St. Bricin’s College, Belturbet, Co. Cavan


They tell me it’s worthless wisdom

But for me it isn’t

They tell me it is boring

But for me it isn’t

They tell me it’s stupid

But for me it isn’t.


And I care if Harry defeats Voldemort

And I care if Cinder can save the earth

And I care if Simon and Baz come together

Because for me they aren’t just books.


They are my anchor when I’m lost

My shelter when I can’t stand it anymore

My home when I’m away.


For me, it’s brilliant and inspiring

For me, they aren’t just stories

For me, they are magic.

Theresia Rupprecht

A World of Wimpy Kids

Long ago, dinosaurs roamed the land

Though now gone

I still feel life at school as surviving like that.

They way the dice rolls, is the way the biscuit crumbles.

God placed me here, but I’ll fly out.


I very little saw the whole world.

But when I grow up, I hope I do

Love is simply a joke.

It’s just a vague word to coat sex in the name of advancement.


Long ago, dinosaurs roamed the land

Though now gone

I still feel life at school as surviving like that.

Whoever uses me as an inspiration of a joke

They will burn in hell & be food for the demons

You may want your life to be like it’s seen on TV

But its just someone else’s fantasy.


Long ago, dinosaurs roamed the land

Though now gone

I still feel life at school as surviving like that.

Narottam Cecil

The Sky is the Limit

“The sky is the limit”

They said

So I walked to the moon

That shut them up soon.

Angel Adams


You Can

People tell you, you can’t you can’t you can’t

But I’m telling you, you can, you can, you can

Some people in life you need

Some you don’t

Some will come some will go

Weather the sun is shining ran hail or snow

Follow your dream

From the deepest part of the ocean to the farthest galaxy

Some people leave you in despair

That’s when you let them go

Because they’re not really there.

Dylan McCabe

The Letter

Some say it was for the better

Some say it was for the worse

Until the day I got the letter

The letter that was the curse.


I heard it in the morning

When the postman passed our way

It clattered through the letterbox

And swallowed up the day.


The letter was the bogyman

The letter was the beast

The letter came to end it all

The letter came to feast.


Some say it was for the better

Some say it was for the worse

Until the day I got the letter

The letter that was the curse.

Laura Reilly


If you want success

But you don’t want the mess

Don’t bury your head

Look on ahead

If you want success

But can’t deal with stress

Stand up tall

And run through that wall.

Killian Murray


I was alone

Like a soldier on his own.

Lying in my bedroom

Not wearing that costume

That everyone wanted to see

That person wasn’t me.

Voices in my head

Told me that was okay

But scared of the outside

That day I cried.

Such a hard task

To wear again that mask

I kept looking at the sky

And I thought

This is my last goodbye.



Sometimes I want to catch it

To hold the moment on

To undergo it again

To never forget it.

Sometimes I want to turn it back

To change what I have done

To make it a happy ending

Just to forget it.

But time is running

Like water, like sand

Never able to stop it

Never able to turn it back.

Use it

And never regret

Because one time

It all will just turn black.

Annika Lozar

My Hate for Maths


1+1 is 2

See I know the basics for this,

You need to tell me no more.

Why you going around giving people much trouble?

Go and fix your own problems, cause I aint gonna fix you no more

So touché!!!

I hate you Maths,

I ain’t gonna fix no more, you better work it before I slash you,

I ain’t gonna fix you,

Said ain’t gonna fix you!!!

Deborah Fitzpatrick

Poem about Poems

I can’t write anything that hasn’t been written by a thousand smarter, more talented, more inspiring people who did anything I can possibly accomplish in both life and this poem with a more likeable personality, a better backstory through which they overcame a life of more hardship than civilians of war torn countries can hope to face, and all the while finding the right words in the right order to express them as elegantly as possible.

This, right now, complaining, whining that I’m not as good as everyone before me, has been done I’m sure, and doesn’t that give you a great picture of my creativity.

Poems are supposed to be how you want to talk, your own voice, omitting the Shakespeare jargon but it’s all bullshit dude. This is how I actually talk, like every other teenager my age, with my dudes and my likes and my swearing.

Poems have to have a certain rhythm, a hook, or a storyline but I’m just here to whinge about how ungifted I am. This is my “struggle” if you could call it that, everyone has a struggle and mine is an inferiority complex with every accomplished poet, writer, person in my class whatever. Pathetic right?

This isn’t going to have any sort of structure by the way, I’ll just transcribe my thoughts for the rest of the class and see what shitstain gets created. At least it’s my shitstain, rather than something I could conjure up by looking up techniques online, what’s the point?

Seriously, if I wasn’t so affected by strangers’ views on me there would be none, to all the people in my life who say I should just stop caring and then throw their work in people’s face because their proud of it and they want compliments. Seems contradictory to only want opinions if they’re good, truly an example of the “haters gonna hate” society of today.

Every single lesson we’re taught in life is never always right, and it took me too long to realise that, faaar too long.

Ryan Grant

My Poem

We went to Barcelona

With our friend Mona

We had a blast

But it’s now the past

We did so much

We were tired by lunch

We went to the beach

We had an ice cream each

We shopped till we dropped

We ate so much food we nearly popped

When we were going home

We decided to pass through Rome.

Aoife and Laura


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