Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ, Limerick

Transition Year

So the time has come

It’s the end xof the fun

It was a good year

But now we’ve the future to fear.


TY has helped us mature

And become ourselves I’m sure

Going out , making friends

We only lived for the weekend’s.


Pick your subjects they’re telling us,

Like honestly what’s the fuss?

How are we supposed to know ,

What in the future we will forego?


So TY you’ve been pretty sweet,

I wish I could press a button to repeat,

Time for fifth year to come around,

When we walk back into this battleground.

L. F.

We Need Change

They said do not worry

As I got ready in a scurry

Back to school I go

I enjoyed it long ago.


But now it all has changed

Everything is rearranged

Teachers giving out

As I wonder what they are on about

Study every night

I wish I could set my books alight.


They say “The Leaving Cert. is near”

Why do they try to fill us with fear?


Fighting with friends

I wish we could all make amends

Homework to do

I wish the teachers knew

How hard it can be

Just to be me

They never will understand

Our lives are becoming so bland


We need to make a change

A new life must be rearranged

A. O’B.

Mental Health

Time goes fast

Another day is passed

She lies in bed

A lot going through her head.


Her mother screams and shouts

To try and help her out

All she gets is one blank look

As her daughter hides herself in a book.


She fakes a smile with friends

While inside she dies

In the hole she sinks deeper

With no way out in sight.


On that day she loses it

And thinks about her own death

And how nice it would be

To end her life once and for all.


So she takes that razor

In her left hand

And strikes her right arm

Again and again

Afterwards she cries

And finally understands

The only one who can help her out of that hole

Is herself.


Mental health is an issue

That young people deal with too

We care about the physical

So why avoid the mental?

Kate O’Donnell

May I Go to the Bathroom

My hand shakes as I raise it and say “Teacher, may I please go to the bathroom”


She knows. They all know. My name has spread like an epidemic across the school – “That girl’s troubled”, “I think she’s faking it” “Give her time and she’ll get over it.”

I’ll get over it.

“Teacher may I please go to the bathroom”

Because my hands are shaking and my head is aching and my heart is breaking because I feel so alone. Because there’s a buzzing in my ears and I can’t feel my face and my head is filled with wasps stinging the inside of my skull. I can’t concentrate so Teacher may I please go to the bathroom.

Because I can feel stares of my classmates on my back as they start to notice my body convulsing in panic. Because they can hear the shakiness of my voice. Because I am so obsessed with what people think so teacher may I please go to the bathroom.

Because the razor-sharp nail of my thumb is digging into the tender skin of my hand between my thumb and my forefinger and I am subconsciously trying to ground myself with the pain but it’s not working and my vision is clouding and the buzzing is getting louder and I am shaking like a broken washing machine and I need to get out so teacher may I please go to the bathroom.

And now you can tell why I’m asking. You can see my trembling knees and you can hear the cracks in my voice and you’ve heard this from the others that I get like this often. And you think that I’m putting it on to get out of your class.

So you tell me I can’t go to the bathroom. Because I’ll get over it, or because I’m putting it on, or because it can’t be that bad.

No it can’t be that bad that I want to leave this classroom full of friends because they now feel like enemies and it can’t be that bad that the only thing that can ground me is the feeling of the cold bathroom tiles against my neck and it can’t be that bad because this panic won’t leave me until it’s drained all of my energy until I just want to collapse on the floor and sleep for the rest of the day.

And this exhaustion will stay, and this anxiety will stay and the red marks on my hands will stay and I’ll try to cover them up but it won’t work because you can’t cover up mental illnesses.

And I’m telling you this because I won’t rest until this school does not recognise anxiety as an illness. Because we are not taken seriously if we’re not diagnosed even though anxiety is a symptom and you can’t possibly diagnose a system I don’t get asked for proof that I have a headache so why should this be any different.

We’re not troubled or disturbed we are sick.

And you are only feeding the fire.

So teacher may I please go to the bathroom.


School is Stressful

School is stressful

The constant worry

The need to be successful


To go out and make money.

Subjects you don’t understand

Maybe maths isn’t your thing

But cry yourself to sleep

Cause you can’t remember a thing.



Being compared to others


To do as well as your brothers.


Thoughts run through your mind

What if I fail math

I won’t have my chance

To choose my own path.


Don’t stress yourself out

Exams don’t define you

Just because it’s hard now

You won’t always feel blue.


Try your best now

It’s the best you can do

Everything will be fine.

And believe in you.

Margaret Heslin

How I Feel

When sitting alone in the middle of the night

Crying to myself

Being told it’s alright

That it will change soon enough

You can pull through

You’re strong enough


But when looking in the mirror

All I see is worthless, useless

A stupid little girl

There’s a reason she’s alone

There’s a reason she’s like this

Honestly, look at her would you want to be around this?


But you don’t get how it hurts

Standing at the edge of the group

Doing nothing, saying nothing

Simply a mute

You think words are the only things that can hurt

Sometimes not using them can be even worse.


Looking at me you might not guess it

With a smile plastered on

And laughing in all the right places

But you don’t see how two hours before

I was crying in a corner

Saying “I can’t do this anymore”

How every 2 weeks I have to sit

And talk about my feelings

Fake a smile and say

“Yeah, I’m feeling a whole lot better.”


Worst of all

As soon as I get home

I know how I’m all alone

The only way for it to stop

Is to end it’ll all in one quick sweep

You don’t see or know my pain and you never will

We all see the same

Someone who is coping so well.


I’m a nerd

A freak

A music lover

Someone who can sit down and read a book or watch a movies for hours

A quiet girl

A shy girl

But you’ll never know

You’ll never take the time

To look at me, see me

At least get to know me


You may not know my hurt, not know my pain

But it’s there just the same

And you may not know this or even see it

But I am a person just the same.


Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used to Know

Young adults constantly going

Never stops, everyday is rowing

After training muscles ache

Never a lie in, always awake

So much pressure, so little leisure

You keep trying but at an end of a race you’re always crying

You pull good scores yet you’re told you need more power on the oars

The nerves at night eating you alive

Fire in your belly, got that inner drive

And yet no one seems to care when my hands blister

And the other day I found out he kissed her,

Thought we were more than friends but obviously not,

You said you liked me but thought she was hot

Now I have to see you six times a week

There was never a connection and I’m just a freak

Just remember I used to like you

Now there’s nothing, and she doesn’t want to be with you.

S. S.

Deep Sea

The dark insanity of my loneliness prevails

As my vitality betrays me

I fall deeper into the severity of my thoughts

Pondering on your sudden departure

As to why you left me.


Questioning the reasons why

Falling deeper now

Perpetual yearning for justification as to your desertion

Waves of regret wash over me

Drowning in my thoughts as to why you left me.

Ellen Sheridan


WHO are we?

Let me be a bee

WHY are we here?

Everyone’s just hiding fear


WHY does everyone judge?

We need to give them a nudge

CAN we be us?

And not make a fuss


They say schools the key?

I’d learn more from the banshee

WHY don’t they understand?

I’d rather be in Thailand


WHY do we ask questions?

The world makes me get indigestion

“MOM, what’s for dinner?”

Oh stop you’re a sinner.

Ciara Deegan

The Game

You see I am a teen

In a generation of rebels

Trying to recreate a world

That has already been dishevelled.


And the leaders of this world

Don’t listen to what we say

They make decisions on our futures

We deserve a say.


I don’t want to uphold society’s standards

I don’t want to be the same

I don’t want to be a bystander

I don’t want to play their Game.

Aoife Walshe

The ‘Best’ Years

The ‘Best’ Years

They would say,

When really full of tears,

At the end of each day.


All these responsibilities,

They say we are mature,

With all these vulnerabilities,

We are insecure.


They blame it on the internet

That we don’t socialise

Drink, drugs, sex, cigarettes

Destroying our lives.


The ‘Best’ Years

They would say,

However it appears,

We will make it out okay.

Doireann Feehan O’Dwyer & Jennie Geary

The World of Education

In the world of education, which is full of frustration

They expect so much more, yet I’m only in foundation

Teachers, they’re preachers, unfairly treat us like creatures

The constant pressure, to come together, with our professors hell for leather.

They care about us, well so they say, but in all honesty they just wait for pay-day

This hell hole full of two-faced judgy biatches, so fake

Are our daily reminders of regret and mistakes?

High reputation brought down by impregnation

Drink drug and sex is all a temptation.

Finally add teenage boys into the mix

They can’t think with their heads, they think with their dicks.

The struggle is real, not just for you but for all,

Hold your head, don’t let yourself fall.

Eloise Killing & Aoife Ryan

Teenage Years

Too much pressure

Everyone’s scared what people will think

Applying their make-up at their dresser

On Wednesdays they wear pink

Popularity is all that matters

Listening to the pupils chatters

Whispers in the school hall

Fake likes on their Facebook wall

They go out to have fun

But end up being a liability

Now look at the state of what they’ve become

Another drunken example of teenage fragility.

Dara McEnery & Deirbhle McCarthy

The End

It needed to end

I’ve known that for some time

Get my life on track

At a time I could result to wine

I’ve lost myself along the way

I think I know now, it’s gonna be fine.


I was honest with him

But he acted like a child

Not accepting his own flaws, and mistakes

And thinking his behaviour was mild.

‘I’m free at last,’ I quietly say

As I turn to him with a hint of a smile.


He thinks he’s above me

He thinks I’m small

When immaturity is all I see

When really, I’m the one who stands tall

He can pretend I was what he needed, but

He wanted me around? I do not recall.


I can finally breathe

I see the light

It’s finally day

A change from the night

All I saw was darkness

I now see the light.

Carolyn Copps

They Don’t Get It

You go to school to learn

But does it really happen?

It’s a place to burn, no concern

The point of no return.

Told by parents “Do your best”

But do they understand?

That we are stressed

Some depressed

There are two sides

That’s what they don’t understand.

A school always divides

Between education and society.

Educations pushed aside

And then starts anxiety.

Little do they know

There’s much more to it than

Exams and classes.

Schools a bitch,

Why can’t we just ditch?

If only there were passes

We could leave, get away,

From the prison that we face everyday.

Eimear Mahon


She sits at home waiting for your arrival,

As you sit in your car stewing in your regret,

Imagining what you did,

How you did it

How many times you did it,

And you can’t face her now.

This woman who you vowed to never betray

To stand by no matter what way

She decides to go

If she decides to go left

You go left

The rings on your hands are the symbol of your love

And they’re starting to tarnish

Your love starting to rot from the inside

And she doesn’t even know it.

And you’ll say you tried your best

But in the end

You drove away.

Anita Keogh


School will be over before we know it

Big exams coming. Better not blow it.

What am I good at?

What to do?

What path will I take?

How do I choose?

It’s all just a race, but a race to where?

I’m waiting to find out

Waiting to get there.

Hopefully soon it will all come together

The stress will be over

No more pressure.

Megan Crowley


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