Inver College, Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan


Face in the Crowd

Just a face in the crowd

A brick in the wall.

Someone who is strange

When all comes to all.

No crazy antics

No stories to share.

I know that I’m young

And I probably shouldn’t care.

My life hasn’t started

And I feel like something’s wrong.

When you’ve got nothing to do

Everyday seems long.

Everyone has hobbies

Places to be.

While at the end of every school day

I’m left with just me.

Maybe when I’m older,

All of this will change.

And I’ll have life

Crazy, free and strange.

When that day comes

I’ll think back to now.

Back to when I thought

I was just a face in the crowd.

Niamh Duffy

Self Esteem

Be good to you

Be yourself, truthfully.

Accept yourself, gratefully.

Value yourself, joyfully.

Forgive yourself, completely.

Treat yourself, generously.

Balance yourself, harmoniously.

Bless yourself, abundantly.

Trust yourself, confidently.

Love yourself, wholeheartedly.

Empower yourself, immediately.

Give yourself, enthusiastically.

Express yourself, radiantly.

Amy Cunningham

‘That Other…’

That person that plays, that plays on your mind

The one you’ve waited your whole life to find.

The reason to cry, to laugh and to smile

Your favourite telephone number to dial.

That feeling of finally being complete

He calls it cheesy, but I call it ‘sweet’.


The closest of friendships, no secrets between,

Someone to hug, a safe place to lean.

That medicine that you cannot live without

The candle that shines on the shadow of doubt.

The person you dreamed of who’ll always be there

A soul to soul other, a lifetime to share.

Chloe White

Childhood’s Gone

Fake Friends

Ballpoint pens

Kicking off

Make amends

Hate school

Made the fool

Detention now

Don’t break the rule

Bad skin

Teenage spots

Smoking fags

Taking shots





Loneliness has just begun

Enjoying life,

Now insecure

Childhood’s gone

Now nothing’s pure.

Leah Creighton


It’s lowlifes who just can’t deal

with their own problems

so they take it out on others

make them feel like dirt

but it’s all about themselves

it’s from a place of hurt.

A bully as a person is the worst kind

because no one knows what’s going on

in someone else’s mind.

Nobody can really see what goes on

behind closed doors.

Young people committing suicide

crying on our floors.

See the bullies and the bully

will tell everyone how nice you were

how great you are

and how much they got on with you

then they’ll take it back and twist it round

into something that isn’t true.

Once you say something you can’t take it back

so if your planning on being mean or horrible

then be prepared to take the flak

So the effect you have on someone

Becomes the effect they have on you.

People stretch before they snap

And then snap at you

Even if they seem like they don’t care

you don’t know how they really feel.

Perfect is a dream that was never meant

To be real

We weren’t designed to be perfect

So we shouldn’t be judged for our imperfections.

Tiffany Winder

School Life

When you’re a fifteen

Life seems so mean

You’re under so much pressure

Everyone thinks you’re just a messer.

There’s so much expected from you

In everything you say and everything you do

They expect you to act grown up

But still treat you like a wee pup.

But what they don’t realise

Even though it’s right in front of their eyes

That we are still only young

And we need a bit of fun.

Too much work will destroy us

And for them all to lay off won’t take much.

Caitlin Fee

Under Pressure

Feeling under pressure doesn’t get much better

Confused but want to snooze

I don’t know what to do with my life oh feck, I’m doomed.

I`m sure you must know they say oh please live my life for one day you won’t know what to say.

Still at school don’t know what to do…

It’s all about college, money, exams and other pressure too.

Having a grade D wont get you a degree

You need to try harder my mother says I just want to be free

Claire Keenan


We start from a young age, because we’ve got dreams

So… when we train and play with our team

Were one step away from our dreams.

Dreams of being equal and being noticed.

We as women are underrated when it comes to sport

Told that we haven’t the skill like the men have

But we still train in the freezing cold of winter and deadly heat of summer.

We still suffer as much as the men!

Football is more than a game to women

But sure the men don’t think that

Its our life, our passion, our love

We sacrifice evenings with kids and Sundays with families for GAA

When we’re old and grey and cannot play anymore

We will always love the game more than the men have ever known.

They may have the support but we have the love and passion for the game that they will never know!!!

Karla Martin


Keep ‘er lit keep ‘er burning keep the big oul wheels a turning

To keep her going so raise your glass and we’ll go at the grass

Cause we haul some grass and slap some ass. If the moneys

Right we’ll go all night even if the wife says it not right

The Deere will fight when she’s getting her tight drop a gear

And let ‘er tear some tar. Let the blue smoke with all her poke

Let the oul yoke sing and keep er country with hit the diff on

And let your lassey drive your Massey.

Cian Callan