St. Flannan’s College, Ennis, Co. Clare

My Hurricane

You said you’d never felt special

But I always put your happiness before mine.

You said no one has ever cared

But I stayed up nights in case you needed someone.

You said no one listened

But I knew more of you than of myself.

You said no one noticed you

But I always adored that little piece of hair that always fell on your forehead.

And maybe I was only a few raindrops to you

While you were my hurricane.

Alicia Krajewska


My eyes open wide as I turn the next page

Hungrily taking in the words that amaze

Wider still they open, bewildered by what I’ve just read,

I keep on reading until it feels like the words are leading through the page and into my head.

I laugh, I cry and I scream at my book

But never once will I not look

For a page unturned is a world overlooked

And I’m happy, in my own little world.

Victoria O’Reilly


In our lives we are constantly waiting

Waiting for that teachers to mark that test

For that boy to give you a second glance

For your parents to realise you don’t want to be someone defined by a word.

A nurse, a teacher. A wife. A mom.

For the penny to drop that you aren’t the same.

For your friends to grow up and see the truth is

No we can’t all be thin, no we can’t all be pretty.

For that boy to stop treating you like you’re irrelevant then reel you back in when you realise: “No
wait, I’m better than this!”

But while we sit here waiting we slip into a pattern, where our jobs are our definition and we follow the social ladder.

We forget who we are when we fought our definition, when the most important thing was to prove that we were different.

Instead we sat here waiting, waiting for the day to end, followed by the month, then the year, then school is over and it’s too late because while we are young we have the fight until we let the world take over.

All because we were waiting.

Katie Brogan


The boy as young as 12 looks in the mirror comparing.

He thinks “I wish I was as fit as Josh”.

While Josh is too busy looking in the mirror comparing.

“Will she ever look at me the same as she looks at them?”

She’s thinking:

“I eat too much, no one will ever like me”

They are too focused on comparing to see what’s there.

Everyone, everywhere compares.

They’re thinking “What if?”

They don’t notice “What is.”

Everyone is too caught up in comparison.

They see the negatives the flaws, the failures.

They’re too busy to see the love, the light, the positive.

So next time you think “I wish”, you compare…

Forget it. You’re you. No one else is. If everyone had the choice, they’d be the same.

Perfect body, perfect personality, identical.

And what a dull world that would be.

Conor Knowles

A Quiet Room

She needs a quiet room

with low expectations

and a funny bone.

She’s never been in love

has low expectations

of walking in their shoes.

She wears an empty smile

Its just a mask

Inside is sadness.

She thinks she drinks too much

Water’s a charm

There to fit the scars.

She’s always been in love

And she knows

Exactly what love is.

Micheal Ken


From the underage drink on Saturday night

To the 12 Year Old smokers out in plain sight.

From the ignorant parents and teens with cars

To the quiet kids with the hidden scars.

From the immature teens looking for sex

To the lucky few cashing cheques.

From the students dropped out and giving up on life

To the cheating husbands and doped up wife.

From the kids who don’t have chances like others

To the parentless babies with locked up brothers.

This is E-Town, the question is how

This is us. We need help. Now!

Darragh O’Shea

The Future

The future is in your hands

You can travel many lands

You can be unique

But it’s your individuality that counts.

It’s important that you be yourself

And do the things you want to do

Because in the end there comes

A time when you make the decisions to change your life.

It might be scary and they may vary

But always be yourself.

Ciara Heagney


She stood there

The bottle in her hand

She was broken, empty

Had nothing to lose.

She now sat there

Pills in her mouth

Dry swallowing

She was letting loose.

She ended her life

For she had nothing

Except for a mother and a father

A brother and a sister.

She was loved by them all

Yet she was unaware.

She thought comments on a post

Were more important

Than the family that surrounded her.

Depression to her

Was a terminal illness

No need for help

It would not work.

For she was done

Inside her own head.

Nadine Frawley

A Poem

As I looked in the mirror

It got dimmer and dimmer

I didn’t know what to do anymore

The depression went straight into the core

I seemed to be getting very weak

And it didn’t help when everyone was giving me cheek

Sometimes I just said f**k it

And thought about kicking the bucket

With support I turned the corner


Lonely Stream

Its like walking through a stream

A stream strong enough to pull you down for times over

In this stream I am not alone, there are people walking with me

But there is something different

These people are walking on the banks

But instead of lending a hand to help me

They tell me to just get out of the water

But I can’t, it’s not that simple

Sometimes I find a rock sturdy enough to hold me up

But those rocks, they always give up and let go

I’m thrown back into the water, struggling to stand

When everything inside of me is urging me

To just let go and allow myself to be dragged underwater.

Corbin Brown & Erona Ali


I hate that I’m writing this.

My country voted for it for god’s sake

And I know it’s nothing to be ashamed of


Because I didn’t choose this

I didn’t want to be different

But I am, and I guess that’s my fault

“Fight me fag.”

“You queer.”

Why can’t I tell my mom?

I’m happy I say.

I’m comfortable in my own skin

But given the opportunity I’d change in an instant.

An instant. That’s funny? I’d rather be someone else than myself.

I never stopped and asked why they

Say the things they say.

What response would I get?

“You’re gay. Get over it.”

I’m angering God, the kids, the world.

My unnatural love.

What angers me is the fact that I apparently

Can’t feel this way anymore.

It’s legal – hell we can even marry.

What more do I need?

To be honest, I want to say I’m gay to everyone

I know and not to be treated different.

But we all know that’s not going to happen.


Don’t Lose Her

Don’t lose her

Don’t let her slip through your fingers

Don’t be the one who everybody wants

Don’t become the one she doesn’t want.

She needs you

She craves you

She admires you

She wants you.

Don’t loose her for a girl who’s name you won’t remember

Don’t let her think you’re tired of her

Don’t be the one who makes her feel lonely

Don’t become the one she wants to get rid of.

She loves you.

She hates you.

She misses you.

She leaves you.

And she will meet someone that you never were.

And he will make her feel like you never did.

And she will give him what you never got.

And he will love her like you never have.

You lost her.

Louisa Siebert

Dreamers Destroyed

We are a collective of dreamers put through the system

Tested by the same means,

Alliteration, personification and multiplication

All showed our throats till the dreams are dimmed,

Till innocence is no more and life becomes times whore,

We are a collective of dreamers destroyed by our makers.

Katie McEldowney

The World Will Never Be Fair

The world is a terrible place

What has become of the human race

Children starve

While rich men drive expensive cars

People need help

But greedy billionaires hoard their wealth

Children die but the elite don’t care

The world will never be fair.

Andrew Mulligan


Everyone’s different, they have their own loves.

They have their own promises, their drinks and drugs.

You can be clean of drink and drugs but

Either you’re a wimp or a hero.

If you’re a love alone, you’re deep and needy.

If you like something you’re cool or nerdy.

There’s no way to win!



All you ever did was protect me,

And I guess I thought I still had time.

I thought that maybe someday,

It will be about us.

That maybe just maybe we will

Owe nothing more to anyone.

It will be just you and me, Lexa.


But you left and I know it

Wasn’t by choice,

You were never scared of death

But it happened when you felt most alive.


And I couldn’t stop it.

You made me feel safe,

You were my home

But now I have nowhere to go.


You told me life was about more

Than just surviving,

But how can I survive

When you were my life.

Nina Jablonska


The society we live in tells us we’re never good enough

That we can always do better

We’re not told when we have done well, only that we’re not good enough.

Measured by success

When we succeed, we’re overlooked

When we fail, we’re shamed.

Problems highlighted, achievements covered up.

Make a mistake then everyone thinks you’re shit

Do ten great things and I bet everyone remembers that

If you’re strange, don’t smoke… they think you’re weak

They think they’re better than you because they do and you don’t

Just remember they’ll be in jail, dead, or rehab at 30

And wishing they were you.


Just Like Me For Me

Always trying to fit in

But I’m always on the outside looking in

Feels like I’m invisible and ye can’t see me

Maybe outside a window looking in on ye

Please see me for who I am and I can be myself

And not be this emotional

Afraid to leave because I’ll be alone but

If I stay I’ll be trapped

Just like down a hole

And ye are looking and can’t see me

I’m putting up a strong front but

Hopefully ye can see me and like me for me.


First Match

I knew straight from kick off

The hits would be hard.

The bruises would show

But our spirits would grow.

Every day would get harder

We would fight through the pain.

Continuously working,

Every day was the same.

But the results would show

And the team would get stronger.

The crowds would gather

As the winning streak became longer.

But we all remember where it started

When our spirits were grown.

On that first match,

Were the bruises were shown.

Ryan Twomey


I live in the country of Ireland, in the lovely County Clare. It is in my opinion a brilliant county with so much to see and do.

The county is a decent size; it’s not too big and not too small. We all love playing hurling, well not
all but a decent amount.

Now I’ll change the topic but I’ll stay in County Clare. I’m a teenager aged 16, a decent enough age.

Many young men, really the same as my age, love their sport and girls, in the same school as me.

I have a girlfriend; I really love her a lot. I feel so very lucky to have a girl like her. I find her amazing, I really, really do. I used to not be too confident, I suppose I am a bit more now.

This isn’t the best poem, I don’t even what it’s about… this is my final paragraph. Goodbye, see ya later, good luck.

Donal McNamara


From the farmers

To the townies

To the girls making brownies.

From the bitchers

To the mooners

To the multi-millionaire company owners.

From those who play ball

To those who hang out in the hall

To those who sell you stuff by the wall.

From the scientists

To the pests

To the little teacher’s pets.

This is Flannan’s – Co. Clare

Try it out – if you dare.

James Power


Time is like fast moving traffic

Waiting at the side for the traffic to slow

But traffic never fully halts for a single person, it occasionally leaves a gap in its defence,

But the gaps go unnoticed because some are busy waiting for a complete halt

So be like road runner and go for it

Time is like fast traffic, wait and you’ll miss your chance.

Katie McEldowney


I am very annoyed at school

Everything you do is a rule

You are put on a very strict schedule

Teachers make you think it’s essential

It’s more like a prison

And it makes it hard to listen.

Lisa Monahon


Shells of people

Drained like corpses of cattle strung upside down

And let bleed into the drain of childhood dreams

Stamped out like a spark that strayed from the fire

Quenched ambition and muffled desire.


Shells of people

Empty and painted like Easter eggs

Make-up, cleavage and hairless legs

Skin that’s smooth but brittle to the touch

Lest it crack and reveal that inside it lacks much.


Shells of people

Fall like autumn leaves

Dead and broken and made to believe

That theyre all better off away from the tree

Of original thought and to follow the lead

Of an established opinion of gravity.


Shells of people

Aimed at the head of a divergent path

Hot lead piercing the skin of the wise

Ignorance conquers because its easier to laugh

Than to silence the gunfire and hear the truth cry.


Shells of people

Demanding freedom of speech to express

The exact same opinions as everyone else,

Everyone’s entitled to freedom of thought

As long as you swear not to act or talk.


Shells of people

Deprived of the meaning and purpose they crave

Confused and frustrated and led so far astray

Repressing emotions, the herd they will follow

So these shells of people cease to feel so hollow.

Edward Purcell

The Teacher

When the teacher says “I think its coming from your lunchbox, kid.”

When the teacher says “Oh yes it is.”

When the teacher talks about a horror movie he watched last night with his girlfriend on the sly

When the teacher says “do you wanna build a snowman, die, die, die.”

When the teacher sits down, watches his Apple computer and whistles

When the teacher looks around the class with a shiny eye glistening

When the teacher rests his face against his fist

I can hear and see all this through the classroom mist.


Mark Russell

Tea And Ness

Each week I pretend to go to mass

And Ness and I go off for Tea,

The rest of my week sucks absolute ass,

So this mug and her fills me with glee

We lol about ridiculous things

Then watch funny YouTube clips

We often bitch about the hardship life brings,

After we ingest oven chips

She’s the most sarcastic girl I know,

And her vanity is without end

But at the end of the day she’s my favourite hoe,

And I couldn’t ask for a better friend

Ruari Power

We Have To

Get up

Check Facebook – we have to

Eat breakfast

Send some snaps – we have to


Sneak texts in class – we have to


Instagram a pic – we have to


Message the groupchat – we have to

Sleep or social media –




From the school halls

To the maps on the walls

From the bus stop signs

To the traffic lights

From the grand designs

To the worn out minds

From the skinny jeans

To the mean machines .

Roisin Clancy


When I walk down the street with a hurley in my hand

Life couldn’t get better; life is grand

When I walk down to the pitch to the gate

Life couldn’t get better; life is great

When I walk over to the goal, I hit the crossbar a rattle

Life couldn’t get better; I’m a warrior going to battle


When I run out onto the pitch, the pressure is crazy

Life is alright; my eyes are dazy

When I run for the first ball, I feel so small

Life is alright; hitting the ground with some fall

When I miss a shot, being roared at by adults

Life is alright; insults after insults

When I score a goal, there’s no more pressure, no weight

Life couldn’t get better; life is great

When I come off the pitch to claps and cheers

Life couldn’t get better ; on the pitch, no fears

When I walk back down the street with a hurley in my hand,

Life couldn’t get better; life is grand

Gearoid Cahill

Abort, Abort!

Everyone screams Abort Abort !

When they see the guy coming whose shit at sport

Everyone laughs when he misses the ball

But how do you think he feels, y’all

Everyone stares when he looks for a pass

But they pass it to their friends to impress the lass

Everyone continues on with the game

And ignore the guy with no name

Everyone cant be as good as Messi or Bale

But I ain’t gonna chase my tail

I’ll focus on something, like to work in court

Everyone screams “abort, abort!”

And I say “I’ve already left the court.”

Brian Hastings


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