Presentation Secondary School, Kilkenny


Art Gallery

Each painting carefully crafted by the hands of its beholders

All set up in a giant room.

Some people pass by, not even seeing what is before them,

Not noticing the amazing details that make it different from every other painting.

Until one person stops and stares

Soaks up all the beauty and colour,

Sees the meaning and perfection behind it.

Everyone else may think differently, pointing out all the flaws they see

But it only takes one to notice,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Jennifer Blanchfield


It hurts, like hell

Like jumping into a frozen lake

Its icy water so cold when it hits you

It’s as if a thousand knives are stabbing you

Your body frozen in icy shock.

A choice if to let your body give up, let the cold water claim you

Or fight the cold, let yourself feel again

To save yourself from the icy lakes murky depths.

Memories flash before your eyes, some memories of times you wished

You had forgotten, others the ones he made worth the living time.

Seconds now to choose hold on or let go.

I feel myself loose consciousness

Dying isn’t as scary as I thought only everything you

Leave behind , the feel of sun on my face or his lips on mine.

In my dreams versus my reality nothing is tangible.

Love is like drowning

But seeing everything going on around you I ask the heartbreaking question.

So now


 Paige O’Connor

Words Fail Me

Words fail me

Expression without form

Those barbed and bladed words

Words we leave behind

All the damned and stupid words

We wish we had.

They tumble out jumbled and nonsensical

Fall pointless on deaf ears.

Perhaps if I had used the right ones

We would still talk.

Too late

Words abandon me

One more time.

Shona Murphy


Sometimes we do it when we shouldn’t

Like when we compare one person to another

We try and reshape a person

To turn them into someone else

Most of the time we don’t realize what we’re doing or what we’ve done

Until the damage is already too much

It’s gone too far

You’ve broken them down and they’re not there anymore

There’s nothing left to them

They fought you so hard for so long

They’ve got no more fight left

They’ve become what you unknowingly turned them into

They’ve become what they’ve never wanted to be

They’ve become just like you.

Ruth Cassin


We are shunned and made to believe,

That the world is not as bright as we would like to perceive.

That the silver lining is just a trick of the eyes,

That anything pure is tainted with lies.

Cover my mouth with a sticker labelled child,

I said they lived happily ever after, and I was exiled,

Because in a world where being cynical is in fashion,

How could I ever admit that I have a passion?

Scoffs erupt from thin mouths, thin minds.

We’re told to open our eyes when we say love is blind,

“Get your head out of the clouds, don’t talk in rhyme.

Trust in what’s normal, and not the sublime?”

Edwina Aylward


I remember my first real schoolbag

Bright red, with cartoon monkeys in cars driving along the zips and pockets

A bag that was almost bigger than I was

It was light on my back as i went into school that day

That week I sat alone for lunch each day

And that week the first note was put into my bag


As the year went on, more and more notes were put in

“Weirdo”, “Spazz’”, “Freak”

Third, Fourth, Fifth class

“Fat”, “Ugly”, “Bitch”

When I was referred to as retarded because I liked hugs

Every day my schoolbag got heavier and heavier

And I thought I would outgrow it, but no

The straps cling tighter each day but it never runs out of space

Bowing under the weight of it, I went into secondary school

A new bag on my back but not on my heart

The notes came thick and fast, written in familiar hand

“Hippo”, “Pig”, “Gross”, “Hideous”

And as time went on I began to add the notes myself so they wouldn’t have to

I tried to zip it shut but the bulging mass always stopped me

Doubled over by it, I keep my eyes always to the ground to try and bear the weight

People ask what I want to do when I leave school

I tell them my aspiration, but not my biggest dream

What will I do when I leave school?

Cut the straps.

Rosin Maher


Your eyes are filled with stars, like one of those old Greek tragedies

I would call you Atlas but you are no way near rounded enough, too many corners

You have far too many casualties

You are stuck, frozen, trapped under pressure

Overtaken by hate for your god-damned oppressor

Trying to break free, trying to leave

Held back by a power you can’t even conceive

The thing is, these “all seeing” Greek gods

They can’t make a decision, always at odds

Fighting and creating, destroying and debating

Never understanding the true chaos they’re activating

They don’t care about any monumental consequences

Too set in their ways to ever come to their senses

They won’t move forward, their world can’t advance

Killing us all cause they can’t keep it in their pants.

Ciara McDermott


I love when the sun is shining and when the sky is cloudless and blue

I love spending time with my friends

I love curling up in bed watching a movie

I love when people make me laugh

I love spending quality time with my family

I love hugs as much as I love jelly tots

I love the colours of the rainbow

I love watching movies that make me laugh so hard that I can’t breathe

I love our family days out and about

I love being me

I am special, I am me.

Caoimhe Claffey Ahearne


There isn’t anything stronger in this world than love

Especially when two people fit like a hand in a glove,

Love is meaningful when its true

All you have to say is I love you.

Showing passion to each other

As if there wasn’t another

Love is powerful and a beautiful thing

Especially what the other person brings

Joy, happiness as well as hope

But sometimes they can be a dope.

When you know the love is right

You will hold onto that person tight,

Up and downs do occur

but sometimes its just a big blur.

When you make up after the fight

they will hold you and say its alright,

What doesn’t kill the love will only make it stronger

Which is what makes it last longer.

You will always be by their side day after day

Then you can know that they will stay,

Love is like two peas on a pod

Although it may seem extremely odd.

Love is beautiful in so many ways

A rose and a heart seems like a maze,

If someone loves you for you

Then you know that love is true

Louise Neary


Its too much

I need a break

The smallest things

Make my head ache.

I can’t relax

Or hang around

Without my parents

Bringing me down.

There’s exams

Peer pressure


And doubt,

There’s bullies

There’s loneliness

I’m trying to figure it all out.

Can’t eat

Can’t sleep

Need it all to go away

But I know it will all be better some day.

Maeve McGeary

Living Hell

They pick on her everyday

By flicking paper in her way

They think they are cool

Making her look like a fool

Her life is like a living hell

All she wants is to yell

She fakes being sick

To avoid the kicks

They say they know how she feels

But she just wishes her heart will heal.

Hannah Rowe

Behind Closed Doors

Keeping it inside seems the best solution

But its really only the substitution,

Talking and telling would be the best

But I’m better off just acting like the rest.

Behind closed doors no one knows,

The highs and lows that continue to grow.

Laughing and smiling every day

Acting as if everything is a-okay.

I try to forget about sleepless nights

Telling myself it’ll be alright.

Shedding that everlasting tear

Because of those so called “peers”.

Actions can hurt and so can words,

Think before you call them “nerds”

Because you don’t know what happens…

Behind closed doors.

Aobha O Gorman

Candle in the Dark

Too many fears

Too many fights

A little less love

A little less light

Adults too tough

Too cruel

Too mean

No candle in the dark

For this lonely teen

Too many double standards

Questions unanswered

A solitary life for a lonely teen

It’s the candle in the dark

That nobody has seen.

Lyndsey Guthrie


I hate there is the perceived idea

That girls should act a certain way

Drink alcohol, go to parties

But at the end of the day

We are all unique

No two people are the same

So I don’t get why some people

Are made to feel shame.

Shame they don’t fit in, that they are so alone

When really there is some place

Where they will feel at home.

Chloe Curtin

The Fight

I keep it all at the back of my mind

And everyone around me seems so blind

They cannot see the pain I feel

It seems so impossible to try and heal.

Everyday the struggle grows bigger

It’s a constant fight against the liqour

The long-term effects I’m about to face

What have I become? Am I a disgrace?

The path I’ve taken has gone so wrong

Everything I’ve worked for is now all gone

One day I hope to see the light

And put an end to this life-threatening fight.

Lauren Gleeson


Life isn’t suppose to be taken seriously its to short and precious

You may not always end up where you thought you were going

But, you will always end up where you are meant to be

When life is ended we only regret what we didn’t change or do, make the most of it

Everything is up to you nobody can do or make you do it

Its all up to you

Don’t put yourself down

You’ll have enough people to do that for you

So when you fall pick yourself up and dust yourself off

Don’t show that they hurt you be brave

Live life the way you want to.

Sasha Reardon


I was but young, about a week old

When I was left out in the hot sun but I felt so cold

I was taken in by a bright , young Irish couple

Little did they know their problems would double

As a child I always felt alone in the world,

I felt isolated and cold

Unlike the other girls

I entered secondary school,

I made some new friends.

But then why… just why..,

Didn’t the loneliness end.

I visited a shrink for two or three odd years

I thought that weekly conversations would end my river of tears.

It helped for awhile but I must admit

All of my problems are because of


I rage

As I sit in this cage with so many people looking at me.

But one I needed most?

Her, I never got to see.

Rebecca Kavanagh


Love can be a beautiful if it’s true

Once you know it’s true it has to be as you fall and care for that

Very special person that’s in your life and

Everyone doesn’t seem to matter to you anymore only this one person that

Means the world to you and the person which

Evolves around you

Emma Neary

I Know What You Did

You made her doubt

I know what you did

You made him question

I know what you did

You made her hurt

I know what you did

You made him cry

We know what you did

You make us scream

We know you

The “popular” and the “now”

We know you

God, how we know.

Irene Durnan