Loreto Secondary School, Bray, Co Wicklow


Collapsing Wings

Wings collapsing in a pool of tears

Unsteady hands push away walls

Shin screams, burns, begs for the sweet release of air,

For a beautiful gush of oxygen to drive through me but it is always disappointed,

And instead it’s met with shaking,

Uncontrollable streams of anxiety flooding from bleeding eyes that search desperately for safety,

But they are always disappointed,

They are always disappointed.

Instead panic runs through my veins

A burning surge and I am escorted

By the never ending sensation of drowning

To a person I don’t even recognise

And in this moment,

This hour,

This life,

As I search for who I was,

I am always disappointed,

I am always disappointed.

Megan Foster


We were like trains

At first just passing each other

Then one of us switched tracks

And then we shared the same route.

Everyday we’d take on people together

Tackled any problems we forced

We worked in unison

Our mechanics ticked to the same rhythm

We were headed in the same direction.

And then one day a track switch broke

And one of us went a different way than usual

You just kept going and going in the wrong direction

And neither of us could stop it

Crashing and tearing

Further and further away,

Faster and faster

Further and further

And I watched helplessly, as you got smaller and

Smaller in the distance

Not knowing what had happened in the blur

And I watched as you

Continued unknowingly to a different destination

Where you’d find another train to share a track

And work in unison together

We were just like trains.

Emma Nolan


In a dark, stuffy room

reeking of stress

a light comes on and

I almost drop dead.

Here’s anxiety in all its glory

and my heart is saying sorry

that I didn’t show my brave side and

stand up for myself

by myself.

Here’s stress poking at me

telling me there’s no time,

no hope, just humiliation and pain.

Heart racing, blood pumping.


School! Old friend!

When I drown in the sea

of shallow, fake bitches, their new lipsticks,

name-calling, drama-making

How can I call you my friend?

I won’t.

What’s this on the ground?

A pen, a page, a tune which makes

my soul embark.

I blast it until I feel nothing but

a brilliant, brain riddling madness.

Inspiration, motivation, this drive in my veins

gives me an instant high

And so I play my guitar solo one more time.

Weronika Oglaza



A hug, a kiss and a bandage cured all

The biggest problem was a painful fall.


You’re growing up, it’s the end of an era

Your life is changing, but it’s not getting any clearer

A brand new school, a fresh new start

Little did you know your life would fall apart


At this age, you’re stuck in the middle

A child or an adult, it’s almost a riddle

Screaming and crying and calling for assistance

They all understand but still keep their distance

Sympathetic looks and ‘it’ll be okay’

But they’re not going to help you get through the day

All this trouble and sleepless nights

Hoping and praying it will be alright.


You’ve got yourself through it, you’re looking back

You’ve healed yourself and all your cracks

Proud of yourself for being so strong

For looking up and powering on

You’re still so young with your life ahead

You’re a happy new person, the old you is dead.

Catherine Farrell

Love and Affection

Why do people just look at others?

When they have tears rolling down their face,

Calling them a bitch and a knacker,

Does it make you feel great?

Ignoring all those comments

Looking down, Feeling down

Remembering how it feels causing disagreements,

Nobody knows your little small town

You’re a nobody, you’re a nothing

But who said that?

When you offer love and affection,

Don’t ignore it, just enjoy it.

Stephanie Bongala


Glitter on my nails

Gun in my hand

Book on the desk

Got to keep a reputation

Achieving high, keeping everyone happy

Running for my life, searching in the dark

Sparkly earrings

Living life to the full

Mountains of paper, pressure

Blood pooling, colours shining

Shaky deep breath, wheezing

Lungs filing up with water

Never happy or complaining

Spluttering, falling, memories swirl.

Pressure, timing, I’m finished

I just want to be found.

Chloe McGrath


You’re a slut

You are stunning

From who do you think you are running.

Time is precious

Time’s a killer

Here’s a naggin, a crate of miller.

Cover your body

Conceal your bruises

For she who dares always looses.

In rooms filled with junkie smoke

Young girls lost in a sweeping stroke.

I may be young

I may be bold

But I am not a child

I cannot be told what to and what not to do.

Yes I am young, but you were once young too.

Lauren Coffey

Constant Pressure

Under pressure, like the song

Constantly, constant at the back of my mind,

Droning, am I wrong to not care.

It’s hard, so hard to just go out and do……

Something, anything.

The Internet, TV maybe a book if I’m feeling clever for once

Comparison is my weakness

To my sister, other girls my age

“Why can’t you be like her”

Or the subtle “…….. did that”

Constantly, constant in my head

Just let me bury myself into the bed.


How Am I Supposed to Choose

How am I supposed to choose

This game is hard and it’s easy to loose

Subject choices that cause so much stress

Lead to leaving very points that are just a mess

College courses and CAO forms, which define our lives our teacher warns

Then careers and mortgages and children to follow

How am I supposed to choose when my mind feels so hollow.

Niamh Kennedy

Writer’s Block

I can’t write

Past this writer’s block

Not even a writer

But this writing’s got me in a headlock

I can’t write

No imagination, motivation

Crushed a long time ago

By my education

I can’t write

I’m drawing a blank

Like in an exam I think so hard,

You can hear the cogs crank

I can’t write

‘Cause I have to rhyme

Preconditioned by studying

Years of rhythm and time

I can’t write

But I’ll be judged on this

Same way I’m judged

On subjects I’d choose to dismiss

I can’t write

It’s over now

I don’t know how

Did what I said I couldn’t

When I started out

Never mind the doubt

I overcame my writer’s block

By writing it out.

Ciara O’Brien


Spending half of my life in school. It’s so shit.

Being in school is not even about learning anymore it’s about passing.

Everyone is different so don’t expect us to be the same and have the same grades.

Life is hard.

Stressing every year in school about pointless exams.

Our world needs help.

Look at the things that’s happening to this world

No one is doing anything.

I’d be scared for my own children in the future

Wondering what society will do next to make us feel like shit

About our figure how we dress and how much our clothes cost.

Jolina Gajardo


You don’t need no iPhone 6

No bullshit lies

No second chance

No romance shit

No bad ass bullshit boyfriend because you,

You have self-esteem.



I’m sick of your lack of facilities

Your unequal opportunities

Your expectations and

Our lack of freedom

I’m sick of your narrow minds

Your stubborn teachers

Your education system designed for only one

Type of student

Too much punishment and not enough encouragement.

Grace Molloy & Orlaith Doyle


Stars run

Tears shine

Paint pops

Balloons run

Machines grow

Trees whirl

Pin takes off

Plane drops.

Ciara Murphy

Meat ‘Haters’

I don’t agree with vegetarianism.

I strongly believe that everyone should consume meat.

Honestly, who cares about the cows, the pigs, the lambs, and all the other animals we get
meat from.

Here’s the thing, if we died and there were cows and pigs and shit walking about, and they needed food, they’d eat us.

So why shouldn’t we eat them?

You want to not kill all the animals and just let the amount of them increase?

Fine, but you know what’s next, they revolt against us, you want that to happen? You never know what animals are capable of.

Just eat meat, you know why, cause it tastes so good, like sooooo frickin’ good. Like you’ve just had a little taste of heaven. It’s like the best taste in the whole world.

People of the world, we only live once. So why not enjoy life while we can? And eat crispy shredded chicken and cocktail sausages and duck and lamb and steak and spare ribs and just every kind of chicken there is under the sun because chicken is sooooooo god damn good.

So eat meat kids, f**k vegetarianism!

Andrea Farrelly

Because I am a Woman

Because I am a woman

Society says I can’t

They think that since I’ve got boobs I’m not able

Told that if I’m not society’s definition of ‘pretty’

I’m not going places

Told that I’m meant to care more about my looks than my thoughts

Told to cook and clean and most t most important job is to be a mother.

Discarded, Ignored,

Never taken seriously

If I’m a strong leader I’m labelled a bossy bitch

If I’m angry about an injustice it’s written off as just PMS.

Constantly judged

If I put out I’m a slut

If I don’t I’m a prude

I can’t ever win

Men think they can make my decisions for me by the way I dress

Thinking they own me

I don’t belong to anyone

My mind is free

My body is my own

I can be whoever I want to be

And you can’t stop me

Because I am a woman

And I am strong enough to break down the walls society has built around me,

And if you looked close enough you would see all that and not just a pretty face.

Sinéad Ryan


The thing that bothers me is

The way guys treat girls like shit,

Thinks it’s acceptable to do that,

Pictures and questions all personal but they never stop.

Is it too late to say sorry?

That is the new question that pops up on my screen

As he realises that he’s made a mistake and probably lost you.



I drink too much

I know I do

I drink because adults do

And because I like to be happy

I like being able to laugh and smile

And not worry about everything.

Everything that has ever happened and will ever happen

Racing through my mind

So I drink

And I laugh

And I smile

And I deny stealing that bottle

I say I don’t know

And my mother lets it go

And I drink.



When I look in the mirror is as if it’s broken

I see fragments of myself I am unhappy with

I pick myself apart

Pointing out my flaws

Society has created an image of beauty that is unrealistic

That somehow we all want to achieve

I remind myself no one can be perfect

That even in the magazines

Behind the perfect makeup, the perfect cloths and hair

There is a makeup artist, a stylist and a team of hairdressers

I remind myself that the people in the magazines have parts of themselves I don’t like

Just like me

I remind myself I may not be perfect, but I can be perfect at being me.

Billinda Lyons

That Was You

That was you too late to say sorry falling drunk into the back door.

Nearly got hit by a bus that was you.

Hungry for love, sick and tired of being abandoned ad people just laughing,

That was you.

Bleeding out for attention but was ignored

That was you.

Drunk and high all the time, my moma don’t care, that was you.

Standing in a run-down bathroom reflecting into a broken mirror realising that was me not you.

Amy Greene, Beth Barrett Cullen, Aoife Waters & Lucy Chand

Tainted Blood

Message sent, slow footsteps

Nothing left, can no longer feel upset.

No more chains, leaning towards the wrong lane

Things will never be the same, the game will begin.

She knew my loath, yet I clung to hope

Just like when I was told, there were many things I could become

I will remember her eyes, her hair her lips

Her hands which were once clean and her smile which beamed.

My determination wouldn’t bend until she met her end

I could no longer do any mends, I need this pain to be tired.

It’s time for this tainted blood to stop its flow.



Chicken tender meat or pizza?

Salt and vinegar, yes please.

Don’t forget the garlic dip

And my can for me sip.

Five euro that will be

All this food just for me.

Knock on the door the food is here

Luckily the chipper is near.