Cabinteely Community School, Dublin 18



It’s hard being a teen

Especially an unpopular one

Going into school feeling insecure about everything

Thinking if you look decent enough not to be slag,

Wondering if the popular girls are talking about you behind your back

Wondering if your smart enough to be in the class

Fitting in is hard especially if you don’t look the part

Having thoughts if your own friends even like you

Wondering if your a nuisance to everyone around you

It doesn’t really matter since your never anyone’s first choice.

Thinking back to the first day of school and wondered…

If I changed myself would I be popular?


A Friend in Need

For those nights all alone

When there’s trouble at home

And the bullies in school

And the sun shines cruel

For the slice of a wrist

Or the slam of a fist

Battered and bruised

For the wound infused

Longing for the end

Or the hand of a friend

These scars are for life

By word, fist or knife

So don’t take it on the chin

Please let someone in.

Michael Byrne

Behind the Mask

A different girl behind the mask

A mask of smiles and laughs

But every day the mask wears more

And the pressure builds up high.

Till the world breaks down

You can’t stop the tears

That land upon your lap

The mask is gone

More pills each night

You go to bed

Hope you do not wake.

For in the morning as you get dressed

A shirt, a skirt, a mask

For no one knows the girl behind

The smiles and all the laughs.



The worst thing that you can do been a teenager is to consume drugs, alcohol, have sex or bully a person at the school or anywhere.

Be nice with everyone, if you have haters that mean that you are doing it well.

Don’t let society change you because that’s the biggest mistake that you can ever do.

You are who you are and if one of your friends is trying to change you is not your friend or your boy-girlfriend.

Don’t let anyone change you, unless you are an inappropriate lover of mothers.

Live each day as if it was your last

Good luck with your life.

Careful with your choices

And with your life

If you choose bad

You’ll die.

Unai Carrillo

From the Flips to the Tricks

From the flips to the tricks

To the hard and painful hits

To get back up and carry on

Keep going strong

The long hours of training

Can sometimes be very draining

But when I step out on the floor

Sometimes alone, sometimes with my corps

From not getting placed, to winning major titles,

Almost fighting with my rivals

From making my team and parents proud

To the cheer of the crowd

Makes it worth all the while.

Natasha Cruise

This Body

This body

Bleeding teardrops

Ashamed to be seen.

This body

A manifestation

Of paranoia

Wants to do nothing

But sleep.

This body

Afraid to even breathe

When it comes to the streets.

This body

Can do nothing other than weep

This body, your body, my body.











From my shower to my tan

Using the whole bottle jus because I can

From doing my makeup to picking my outfit

Take a pic while I pout it

From the pre-drinks to the session

Later on I’ll have depression

From all the tears to getting sick

Tomorrow I’ll be made out to be a tick

When I go home I’ll be bet

Well that was a big regret.

Alana Turner

The Separation

From the dog barking to the brothers farting

There comes a time when you run out of time

When the parents come screaming

Makes me wheezy them running

Running out of time to tell us what is happening

With the blackening of the vision

To the whitening of light

Comes a time when you run out of time

With the ones you hold dear

Run out air to speak and the kissing of the cheek

To the children they love

Who go above and beyond for their parents

With the parents caring what happens to their children

After giving them penicillin

This is what happens during separation.



Another day waking up in a world which degrades our every move

Makes what we feel is right in our own skin

Somehow affects the world and others around us.

What would you do if the world was blind?

I ask myself.

Anything and everything

What if people didn’t laugh when we were wrong,

Or didn’t judge the man who took hits from the bong,

Or the woman who sold her body to pay for her dream wedding in Hong Kong

But told she was wrong by the man who had ‘his life together’

But since when can we be told what to do?

We’re the future generation of the world and we need to be ourselves

We all die in the end so when it comes to that end

Make sure you have been that friend, that sister, that mother,

That person who has made a change, made your life worth living

Made your own desicions, took chances, took risks.

Live everyday like its your last, because before you know it

You’ll be looking back on all the times

Where you could’ve made that difference

But held back from the fear of being judged

From people holding a grudge

But f**k it.

Amy Kelly


Factions and sub-factions cloud together

To form some bulls**t called “Dublin City”

Attending the fashionable rallies just to say

Yeah, I was there

Like a mannequin group chillin’

In a front window

Relentless hassle for rolling rubber objects

The cigarette smoke by the window

Cloudless vision then what’s covering the front of your lenses.

Tom Crilly


It’s just not fair that people think that you care

Everything is lit but you treat me like shit

You’d swear I was 8 always killing me if I’m “late”

As I get in the door you shout even more

Feeling as small as a pin, never ever win

Nothing I do is good enough and its f**king rough

You need to trust me but all you do is burst me

You’re such a hypocrite and say I’m always talking shite

I try so hard but end up feeling like a retard.

Alana Williams


Here, you get the piss taken out of you

for being the way you are

or the background you’ve came from

because your not from around their area

you live too far

means you’re not one of them

you’re not in their gang

it’s the way things are

it just how things hang.


If you say you like someone

it spreads so fast

the whole school knows

you can’t put it in the past

you feel humiliated.


You can’t be yourself

afraid of getting slagged

for showing true self

a completely different person

you’ve changed altogether,

when you were younger

you were always told

to be yourself forever

but that went over your head

you ignored that advice

to try and fit in

just to try and be nice.


If they don’t like you the way

Then someone else will

the way that you are

is the way that you chill.


Never let anyone tell you

who to be

you are your own person

not everyone is going to like you

but the people who do

are most important

and they don’t give a shit

about the scumbag bullies

’cause all they really care about

is themselves not others

their just a waste of space

so don’t even bother with them.


The people who matter

are going to be there for you

care for you

so always listen to you the people

who don’t give a flying duck

will only be there for you

only if they want

something like a lad

if he wants sex he’ll be all nice to you

and then force you to do something

you don’t want to do

NEVER let anyone force

you to do anything you

don’t want to do they don’t control you


always be yourself never

let anyone tell you differently

because if they do their being controlled

who is not themselves

and are letting people force them

to do it to others if anyone does tell them to


Emily Seville





No one ever answers the phone

No notifications on any occasions.



Skinny as a pringle

Also ready to mingle


I’m from the Navy let’s take a ride in my (mom’s) Mercedes.

Kacper and Dyl

Poetry Slam

I don’t know why the f**k

You get judged for everything you do from the way you speak

To the way you do your work

You can’t get way from doing something wrong

To the people in here don’t let anything go even though

They are more of a gobshite then you

You try your best to look your best but it just seems to be

That your best is never good enough they look

Like they are after coming out of the photocopier

On a non-uniform day they look at us funny cause

We try our best to be ourselves

Because we’re not one of them

You try to be one of them it’s like the copier broke when it came to you

Do this to make sure your not judged.



From the football

To one little fall

Thanks for your training

Now I’m not complaining

From hard work

To teamwork

In your position

Now you’re on a mission

From a small team

To living your dream.

Darren Toner


From the football goals

To the Superbowls

From all the great sport

To the basketball court

I like it all the same

Right to the final game

The seasons’ are too short

The world is our court

Football is my passion

I can place a bet and cash-in.

Adam Rooney