Mercy Secondary School, Inchicore, Dublin



You are the choked

and the strangled

tied up in chains

mangled in your houses

of the dead.

Running and dancing

till the drunken dawn

starts setting fire

to the lives of the people

your revolution

left behind.

Carla Delaney, Shauna Barden & Sylwia


Ireland, they’ve mutilated your revolution

They’ve scooped out of your people

Now you have blind leaders leading you into the future.

Sophie Butler, Holly Buchanan & Chelsea Coulahan


A world full of hate

Is where we must follow

The footsteps of fate

From the burning gaze

Of judgemental eyes

We’re crushed with words

Like newspapers swatting flies

We’re pushed to change

Till they can push no more

We are smashing down

The system’s door

Dreaming of a future

But running from a past

In the blood of our sisters

The dye is cast.

Raluca Magadan


You are belittled for how dirty the streets are

For how you like to drink and fight

For how much homelessness there is

But yet no one in cares

Ireland you are portrayed in the worst way

For you broke free from British rule

But yet the leaders were shot for being rebellious.

Ireland you are relentless, powerful and so many other things

Ireland you are at the sides of bank machines begging for change

Ireland you are judged by how much money you have

Ireland you have streets full of drug and alcohol abuse

But yet Ireland you are still beautiful!

Rebecca Fahy


What is love?

Sorry, there is no definition

Love is a strange story

This word, name, phase

Comes in different ways

Love is a competition

With ambition

Nobody will help you

Not even a magician

But, somebody, one day

Will show you the way

Aleksandra Nicpon & Katarina Zec

They Say

They say

We live in a world where losing our phones

is more dramatic than losing our virginity.

They say you need to try new things

but you been given little opportunity.

They say to express yourself

but when you do you are judged.

They say you’re the only girl they text

yet they leave your mascara smudged.

They say you’re just a teenager,

you wouldn’t understand,

but they don’t know how it feels to be let down.

They teach you how to swim

but they didn’t teach you to drown.

Cristin Limpahan & Alya Azman & Renee Diaz

The Arguments

The arguments

And all the contradicting

The kids playing out

The abuse the pain

That they’re inflicting

Dancing on the table

Banging off walls

Sweeping brushes

In the old school halls

A bottle of vodka

The world starts to spin

Sick all night long

Where the hell you been?

Chantelle Wynne