St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny



X + Y,why? I don’t need to know !

For to the shop i will not go and ask for 2 x of oranges

And 4 y of apples – why not teach me something worthwhile

That will get me places I WANT to be.

Why ask me to attend detention for it was you

Who was not paying attention to the guy who in fact

Threw his pencil at me. You’d rather check your phone

And update your status, arrive late to class and

Expect me to turn up on time. Expect me to do

Things by myself and then tell me I’m doing things

Wrong every time. Inspiration, creation and imagination

These are my motivation; I must be free from you

These thoughts, these things after all I’m only human.

Ben Lanigan

The End

Tell myself to keep going just until I’ve had enough,

I’m not gonna let no maggot f**k my world up,

Keep going ’til i reach my goals fight through

The blistering cold, rain and the snow, hours and hours

For you to shut me down and just say no.

Well now, I’m standing up and not taking the joke

Eventually we might meet down the same road

And realising what we said was worth

We know that all we did was hurt

But thats not why I’m writing this verse, no,

I’m here to express

I’m here to write out all of my best

And not to let fools get in my head

I’m here now to write down and mend a broken soul

Reaching near the end.

Jack O’Connell


Drugs, alcohol, sex.

It’s all great fun until a

Young teen slips up and now is

On the run.

Pressure from teachers, parents’ authority

And society all to be even

More brainwashed than the next

Person. No wonder people are

going to drugs and alcohol

and they have cheek to say “our fault”.

How is a teenager supposed to

Get a job by knowing the

Value of x and all my

Friends think about is having sex.

Daniel Maher

All I Want to be is a Boxer

All I want to be is a boxer

Cause thats cool and thats just me and just

Who I want to be, I just want to be like the great Muhammad Ali.

Boxing is tough and yes, some people may say its rough,

But it makes you fit and also alows you to be able to take a lit

If I’m a boxer I may get a few stitches

But I’ll also be getting all the girls.

And that’s cool with me cause all you can want is women, drink

And to be the best you can be.

Tom Dunphy


Bang, he hit me

I fell but i felt strong

Why me, why always me?

Maybe its time to change

Or maybe I should protect myself

I remember back to when it began


I was soft, I was weak

But now I’m different

I feel a surge of energy inside

I rise and I strike him

“Oi, Stephan come here now” I hear

Of course when I retaliate i get caught

Nothing seems to go my way

Why am I so unlucky?

Tom Gormley

Alcohol Poisoning

One, two

I’ll only drink a few.

Three, four

It’s a struggle to open the door.


Starting to get sick,

Seven, eight

In the hospital staying up late

Nine, ten

I’ll never drink again.



He stalks his victims every night

Anything that comes into his sight

And with a deep but silent lunge

He carries his victims to the darkness beyond

They say he’s afraid of garlic or stakes

Thats all lies, like Dracula used to be fake

By morning he’s vulnerable like a rabbit in a lion’s mouth

By dark, he’s the Lord of the Crimson Night

He sees a victim and jumps up high

And attacks it with a huge sigh.

Shanly Sebastian


Sixteen. People think its all ahead of me. Expected to act our age become more

Strive to better things but we’re being held back by ones trying to drive us on.

Sixteen tough age expected to act like adults but treated like kids. Not allowed to

Make our own decisions, bound to the will of our parents and teachers.

Sixteen forced to do pointless subjects in school that will never really be used in the

Future, put into situations that will never come up again in our lives.

Sixteen not allowed to vote for a government that will shape our future or create the

Rules that we have to follow. What i really think is that we should make our own choices.

Conor Rowe


School is such a skank ass drool

All the books and think they’re cool

Then the teachers high and mighty

Never let you think your rightly

Many people think its good

Not the people in the hood.

Evan Clarke


Live in the countryside all my the time

In a peaceful place there is no crime

Only the knackers coming door to door

Trying to sell ya anything from gates to floors

Farmers is all that’s here

Spreading shite in a new John Deere’s

This is actually a terrible poem

Screw all of this I’m going home.

Tommy Hennessy

Audi A4

Driving down the road in an Audi A4

Blaring tunes like were feckin’ Macklemore

Put the foot to the floor

As we make her roar.

Ciaran Brennan

School Pressure

I hate the pressure of school

The Leaving Cert. meaning everything in life

Pressure to be good at sports

At the top level, to eat properly.

All I want to do is have fun

Without my parents giving me grief.

Conor O’Keefe

You Foreign Oppressors

Why do you take over countries you think are lesser?

You send over your brainwashed people to my country and

Lead them to believe that they’re still part of yours but

They’re in mine. the same people who discriminate against my kind for 300 years.

These Unionists we give out about refugees coming in

Even though they came here with a better reason than them.

You’ve brought nothing but hardship to this island

And tried to destroy all hope of a 32-county Ireland

A republic free of your tyranny

A republic free of poverty

A republic free of inequality

A republic free for its people.

Seán Carroll

This Town

I hate the people in this town

They think they own the King’s crown

I wish they knew they looked like clowns

They give me such a frown

They don’t even know their nouns

They cant even last three rounds.

Ciaran Johnswell

My Poem

I’m in school and told to write a poem

I should be at home cuz i know not my abc’s

I put my pen on the paper while the teacher is back later

I write about how much i go to school and im still a tool

S. Guilly

On This Day a Year Ago

My life was hell, my head was sore

Stuck inside, locked in a room

The big JC was real

Oh so bored i could not deal

Big thick books all in my face

Shakespeare’s Hamlet to my dismay

Merchant of Venice, g’way.

Kyran O’Sullivan


ISIS, they are not the nicest

They are putting people in crisis

They like their wive’s young

They are having great fun

A terrorist group is what they’re running

They will be doing a bit of bombing.