Coláistí Eoin & Íosagáin, Dublin

The Mountain Speaks

In the awakening of time I was built,

I have crunched time and it has faded on my back

My eyes have sliced through stone

The sea lent into me and folded its arms around me

The wind avoided my peak, it swept through

My heathers and sang in my bloodstream.


My heart is of rock ore,

It beats in the deep


The rain has fallen and i have tasted it like silver stones on my tongue

I softly brushed the clouds and painted them gold

I have lapped up the sun’s rays

And cracked its light

I have breathed in shadows’ lungs


I know the tales of the stars

I saw them come to life, and read their

Faces in the moonlight

I am the mountain you shall fade and i shall stay.

Muireann Hayden


I had no intention of being great,

T’ill a series of lights and images

Was thrust upon me

By my hands


They shine in the blue-dark


And my heart

And my soul were empty

Searching, thirsty

And my eyes shone in the blue-dark


I would have curled like a dying flame

And layed there-

When a last the stars came down and

Claimed me,

With their blue-dark hearts


But they were clouded, draped,

In fine silks of heavy grey sky

And the life of me grew shadows

Soaring in the blue-dark.

Muireann Hayden


We gaze upon pictures

Edited with a click.

and try to live up to them

Skinny as sticks.

We admire their beauty

and envy their beauties

So we count all our follies.

Yet none of it’s true

Because in the end

it’s just all fake.

The world that we live in

Its all take take take.

Claire Ní Neachtain

Falling Behind

I feel sorry for the teenagers who feel they have to be cool or drink

And how much they can change in just a blink

Trying to impress others by doing something out of their comfort zone

But why would you be someone you aren’t

Missing your curfew and falling behind in assignments

Their scared of not being remembered

Copying their style, and their language

Face the fact your’e not like them

Embrace yourself and be who you are

‘Cause someday you’ll forget who you really truely are.

Claire Ní Neachtain

Can You?

Can you walk,

Can you talk,

Can you see,

Can you even understand me?


If you can listen,

If you can feel,

If you can live as the person you want to be.


Whether you are born rich,

Born poor,

Born big,

Born small.


The question is,

Do any of these things really matter?

I had a great conversation once,

All that was said was “You matter.”

Padraig O’Nuallain

Face Value

Everything being taken at face value

Your page and your accounts

Your weight and your doubts

Your fresh new trainers

What brand should they be

It’s a no brainer

Something thats expensive and totally mainstream

What sports you like and what team

It seems like no ones on mine

If I’m not cool enough

I tell you I’ve had enough

Of everything being taken at face value.

Conor Day

Finding Friends

Finding friends

Was quite a quest

But the reward is everlasting

The reward of having someone

Who will always stand beside me

Who laughs at all my jokes

And is not embarrassed by folks

Who will back up all my stories

And share in all my glories

Someone who will allow me

To be the true person I can be.

Ava Bracken

A Fly

Look under your shoe

And you will see me

A fly,

Crushed under the weight

Of books

And peers

And fears,

Flying off

(with your bitch).

Mia Mercier


Teenage boys these days

They think they’re hard

On the drink

They think they’re cool

Don’t go to schoo

On the hop>

Smoking pot

They’re always smashed

Lookin’ for cash

Teenage boys

Have gone lost their ways.

Finn Murphy & Oisin Drury

Empty Dreams

I’ll go home, I’ll go to sleep
I’ll have dreams, that’ll make you weep
They may be sad, they may be happy
But they’re just dreams, don’t be so sappy
In the dream, it may be desolate
Me the King, playing devil’s advocate
When I wake up, the world will go
Until I return, to the place of no hope.
Conall Ó hÉimhín

The Gaza Strip

I’m sorry for what happened to you,
It was really awful
But Seriously?
You say it’s your homeland,
Where you came from
But Seriously?
These people live here now,
It’s their home
You’re making them run,
From all they’ve ever known
You of all people,
You should understand
You’ve made them refugees,
Just like you were
Who knows how long they’ll be stuck,
On the Gaza Strip?
Can you really blame them for Munich?


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