Salerno Secondary School, Galway


Ode to Me

Through careful eyes

I watch the world

Watch every step

Think about every turn

Many people pass me by

Hang on to some

Let others fly.

As these around me come and go

There’s more of me for me to know

I’m always here but in the end

All that matters are my friends

Kelly McCall

Our Manifesto

Little kids – they jump around

Until the fall and hit the ground

The difference is – they get back up

While we say that we’re out of luck

Little kids are nice and free

While we conform to misery

It’s up to you to look around

And pick yourself up off the ground

They laugh and jump so gleefully

We don’t see the light will come eventually

Don’t worry – don’t cry

Life will pass you by

Don’t follow the crowd

Go make yourself proud

Sadness traps you

Set yourself free

Life is amazing

Just you wait and see

So sing, so dance

Let go of the past

Because nothing will

Ever last.

Ailbhe, Katie, Orla & Ruth


I strive to win, you excel to succeed.

I win the battles, but you end the war.

Your big words may cause fights,

But even in the darkest times we still sacrifice.

I’ve been afraid, I’ve suffered pain,

But a phone call away and I know it’ll be okay.

Take off your mask, don’t be embarrassed,

For the next time a wave hits, we will just get wasted.

Jean Brennan

Ode to Me (Eh.)

I like things, that makes me me

No one likes the same things as me

That makes me more me.

The things I like have made me me

But I also like these things because I am me.

It is a never ending circle

Of liking and making.

Orla O’Neill

Ode To Me

I am a proud person

I am English

A military brat

An actor

I read Shakespeare on car journeys

I sleep with only one sock on

I cry when I laugh

And laugh when I cry

I eat sweetcorn from the can

And love theatre more than a sane person

I can say the Greek alphabet

And take pictures of every bridge I see

I don’t care what people think

Of my weird quirks

I am a proud person

And I am proud of that.

Xara Drury

Manifesto 2016

Our manifesto, equality, love, happiness, acceptance, connection, conservation, perception.

Balance. Like a leaf atop a pool of water or a person on a ledge, the world at her feet with the thought that no one can stop her.

Equality. Girl, boy, black, blue, upside down, inside out, straight, bent, diagonal. What are you? Do I care?

The Earth supplies your need not your greed. Bring back the equality, back the balance. Every stream polluted, every dream deluded. This dream of ours sees oceans, full of fish that will no longer make it to our dish.

The fruits of the land are not infinite. Our future ceasing to exist is definite, if action is not taken.

The wish for the concrete jungle, to merge and become one, interlocking with nature like the hands of our sons.

Your thighs jiggle? Your nose is bent? These thoughts are trivial. You need to realise that you are sent, for a reason, a purpose, a being with a cause. A person with their life in their hands, leaving marks on the Earth like footprints in the sand.

This dream does not have to remain a dream, if not our reality only ends in fatality.

Le Squad (J.A.K.A.L) Salerno


Why is it that we have to fit in

Not controversial or different, having a voice is a sin

Uniformity, not originality, that’s what we hear

Sit straight, dress right, that’s it my dear.


Why is it that we’re never good enough

Anorexia, bulimia, you’ve had too much pudding love

She’s not pretty, she’s an awful bore

I’ve heard that your one over there is an absolute whore.


Why is it that there’s so much pressure

Wanting “A” grades whilst still smiling like a Cheshire

Med students in Harvard, that’s their expectations

We’re going to crack, everyone has their limitations.


Why is it that we’re not just open

It’d be so much easier, people wouldn’t end up broken

But that’s how it is, this is the world we live in

Everyone’s the same but we want to be different .



There are not enough boxes

To fit everyone in

No label that suits you

Society’s focused on

Having you stereotyped

But they haven’t quite realised

That the boxes don’t fit

And when you leave your box

And tear off your label

People don’t understand

And hate you for it.


The world is filled with

Beautiful people

Vibrant people

Courageous people

Who aren’t recognised


And loved

For who they are

What they are

And what they can become.


To be gay you have to love musicals

To be lesbian you can’t have long hair

Men cannot become fashion designers

And women not engineers

The Irish get drunk every night

All Americans are fat

The French are rude

And Nigerians lazy

Nerd, gay, punk,

Woman, man, Italian,

Romanian, transgender,

Catholic, Muslim.


Why does it matter

What you look like

Where you come from

How does it effect

Who you are

How you’re treated

And what you can be

You might have no box

No label

You might be a bit of everything

Or something entirely new

But in the end you are you

And the hardest part is owning that,

Alanna Cameron

Why me?

Why me, the one call late at night,

To tell me that you missed me.

I sigh and twirl my hair,

Suddenly confused over all your care.


Why me, the one you talk to most,

We talk about the most random things in life.

I don’t know what to do,

Because I don’t even know if I hate you…

I find it hard to express my feelings

I wonder what we could be,

I just ask myself why, why me?


Dream Chasers and Dream Haters

I’m sick of being told to chase my dreams,

Then being shot down by people who ran away from theirs

Simply because they’re scared to see me

More happy than they’ll ever be.

Teachers say “do what you need for your career”

But if that’s the case, why are there no arts here.

Academia is forced upon everyone

When painting is really their number one

Or all they want is to be up on the stage

But no, we all just memorise words off some bullshit page.

Students everywhere being told their wrong

But, really, nobody knows what is right.

An “ideal life” is laid out in front of us

By a crooked society that claims to be honest

But we all know that the lies are told by the ones

Who are always “supportive and accepting”

Who are outwardly equal, but in their own minds

They think the obscenities that they claim to rewind.

Our “perfect” life is set out by people

Who, secretly, long for a life that could have been.

So, really, our generation is growing up

Looking to become people who continuously messed up

But claim to be “happy” in their stable job and stable income

Looking back on a previous life and who they could’ve become

And dream about what could have been theirs

What should have been theirs

But now they’re just dream haters.


That Face

How to get that face?

that’s put us all in some race

but once your late ,

you could behind something great,

that face, either of success,beauty or that certain glow

that you’ll never achieve being slow.


What’s behind the face that is now?

hopefully you know before the crowd.

Sally Ann O’Malley

Somewhere In Ireland

Somewhere in Ireland there is a boy

downing a naggin in front of his friends

to seem cool.

Thinking whys life got to be so cruel.

I need this to have fun

I need this to help me run

from the problems that await him at school.

At home his mom uses the same technique

the same struggle to drink so quick

to forget.


Somewhere in Ireland a girl decides

to take a big step with her boyfriend

who loves her so but loves her more

if she puts on a show.

Since when did sex measure love?

It has become all push and shove

in these relationships from above.

His a gift from God but claim him quick

Do you really want to take the risk?

The risk of that starts with 9 months

but lasts a lifetime.

He can run and you’re left no longer the virgin nun.


These are the foundations that our generation

is being built upon.

The boy who is nothing without drink

The girl who’s nothing more between her legs

What future could these kids possibly think awaits them.



Boys, bums, boobs, banter, bollocks

These bastards are the bane of my existence.


Degrading, disrespectful, dumb, depressing,

Dependant dickheads

They cause demolition and downward spirals.


Insensitive, insignificant, irritating, irrelevant,

Irresponsible, immature and intimidating.

In love with the WRONG girl.


Selfish, stupid, silly, sly, sexual, standoffish, sarcastic,

Social, stoned

Surprise, surprise, still in love with the WRONG girl

Wankers, when will they learn?


I Don’t Have Time For This

I don’t have time for this,

Us teenage girls we’re not the same

I’m sick of being put down because of my age

I demand your respect not your attention

I don’t have time for this.


I’m not too young to understand

I don’t care that you paid three hundred euro because your shoes are a brand

I’m not too young to feel stressed.

Stop looking at me as though my brain is hallow,

These are not the best days of my life.


I don’t have time for this

We’re not all the same

Eyebrows are not priority but I do like to keep mine tame,

I’m sick of people asking me why I still play sport.

I don’t have time for this.

Ellen Casserly

It’s Hard

It’s hard to believe you have crept up to the age of 82

It seems only years 10 difference between me and you

Your youthful warm personality along with your jolly giggle

Your great big smiles while your oxygen tube wiggles.


It’s hard for me to see that you now need my help with your old basic chores

Whether it’s painting your nails

Cleaning your face, tucking you in or helping you bake

We enjoy each other’s company any time and place


It’s hard to see you get weaker and weaker as time goes by

But saying that your personality still shines

Through your heart and straight into mine

Just like putting cotton in the eye of a needle

Which you often ask me to do as your sight gets weaker.


It’s hard to realize that someday

There will be no more goodbye kisses or hugs

Only my prayers to you above.

We all have to go one day, it’s just a fact of life

On your day I trust that you will be safe

Because of all the prayers that you say.

I know for a fact that Jesus along with the angels and saints

Will have the pleasure of finally meeting you

To guide and protect you on your way,

Through the soft white clouds of heaven above

Looking down surrounding us with your Presence and Love

Thank you Grandma

For all the priceless memories that we have made

It’s not hard to believe that they will never fade.

Ciara Quinn

It Isn’t Fair

It isn’t fair what they say

That I’m lazy every day

That I’m bored and never nice

They always have to say it twice

That I’m always in a switch

And always acting like a bitch

It just isn’t fair to me.



There is so much pressure

Constantly tired and not knowing why

Be successful, don’t fail.

‘Do your best’ they say, but your best isn’t good enough

Things go bad out of nowhere

Loneliness hits hard

Always biting nails and overthinking things

Not understanding how I feel.


I am moody, sometimes, but I am happy

Ups and downs, that’s how it goes

That’s life, they say

Don’t waste your time.

Surround yourself with good people who understand you.

Good vibes.


It Will All Pass

It’s the teenage years

Let’s bring out the fears

Of trying to impress your peers

By drinking the odd beer.

Then comes school

Where breaking the rules makes you cool

And the teachers stress

Makes your life a mess


When it comes to boys

They treat us like toys

They’re all selfish pricks

Up to their own tricks.


Girls all want to look one way

Exercise everyday, don’t go astray

Thin legs and a thigh gap

I need to get them ASAP.


E to L to E to N to A

That’s my name, say it again

Walking down the street with the tunes in my feet

Hitting all the kids with my fleek ass feet

Don’t ask me to smile because your never going to rhyme

bump into me you better worship me

I’ve the knowledge in the brain and know I’m insane

People call me crazy but I think your getting haz

Lets start with the fam who acknowledge me

Bowing down to me because I’m a queen bee

Elena’s my name and golf is my game

Getting them pars like I’m living on Mars.

Elena Harkin

Gelena Slomez

There’s two sides to every story

Walk down the street of Balamory

Which door do you take

Which door do you enter

Look from every window stop being self-centred.

You can’t look down an alley and expect to see the world

You can’t go to Antarctica and be like ‘shit dude it’s cold’

People these days always be thinkin’ they’re holy

But it’s a metaphor ya!

Like Augustus Waters down the alley with a sly rollie.

You call me a sinner but you’re giving me hell

You think you’re an angel but remember Lucifer fell.

Kelly McCall, Daria Michalik & Xara Drury

Ode To Me

As little as a critter

With dreams as big as a house

Never knowing whether to go for it

Never knowing when to pounce.

Music is one hell of an escape,

That tends to fill my big gape.

A hole that’s been dug so deep,

That tends to go away with sleep.

Writing songs and stories is kind of fun

Although very often mine come out dumb.

Ailbhe Feeney

Ode to Me

I probably need to pee

But that’s not all of me

It might be all you see

Emo is my history

But lets move past this mystery

Watch me whip and nae nae

‘Cause all my friends are gay gay

(not me tho xo)

Now I’ll go eat another Oreo.

Daria Michalik

Ode To Me

Don’t dare call me Jean,

I don’t eat no greens,

But I am a lean green machine,

King Lear ain’t got nothing on me,

Because I am Jean.

I’ve got the skill and I’ve got the speed,

Get in my way and I’ll ruin your day.

I drive a Herbie with my main man Fergie,

Into sixth gear, here’s to our third year.

Taking shots more than hockey squats,

Join the dots,

Because I’m just that hot.

Jean Brennan

Ode To Me

I am a nerd

I have big glasses

I spend my life

Avoiding the masses

I have red hair

That’s pretty snazz

I like music

But just not jazz

I like words

They sometimes rhyme

I’m trying to keep

This all in time

I haven’t said

Much about me

What a pity

That’s how it’ll be

This is my poem

It’s not very good

I think I’m done now

Let’s play stuck in the mud

Ruth Kelly

Ode To Me

I’m a person

That’s pretty cool

I don’t know

I don’t like school

I like music

I like sleep

I like reading

That’s just me

I’m scared of people

Some of them suck

I spend most of my time

With my nose in a book

I don’t know what else to say

So goodbye

Have a good day.

Katie Togher

Ode to Me

I’m fairly lazy,

I don’t know what to say,

But I’ll give it a go

The names quite common but that doesn’t stop em’… from spelling it wrong,

I like to have a good time maybe a margarita with some lime,

You could say I’m in love with food cause’ to be honest it’s better than a dude,

Cheeky booj with my favs, it’s all I ever crave,

Now I gotta go cause’ I’m off to a rave.

Aisling Fitzsimons


Aisling’s my name

And I’m pretty insane

Look at my mane

It can not be tamed.

I’m a bank official

That’s never been fishin’

Hook that bait

The haters gonna hate.

Keep em racing cause I’ll be pacing.

I have one Buddy

You could say that’s funny

Cause its quite funny.

I guess that’s me down to a tee.

Aisling Dennigan


I am Emma,

I can sort out any dilemma,

I’m never in a mood because i always eat comfort food.

I want to be a doctor,

I almost died in-front of mt mom and it shocked her

I love to shop,

but now I have to hop

because I ran out of money and my friends find it funny

Emma Lydon

Ode to Me

My name is Ana,

This is an ode to me.

Gonna write about,

my favourite hobbies.

I’ve been doing ballet for 13 years,

Failing exams is one of my biggest fears.

I play the violin,

I’m good at divin’ in,

To the pool where I swim every Thursday.

I’ve recently started tap,

And realised I’m pretty crap,

At writing this ode to me.

And you can bet,

that this is good as it’s going to be.

Ana Devaney


You’re not gonna break my positivity

It’s mine, and you’ve got your own, it’s called negativity.

Everyone’s gotta put a smile on their face once a day

And stop letting our dark souls waste us away.

We’re standing up here, reading poetry to our peers

So we gotta spread positivity not tears.

You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not

Just be who are and do what you like.

You need to let your wings fly free

to succeed and live happily.

Explore the world and see new things,

Take in the the cultures and the religious.

Let’s take our joy and spread it across the world,

from the rich to the poor, the old to the young.

Aoife Gill, Catherine Keane & Justyna Dziewiatka


My name is Laura

And the things i adore are

Summer days and winter nights

Makeup, parties and no fights

Sitting under the flowing willow tree

Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses.

I can  be a dream-maker or a heartbreaker if I’ve got you under my skin,

Friends call me Laurita,

Because i’m so so lolita,

My life to live, my song to sing,

Without further ado…

Let’s face the music and dance!

Laura Hutchinson

Ode to Me

The name’s Keilin,

Spelt with a ‘K’ not a ‘C’,

Because I’m not that crazy,

And although I’m quite fond of sleep,

I would not mind being deep

In a novel or maybe a swimming pool

Because I’m simply that cool.

And I’d tell you that my passions

Are dance and song,

But I wouldn’t want to make this poem too long.

Alas, this ode is now done

Here, let me show you my guns.

Keilin Ataide Da Costa

An Ode to Me

You can call me Catherine and

I’m lovin’ loud music, fast cars and little chocolate bars.

So why am I am here

In a school

writing a poem about me?

They all ask what I want to be when I’m older

but I don’t want to be old

I just want to be free.

I want to get my learner’s permit when I’m seventeen

but first I want to get a fake ID!

I don’t know what the future holds

but I know Justyna’s poem is really bold.

Catherine Keane


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