Mercy College, Coolock, Dublin



Why am I called weird?

I am just like everyone else

Yet I am still jeered.

I walk the school halls alone

No one by my side

I feel like I need to hide.

While everyone else is partying

I have to stay at home, it’s not my choice

It’s just I don’t have a voice.

I wish that people would understand,

That I am who I am.

Leah Kelleher & Jade Fullard

Feeling Alone

I wanted freedom from the pressure

It felt like it lasted forever

I became ill from all the nerves

I wanted what I’ve always deserved

I was rejected by my family

They need to realise it’s now reality

In school I was finally accepted

That was the first time that I felt accepted

It was hard to tell people I really trust

I was extremely depressed

And was equally stressed

I developed bad anxiety

To feel accepted by society

But now I feel relief

Now that I’m out I finally am complete.

Jamie Roberts & Amy Kelly


She walked in head down

I struggled to see what was happening now

Days in, days out couch potato

What was that about?

Post came in

I never liked doctor’s notes

It clearly wasn’t about an appointment or a check-up

Maybe there was such thing as bad news

Maybe somethings in life are too precious to loose

I just couldn’t understand why she couldn’t choose.

Lauren Carroll

Marshmallow Fluff

Eye contact is hard

When you look at me

I feel like a retard

I want to cry

And have this overwhelming urge

To curl up and die

Feel like I’m not good enough

Just love marshmallow fluff.


Absolutely scarlet

With my hair of garnet

Weird teeth, glasses and fat

Who would be unlucky enough

to be stuck with that?

Anxiety has ruined me.

Sinéad Redmond


Feeling alone

All day, all night

Feeling useless, worthless, alone

She feels she’s not good enough

A girl nobody notices

A broken heart, nobody knows.

Shauna O’ Callaghan

Boy Racer

Teenage boys

They make you fall for them

They love you or at least say they do

They tell you everything you wanna hear

Like how beautiful you are

Until they get bored of you

Then they move on

Tell you it was all a lie

They just end it like it was nothing

I guess it’s all a part of being a teenage girl.

Shauna O’Callaghan

Teenage Years

Summer fun in the burning sun doesn’t last forever

But memories last a lifetime.

Food in hand while walking barefoot on the golden sand

Pretending Ireland ain’t our homeland.

Ice cream cone not on your own

Always stand up for food.

Be happy just like chappie.

Teenage years are full of cheers, happiest time of your life

Don’t be glum, make a chum and live a happy life

Don’t have a care while we fill our heads with air

It’s all about experiments.

Barbara Kelly-Clarke

Be Yourself

Live your own personal life and stay safe.

Just be beautiful as you are

You have a beautiful smile and lovely blue eyes

Stay strong and be who you are now

Do not kill yourself or do self-harm

That is not the right things to do!!

Do the right things that you like to do

Travel, hang out with friends or family

Just be you

Stay strong and be positive

You should be happy

Love yourself.

Laura Taranu.


Being bullied was never easy

In school it was always the breezy people

Who would laugh and call her names

But what could she do?

Just play games.

It got to the stage where people would hit her.

Now they bully her on Facebook and Twitter

They bully in different ways they don’t always hit her.

People think it’s all a blur

She tried to self-harm but no one was alarmed.

Cyber bulling needs to stop

Give it a rest and turn off your laptop!

People say forget the haters

It’s hard when there being slaters.

Aoife Thornton


Did you ever for a second think that your actions didn’t just affect you.

Did you not think about me when you made the decision to end it all

Did you not fucking care that I loved you

I loved you and you couldn’t deal with that

You said you where lonely and ignored me when I reached out to you

All those nights I stayed up trying to get those thoughts out of your head, for nothing in the end.

The night you went to the bridge

My heart stopped, I couldn’t breathe,

I couldn’t believe that’s how bad things had gotten.

The voices had gotten louder and you couldn’t think of a reason to stay.

I wanted to be your f**king reason.

I know you had a tough time growing up and people made you feel like you where worthless

But I enjoyed your presence how you could make me laugh

I loved you even though you were damaged.

I loved you even though you messed with my head

I loved you and needed you to stay.

You took your anger out on me

One fight lead to another

No trust

We couldn’t even talk to one another

We just looked in pain.

I couldn’t deal with it anymore.


Now that your gone

I don’t know how to cope

the memories are still there

you left me scarred

the marks of your kisses are forever embedded on my skin

I still feel you sleeping next to me

I still feel your hand in mine on lonely days.

Maybe I’m just going crazy

Why can’t I get your out of my head

I am sick

I am sick sick sick

Sick of pretending you’re not gone.

Nicole Fulton

Teenage Years

Being in the teenage years like a cage of crystal tears

Knocking back the bottles of liquor, cheers

Got to partake in getting sicker

Give me a break I’m just a teenager I’m automatically attracted to danger

Friends are fake, strangers and snakes

The lads make your heart ache close to break

My heart is apart I need a fresh start

Mom’s mad she wants me to be smart

My education should be based on creation not frustration

They give you affection in exchange for perfection

Caitlin Lawlor

Scars on Skin

Its time to make some noise

About all of these boys

That tell all of their lies

And play us like were toys.

They think it’s really nice

But they never think twice

About how a girl can feel

It takes a lot for us to heal.

They make us catch our feelings

Staying up staring at our ceilings

They just end up leaving

And then we start on dreaming

About what could have been

To the scars upon her skin.

Charley McGrane

The Bell

In 1876 a great deal was made

A man had allowed us to upgrade

No more messages in a bottle

If your family got ill.

Now we have a different means of communication

Which allows us to speak to our nation

It has ten different numbers and a microphone

Your mind will be blown.

We call this the telephone

A modern accessory,

The hype of this century.

Kerri Hayes


Comparing ourselves to filters and Photoshop

Feeling like a failure because we’re just not good enough

Looking at a reflection and finding a imperfection

Hours upon hours of being sour

Till the realisation their all artificial flowers

Jennifer Clarke-Byrne


She sits in her room, heart full of gloom

Tears fill her eyes, while she dies inside

It was society that gave her this anxiety

This rage has taken over her but it is trapped away in a cage

The cuts on her wrists drive her nuts

She’s called a loser; her dad is nothing but a boozer

They call her fat while she walks to her flat

Her dad is drunk, calling her a punk

Her mam’s screws are loose, only there to abuse her

She leans to the toilet, throws up to be thin

Scars on her skin, nobody knows how rough it has been

Sure enough the next day will just be as rough.

Katie Mooney

Virtual Mary

Social media

What is social media?

A constant global comparison and jealousy to one another

Desperately wanting to be seen as beautiful .

But can you define beautiful?

I mean the girl who is known as ‘perfection’ who posts pictures daily

And the boys who bravely comment but thinking in their mind what they would do to her

To what is seen as the ‘perfect life’

Out every weekend and never has a curfew

But secretly with an absent mother and a drunken father

She is expected to pursue a career and to provide for herself

In a stranger’s bed every other night just to put a dinner on the table

No virgin this Mary in need of a stable.

Robyn Cole

Scary Hairy Spiders

Sitting alongside her

Absolutely terrified her

Scary hairy spider’s.

They think their gas

But their a pain in the ass

Time to get out the glass.

Running around the room

Cunning little thing

He’s playing hide and seek,

The bloody cheek.

He thinks he owns the gaff

He really makes me laugh

Well its time to die

Hahahahahaha goodbye.

Jodie Williams


The oul one roars “get yer grapes for a euro”

We’re cheering for Conor Mcgregor and Jose Mourinho

We plaster our spice bags all over social media

Looking up the facts on the latest Wikipedia

What it is like to have a proper summer

And now Cassandra is preggo and her lads done a runner

Lauren Murphy