St. Brendan’s Community School, Birr, Co. Offaly



Taking off

Leaving your stomach, heart and logic on the runway

In this metal bird that defies gravity

Slowly tipping in order to turn

And then settling into an unchanging rhythm

As the buildings are below are smothered by a blanket of cloud

And we emerge as if from an ocean

Into a silent world above the clouds

The fear of crashing is gradually replaced by elation

At the impossible becoming possible.

Laoise Murray

We Are…

She is locked doors and brick walls

Prone to tears and fast falls.

She is lonely and hopeless

Never knowing love or wholeness.


He is crossed arms and closed eyes

Sick stomach and butterflies.

He is anxious and frustrated

Never feeling wanted or uncomplicated.

And nobody will ever know.


We are all wide smiles and wicked lies

Each of us with our own disguise.

We are never one person, never the same

Always playing others games.


How Do You Know Your Worth?

How do you know your worth?

When you’re constantly treated like dirt

Would you like how I feel

If I wore my heart on my sleeve

Would you like to see the scars

Your words leave on my heart,

Both physically and emotionally,

These words you spew out of your mouth

So carelessly they hurt

But when confronted you’re only joking

But whilst you’re joking

There are kids in the back choking back

The sobs that threaten to rip

Calm down

Don’t let them see the tears

Don’t give them more ammunition

For their trigger-happy tongues

For those words stung

Like the barb wire

On the fence we can’t quite get over.

Chloe-Jane Craig


Evil eyes, judgemental looks

Sick of school and heavy books

Lack of sleep, sniggering behind backs

Whispering comments, reality slaps

Wear correct uniform, correct formality

Everyone’s the same, no originality

When friends break your heart, there is no forgiving

Teens seem to think what’s the point in living.

Eimear Troy


We have to be part of something,

Or else we are nothing, worthless.

We have to be part of the team,

Change to fit in.

We have to wear the same brands,

Like the same bands.

We have to go with the flow,

But we can say no.

Anne Nichol

Being a Girl

Being a girl is really annoying

Everything we seem to do is disappointing

Talk like that, be like this

All we like to do is take the piss.

Girls like to bitch, lads like to judge

Sometimes it just gets too much

Whores, tramps and sluts is all we are

Just because we were seen in the back of a car

Our lives consist of days that never seem to end

And trying to find even one decent friend

Trust and loyalty is hard to find

There’s a lot of things we have to bear in mind

Being put under pressure by ignorant little boys

Who tend to use us like we’re their toys

Picking us up and putting us down

Wasn’t long before we realise you’re only a clown

Someone please tell me why I wanted to grow up?

Now I feel like my heads about to blow

Having to make decisions about stuff I don’t know

Personally I just want to go with the flow

We’re all messed up to tell you the truth

Everyone thinks were fine because were only in our youth

Some problems are big, others may be small

It’s a pity no one seems to care at all

Aoife Kinahan


Growing up in an estate

People think they know your destiny

Assume I’ll let drink and drugs

Eventually get the best of me

In debt to the dealers and fighting on the street

When people hear where I live

That’s what they think of me

But that’s not who I am

Nor is it who I will become

Not ashamed of where I come from

But the plan isn’t to stay.

Katie Sullivan

I’m Just a Spider

I’m just a spider

But I’m treated like an outsider,

Everyone just screams when they see me

Do they know that can really damage one’s self esteem,

Sometimes I feel so alone,

Especially the times I’m just scooped up into a glass,

And thrown out the window,

What did I ever do,

I just want to break through


Slam Poetry

Why can’t I be prettier

Why can’t I be skinnier

Why can’t I be smarter

Why can’t I be successful

Why can’t I be good at sports

Why can’t I be popular

Why do teenagers care about this shit be who you are

Be happy with what you look like

Be yourself and you will go far

Be grateful for the features you are blessed with

Do this and you will always stand out like star

Niamh Mullarkey

Fight Back

Life is a walk in a park they told me

If you just walk away they told me

I learnt that you can’t run away from your

Problems they will eventually catch up on you
You’ve just got to turn around and face

Whatever’s coming your way?

In the end the only thing the bullies want to see

Is for you to fail and you have got to prove them wrong

And turn up your middle finger and kick them in the ass.

Ebony Hogan

Behind the Keyboard

A hate comment or reaction,

Can give you that satisfaction,

That you’ve always wanted

Which has always left me haunted

So I change my profile

But is it even worthwhile?

Because I guess all the hate

Must just be my fate.


A Girl’s Life

Someone tell me why a girl’s life is so crazy?

When the boys that surround us are nothing but lazy.

Our appearances are judged like the cover of a book,

By pathetic little boys who give us one little look.

Sluts and whores are to name but a few,

Of the compliments our lads give to the girls they plan to do,

On the next big night out when these girls will spend hours,

Perfecting themselves to be used by these cowards.

That are too afraid to spill their emotions towards us,

Because they know that their friends will kick up a fuss,

Calling them gay, soft and even a girl,

Cause he picked up some manners and put down his hurl.

Short skirts mean that your slutty, long skirts mean you’re a prude,

If these boys don’t learn respect soon they’ll definitely be screwed,

Because respect for women of all ages is a must,

They should be admired, cherished and not just used for your lust.

We strive to perfect ourselves everyday,

But for what reason? For someone to call ‘bae’?

It’s sad to admit it but it has to be said,

Boys will say anything to get girls into bed.

Rachel O’Sullivan

Six Years

Through the empty hallways

With the clicks that mix

To the pops, goths even to the jocks

To the teachers that motivate and who give us fate

They believe which helps us achieve.

Aoife Kiely & Laura O’Connell


It’s not right to fight

We should all be happy

It’s not right to pick on

And make people feel crappy.


But for the happy ones

It’s not always so easy

Behind that big smile

They hide their feelings.


Being nice to everyone

Is hard work you know

When you don’t get what you want

By going with the flow


And it’s hard to play cool

When the lads walk your way

Start panicking inside

Thinking of what to say.


Because if you’re smiley and friendly

The girls say “Look at her flirt”

But if you don’t say a word

“She’s queer” the lads blurt.


In and out of school

It’s what we put up with everyday

The life of teenagers

We can’t change it no way.


But yet we stay happy

And wear that big smile

Because at the end of the day

You’re only a teenager for a while.

Sinead Bergin

The Alpha Bet Me



























Elizabeth Middleton

This World

What is this world coming to,

Are we meant to be here?

Here to make a change,

Or what, what is this life all about,

Or was it all just coincidence.

It’ll be fine they said but what’ll be better,

Starving kids, perishing families, poor conditions,

Were happy with what we have but just look around,

Are we actually happy with ourselves, we always want more and more…

But what is it with us that we are always greedy,

Our world this “developed world” as they say is not so developed,

If we were to realize how much damage we do

We cannot be given that name

Our actions become attractions somehow,

But not for many,

All they want is just a home, a small safe home.



Muslim? Terrorist?

That’s what you hear each and every day.

When the news and the media disses your faith

When young kids deny their Muslim

Because they will be called names.

When we spread and try to make peace

All we get is hate.

When they mock our clothes

Because we look like “f**king dopes.”

When millions die across the Middle East

They don’t mention our names.

Brussels? France? Egypt? Syria? Lybia?

Hijab is not weird, nuns wear it too.

You’re not Muslim, you never read the Quran?

So what’s “ Allahu alebar” and a bomb doing in every single vine?

When we stitch up for oussehees

They call us violent, you spit in my face

What do you expect me to say?

That it’s alright?

Kerim Moustafa Amer


I am a huge procrastinator,

If I could I’d finish this poem later.

I am extremely self-conscious

It’s probably fictitious.

I find it hard to talk to girls

It makes my stomach do whirls

Someday I want to be a dad

It’s probably a bit soon for a lad.

I like planning for my future

I hope it comes sooner.

I decided I didn’t believe in a religion

I was rejected because I didn’t wanna be Christian.

There’s a lot of pressure to do well in school,

And yet among friends it isn’t deemed cool.

Leon Hogan

Worth the Wait

I have always been a quiet person from the day I was born.

I’m not a person that needs people around them night and day

My friends are like me, they never felt they had to change.

Once Secondary School came they stayed the same.


Family is a blessing, good friends are a gift

The ones I love the most

May not always be with me in the moment,

But always in mind.


My life’s had its up’s and my life’s had its down’s

But she will always be with me

Right through it all.


There will come a day where I can put everything right

But until then I will keep on being me

So I can sleep at night.



My life is an accident waiting to happen

My life based on fights and ‘accidents’

I’m not a fighting person but I am made to fight

This is my poem to help me cope with it

While life is a daily struggle but I wouldn’t swap it for millions,

Without my family I couldn’t do it,

I pray for those who have no one there

God bless them

For those who have to run from their own country

My life is nothing compared to theirs

This is my life and many millions,

What is yours?

Reece Molloy

They Don’t Really Know

Happy, excited, positive, all words they use to describe the outside of who I am, but do they really

I say that nothing is wrong with me, but I know it’s a lie.

None of them understand and never will, and only I truly know who I really am.

Sad, depressed, negative, all words I use to describe the inside of who I am, and they really don’t know.

I don’t tell them how I really am, and they don’t suspect a thing

Only I understand and know one else, but there is that one person that I trust.

Hopeful, brave, and not alone. All words she uses to describe who I really am

She knows the true me, and looks behind my mask.

I trust her will all my heart, and helps me when I need help most.


Why Do We Have To Be Here?

Why do we have to be here?

In this place called school

Sometimes I just want to disappear

They say it’s important, they say you have to go,

But sometimes I just want to say no

It’s a place full of bullies, teachers’ fake friends

People who say they care but don’t

Teachers who say they want u to do your best

But give out when you can’t

People who pretend to be your friend

But aren’t there when u truly need them

They use you to get what they want

But then they treat you like scum

So I ask why do we have to be here

In this place like prison

Where you can only eat at set times

And you just learn lines and lines of nonsense

About things you don’t care about

And when you ask why you are told its important

For the future they say

Its all about the money the pay

So I wonder, what’s it all for

Can anyone tell me?

Katie Corrigan

This World

The world is unfair, that’s obvious,

We get beat up, knocked down.

We become scared to have an opinion,

Every thought contained never shared.

With every phrase comes the danger of repercussion.

No one stands up for anyone, ever,

We are a selfish race by nature.

Doireann Errity

In The Countryside

Livin’ on a farm my names MC Hogey

Yes aye, I’m the best MC inside the country

I’m gonna catch a ride in my bulls**t Bentley

Going for a drive while its sunny.

I’m not an MC, I like to play hurling

Don’t get it mixed up with curling

I’m not tryin’ to be funny at all

Wait till you see me with a hurley and ball.

Ryan Hogan

One Night in Hawthorn

It was a summers evening in Hawthorn

Snapchat was hopping and the Gorman’s were bopping

Hawthorn was the place to be

Every young one in the country wanted to be there

Unfortunately there was only the room for the one

But everyone will eventually get the chance in their lifetime if they wait in the queue

Free WiFi included for all those who don’t want to be excluded.

Jake Hart









Ciara Brennan

The Bully

I don’t want to go to school.

Pretending to be sick from and act the fool.

Kicking myself up everyday over a fright.

Everyday I’d go home and cry myself to sleep at night.

I pray to god everyday that the bully would just go away.

I hide in the shadows of the night hoping that the bully won’t bite.

Every morning lying in wait

The monster, the bully at the school gate.


Our Society

We live in a society where:

We are expected to get good grades but also have time to socialize and be active.

Be confident with our bodies yet be judged if we are too fat, too skinny.

Getting good grades is more important than dealing with depression.

If someone is brave enough to talk about depression we are told to get over it.

Racism is still an issue in our society.

Homophobia is still an issue in our society.

Transphobia is still an issue in our society.

Teenagers are stereotyped by adults as always drinking and smoking.

Girls are shamed if they are “slutty” and if they are “innocent”.

Society is shitty and f**ked up.

Shane Mann


Generations have changed.

Teenagers start to drink from a younger age now,

Sometimes because it’s a get away from what’s going on,

Sometimes for the experience,

Or perhaps to gain confidence and be able to have fun even though you have insecurities.
It seems like the adults in our lives never did anything like drink,

Why stop us from having that freedom of choice?

Let us learn from our own mistakes for crying out loud!

We need to be able to make our own mistakes.

If that means drinking so much that you can’t see straight

Why not?

At the end of the day the only way you can find out how it feels, is to experience it

It might be quicker to stop someone from doing it again than an adult saying it looks bad

When us teenagers are told how bad something is,

We want to try it more than ever

What teenager doesn’t want to experience being drunk at least once underage?

Plus teenagers get more enjoyment out of doing what we’re not supposed to!

I’m not saying parents should be encouraging underage drinking,

But I don’t think teenagers should get in trouble for trying something,

If they don’t hurt themselves or someone else,

Why not?



In my town there’s lots of drugs

Passed down from the highest thugs

All you hear about is weed and speed

Everyone seems to have such a strong need.

From teenagers to adults

Girls to boys

All the different drugs used like toys

From heroine to madness

Yokes to cocaine

It’s all “great craic” until they fuck up their brains.


My Rap

Choose my prey and prepare to attack

Backed into a corner, because they came with a pack

Like the pack that I took for the hell of the time

Why the hell is it so hard to rhyme

The feelings that are boiling up, ready to shout out

The hurtful things i say coming out of my mouth

With the fury of a mountain that’s about to explode

Tell the people that i care about to hit the road

Cause I’m not somebody you can walk on

I don’t know how this cept through song

Forever watching waiting, when is it my time

To forget these fucking stupid things and shine

To be the man that i know i can be

I don’t know if it’s me or is it destiny

Why am i stuck feeling like a can barely move

Time to stop, time to go, time to choose

Time to live, time to work, time to die

Time to win, time to lose, my time to try

Time to fit in one more line

So lemme run that by you one more time.


Sports and Shit

It’s funny the way sports gone these days

Where the kids are split two different ways

Everyone likes the fit young talent

But forget about the people that just don’t have it

Everyone likes to be the best

To walk around with the big chest

Other kids struggle to make the cut

Not because they don’t try or suck

Some kids just don’t have the touch

But might excel in a hobby they can clutch

Then the lads who play county minor live the life

Get all the women and are very popular

All I’m tryin to say is this

Everyone is equal at there own shit.

Ros Connaughton


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