Gairmscoil na bPiarsach, Rosmuc, Co. Galway


Another selfie,

This really can’t be healthy

20, 40, 60 likes

Quick as stolen motorbikes

“You’re so beautiful”, “Pretty”,

“You’re so stunning.”

The compliments

Just keep on coming

But every single strangers comment

Disguises all that teenage torment

At first you believe it,

Reply “Thank you”

Deep down you think

It can’t be true.

But then a whole school day passes

You hear the whispers in the classes

Something that’s not remotely true,

From those who don’t even know you.


Words replay again and again

Over and over inside your head,

You start to believe the lies they said

People say “they are just jealous”,

Insults traded overzealous

But really how could they be

If they don’t know you or anything you do?

Well this is just coming from my point of view

But I think that you can be what you want to be and not what others want to see

Be true to you.

Rant over, phew.

Ciara McDonagh

The Cottage and the Lake

I see the lake

A sad and lonely blue

It screams at me and sings to you

For it is as haunted

As these solemn stones,

It has claimed so many sorry souls

A mystery that life unfolds

Yet in the lonesome Connemara morn

I can hear the ghost of Padraig Pearse

Whisper in the wind.

Colm Óg Ó Conghaile


My Mam died 6 years ago when I was 10.

I cried for all time and time again

My grief turned into suicidal thoughts

Anger replaced what sorrow had wrought

I screamed through the night

Started punching the walls

I fought back the tears

That sorrow recalls

But bottling things up

Only makes things worse

For love is a blessing

And silence a curse

I started to talk to people

To share in my strife

Now I’ve learned how to love

Myself and my life.



Remember the predator

The one who never knocks

In the forest of fools

Where life starts to unlock

Remember feeling when the pills kicked in

When that smooch fell apart and fell off with your skin

Remember judge, remember the jury

Remember the executioner’s fury

Tis the law of the land where you run around in circles

Remember each lap that you run has hurdles

Remember the hunter

Who chases nothing but living blocks

Near the hunter is where you can fill your carts

Remember the bills that slide in after you kill the bats

I will give you a pooch that has a big heart without fudge, fury, and punisher

Tis the law of my hand where you drop all your shekels.

Conchur Philip O’Conneely


She doesn’t think she’s pretty

There will always be someone smarter

Skinnier, faster, prettier

Every teenage girl focuses on these things

Most parents pity her.


She thinks about new shoes

In school she doesn’t pay attention

She often thinks of him

Instead of education.


She won’t eat as much

As much as she used to

And the bad thing is

Her parents have no clue.


She doesn’t know she’s beautiful

She thinks she’s ugly, no one likes her

Someone on this planet cares about her

And that is this poem’s writer.


Her main priority

Should be getting out of school

But she wonders all the time

If she’s pretty enough for that sleazy tool


She needs to get through college

Pursue her career

If she doesn’t even try

What’s the point here?


She thinks about If shes pretty enough

Is her style okay

She can’t see how perfect she is

In her own little way.


“Will I ever meet a guy?

Who makes me laugh and smile”

If her parents knew what was going on

They would sit down and talk for a while


She needs to open her eyes

Focus on what’s to come

No job cares about who she likes

Her shoes, just the stupid things she’s done.


When Summer Comes

Just an empty town with twenty clowns

full of expectations for our generation

to do good and make good

but all we really do is nothing

Some big rocks it’s a black box

All there is, is sheep i need some sleep

Appealed with a field but no Garfield

Well, I’m lining up six or seven good jobs

My hair’s looking great and my friends are all snobs

Our school is an endless black pool of regret

Homework? Ah please no more paper work I’ll fret

Blow up this town cause we come from below

Cant wait for the summer to let us all go.

Saoirse Conroy


Lots of things makes me happy,

Small things mean a lot.

From picking rose flowers to

Working as an astronaut.


My life is so amazing,

It feels like nothing ever goes wrong.

I feel like a cow grazing

In a field listening to a birds song.


Cows are so peaceful,

They don’t worry about life.

They’re unlike the beetle,

That are always so evil.


My life is so amazing,

I have no excuse for complaining.

The world is so fascinating

Life is too short to be hating.

Sarah Ní Chuirrín

The Bully

I do not like bullies

Bullies don’t like you

I think they are bored

So they pick on a few.


Maybe bullies have bad home lives themselves

Most bullies are popular, they’re seen as rebels

Their friends laugh along, they join in the patter

All people are the same and it does not matter

If you are black, brown, yellow or white

Words are the weapons with which you can fight


A bully can be mean saying bad stuff to you

Then you believe what they say is true

You get yourself down you start to shout

It is sad that their world relies on your doubt.


So let someone know that you are bullied

But it is not that easy to say it fully

Because there friends will bully you too

For letting the know what is true.


So it is better when you tell someone

It will help you some one will be beside you from there on

They will help you fight back at them

And hope they will never bully again.

Christopher Ó Maille

Self-Decieving Michelle

Curly hair? Don’t care

It’s a love/hate affair

It can be a blessing or a curse

But really things could be worse

From messy buns to big massive curls

I know I’m the same as some other girls

Straightening, curling

And even twirling


Just to keep people believing

I’m not lying

I’m just trying

To be someone I’m not.

Michelle Walsh

No Law Degree

She says you need to study hard,

You need to get a good job,

She says she says it cos she cares

Not cos she’s a snob

The expectations are too much,

She want me to get five A’s,

I want to live my own life,

To be the master of my days

I want to follow my dream,

No matter how crazy it seems,

Most of all I just want to be me,

This dream don’t need no law degree.

Colm Óg Ó Conghaile

Smart on your Feet

You have to be smart

With the brain and the heart,

If you want a good future,

Remembering parts of lines from a book,

Won’t stop what should become of your culture,

Not everyone is going to know all the answers,

What stops the professor will not stop the dancer,

From random questions about solving equations,

To meeting your parents expectations

Why should it stop you fulfilling your dreams,

From discovering life’s impossible schemes

Work nonstop and this will be true,

What seems bad at first,

Will all work out for you

Selina Cashin

School is so Cruel

You have to be smart for a brighter future

Be interested in school be interested in culture

But what if you have no interest in school at all

What if studying hard is just not your call

You have all there teachers looking down at you,

Each day is a struggle just to get through

Saying to your parents that you’r lazy that you’re a fool

That you just don’t seem to listen in school

You don’t need to work hard at school to know you’r good at something

To know you can get a good job just like bob

Because at the end of the day test results do not define our future.

Kerri Ní Fhlatharta

The Lotto

I live in Camus Eighter

And my life is happy enough

But some days I feel as if

This shit is just to much.


The pressure to work

Hard at your study

To keep yourself clean

Though Rosmuc can be muddy.


Parents can put your life

Under pressure

There’s too many rules

And I’m no one’s professor.


But then I think of other people

And all they have been through

And I think to myself

Count yourself lucky

It could have been you.

Nathan Hehir Gannon

A Coping Mechanism

Im not gonna lie, life isn’t all that easy

When you’re fighting the fight trying not be cheesey

People think drinking is just about craic

But to me its so more than that

To me it’s also a coping mechanism

See substances can counter criticism.


Most people joke about adoption and stuff

But to me reality gets that rough

No, I’m not adopted but foster care is an option

See I’m the architect of disruption

It’s not that my parents are unfit to take care of me

I just act up just to get noticed you see,

For attention I’ve spent nights in juvenile

Some nights on the street cos that is my style

Simply because life was too much

Sometimes my parents can be a soft touch.


I come from a high achieving family, meaning they’re seriously smart

The expectation to do good in school can tear me apart

Right now I don’t apply myself, just because I cant

School feels like a brain transplant

Definitely not for me, but I still want some sort of education

Or else I’ll end up locked up in the Garda Station.

Alan Sullivan


One night I was out with my friends,

We were having mighty banter,

Had a row with himself, now making amends

He’s quite the smooth enchanter,

He said you were my girlfriend,

He told me to cop on to myself

Have some manners,

I left with my friends,

Switched on my iPhone’s

Tinder scanner.



School exams only test memory,

They waste a lot of energy,

The education system is unfair,

They would tell you anywhere,

Because no ones mind is a like,

No wonder so many kids go on strike,

No one is good at everything,

No one knows everything,

There is no such living thing,

People who are getting an A or a B,

Makes them no better,

To someone getting a C or D,

Doesn’t make them smarter then eachother

At the end of the day its only a grade number,

The set up of the education system exams,

It’s like asking like a monkey and a fish to climb a tree,

Obviously the monkey is going to get an A,

And the fish is going to fail, and go a stray,

But that dos’ent mean the fish is useless,

But society makes it feel like that,

The system dos’ent let people become creative,

They must see,

To always let the imaganations run free,

It limits them from their greatness,

Makes their ideas seem aimless

People that are capable of great things,

Need to spread their wings,

And must not be slowed

Because if they dont they will go down the wrong road,

Because they are hurt,

All because that’s what society made them think they are worth.

Cliodhna Ní Niaidh


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