Scoil Chaitríona, Dublin 9

The Night

The fever of the night

It aches, it pulls

It draws on your being

But you draw back

The glint and glare

The flare of the light.

The flashes and the dust


Is absorbed, by you

The being.

Ruarí Walsh


I wonder what it would be like to be invisible

Nobody paying any attention to you

People, looking right through you with unknowing eyes

Not knowing the hollow feeling you feel inside

I wonder what its like to feel lonely

Walking streets aimlessly

Wondering if you will be alone forever

Nobody to miss you when you leave

I wonder what its like to be hurt by someone

Dreading the place you confront them

You have no control and emotions taking over

You want it to stop

Now wonder what its like to feel all three

The pain and the suffering you would feel

It’s hurting, it’s all too much

You only know how to slip away into black

Never thought to stand tall in the light

You’re losing this battle

No recovering now


Emily Norris

What They Told Me

The first told me that a man followed her home

All the way to her front door

Whistling as he went.

The second told me about a hand up her dress

And a coarse, ugly, angry laugh

When she told it to stop.

The third told me she was blackout drunk

And so was he but that.

She still remembers too much

The third told me that she loved him nonetheless.

But she said it through tears

And well hidden bruises.

She told me that she was sorry too, the third

That she didn’t want to hurt me

As if I mattered at all.

The fourth told me she’d cried and shuddered

But her voice had gone and failed her

And he heard yes.


They told them all

The first

The second

The third

The fourth

That they needed to be much more careful

Smile less

Wear More

Drink less

Fear more.


When they told me

I cried till I was empty.

I still am.

Conall Molloy

Lost in Trust

I am a man who wants to reach his goals,

Whether I do them for the right reasons or not,

So I sit here looking in my cereal bowl.



Am I too young to know what I want,

My mother trusts me and I trust her,

But do I take this trust as a knowledge I do not know.


I am a boy lost in a sea of belief,

I battle the waves to find a way,

But the current will drag me away

Peter Feeney


Silence is golden

But realistically, is it?

What if you want to show them

Your ideas, your story, your wit.

What if you have a concept

That could change the earth.

But you couldn’t put into context.

You couldn’t show your worth.

Every voice can make a change.

Everyone should be able to speak.

I find it quite strange.

You have to be in a certain clique

To be able to have a say.

This is not OK.

Silence is golden, they tell you.

I know this isn’t true.

Maeve Moran


How many more days

Can I waste away

Pulling at my hair

Pretending I care

Pressured by my Mam

Trying to keep her calm

I never wanted this

I never have

I’m not my sis

I don’t want this

Wish I had the strength to be my own

Defy the odds

Sit on my throne.

It’s hard to admit

I don’t have that spit

I’ve already quit.

Aisling Murphy

If They Don’t Say No, It’s Yes

A person once told me

“If they don’t say no, it’s yes”,

Upon being told a story about a girl

Who was so paralysed with fear

That she couldn’t say no

While a man was sliding a hand up her dress.

“She probably wanted it anyway.”


I answered,

“But she never did say yes”

And I was again told with a shrug,

“But she never said no.”

A girl was blamed for her assault

And taken of the dignity she did possess

“It was her own fault.”


No response is no.

Crying is no.

Not moving is no.

Everything except a clear “yes”, is no.

Don’t justify assault.

She has no apology to owe

To a man who didn’t understand the meaning of consent.


Stop victim blaming

Start attacker naming.

Erica McGuire


Shots fired

Target hit

The world’s still spinning round.

Souls taken

Lives erased

No one makes a sound.

Children born

No future.

Little effort to confound.

We live

We die

The world’s still spinning round.

Anna McAleer


So beautiful and so small,

We will never see you grow tall.

It broke our hearts to let you go,

When I heard the news I wanted to blow!

Four years later and I can’t explain,

I’ll never be able to get over this pain.

I hope your happy up in heaven,

I find myself every night begging.

If I could only see you one more time,

We never got to sing you a nursery rhyme.


Your Choice

Small waist, toned thigh, big butt.

We as women are expected to obtain the unobtainable

Long hair, big lips

Can who we are as people not be enough?

We’re human.

Yes, we can work for this goddess-like image so many crave

But it can mess with your head, like living in a daze.

It can consume you like it has so many

And some can’t take back the choices they’ve been making.

You were born to be you, unique and different

Big, small, tall and short any shape and size we’ve all got a shot

To live a life we’re happy in, a smile isn’t too hard

You are loved for you, no need to feel bad.

Eat that chocolate, do those squats,

Whichever you’re happiest with,

Because it’s up to you.

Perfection isn’t real

Beauty isn’t just one image.

I am beautiful inside and out

I promise you are too.

Emma D.


i) Recite for me the first sixteen digits of pi, and ill tell you the first sixteen things that come to mind when I think of you.

ii) Spend the night driving out past the city. Lights calculating the velocity of which our vehicle is travelling. I’ll watch the stars while you do.

How much did it cost us in gas to get out here?

How much do I love you?

Too much, for both.

iii) You measure me out in inches, I, you, in fingertips.

I kiss each freckle on your hand and you begin to plant parabolic points on my neck like you are sketching out a cartesian plane.

iv) Four plus four, do you have love For me?

Reply in fractions, reply in decimals, reply with a kiss on the cheek, a hand on my waist, an I love you.

v) There is only one right answer for each equation you tell me. And it is the only thing we agree on.

The sum of my love will only ever equal you.



Steady as you go

One, two, three, four,

You walk across the school yard

But mentally you can’t go no more

They push you down

And falsely blame

“You’re a fucking disgrace”

“You should be ashamed”

Your legs wobble and your flesh burns

No energy from the night before

There’s dark thoughts in my head

That keep me awake and dying in bed

The depression is taking over

And I have nowhere to go

People say they care for you

But then you’re left alone

Friends are ”Friends!”

And you’re feeling “okay”

But on the inside

I am slowly fading away.

Slowly and silently.

Fading away.



Some people’s minds are a mess

With feelings too hard to suppress

With no light in the midst of the dark

They are faced with useless remarks:

“It’s going to be ok”, they are told

When they know that it’s obviously not.

There are those who say that they care

Yet their advice is false and unfair.

It frustrates me to see

That there are some who pretend to be

Of use and of help, but really, they’re not.

What they say is only misleading

For these helpless, vulnerable beings.


The Opposite Sex

Living in fear of the opposite sex

Trying to meet the impossible standards

Of giving him his bit before he’s even got the durex

I’m sick and tired of being a bystander.


Walking down O’Connell Street at five past six

When a randomer shouts “go on, show us your knicks”

And all his mates start to giggle and whistle

In that moment I feel so so little.


This problem doesn’t come just from men

It comes as well from us body-shaming each other

Why do we care if someone’s size sixteen, six or ten

We need to stop criticising and judging one another

When will we learn how important consent is

That if you’re drunk or high or don’t say yes, that’s a massive stop sign

If she doesn’t want her dress off, you don’t dare touch it

We need to stand up and stop being undermined.

Siobhan O’Sullivan


That’s what you see,

Because that’s what I present.

Because it’s easy.

I could tell you that I lie in bed because

I’m an optimist and I’m an idealist

And I want to fix the world and I don’t know where to start

And I’m scared.

But that’s hard.

It’s easier to tell you that I’m here because I want to be.

That I’ve been prone for a day and a night because

“I’m just at that age”.

I present Nothing.

I’ve come to feel it too.

Filled to bursting with a nebula of empathy

And it makes me feel empty.

Dying to save the world

Or to leave it.

Eoghan Murray

Mental Awareness

So many people have problems that are never seen never heard and never cured.

I guess it’s hard these days with social media and other shit out there that most people think others don’t care… at all.

Not even to call and in the future they might fall…

But something that is small is still SOMETHING!!!

Listen , I don’t want to rant but again it isn’t all just banter

Some people care and others don’t but if you do and want to learn more

Please like and share.

Stephen Blake


Society calls

We go and answer

You’re offended?

Shut up it’s banter.


But why would anyone

want to conform.

Whoever decided

that was the norm.


Stop the judging

Like what you’re at?

Be who you are

But not like that.

Alana Ní Mhuireasa


A word that scares some people

Because they’re afraid of change

As if equal rights is a foreign language

Because men’s pride will get hurt

And women cause them anguish

Women are shamed,

While men are praised

For kissing and telling

Crazed by the media for showing some skin

Objectified by men like a prize they want to win

If we’re not classy it’s such a disgrace

And calling us whores is sure to put us in our place

Well here is the thing harassing me on the street

Won’t win you my heart

If anything you’ll be guaranteed a trip to the ER.

Alana Seery

Writer’s block

Waiting for inspiration

Keeping an eye on the clock,

Not a single thought in my brain

Being consumed by writer’s block


I must mould it, and

Turn it into something new,

No topics take my interest

At least nothing of any value


But poetry doesn’t need a meaning

And doesn’t have to be great,

As long as you’re writing

There’s really nothing to hate.

Jessica Ní hEidhin


Pretty faces, skinny waists, long legs,

Blue eyes, a perfect smile,

Mirrors and magazines are our enemies,

Making us feel objectified,

Doubting ourselves for eating chocolate bars,

While wishing upon the stars for a perfect lifestyle,

Why change things that don’t need to be changed?

Be happy with who you are,

You’re living on this earth,

Yours parents made you for a reason.

Neidin Burke


Learning is such an effort

Schools a joke

When will I ever need to know why cells divide

Why mountains are big and why X is equal to god-knows-what

When what I want to do with my life has nothing to do with Hamlet or how to say hello in French.

I want to live, to learn

To laugh and cry

How is any of this possible when I stare at a book from 9 till half 3,

And then stare at more books for hours once I’m home

My parents and my parents’ parents learned the same way

Information scorched into your memory

For no purpose beyond more points

No interest or passion for what we are learning

Nothing on are minds beyond lunch or hometime

Imaginations numbed

Dreams dead

To the point where some end up with more lead, then head.

C. Casey


Mr. Sandman

Bring me that dream

Bring me that jealous, ugly dream

Bring me the river and the sea

And let the brine wash over me


I will need a team

A team, to wake me

Wake me, from this dream

Mr. Sandman

Bring me that dream


Peer Pressure

The pressure on teens is just so mean,

The pressure to drink is just so absurd

Just like it is to pull birds,

People just think that you’re a nerd.

Some teens drink to follow the crowd

I don’t drink cause im not allowed

I wouldn’t anyway if I could

Cause I already have my buds.

Conall Burke


They told me they would teach me how to fly

Yet they never realised what was surrounding their child

The false laughter echoed in my numb mind

They swore to protect me

They swore to keep me safe

Now their words mean nothing to me

And I know my thoughts mean nothing to them

Parenthood they say?

I don’t know if I can believe them.

Aisling C.


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