Breifne College, Cavan


Music matters

Music is everywhere

Just listen

Music is inside you

Think about it.

The flow of your blood through the your body

It’s bound to make a sound

No matter how low it is

It’s still there

The beating of your heart

You make a sound

Without music where would we be?

What would we do?

Music matters

You are music

You matter.

Cáit McGovern

Being a Teenager

To me, I enjoy being a teenager. For me it is a privilege.

People who question what I’m doing, don’t have the right to.

It’s my choice to live this way, I play and enjoy watching golf, so what

It’s my life not yours.

If people give me sly remarks, they believe that they will hurt me, but that is not true, for you to hurt me, I would firstly have to value their opinions.

I value the people who want to actually want to be involved in the positives in my life, no matter who they are, if their homosexual, heterosexual or of a different religion, if they be nice to me, then I’ll be nice to them, it’s as simple as that.

So don’t judge my ways cause you wouldn’t be able to walk a mile in my shoes.

Kyle Morris


I am a boy that has good friends

But my thoughts on bad situations will never end

Even though they are there for me day by day

I always feel like I wanna run away

Sometimes I think they only say that

I honestly think they don’t give a rats

There’s not much people I can trust

Cause I always think it’s gonna go round

But people don’t see I’m always hiding a frown.

Dylan Molloy

Silence Them With a Stare

One thing that bugs me

Is when boys think they’re class.

They act all hard

Around their friends.

They don’t talk to you,

When they’re with their friends

But are all over you

When you’re on your own.

And they crumble when you

Silence them with a stare.

Nicole McDonald


I don’t get it

A number doesn’t define you

Who cares about followers, likes or subscribers

In the real world it means nothing

In the real world nobody cares if you’ve got 5 or 5,000 likes

People getting anxious when they only have 6 likes

Begging others to like their status or pictures

They don’t realise that 1,000 likes is not worth one true love

They just don’t get it.

Xus Marques

Our Generation

Our generation is f**ked

We’re single-handedly ruining this planet and screwing our children’s future

Our generation judges people on their looks and possessions and not on their character personality

Our generation is the one where 14 year old girls dress like they’re 24

And have thrown away their innocence and virginity before they can even comprehend love

All just to gain acceptance and popularity from their peers and so called friends.

Nathan Farrelly

Phil’s Rap

Name’s Phil

I rap on the weekend

And freeze people still

All day

All night

Going around giving them a fright

Sending them to bed for an early night

They dunno how to rap

They’ll get stuck in my little trap

All day all night

Teaching these kids how to rap

While saying goodnight


Mr. Luxembourg

I come from a country that nobody knows

It’s as small as my finger

And nearly as tiny as my toes

And I met a famous singer

It costs €100 per dinner

I’m known for rugby

I am universal

And have to use Persil.

Glenn Browne (AKA Mr. Luxembourg)