaming to win, to lift the cup.

We played with our heart and not our heads

We played to the end

Until our ash clashed.

Laoise Markey


Playing GAA for my club and county would be my dream

Picking up the ball and kicking it over the bar hearing the crowd scream

Although now I am not the best but if I practice I will be

Days running and picking up the ball round the old oak tree

For every thousand touches I will get good

Hammering in goals for Cork and Newcestown

Lifting the All-Ireland for club and county would be my dream.

Ross Power


Soccer is when you step on to the pitch

With the crowd cheering your name

Soccer is trying to play your best

No worries if you lose its just a game

Soccer is playing with a ball at your feet

Are you ready to get beat?

Soccer is not just a game

It’s life.

Jack Roche


Summer is cool

Until it rains

My passion will be to go outside

My PS3 will get a break

Eager to get sunshine

Run until I sweat.

Stephen Collins


Don’t ever kick a crocodile

because I’m pretty sure she

may do something

even worse to you.

Ruth Forbes


When I was younger I wanted to be older

But 2 years ago I broke a bone in my shoulder

The doctor said ill be fine in 2 weeks

But 2 weeks later my shoulder was back to being weak

I was upset I didn’t know what to do

I guess its a good thing I support Liverpool

We were so close to wining the Europa League

But Sevilla just had a better team

Word life.

Jason Hayes


Soccer is the sport you play the most

the sport you enjoy the most

where you get the momentum to score the goal

and score the goal to finish the game

that is why soccer’s the best game.

Patrick Forde