Loreto College, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin


My Mind

My mind is filled with ideas

Filled with rhymes and words that don’t rhyme.

The world around me beating with the strength of the oak

Moving me on swiftly by the encouragement of the leaves.

I awake, a child again

I have nothing, naked

Left with my thoughtless mind

A bed of thorns to comfort me.

Lives passing by and through…

An observer I’ve become.

The thorns press harder

Perfection and love out of reach

Because there is no perfection here

My empty mind begins to be filled with one thought

The thought that replaces my earthly heart, stripping me

All that is left is loneliness, the idea’s gone and I burst.

Katie McKimm

This is For

This is for the girl who would rather

Have loneliness as her only partner

Than suffer another minute

Of offences, slurs and shit.

For the boys confined

To their own mind

Trashing, fearing the unknown

Screaming, crying, alone.

Those who talks boys

But think girls.

Those who talk girls

But think boys.

This is for the hidden

For the hiding

And for the scared.

Aisling Garvey


When I was four I was plucked from my home

My parents told me it was for the best

I cried because my life was falling apart like styrofoam

But we packed our bags and moved west.

I started school but I missed my friends

These kids would not accept me; I was foreign

Over time all I could do was blend

School became the show I was the star in.


As time moved on the torment became less

Like I finally fit in, one of the crowd

Every now and then my mind gave me memory access

But really I was an out-of-place cloud

When secondary school started the torment came back again

I went home for a bit and the accent became strong

I came back but I wish I could get back on the plane

But then I realised this would be lifelong.


I have grown to accept the fate I have been set

The life of insults and impersonations, wishing I could go home

Going through life with the background music of a string quartet

I can’t help I am from a different nation

My life which is styrofoam.

Alex Byrne

Dear Future Self

Dear future self,

Remember to ask for help

For emotional help

Is the greatest wealth.

For goodness sake

You need a break

From all the heartache.

So take a step forward and see what you can make.

Emma Hanlon


All they care about is the exterior

The things you can touch, feel

Always picking on the inferior

Until even the strongest most intelligent can’t deal

They think they’re divinely superior.

They take note of your home town

But never take note of when you’re down

Say they’ll be there to listen

But when it comes around there nowhere to be found

The most silent ones are so ironically loud.

Isabelle & Anna


With your hand coiled in a fist, reciting the list

Constantly tormenting your will to exist

Staring blankly into space

Simply wondering do you deserve a place

In this convoluted human race.

Gemma Nolan

What Have We Become?

I am the girl who laughs and smiles

You are the girl who jokes and talks

Known each other since we were young

Playing freely under the sun

What happened to us over the years

What have we become?

I am the girl who cries at night

You are the girl who struggles to fight

We’re the best of friends always and forever

But have we ever known each other really, ever

What happened to us all this time

What have we become?

Julia Kiernan

Room 201

Breathing returns to normal





School bell rings

I’m frozen



I can’t face Them again

But I must

To conquer a fear it must be faced

An accidental shove brings me to my senses

I make my way to Room 201.

The squeak of my vans echoes down the hallway.

Kate Murray

Their Stories

I saw a video the other day

About the Holocaust

And whilst everyone around me

Was boasting about their trips to Auschwitz

I realised everyone had listened but no one had heard

The voices which had told their stories.


We could apply for a trip

To Calcutta the other Day

And whilst everyone was talking

About how cool it would be to visit India

I realised that no one actually cared

About the children they would be helping.


Someone decided to share a problem the other day

About the trouble they were having at home.

And everyone around me started matching their story

With a story of their own.

Each one more dramatic than the next

I realised that it was all just one big competition.

Everyone wants to know things about you

These days

Who you’re friends with and where you were at the weekend

But what they really want to do is tell you their own stories.

Síofra Brady

 My Sky is Now Blue

Six years have gone by

Since he hit me last.

Six years you say?

God that went fast.

Head locks, shoving

Day after day.

My sky is now blue

But once it was grey.

Poking and prodding

I could see no end.

Name calling, pushing.

He still called me his friend.

But one day I spilled

Mam and Dad heard it all.

“Please make it go away.

Please answer my call.”

It was all sorted.

My sky once again blue

Tell someone my friend,

Soon yours will be too.



I wish that things could change for me

But I also wish that things could stay exactly the same

Because I don’t want to lose all the good things

But all those bad things ain’t no game.

Being so confused in life right now scares me,

I have no idea where I’m gonna go or what I’m gonna do.

But I know I have to believe in myself

And that’s what you have to do too.



Be your own competition, in what you do bring compassion

Be better than the person you were yesterday

Yes there will be days when you feel astray

But that’s life that’s how goes

Where we’ll end up and with who

No one knows

You are young and you are strong

Yes the journey to happiness may be long

But know that what comes will be great

Friend lover sister brother

Have faith.

Ava Johnston


I began to walk

Then jog

Then run

I was told I was going to hell, off the face of the earth.

Footprints left on my face.

But only I can see.

No one helped

No one cared

Leaving me to perish desperately.

Rhya Weafer


She said as she jumped off a cliff:

I wish I could go back to all those times

When I was passed out on the beach

No one to bother me about my grades

I don’t have to hide my scars because no one gives a damn.

This world is where people don’t take problems seriously because of your age

Get over it they say

It was too much trouble for them to fix it

So now you are left with a hole in your soul.

I am a girl who wants to impress her parents so they are not let down

But that can all become too much when she’s in the kitchen

This is a world where kids go to private schools

But don’t give a damn anymore

Everyone’s lost and alone as it’s just me, myself and I

Hide the pain with the liquids in the kitchen

I’m no stereotypical girl, I’m told every day

But we have to keep going and fight through the the pain.



The sun rises everyday

Even if you are not okay

Life goes on one day at a time

The stars will sparkle the moon will shine

Do what you love

Be who you are

You set the standard

So raise the bar.

Holly Hayes


We began here from the start

And then we found our new hearts

We slowly started to drift apart

So I thought maybe we could restart.

Now you leave me thinking

Why our friendship started shrinking

I will never understand

It was like standing in quicksand.


Until Now

Until now people are being called pretty, ugly, nerdy

We live in a world were stereotypes are key to society

People have labels on their back

Not wanting to show their real life problems.

Until now people don’t see the effects until something happens

People feeling down don’t show their emotion

People feeling sad hide their emotion with happiness

Until now their true emotions were be pushed aside.

Until now the real emotions people have can be used against them

Fearing to show the world the real them

The fear eating them alive but still can’t feel safe to say anything

The safeness they’re looking for to them can’t be found.

Until now people have been used as things to pick on

But now in society things have changed

From people to suffering in silence to people sharing in the loudness

The world has finally found its calling.



They call me names

But they don’t know the pain I’ve been going through.

When I walk down the street, they scream and shriek at me, as if I was nothing.

But through all this pain, I still continue to stand by my name.

They call me slut, whore, and many more,

But I ignore them, because I know what I’ve done

Before all this begun

I was just a simple little schoolgirl.

Before this happened

I was a young girl trying to make it in this, crazy world.

One day, he stopped me and asked if I wanted a free lift

I accepted, not knowing what my fate was going to be.

From that day, I regret accepting that lift,

And now I know, that everything you do, might land you in poo.

Martha Mc Glade

Girls and Boys

Girls are shamed if they wear short skirts

Boys are applauded if they show some skin

Girls are frowned upon if they shift two lads

Boys are congratulated if they meet seven girls

Boys are laughed at if they want a serious girlfriend

Girls are popular if they have a cute boyfriend.

The difference between boys and girls is undeniable

Yet the inconceivable truth is that we find it justifiable

This needs to change

It needs to happen now

For if it doesn’t

The world will become deranged.



Monday is marvellous

Tuesday is terrific

Wednesday is wonderful

Thursday is truly great

Friday is Saturday’s unmarried lover

And if Sunday is a secret, then Monday’s its mother.

Kate De Burca

Teenager Thoughts

Sometimes we are treated like children

Or treated like adults

We want be be treated like teenagers

A lot of problems can result.

We are called the troublemakers

But most of us are not

Please excuse our behaviours

It’s not our fault.



I hate the pressure put on teenagers by schools

Sometimes it is okay to sit alone

I hate how shallow most girls are these days

It is hard to find people who are down to earth

I also find people judgemental about personal interests and things

Even though it is none of their business.

Aisling Byrne

Poem, Poem, Poem

I want a stunner

Who is a gunner

Twinkle twinkle little star

Who makes me tea

In my sycamore tree

Row row row your boat

Glowing blue eyes

That would make me cry

Jack and Jill went up a hill

Head in the clouds

Walking through the crowds


Little Bo Peep lost her sheep

Humpty Dumpty fell of a wall

So hey diddle diddle

Wheres my fiddle ????

Anna Sanders