Loreto Secondary School, Kilkenny

Perceptions of Worlds

Reading is life.

People ask, how can you sit and read for so long?

I ask, how can you stand and run for so long?

It’s what makes you feel alive.


Reading is life.

I am told to put down the book and socialise.

They are told that the people who understand you the most,

Are born from books but grow in your imagination.

Who can be a better friend than that which is an extension of yourself?


Reading is life.

I am told to put away the book and see the world for once.

They are told that the world is what you perceive it to be.

If I choose to explore a thousand different worlds through words,

How is that any less real than what you see through presence?

The world is how you see it.


Some people see flashing images,

Blurred with their rushed joy.

Some people see one world,

Secure and loved in its continuity.

I see infinite lives and universes,

Made of words and ink and paper and imagination.

I read.

Emma Holahan


School Bag in hand,

I walked down to strand

Listening to the song,

Of my most favourite band.

As I walked along

The soft sandy shore

All the words came back

Slut, Slag, bitch and whore.

I shut them out

All these words of hate

That have eaten me up

And I’ve taken the bait.

So as I watch all these words

Drift out to sea,

I think to myself

I will be who I want to be.


Eye of the Storm

Blood be smooth,

As man is sleep

But wind and sky storm beneath.


Black bitter blows those,

Eating away all skin

Repulsive rips.


Soaring symphony sings

Rose rain shines red

Like lake light.


Yet between cool blue water.

And waxy warm sun,

Gorgeous gardens are you


Petal smears

And raw diamond.


I watch as though these

Fast days here heave like

Like live music,

Language screams “not never me.”


Why run above in heads?

But not who me.


Some lick purple picture death

My ship of me

Sailing the sea

Of herbs and trees,

Green grass grows

Beneath my fat.


But beaten bulbs

And sore bark trees,

Lie between closed sheets

Of rotten leaves

Only to be forgotten about,

Until the next heave.


Leaving behind me

What I hope to be

Only quiet, clear calm peace.


Only to discover

The power of creation

Is within thee.

Chloe Dalton


Invisible, she can’t even see herself

She’s lost, like an old box, dusty on a shelf.

We walk past her, pretending not to see,

Plus I wouldn’t want attention of strangers if that was me.

Struggling to see the brighter side of the day,

We tell her that it will all be okay

But how can we know what she’s going through

Yea help is great but we really haven’t got a clue.

We ask her what’s wrong. Is someone bothering her?

They don’t know that sometimes it’s not others that can cause the hurt.

We grow up in a generation

Where bullying is an abomination

And causing other people pain results in a suspension

Yet the things in our head are rarely talked about,

The voices in our mind that we want to rip out.

Telling you you’re not good enough, you never will be,

There’s no point in trying, you won’t succeed.

Our generation is bred in, get over it, its fine.

Yeah it’s tough but from our struggles we climb.

It’s great that we grow from our falls and our blows,

But at the time we don’t see that positive road.

The light in the dark is like a torch.

Muireann O’Connell

You Are Special Honey

I come from a Universe

I come from a Galaxy of millions and billions and trillions of everything

I come from a Solar system in that Galaxy

I come from a planet, I come from Earth

I come from a continent, I come from Europe

I come from a country, I come from Ireland

I come from a province, I come from Leinster

I come from a small village, I come from Kilkenny.

I come from a small district, I come from Dicksboro

I come from two people, my parents.

And yet I am special.

I am entirely unique.

I am brilliant.

There is no one else like me.

There is no one like you.

Be you.

Hannah Kane


Stop, think, why are there so many haters in this world

Stop, think, why do they call me negative words just to bring me down

Stop, think, before u hate on me look at you, do u not have something better to do

Stop, think, the words you say will affect others.

Stop, think, you got issues that u need to sort out

Stop, think, do u hate yourself because I’m a reflection of what u want to be

Stop, think, can you make someone feel better about themselves instead of putting them down.

Lolley Sinyan

Will They Ever Really Know Me?

Everywhere I look they’re all the same

Tall, skinny and rich with a long blonde mane

Laughing and insulting the girl who they call lame

Their only longing in life is for some fame.

They’re all so caught up in their own lives

Waiting for another package of new clothes to arrive

They don’t know how tough life can be

When asking for money there’s no guarantee.

Even though my Mam does her best

There never seems to be a time when she isn’t stressed

And even though she tells me I’m blessed

When I see what my friends have I get depressed.

I love my friends and they’re great

But there’s a part of me that will just have to wait

To tell them about what my life is really like

It would be something new to them like riding a bike

Even when bad things in life pile

Just say to yourself life must go on.

Caoimhe Dunne


Conceited, cheated

Turning left right never ever know what to do

I do my best, leave the nest ahead of the rest

Still no one comes through

Longing for a new time

Wanting to climb to new places and leave it all behind

New people new worlds

Maybe I can start to become one

I won’t run, I won’t run

I will survive

Maybe revive

Meet new folk

May provoke me to have a fling

And find new bees for me to wean

A family all I ever dreamed

One day it will come, this I know

I shall show the smug, not to mug

The one who was always below.

Michelle Dalton

Falling Down

Every day I walk a steep hill

Never knowing what’s to come

My thoughts going around in my head like a bass drum

Thump Thump Thump.

I’m all right or maybe i’m all wrong

Public opinion ripening for so long

Thoughts coming at me like a speed bump

Thump Thump Thump.

Siobhan Mullan & Aisling Morrissey


In a world with so many advances,

Why do stereotypes still exist?

Why is it ok for girls to cry,

But boys are seen as weak?

Why is a girl’s place seen as in the home

While boys are free to roam?


The Coffin

I lie alone, enveloped in darkness,

My mind races with endless questions

The blade hue embraces my heart.

What is the point of this life?

Of being granted a few short

Years to casually waste them away?

I feel myself being lowered deeper

As if into dark, cold soil

I lie motionless, almost afraid to move

I feel the vastness of the universe crush me

It taunts me, laughing as I perish.

Caoimhe Reid

They Say

They say you’re just a half

Person that since you have

Asthma it makes you less then you are.


They say that life’s not worth living

As hell would be better than

This heartless place.


They say that they never wanted

You, you were an unplanned



They say they’re using you,

Your just there to entertain

That you’re to stay away.


But what they say may not

Always be what you want to hear.


What they say hurts you

Every time, and every time

You hear it, it just gets worse,

Like deafening tears . . .


They say they’re fine but you

Know deep down that, that

Person putting on a forced face,

Crying inside is you.

Rebecca Brennan

The Hopes of a Butterfly

I want the world to be free,

From the daily struggles,

Abuse, racisms, inequality

Prejudice, judging

I want women to be able to speak,

Black people to be able to learn,

And gay people to be loved, and loved back

I don’t want anybody

To be stared at, laughed at, mocked

For doing what every person

Should be able to do.

I don’t want to feel guilty for being privileged

I want everybody to be equal,


I just want the world to be free, like a butterfly

Able to float, without boundaries

Change and grow without

The world staring.

Aveline O’Neill

Time and thoughts

These memories bring on waves of regret,

They come and they go but I can never forget.

I surround myself with a past that floods my mind,

And the waves come crashing down and it’s you I’ll always find

And sometimes we feel infinite and sometimes we do not.

Why are moments measured by the hands of a clock?

Time is something I can never comprehend,

Nothing ever really feels like the end.

There’s a wall between my tongue and my brain,

I can never say the words my thoughts sustain

The words confuse me they always get stuck,

Maybe I’m better off to keep my mouth shut.

Rosie O’Mahoney


So basically, all my life I’ve never been able to express myself to people

It’s not that I’m scared to or get nervous

It’s just i don’t know how!

It seemed like every time I tried to say something or tell a story

I ended up sounding like an eejit!

I feel like I have got better at expressing myself to new people

And have found a way to be comfortable with myself

And showing others who the real me is!

But I still know I’m not fully there yet,

There is still some circumstances where I can’t be myself,

And I’m not OK with that and I never will be.

I want to be me and I want to be able to show other people who the real me is

When I can do that

I think something beautiful will happen

I’ll experience happiness of making other people happy

And being happy with them

Allowing people to see the real me

The me that was born,

Not the person I think other people ant me to be


Leah Carroll

Our World

Our would can be a hard place

Even for those who put on a brave face

It could be poverty, hatred, violence or war

Anything so little can go so far

On the other hand the world can be a good place

Even when hardship is thrown in your face

Every person girl or boy

Deserves an equal world of joy.

Margaret Renehan

Tap Dancing

Tapping, tapping got it out of her head

But the fact that she knew that tattooed it in her skull

Ingrained it in her mind that when she tapped

She was aware of what devoured her soul.

A tap of recognition was better than thinking, right?

Admitting defeat is half the battle, right?

Crossing the doorway between worry and realism where the tap

Was the devious intended gate keeper.

Where the tap enabled her to look and stare at the hurt she had become

Where tapping was the proof that this would never, and could never end

Where the tap stood above her, pointing laughing mocking

Gradually eating away at the sanity she still had left.

Yet she still tapped, it’s what the doctor ordered.

Because a degree on the wall always overrules the minutiae of the human mind

Victoria Fitzgerald


Our society is poison

A poison that goes through your veins and into your heart.

It affects us

No matter how much we try to avoid it and tell ourselves we are unique

It affects us.

Girls and boys who are maturing are being told how to act and how to sit and speak

Speak clearly they say but yet we can’t…

We speak our minds but yet it is pushed aside

Wait till you finish school they say.

We compare ourselves to others even though the most popular aren’t ok inside they are the same,

Feeling worthless.

Looking in the mirror at your nose, mouth, legs

Shaming yourself because it’s not what the TV shows

Too fat, too skinny


Elders and teachers tell us to study

They say everything will work out

But yet this is the time to find ourselves and embrace ourselves.

Underage drinking everywhere, weed and dealers down the streets.

Depression and suicide every corner.

We need our society to change, to accept genders, and face the truth

TV ads trying to fix the damage

It isn’t working because they still choose the closest to perfect

To promote their new products and designs

It’s all lies

It affects us, all of us, the tall, the small, the weak and the strong.

Tara Brett

Social Media

She has eight hundred Instagram followers i only have three

Makes it hard to post a picture so much pressure to be

The way society expects of both you and of me

The world is changing cant be yourself have to be like everyone else

You don’t post pictures on instagram you don’t have a life

But when you do have to make sure you get over 100 likes

And then there’s Facebook and there’s Snapchat as if other pressures aren’t there

Now it’s all about your clothes and the length of your hair

Changes the way that you think and how you view you

You have to be like everyone else nothing else is gonna do.

Orlaith Moore

Childhood Fears

When I was younger the world seemed brighter

My only fears were spiders,

The boogie monster, the devil, the dark

What’s under the bed or what lurks in the park.

It was like I was in a bubble protected from the world

Everything seemed so big and scary.

I went to my first wake at the age of 7

It was like hoping for them to stir

But the dead never do.

I tried to dream about them,

Pretend nothing was wrong

I visit their grave

A dark empty room

Trying to escape

No doors or windows

Walls are closing

Beneath a sky without stars.

Orla Smyth


“I’m buried deep in mass production

You’re not nothing new” – Iggy Pop


We all look the same in the clothes that we wear

But no the same coloured eyes and or the same coloured hair.

We are all the same in the way that we act,

It was not a question, it is but a statement of fact.

We want to be different but we fear far too much

What if they whisper? Or stare? Or say “she looks rough?”

We are so set stuck in our fears and insecurities that we hide behind a uniform

A uniform of the same hairstyles, clothes and looks

We degrade and mock those who prefer to read books.

We are a uniform

A uniform of young people who grew up too fast

A uniform of young people who seem to finish last

A uniform of young people so caught up in an act that we forget who we are

A uniform of young people who go just that little bit too far.

Alice Walsh


Feminism is a word used by people

Some people know the true meaning of this word

Some people know the misconception of this word

To some people this word means equality for all genders

To some people this word means man hating

A feminist can wear makeup

A feminist can be a man

A feminist does not believe women are superior to men

I am a feminist.

Clodagh Killian


If I could change the past I would

I would change everything if I could

The way I dressed, the way I looked, the way I talked

But I suppose there were better parts than not

When I was younger, it all seemed so simple

Where the most daunting thing in life was getting a pimple

But as you get older, it all begins to change

And only then do you appreciate what you’ve left behind

Its all too hard now to get up in the morning

The thoughts of what lays ahead

And sometimes on a bad day, you just want to go to bed

But then you stop and think of those around you and push on ahead.

Niamh Kenealy


Looking in the mirror is hard when you’re a fifteen-year-old girl

It’s hard to describe.

It’s difficult to say how you feel imperfect when you have two arms, two legs, two eyes and a nose

A functioning brain isn’t enough these days

It’s petty and selfish. But it’s not something I can help

I’m vain, I could stare for hours at my reflection in that hell of an object

Because that’s what it is. My personal hell.

On the surface, at first glance, there’s no problems

But I can see deeper

I can see the unwanted lumps and bumps

I can see the disproportion, the scars and the bruises

Sometimes it’s not enough to cover up the mirror

Or close my eyes

I can’t stop looking.

It’s always on my mind.

Like a drug, I’m lost without it.

I have someone who calls me beautiful.

It doesn’t work. Because it’s not true.

The only person I would ever believe is myself.

And I can see.

I know.

Mirrors don’t lie.

Ruth Kendrick

The Hard Stuff

The place I grew up in was rough

The next thing I knew I was injecting that hard stuff

The drugs I used weren’t hard to find,

The people I got them from paid me no mind

At first I felt grown

Always at home on my own

Thought it was a ghost

Turns out it was the post… man

The smallest things made me angry

My loved ones no longer wanted to be around me

One day I was high after using up all I had

I knew I needed to reform; I needed it bad

3 years on I’m lying in my bed realising that I should be dead

Looking back on my fall

I realised the drugs weren’t worth it at all.

Ali, Katie, Laura & Tara


Down by the ocean on a golden summers day

The crystal blue water shimmers in the bay

A candlelit dinner fully prepared

As a cold wind blows

Goose bumps rise

So he gives me his coat

Then we sail away

On a beautiful boat

We drink champagne beneath the falling stars

And talk about the adventure of life

Then he gets down on one knee

And now I’m his wife.

Madeline Byrne


Scared, worried, start.

Waiting for the clack

Long elegant dive

Gliding through the pain

Stroke after stroke, length after length

My weakness turning into my strength

I feel my lungs now, gasping for air.

My opponents suddenly becoming aware.

My pain is coming to a close

As I feel my body having been overthrown

By the satisfaction of winning three golds.

Grainne Behan

Social Media!

Some say it is one of the greatest inventions of all time

People are able to socialise for less than a dime

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram

Could we really think of a better invention of our time?

It has so much freedom, people can really express

Put the strength of their Facebook friends to the test

They can tell us we look ugly, hideous and even stupid

Making us feel undeserving and muted.

It can make us feel alone, deserted and worthless too

All because of the untrue words said by a few.

A few people out of the billions all together,

Just enough to make us feel ‘under the weather’.

How could people make us feel this good

Just as we always should

How could we thank social media for the joy?,

For being the greatest invention of lives to destroy!

Mary Fitzgerald


The home I knew best was no palace

It was no castle nor a million dollar mansion

The home I knew best could not be found on a map

Or any device in this world. It didn’t have a number or a name

They all wonder how I get there but to tell the truth

I never have left.

It’s in my mind, its in my heart

That’s where it is in my daddy’s arms.

As I drift into sleep I know I am safe and minded all night.

Ava Knox

Why Do We Need School?

I don’t even see why we there’s a need for school

Sitting in these chairs are painful and cruel.

Teacher always give out while they teach

Give me a tablet and I’ll learn on the beach.

The most annoying thing of all are these exams and these tests

Get rid of them to hell, ’tis is a challenging request.

We are just kids, yes knowledge we seek

But our education system is definitely weak.

That’s my argument done and complete

Ignore the government rules, we’ll all just cheat.

Rachel Murphy

How Many More Minutes?

How many more minutes

Until the bell rings

So I can go

To Burger King.

How many more minutes

Till I can go home

And feed my dog

A big fat bone.

How many more minutes

Will it be till the end

Where the heck

Is my friend???

How many more minutes

Until can leave

I have a few tricks

Up my sleeve.

How many more minutes

Until I can go

Ah here,

I don’t even know!

How long is left in this hell hole

Oh no, everyone left

A long time ago!!

Heather Campion

The Underdog and the Fair Lady

The story of unrequited love is too often told

The average boy lusts for the godly girl

After a series of unlikely shenanigans

He gets her

He wins

For she is the object

The epitome of femininity

He is Joe Bloggs

The scrappy underdog with no real personality

Apart from his lazy humour and every man appeal

He is the perfect man

Created by a capitalist world

To relate to all men

Giving them impossible standards

They deserve her

They deserve this woman

What she wants is irreverence.

Could she not see what she could’ve had

These selfish women just judge on looks

They don’t bother to peel back

See what’s inside.

Maggie Welland

Like a Pig

The old way of torture

Gut him like a pig

Upside down on a meat hook

His body swings from side to side

While he’s still alive and wriggling

He screams, he shouts

Oh joy

Choking on his guilt

Gasping for a breath he’s never gonna breathe

His hanging body there as a warning

It swings from side to side

Good little piggy

Bad little piggy.

Paulina Biala

Just a Glove

Always being used

In summer being abused

The sun is for blame

You’d think I’d be handy

Prefer ice cold milk

Or diet coke, but not hot brandy

That seems to take away the pain

Feeling so unloved

Too bad I’m just a glove.

Molly Naughton