Sligo Grammar School, Co. Sligo


A Voice

A voice can control the world,

Who needs to type when you can speak

When you can ask your phone now

What you can ask a person

‘What’s the weather like Siri?’

Siri sounds much more interesting than

A rambling weather presenter. Siri

May even start a conversation

Will a keyboard be gone some day?

Will we just use our voice?

Our powerful voice.

Cian Burns


Haven’t smiled since it happened

Haven’t cried since it happened, either, which strikes another notch on that stupid manliness scale

They keeping talking about.

It’s not like I’m managing to cope

More like I’m dead inside.

Driving home from work gives me a dull heartache

You used to always change the radio to that poppy shit when I was driving and helpless

I look at it now as I drive and listen to the music blare out and I still hate it.

But I won’t change it.

It doesn’t seem fair to win the fight when you’re not there, anymore, to fight back.

I look up at our mirror, and see that Jesus statue you always took such care with.

I’ve started praying you know. I make one wish a lot.

I look out at the sky when I ask him to bring you back.

You told me how clean you always felt, but I never feel better.

I haven’t felt in a long time, really. Sometimes, I worry.

That even if you could go back to being you, I can’t go back to being me.

You said you loved me for my sense of humour, but I haven’t smiled, once.



How can you write a meaningful poem?

On command?

I can’t.

I hear that anything meaningful or honest

That I write will be scorned

Nor can I fully express all my deepest thoughts

I can’t.

I’m not even sane If I’m self aware

Enough to have true deep thoughts

I always answer myself, am I deep enough?

Am I slightly neurotic, vain?

Maybe I am, But I think not to an unhealthy agree.

I act basically the same around my family

As I do around my friends to some extent

But doesn’t everyone have different ways of showing

Their best character around their friends

That’s natural right?

I try to be nice but not a doormat

I try to be kind but not to appear desperate

These are good things?

You see in my opinion asking teenagers to write

Poetry will bring out the worst in them.


Being A Teenager

If you are a teenager

You’ll know what I mean when I say

Life is quite hard at the moment for us

In a lot of different ways.

There are exams and school, of course

And the pressure to ‘fit in’

Sometimes you don’t feel like you belong anywhere

Or you just want to hide in your room.

Of course, there are the good times

A lot that outweigh the bad

And overall, your teenage years

Will be some of the best you ever had.

Hannah Oats


I get up every morning

To the same old sound

I wonder what each day will bring

Something fun or something boring

Maybe even something ordinary

Often I am surprised as to what the day


But the day has finished

Just as fast as it began

And I get up every morning

And do it all again.

Gareth Mc Govern

Am I Cool?

Am I cool?

Do I look pretty?

Are my jackets funny?

Am I cool?

Do I wear the right brands?

Is my nose to big?

Am I cheeky enough?

Am I cool?

Should I wear more make up?

Do I wear too much?

Should I wear my skirt shorter?

Am I cool?

Should I wear my hair long or short?

Not short, they might think I am a lesbian

They all say ‘Its okay to be gay or lesbian

It ‘s normal’ But actually they don’t think so.

So when my best friend is gay, am I even cool?

Should I defend him?

Even when I am not cool.

Eva Jager


When I wake up in the morning

I’m still asleep.

I’m in the dream i didn’t get to dream the night before,

Due to life and insomnia.

My eyes droop and hang in school,

I’m surrounded by others who aren’t on as many pills as me,

And don’t need to see a councillor once a week.

It doesn’t mean they’re happy

Everyone’s judged, everyone.

Everyone sits at home some nights,

Crying over exam results or society.

I sleep on every desk in school

The bell is my alarm clock still trying to wake me up.

I’m in love with a boy, who is also suffering.

We walk in the park at night and talk,

It makes me feel better.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life than can make someone feel so useless,

Feel so beautiful

And life is beautiful.

Clara Stafford


Outside its raining

Habit is fading

Grey sky

I want to fly, fly away tonight

Luzina Roessner


I am in the chair

With all these people looking at the teacher

And she is talking about something

That I don’t understand

So I start looking through the window

Outside its cold

Really cold

But I want to go outside


A’s and B’s

Monday to Friday, nine to five

Trying to confirm to the normal standards of life

No room for outsiders or try harder’s

Aspiring to climb up the social ladder

We were warned about the importance of A’s and B’s

But what most people want is to be close to that cool somebody

The rugby players, the football players, the ones the girls

Crawl over

While you sit at home giving you exam notes a once over.

Paddy Bird

To This Day

Face wet with tears, I lay in bed

Arms spread widely, clutching paper in my hand

My Mom says, ‘You should have tried harder’

My Dad says, ‘Straighten up soldier’

I hear the fighting downstairs

Monster above me opens it mouth as I stare

The monster made of stains on the ceiling

Fed with my grief and anger.

Na Young Han


School is a place where according to teachers you are nurtured and raised

To be a valued member of society

School is a place where according to parents

You are free to be yourself and learn relevant things for a job

School is a place where according to teenagers is a place

Where you are forced to learn shit you’re never going to use

Who gives a shit if x =y
It’s a place where you have to constantly balance

Being yourself and fitting in

It’s a place where you have to wear shitty little uniforms

With fancy little ties and shiny black shoes

It’s a place where if your are 10 minutes late or haven’t done

Your work or have pissed off the teacher, you get a detention or suspension

School is a place where you constantly have to be like ‘Yes sir, No sir,

Three bags full sir’, it’s a place where everything has to be regulated and punctual

And boring, where you learn to blend in and perform

School is a place where you have to f**king pay for it. You pay to be constantly

Told off and told what to do.

Bullshit! School should have no homework, no uniforms, no exams and no fucking snobby teachers

to look down on you and say you’re not good enough

I wish if you don’t agree with a teacher you don’t get into trouble

If you’re in a row with a teacher you should be able to say ‘F**k off’ and be able

To walk off with no consequences because you’re angry.

Thomas Kilcoyne

The Forge

The forge is empty

Horseshoes and tongs lie untouched

Eternal fire burns.

Michael Kilcoyne


I have no idea

What I should write

I am kind of confused and nothing is coming to my mind

My brain isn’t functioning

I must have left it behind.

Although I got an A in English

I am still hungry to fill my dish

With a fish

In order to make this poem rhyme.

It is hard, it isn’t easy

I only have a few minutes left

I better hand up my scrap of paper.

Niall Butler

Lucid Dreams

It’s dark, I can’t breathe

I open my eyes, It’s still dark

I open my mouth but nothing happens

I panic, I’m scared, I can’t breathe.

But in that brief second I could be anywhere

I forget everything, my mind goes blank

I’m calm, at peace

My mind like the sea before a storm.


I’m floating, weightless, thoughtless, in the vaccum of space

I’m leagues under the sea, weight of a thousand tonnes weighing on me

I’m six feet under my thoughts bouncing around a wooden box.


I’m back, My consciousness disturbed

Like a puddle beneath the the feet of an excited toddler.


At last my lungs fill

Like an aggravated puffer fish

The breath floods through me like a tsunami of life

I feel the duvet on every inch of my skin.

Lucid dreams await.

Eoghan Spain


Fear turned to hate

But he doesn’t know it yet

He expects me

To respect him

I know I should

If only I could.


I Believe In Freedom

I believe in freedom

I believe in dreams

But I don’t believe in lies

But sometimes I wish they were true

Sometimes you don’t want to know

You want to live the lie

And don’t have to think

Just living

Just being happy

Or you can leave

Leave all you know

Beginning new

Completely new.