C.B.S. Dungarvan, Co. Waterford


One For All

Why should it be one for all

Some stand tall

Some will fall

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t stand tall

Because exams are not for all

Some people will think their finished

Because their confidence is diminished

For others the exam is their friend

But the real world will bring that to an end

The system really needs to change

But the people who made it are just too afraid.

Rory Curran

It’s Alright Not to Feel Okay

Life is great.

Life is the most valuable thing we possess.

But, it’s not always a stroll in the park.

Life can often be dull and dark.

When people feel down they think it’s the end of the world. But, that’s not always the case.

People can feel down for many reasons:

the loss of a loved one, illness, failing an exam, not performing well in sport.

But, what we have to remember is that for every sad moment there is a happy one.

Put it this way even the sun sets in paradise, but even though it sets, it has to rise again.

It’s perfectly normal to feel down

Even the most successful people on this planet feel down.

Sometimes you are not going to succeed

But always remember:

Failure is only temporary but success is permanent.

Ronan Geoghegan

In a World

In a world where almost everything ever known can be found online

In a world where one of the biggest job vacancies is in new technology

In a world where things are changing faster than ever

In a world where more and more kids are lashing out against the system

Why are schools trying to reduce the web to a few government-made sites?

Why are schools giving only a tiny amount of effort to teaching kids about technology?

Why are schools holding on to the old and rejecting the new?

Why are schools choking with tighter rules instead of seeing their point of view?

And helping to grow on what they can do?

Matthew Hurley


I struggled through all the pain

As I struggled to find any gain

Every morning every night

I tried to make it right

Every trip every fall

I tried to conquer them all

I used to slip and slide

As I struggled to even glide

When I got my act together

All the struggles seemed like a feather

Floating out of my memory

As I marched on cleverly

Maybe life will make me struggle

But I will go on without a trouble.

Rory O’Donovan


Why worry about something you can’t change?

A world without worry is something I wish I could arrange

If you can’t do anything about it, then don’t be worried

Into the ground, your ‘worries’ should be buried.

But when there’s something that can be done

Then, what are you waiting for

Because fixing your problem’s can often be fun

And it might just open a door.

Really though, why worry about not making that bend?

Because f*** it sure, it’ll all be grand in the end.

Frank Heffernan


Lorry pulls up beside me on the road

He opens the door

It’s a friend I’ve never seen before

Says he’s furniture to unload

Where you going says I

Just to the path over

But that’s the middle of nowhere

I looked at him with a cautious eye

Stranger danger went through my mind

Turned around and looked behind

No one around to be at my side

So run away and hide.

Dylan O’Donovan


As I walk to the ropes I take a deep breath

The whole world vanishes its just me and myself

I was told once the only person I have to battle is myself

The pressure of life just all disappears

While I am here the boys are drinking beers

But this is my life and it’s the way I want to live it.

Dylan Fraher

Corrupt Generation

If teenagers can’t be different how can they express themselves?

If you can’t be yourself you’re nobody.

Personally I think this world is a giant mess.

Being different is the key to happiness

Everybody can’t be that perfect figure or the best.

I believe being yourself is the key to happiness

You don’t have to put up a wall to hide your personal happiness from others.

To finish my expression of anger I’m just going to say


Colm O’Shea

People are Drinking

People are drinking, I am thinking

They’ll be backstage drinking until they disengage

Drink until they reach the brink.

Just do some wishful thinking instead of drinking.

They’ll be snapchatting while I’m here back chatting.

Wondering why, why I don’t fit in

And all my emotions handwritten.

They are on a steep hill, even though I’m one of these people.