Summerhill College, Sligo


The Tree

With leaves like shields and orange and bright

You stand tall and strong just beyond grasp

Upon a hill of broken dreams you stand bathed in golden light.

I try to cut you down but your bark is strong and your roots are deep

Feeding off my endless sleep.

For all I want is your sweet fruit that hangs upon your wooden shoots

But nay I am too small

Upon a hill of broken dreams you stand bathed in golden light.

Conor O’Regan

Hurting the Earth

Melting ice and rising sea

Everyone thinks “it couldn’t possibly be me”

For years and years haven’t they said

Don’t go in the car, walk, use the bus instead.

Billions of people on this earth

Yet few seem to realise the hurt

That they’re doing to planet earth.

Burning fossil fuels

We’re all fools.


Compounding this problem we’re cutting down trees

Selling it as furniture to make more money.

When will the world possibly see

That no amount of money

Will stop the tides and encroaching seas

Taking land as far as the eye can see

That once belonged to you and me.

Simple things every day will help keep the planet in a healthy way

Don’t waste electricity

Switch to solar, wind, tide and sea

Keep away from the oil and gas can’t you see

Joseph Mc Donagh

Now And Again

Sometimes things don’t go so well

Now and again, you feel misunderstood

Just because you fill yourself with self-pity

Doesn’t mean you should.

If ever I feel down at all

I listen to a little tune

It shows me that it’ll be alright

That I’ll feel good pretty soon.

Now and again, now and again.


Now I know others have it worse

How everything hurts you so

Remember: Somewhere the grass is greener

But just as hard to mow.

What I’m trying to say is simple

To me it’s very real

If you really wanna be happy

You can control emotions you feel.

Now and again, now and again.


You can wallow in your sadness,

We’ve all done it before

But understand if you want change

There are good times in store.

Now take this insight with you

Everywhere you go-

So if someone’s feeling down

A good time they’ll soon know.

Now and again, now and again.

Cormac Nugent


Roaming through school on a quest to find what has always been inside,

Listening to words but all you hear is that buzz in your head.

I sat through maths opening my copy writing about x, y and z

Just waiting till when class would come to an end.

Biting on your pen closing your eyes sitting asking yourself Why?

Rolling home after the nightmare sitting on your bed

With the lead of your pencil for your dreaded homework.

Just wondering do people feel like this in Cork.

Dragging yourself up to bed at night telling yourself tomorrow it will all be alright

Then the next day comes

Uniform on

Feeling like the storm is around

Just wanting to scream out loud

Over and over again.

Mark Harte


My eyes close slowly …

My ideas are turning into my head

A blur comes and cover all of them

An idea is coming up in my mind and another is taking its place.

My eyes open …


Black. Black is the only colour in my vision.

It’s not a pure black it’s a deep blur really dark.

Colour explosions, like magic fireworks exploding in my vision.

But the deep blur covering my vision is going away.

Now I can see my room, completely dark but I can see forms.

I return my head …


The feeling of my sweet bed makes me close my eyes.

The reality is disappearing

The black blur is getting deeper and darker

An idea is coming up in my mind and another is taking its place.

Paul Rovel

Through A Closed Door

You cannot see through a locked-up door

Only a pattern and maybe a handle.

Opening doors

Like lighting a candle.

That moveable wall

Can allow you to see

Something more beautiful

Than you thought could be.

So open your mind,

To great new things

I think you’ll find

They are amazing.

Don’t kill a belief,

Or destroy an idea.

Fixation’s a thief

Don’t let it bleed you.

Paddy McDermott

My Heart and Mind

I’ve got a heart that could break the system

I can’t control my mind so I listen

I hear the words in your mouth that you’re saying

Feel the pain in your mind when you’re praying.

I may not believe in the father

I may not believe in the son

But I believe that there’s a spirit

Trapped inside of everyone.

Controlling comfort, feeling sick

Walking softly with a stick

Be true to yourself, be true to you

No matter what the people do.

Sebastian Wheeler

The 100 Metre Race

As my hands went dow

On the brown track

Sweat dripping down my face

In this 100 metre race.

As I look around

To hear the crowd roar,

Everyone singing my name

I am trying to enter the hall of fame.

As the starting whistle blew

And the runners flew

I found myself stuck behind

In nomads land.


I saw my competitors run by me

When I should have been there

To collect the medal

That was there waiting for me

But instead I am here

Fallen behind.

Tom Armstrong


The game will give you an amazing thrill

Whether its in Summer’s sun or Spring’s chill

Popping shin pads and pounding feet

Will soon lead to our opponents defeat.

A taste of sweat, hit after hit

The attackers and defenders never quit

Pass the ball and start the run

Show the fans who’s number 1.

Jake Carty

Pointless Poetry

Inspired by the

Novel of

Sweet silence,


In endless

Rows of

All types of

Timeless classics,

Intergrated into


Noble souls


Life drains from

The bottomless

Pit that we call

A soul, until there

Is nothing left to live for.

Ben Smyth

I Can’t Write

I used to when I was a kid but now not so much. I guess I’ve stopped I don’t really know why.

Maybe it’s because I’m scared what I write will be awful even though I understand that being bad is (supposedly) the only way to move toward being good at something.

In a way being forced to write something like this is a good thing in terms of forcing me to actually do something.

But even then I’ve only been writing this as a train of thought with no structure because it made me not care about this pieces overall quality.

But whatever I understand that I’m not trying on purpose because I don’t want admit that this is bad, anyways this wasn’t really a poem.

Hopefully badly written train of thoughts are fine too.

Rowan McConville


Some good times and some bad

Could make you sleep in every class

How everyone sticks it I don’t know

Only the hard workers get what they want

Others leave disappointed and some content

Listen and write or be made to.

Daragh Feeney

School Pressure

The pressure of school is too much

the fact of the matter is such

its based on luck

as you walk through the door

based on the work you did before

to your doom or your glory.

Eamonn Keavney

I Have No Imagination

I have no imagination

So I am only writing this because I have to

This sentence is to fill up space on the sheet

Because I have nothing else to write.

This poem basically shows how much

I love poetry and why I can’t write anything

Even the slightest bit creative

*filling up space*

So there you have it,

The worst poem ever.

Leo Doherty

Ross Barkley

We got a diamond called Ross Barkley

A boy from Wavertree

He plays alongside James McCarthy

Together at Everton FC

As long as you’re a blue

We’ll sing this song for you

Cause Ross is a Toffee through and through!

Bobby O’Hara