St. Patricks College, Cavan

Stand Out

Out of place

Try to follow a crowd

Part of a chase


Why not be different and unique

Make your own way

Mould your future.
Needing to pass to succeed

Achieve the points

To reach your goals.


Well I say no

Write your own story

Reach high

Be different

Stand out.

Daniel Watson


Sixteen sucks

Pretending not to give any f*$ks

But its all a cover

Just so we don’t harm each other

Nothing just feels right.

Drugs, and alcohol are on the rise

Overdosing and accidents are no surprise

Who has the most likes on a social media site

You know what, we really shouldn’t give a shite.

Eoin McDonell

My Haven

People always ask, “Why do you stay upstairs?”

“Why do I go right to my room and stay there all day?”

So I can recover myself from the pain and repair

My body or mind, after that day

I can survive, and go out again tomorrow.


So after the day’s work at school

Where it seems like I’m always behind a soundproof wall

I can go break that wall, move forward

And the whole world can hear what I say.


People say I need to go out more

I can’t hermit away on my own.

But in that room upstairs

I’m more connected than they ever know.

I can escape the tight grasp of the media

Social pressure and gossip.

I can use my mind and see any opinion I could need

And form my own.


In my bedroom upstairs,

With a laptop and the internet I can connect

With people, with my passions

And both.

That’s a valuable thing,

My lifeline, for my sanity.


So when you hear another report

on the evils of the internet and terrors of trolls.

Games causing violence

Evil ideas

Bans, protests, and people who can’t move on

Holding everyone else back.

Remember this poem

Help me prove them wrong.

Oisin Sheridan


On Mondays

As I walk the hallways

Although its full with people

I feel like I am on my own.


I hear of peoples’ weekends

With their lady friends

While I’m left on my own.


I try to fit in

But I get thrown into bins.

I go for good grades

Because I’m very afraid

That I will be nothing when I’m older


My Badass Rap

Life oh what can that be

Obstacles that I see I don’t want to be

Pressure from everyone stop that please

Help me to decide what I want to be

You get stuck in a bad decision, a bad situation

But you forget about the outcome

Because that ain’t no fun

A bad thing to think about what will come?

A fun thing to some

But f**k that

Stick it on a truck and f**k that

I aint got no time for that

My parents I love em

Help em out when because of my love for em

They care for me I’m grateful for that, I’m thankful for that

But back to life I try my best

But I can’t help the rest

The people that laugh at me look down at me take advantage of me

You know? Maybe it’s me am I too slow?

I can’t go with the flow I don’t smoke weed I don’t want a go!

But mistakes have been made that I can show I’m sorry for what I did

Sometimes I want to go escape this life that’s what I mean

But to be in oasis that’s my dream

But that one person he’s a fool I guess why I am the tool

We work together ham and bread but a failure that’s what I think instead

I’ll end this rap like I’ll show of what I know

I’ll make the do and play with my yoyo.


Just a Game

It hurts so much

When the other team is clutch

People say its just a game

But I feel so much pain.


I can’t watch without nerves

To see what is served

A world of excitement

Or just an indictment.


I watch football for fun

But only if we won

Maybe people need to learn

It’s more than just a game .

Paul Kelly


This life

Isn’t easy

Pressures of school

Start feeling queasy

Make me uneasy

Life moving fast

Getting wheezy

Got a friend

Who showed me reality he

Proved that education isn’t everything

It doesn’t bring happiness

Doesn’t spring

Your life in the right direction

Sure, it’ll help in election

But let me make a correction

You don’t need perfection

To make your selection

Some simple reflection

And some inspection

Can start your projection


Knowing the

“Angle of reflection”

Does nothing for your midsection.

Conor Flood

Hitting the Wall

Hitting the wall

Might be sudden or maybe it was expected

Trying to fit in and trying to be accepted

Going through hell but telling no one

Boys smoking weed they got from someone

Drugs boost popularity

But also the death risk

Is it smoking a cigarette,

Or smoking a death stick?

Leon Kelly


Expected to get from A’s to C’s

Yes teacher, no teacher thank you and please

Get into college and the highest degree

Cause apparently it’s society’s expertise.

They say you f**k up, you “failing

What’s the point of you living, might as well get bailing”

Life’s not so bad, but it’s not all plain sailing

Cause I believe that I will, I’ll be prevailing.

Niall O’Connell

I’ll Do It Later

All the pressure

15 years old – 15 years’ work in one year

Have to keep on top

Top of the game

Top of the class

Top of all.

Just leave me alone

I’ll do it later

Fine. I will tidy my room

Ok tomorrow I’ll go to bed earlier

And get up earlier

Yes. I DO know why breakfast is important


Everything’s a rush

Can’t wait till summer

But summer comes and a new pressure comes

Fine. I’ll do it later.

Barry John Conaty