Glenstal Abbey School, Murroe, Co. Limerick


We Need

Peace, selflessness,

Brotherhood, love,

Self-confidence, and

A friendly shove.

Politeness, support,

Friendship, music,


These are the main rubric

Just a few of the things all people need

But I don’t have just one of them.

Peter Maier

There’s No Need

Pointless arguments

Spiteful comments of harmfulness

Continuous abuse

Can be worse than a bruise

It wrecks people’s minds and so you will find

That make someone annoyed can leave kids destroyed

Sticks and stones may break your bones – true

But words will hurt you if you let them

So don’t take any heed

In your heart you know there’s no need.



In the school

I found a human

Another human

There are too many humans

I have fallen to pieces.


I Struggle

I struggle because I compare my behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.

Maccon Keane

Rough Life

As I wake up the heavy thump is strong

As I realise that this school day is long

The weight of pressure pulls me down

Full of expectation pain and frowns

In my direction because they think ill drown

In the names and pains leaving stains.

On my hopes as teachers say nope

He won’t succeed he has no chance

He should give up and take a stance

Behind a counter in Supermacs

Just because I’m not able to read through stacks

Of pointless literature to memorise.

And I’m supposed to leave all dreams behind in the skies

And be like all the other guys

Arthur Moore & William McAleese

Things That Annoy Me

Cocky people

I hate cocky people

They’re everywhere.

On the street online and in schools

They’re everywhere.

People who are full of themselves

And don’t care about anyone else.

They think they’re above people

And decide they can do whatever they want

Slagging and teasing putting people down

Think it’s funny but don’t see lasting damage

People like this need to see what they’ve done.

I know this because I’ve been put through all this

By cocky people who think they’re above me



Einstein said judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree

And it will live its life believing it’s stupid

School is an oak I’m a fish out of water

The system’s a joke, I feel like I’m getting smaller.

How can it be fair two people with different minds

Forced to take the same test, run it in the same time.

Everyone is different, differ in imagination

People rejected for job imagine that frustration

Rejected because ink on a page said so

Because someone else did one percent better

They don’t say it to your face

Rejection in a letter.

Imagining the world with the imagination

That it takes to see the next big revelation

Revolution, innovation all come down to one thing

Our system kills the one thing we need most

To thrive in a world we need to look forward, not linger and boast

To imagine the imagination that has already been killed

It makes wonder when it all dies what else will.


My Rant

My rant is political correctness. This is because in my opinion political correctness stops people from speaking the truth. For example, Michael D. Higgins and Enda Kenny in the Christmas address did not once mention Christianity in order to remain politically correct. This is wrong as you should not be unable to speak the truth just because you might annoy a small minority who in my opinion are wrong to do so. If you take for example Donald Trump he tells political correctness to kiss their arses. Now I despise Donald Trump and hope he does not get elected but because he ignores all of these imaginary and stupid rules. He appeals to the people because he talks as they would to each other. If more people in power took notice of this then some of the problems we see today could become a lot more manageable.

Harry Boland

Be Free

Your school and your parents say that you have to do it whether you like it or not.

And we say time after time that that’s not what we want to do

And they ask what do you want to do

But if they heard that what we really want to do is be free

To do what we wanna do

But you can’t because a man in a uniform with a badge said you can’t.

Matthew Roche

What Annoys Me


Society norms

How much can you drink





James and Matthew

Things I Hate

I hate going to school in Germany

Because 70% of what we do

I’m never going to use again.

In German class we always do the same

Writing interpretations or analysis.

In music class we were doing

The exact same test for 3 years.

The same things again and again

That’s how it is at my school.

Mareike Boeselager