Ursuline College, Sligo


The Audition

The thought floats through my mind

But its power is strong

My heart falls behind

My stomach clenches

The butterflies are alive.

The day looms and I can’t help dreading it.

I worry my voice will fail

I worry I won’t be able to do it.

The day comes closer but I want it gone

I’ve done this before

But not on my own

The power of a single song

Can be so strong.

Ellen Ryder

Migrant Crisis

He was only the age of three

Barely able to talk, only beginning to see

He didn’t know what was going on

He had to leave his country, what did he do wrong?

He began the treacherous journey with his tired family

Arriving at Turkish shores, they boarded the dinghy

The sea was so rough and truly unforgiving

But they were really desperate for a better standard of living.

Life can be tough and it was not meant to be

A better life, this boy did not see.

He tried so hard to keep hold of the boat

He soon let go and did not float.

He was only the age of three,

Barely able to talk, only beginning to see.

Aoife Gallagher


Depression is the tight grasp

Of a strong clammy hand

Pinning you down

Holding you back

It’s the feeling of being trapped

As if tied up with locks and a chain

Unable to function

The way you used to.

Unable to love

Unable to feel loved.

But the thing is

You are beautiful –

No matter how long you stare into the mirror crying

You are unique –

No matter how much you feel like a follower

You are special

You are important

You matter.

And eventually the clasp will weaken and the locks will unlock

You’ll once again feel joy

The feeling you may have long forgotten

Your world will brighten up

And the sun will shine for you again.

Elaine McGoldrick


Late nights early mornings

All for what some people say

Little sleep lots of stress

Anticipating the coming of May

Perfection, perfection that’s all they want

Do it for yourself? Yeah right enough!

Crying, breakdowns, we need more time

It’s not enough the teachers chime.

Hands shaking, pens drop,

Placing papers on the top,

Question 1 through 10 they did, no noise

Then slowly the students lost their poise.

Finally the day, it came,

The students they all felt the same

Cheers of delight from all involved,

Not that all their problems were solved.

Eva Ryan

I Will Be Someone

They say life is easy

Its what you make it

I have to disagree.

Yes of course what you put in you get out

Yet we are held back by strings

I have no doubt.

We are told to settle down

Meet someone special

Maybe I want to look around

At the world around me

It seems quite scary

I may feel the need to flee.

I want to be someone

I want to inspire

Someday I will become one.

Linda Casey


Maybe the stars get lonely too

They’re filled with false hope

And tales of love lost.

Abbie Melly


There’s a miracle called friendship that dwells within the heart

You don’t know where it happened or when it gets a start

True friends will touch your heart whether close or far apart

Keep them close. Preferably in your heart.

Leah Hedigan


Tension builds from mid-summer

Pressure mounts like a train revving to go

Its seems so far but yet so close

Not a day goes by that it doesn’t cross your mind

One week to go

Seems to be all everyone’s talking about

How the balance sheet balanced

How maths was impossible.

Night before

Butterflies race eager to be released

Time drags by, an hour feels like a day

Too nervous to relax, a sleepless night ahead

The day arrives

Quivering with emotion

Arrive at school, see everyone gathered round

The screeching of tyres

Sound of a horn and desperate cries

Everything goes black.

My life has changed forever.

Maeve Rooney and Katie McGoldrick

What Am I?

Each night I’d sneak out with my friends

So frightened of becoming dead

Afterwards I’d go to bed

Scared of what the next day would bring ahead

I’d wake up petrified

But not of my friends but of me…

My family would agree to disagree

They would say why are you not filled with glee

Your personality is like the dead sea

I would cry for hours on end

I … was emotionally dead.

Lauren Lynch

People Don’t Understand

People don’t understand how you feel when you look in the mirror and hate what you see.

People don’t understand what it’s like to feel like you’re trapped, like you’re in a big black hole.

When you feel like you just can’t breathe.

When hate and misery consumes you and you can’t think straight.

When you hope that everyone else is late, so you can fix yourself.

And hope that what you see is anything else but how you feel.

Jorja Hallahan

Never Give Up

Never give up

Even when times are tough

And you feel all alone

Never give up

When every one is putting you down

And telling you to get real

Wipe away the frown

And remember when things feel like a struggle

Just think of the view from the top

Never give up

There will always be haters and doubters

And shouters

But there will also be conqueror’s

Like you proving them all wrong

Never give up



“Boys like short girls.”

You said it like a fact

Like everyone knew it

So I had to act

Like I didn’t know

Act like I didn’t care

Like the words weren’t drilling into my head

And staying there.

“She’s prettier than you.”

More words pass your lips

Spoken in an argument

Now I have to get to grips

With the fact that it’s true, she is.

You tell me you were kidding

You tell me that I’m “hot”

You hold my hand and tell me you won’t stop

Feeling this way, you like me

You’re smitten, you’re here to stay!

I want to believe you

I really do

But you had those thoughts once

They came from you

So what if they come back?

What will I do then?

Just please stop being a prick, again.



Wakey wakey

Rise and shine

The day has broken so here comes my rhyme

Two little birds sit on the ledge

Two little birds wrecking my head

Roll out of bed

Just about dead

Tumble down stairs to be met by a herd

A family stomps around the kitchen floor

Go girl go get out that door

5 to 9 sprint to school

9 o’clock as I slide into a stool

Morning over

Bye for now.

Charlotte Kinsella


Life can be rocky, life can be hard

Sometimes it can leave you scarred

Other times life can be great

Definitely making it worth the wait.

However, one thing I’ve learned

Is life always turns

So keep your head high

Higher than the sky.


What Can I Say?

What can I say ?

Tears fear what can I say

It all happened in the middle of May

The coffin arrived

I felt raw inside

I didn’t know what to say

But that is death at the end of the day.

Ella Morrison


They are there but it’s like they don’t care

Suffocated by their silence, I hear the violence

Ringing in my ears


Can you hear me

Weeping for myself

Hating myself

I’m in too deep

Save me from myself.

Indulging in your trust

Making you believe me

You are here but you can’t see me

Just sit beside me and feel my feelings

It’s not easy to make you need me

You are needed

You mean a lot to me

But I need to set you free

Scars are covered with your love

You can see me from above

I can’t let you go.



He bought me flowers


As bright as day

A remedy of happiness

How could one complain?

Day’s went on

They withered away

Leaving me to watch

As they fall so frail.

The funny thing about love

Much like sunflowers

It withers away.

Cliona Hynes


Fantastic evenings by the sea

Useless money spent on ice cream

Nothing is better than the simplicity of people

Appreciate what you have

Remember there is always worse than me

Leah Rooney

What is Beauty?

Is it in the clothes we wear,the figure we carry,or the way we comb our hair?

Beauty can be seen only through our eyes, because only through our eyes can we see the heart

The place where love resides.

We have to be able to see past the ‘set idea’ of what makes someone beautiful

So we can start to see it in ourselves.

Some we are born with, some we create

There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness

The smile we give is worth more than any jewel

It is something that is reflected in our soul.

Ciara Goonan

Results Night

Jump on the bus in a hurry and a flush

Juice at the ready and you’re going on the lush

Mothers are watching,

Eyeing up the load

But they don’t know what’s to come

Half an hour down the road

Forget about results,

Just think about the night

Out with DA SQUAD

Not a single care in sight

Pull up at the place

And your eyes are blurry

But everyone’s the same

Past the bouncers in a scurry

Music banging, boys are hanging,

Backs to the wall and they’re trying to get a tapping

Few shifts here

Throw shapes there

What a class way

To start off the year

Onto the bus and you need to calm down

Plate of curry chips, in the middle of town

Your mother’s on her way so you grab a bottle of water

Cos as far as she’s concerned

you are the perfect daughter!


Welcome to School

You look, you stare

You claim that you care

You sit them down

And fry their brains

You’re driving them fricken insane!

A future (to you) relies on numbers and letters

But to them, their minds

Are their salvation

And they could of awakened

Your imagination.

You kill them from the inside out

You drive them to drink

To drugs, to smoking.

You attempt to turn them

Into your perfect models

Of diligence and obedience

But oh, if you knew

Everything that they really do.

So loosen your leash

And take a deep breath,

We may be alive,

But we’re dead on the inside.

So clink your wine bottles

And take the last of your pills

And tell them you’re sorry for all that you killed.

Michaela Crawley

Squad Goals

My squad is good

My squad is great

With 13 girls I call my mates.

If you want a roast

We will definitely host

Rup the west coast.

Cartown where you at

Results will hit like a baseball bat

We’ll leave it at that.


Rup gossip gurlo.

Ash O’ Reegz and MC Corcoran


Looking through your window,

Its 5 am.

I hope you don’t catch me,


Your sleep is so peaceful

Soon to be awake.

Soon I will meet you

And hopefully greet you,

As the tip of my knife twists

You cry screams of pain

But no one can hear you

You died insane.


It’s All Going To Be OK

They tell you it’s all going to be OK. But will it? They don’t warn you about what could happen, they leave you to see it through. They allow the walls to crush you and break you to pieces in the hope that someone else can put them back together. You are surrounded. Surrounded by the thoughts that you will never accomplish anything, that nobody cares about you and you will forever be in a pit of loneliness. You call, but nobody answers. You try to escape the voice that’s tearing your mind apart but you fall deeper. Deeper and deeper until nothing. There’s nothing they can do. They try to buy time but it’s not on your side. All you can do now is hope. Hope that things will get better. So you can live the life they’ve always wanted you to lead.

Niamh Henry

I Wonder

Sitting out on the beach

Drifting in and out of mind

Like the waves that come in and out of sight

Thinking to myself I wonder

I wonder what it would be like

To touch the sky

To touch the great depths of the ocean

To touch the rest of the world

I wonder what it would be like to have you



Waking up from day to day,

Every morning goes the same way

The struggle of school is waiting

With a heavy bag on your back

And two hours sleep from the night before

You ask yourself the same question everyday,

Why didn’t you go to bed earlier?


Noodles over Poodles

This little stinkin’ son of a poodle

Who with me used to eat chicken noodles

I now know it really wasn’t meant to be

But on the bright side at least now there’s more noodles for me.

Eibhia Ní Mhuireagáin

The Exam

The examiner says go

You open the paper

How are you supposed to remember

Everything you’ve done since September.

Your head starts to pound

As you look around

You hand starts to shake

Please tell me it’s all fake.

Hours of day dreaming watching the clock tick by

When you here the words “put your pens down”

Suddenly your face turns to a frown

Leaving the hall not knowing your future

The power is now out of your hand

The pressure of exams is really too grand.

Sarah McMorrow

It’s Finished For Good

The words hit my ears

And I’m not going to lie

My jaw dropped and I wanted to cry

I couldn’t believe it

It couldn’t be true

Get prepared; I’m going to tell you:

“Gossip Girl Is finished for good.”


The show is over

And I just don’t know

How I’ll spend my time without my favourite show

For about two hours

Every day of the week

Sooner or later some tears will leak.

Okay maybe I’m exaggerating just a tad

But if you watched it too you’d understand


When I was Younger

When I was younger

… too many “I was youngers”

I liked to eat watermelons and have lots of fun

Juice would drip down my face and onto my skirt

It would sting both my knees but it wouldn’t hurt

Because nothing did and now nothing works

Not me, not the kettle and not my chipped nails

And balloons wont blow up no matter how much I blow

I keep trying and trying but my lungs are too slow

And I suck

Because I still choke when I see you

… you f**k.



As I look back

My summer was great

Myself and my friends

Had great craic

But all of a sudden

My summer came to a bend

It all came to an end

School had started

While my summer departed.

Grainne McGoldrick

The Mask

Each day we wear a mask

Wary with every task

Afraid we will let our mask fall

Scared to do anything different at all

But if we took a risk and let our true colors show

We will finally know

That most people don’t care

About the mask we wear

Denise Conlon


Life is like being on a roller coaster

You don’t know what’s next

You hope, sit and hold on tight

And you know what’s next

Is going to change your life.

Shauna Griffin

I Had Fun

Life goes so fast

You’ve got to make it last

Take a risk

So you can look back in the future

And think I glad I did that

Make lots of memories to share with your loved ones

Be true to yourself , do what makes you happy every day

But most of all be able to save I had fun.

Jenna Conway

Living Life

To live your life to the full

This is something I hear daily,

But frankly, I think this is bull.

What does this sentence mean?

Just have some fun

Be a teen!

To live your life to the full

Can’t I just read a book,

Or is that just dull?

Sure, I can have fun

Dance all night,

But for now, I am done.

To live your life to the full

I think this is just to be happy

None of this bull.

Anna Broader

To A Man’s Best Friend

The day we brought you home, I knew we had an adventure ahead of ourselves.

4 paws and a heartbeat, a tail that never stopped.

Small body, huge personality,

The centre of our home.

We had the best 6 years, you and I.

Living in a world of walks and bones.

Niamh McMurray

My Dog

This is to my most loyal friend

We will be together until his end.

He is my joy to come home to from school

With a wag of his tail, a bark, followed by some drool.

I love bringing him for walks in the park

I love everything about him especially his bark.

He is there to lick away every tear

Something he’s been doing since his early years.

You don’t have to teach this to a special dog

It comes naturally like a ribbit to a frog.

I will miss him when he has to leave

But now is no time to grieve.

For now I shall round up all his toys

And enjoy the time I have with my boy.

Attracta Halloran

Three Words

Three words can make a difference.

They can change the way the next few days, weeks, months will go for you within a split second.

You become lost in moments until the moments evanesce

All you are left with are the memories and the harsh, brittle reality that comes to bite you wherever you go.

Your mind is immediately forced to forget about the things that were important to you almost a week ago.

You now have new priorities, different responsibilities.

There is no looking back

Only moving on.

Alice Purcell

First World Idiots Like Me

They tell me to write a poem and that’s what I’ll do..

… and yet I can’t because all that I can do is write about the bullshit that I don’t have to endure because all I am doing is sitting her in the warm embrace of the large squishy couch in the warm embrace of my stereotypical suburban home mindlessly typing on electronic book that my family is fortunate enough to own because my mother and father committed themselves in school instead of abandoning all study for a life of dull mediocrity so now we can afford the needs such as clean water and clothes and chicken nuggets and bookshelves to hold our OCD like hordes of literature that I am lucky enough to be able to understand in more than one tongue and in the room where these books lie I lie too surrounded by the people that I feel safe with surrounded by the objects that belong to me like the glowing communicative device that sits in my pocket with all the information in the world on it which is more than I could ever need and while the even bigger communicative device sits in the corner on the mahogany coffee table blasts movies and TV shows from my childhood I can’t help but think… what about the others yes what about the others who didn’t have a childhood because at the age of 5 they were sent off to factories and were no longer allowed to play or laugh or love life because now they are trapped in dark and in heat and in a literal living hell where they have to sew and stitch shoes and footballs and jeans for the rich first world idiots like me or what if instead of being sent off to work for a few cents an hour they’re sent off to war when they’re only 3650 days old because they have to defend their country which is the same country that is making these young humans fight to the death and risk their lives when they’re so small they haven’t even had a life yet because in this war torn world where we can never go one single day without someone pulling a trigger and killing an innocent civilian these little children now know no better and they don’t know what it’s like for the fortunate and safe first world idiots like me who can live in peace without fear of a soldier barging into my own house to shoot my family because my family does not have to worry about making their opinions known and for me as a young girl I can go to school and learn and get a job and say whatever the hell I so want to say because I live in a place where the laws at least stop people from shooting me for expressing my views and I will be allowed to get a job and not be expected to have a family of 9 kids when I am only 16 years old and be married to a husband three times my age who bought me in exchange for a cow and at least my kids will not have to fight for their life against the most basic of diseases caused by dirty mud filled bacteria ridden water and lack of food because in this privileged first world country where the idiots like me live we get to eat and keep the food that the developing world grow and produce and they don’t get to keep any for themselves so instead they have to starve and waste away because the greedy first world idiots like me are too selfish and like toddlers in a playground we won’t share but at least these toddlers in this first world idiot’s playground will live to see 80 years old unlike the rib showing babies with wrists the size of twigs and bulging eyes who won’t even be able to attend school which is a privilege that these kids would do anything for while we sit here on our fat first world arses dreading having to wake up at 7 the next morning as so we can go to a place where we are respected and are given the opportunity to learn and be anyone we want to be while others get up at 4 in the morning as the burning orange ball of fire in the sky burns and they have to walk and trek miles just to collect a bucket of water to stay alive instead of learning how to read and write and add and subtract whereas the first world idiots like me can and don’t have to beg and plead on the streets in hope of small amounts of change and the first world idiots like me don’t have to stand in dark alley ways by night in high heels and fishnet tights selling myself and my dignity and who I am to random strangers in order to keep myself and my family going and all that the first world idiots like me can think about is our social lives on and offline and what we’re going to eat for dinner and what pair of shoes were going to buy and then the first world idiots like me wonder why nobody feels sorry for them when nobody likes our latest facebook status or why they feel like nobody will date them because the first world idiots like me do not think about the people who are being killed for doing nothing wrong and being thrown behind bars for no reason just because of the pigmentation of their skin that they so happened to be born with and the first world idiots like me do not think about the baby girls who are literally left to die as soon as they are born just because of the particular organs that they have between their legs and those baby girls who are allowed to live have to remain hidden for the rest of their lives and are thought of as nothing but the property of men and are here for nothing but to birth sons for the next generation and the first world idiots like me don’t think about the people who are pelted with rocks and thrown out of towns and are kicked out of their families just because of the people that they choose to love because the first world idiots like me have everything fed to us on a spoon and we do not even realise the privilege that we have because we are total IDIOTS!!

They told me to write a poem, and that’s what I did… Just because I’m a First World Idiot.

Julia Mullaney