Virginia College, Co. Cavan



We are what we eat

We eat what we are

We go through life, being ashamed to indulge

Too scared to enjoy the simplistic thing that is food

We become ‘aware’ of what we eat

Then obsessive

Then anorexic, bulimic, binge eating etc.

We can no longer enjoy one of the necessities in order to live

Yet even after developing disorders

The body image we were originally going for is still out of sight

The weight that was lost

Still isn’t enough

The hours in the gym still haven’t paid off

There are still more changes to be made

Perfection is a perception which can never be achieved.

Amy McGovern

Troubles of Humans

I remember being online and checking the news

All I saw was videos and interviews

Terror had spread through the world.
A group of people attacked a place

Another mistake of the human race.

All in the name of a belief.

People think we are divided by our differences

Our skin tone, our appearances

We fight against each other.
What they don’t see is that it doesn’t matter

We are one human race

We should be sticking together.
Instead of solving problems with violence,

Because wars just make more wars-

And wars just result in the sound of sirens.

Blathnaid O’Brien


The society we live in tells us what we are supposed to look like, clear skin, the shape of our body and how popular we should be. How our personality should be so everybody likes us.

That if we are different or like different things we are made fun of or if we wear different clothes the “dirty looks” we get and then the bitching starts behind our back, we don’t even know the half of it.

We live in a society that girls think it’s cute to act funny and boys think it’s cool to act tough and not show emotion.

We live in a generation that the only way to make people laugh is to make fun of other people to put people down just to make ourselves feel better, to make ourselves feel more superior.

We live in a society that women aren’t as strong as men, men aren’t supposed to show their feelings or cry in public without being called a baby. That if we don’t succeed in school we don’t succeed in life.

How are we supposed to know how we want to live the rest of our life at 16, 17 years old when we aren’t even adults yet?

How are supposed to make these decisions when we are called immature from our role models every day, how are we supposed to live this life when we question every decision we make if it’s the right or wrong, what kind of a life is that?

A. G.

My Story

Naturally I’m brought into a catastrophe

Where it’s sad to see people that aren’t glad to be themselves

They hate life, but it doesn’t have to be the way you think it has to go

But I’m here to show that this road is slow but at the same time fast ya see

Refrain back to me, I’ve decided to take life balls by the balls and scream this one’s mine!

But at the same time write a line start trying so believe me

I can hear you scream and it may seem like your stuck with the same theme but your not

You can make your way through

Bend life to your advantage

I’ve had this idea, so I’ve overcame the negativity to finally be… me

Well it’s what I’m trying to do and I’ll have no one to do it for me

Because remember, this is my story.

Eric Clarke

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time

A beautiful girl was born.

She was not rich, she was not poor just beautiful.

Everywhere she walks, every one stared at her.

But she wanted no one.

She met a boy ugly as hell

He sold fish on the market.

But no one wanted to buy his fish, because he was so was so ugly.

The beautiful girl liked him.

He was the neighbour and one day she was invited for tea.

After that they did any kind of thing together.

The girl was asked a million times, why she was hanging out with the boy

But she didn’t care.

Soon they fell in love and were about to marry.

One week before the wedding the girl got very sick.

Many doctors came but no one knew what it was.

She was about to get better, when the boy were involved in a fight.

Some boys were attacking a small girl and he got between them.

After they saw who he was they started to attack him.

No one came to help him.

Someone found him the next day lying on the street covered with blood.

He was dead.

After the girl hear the news she locked herself in her room.

She didn’t want to eat nor to drink anything.

In the evening her parents went to her room.

It was still locked, but the broke the door.

They saw the girl lying on her bed.

She was dead.

She died because of a broken heart.

This all happened one week before the wedding.

The wedding of Isabella and Ciarán.

Anne Vollmar


Its funny how every single person in the world, all 7 billion of us, are all going through one big story.

Usually when you look at someone you see them from a physical viewpoint very rarely do you take one’s emotion into account.

You see them you form your opinion and you move on.

Yet every person has a life as complex and difficult as your own.

That thought alone can baffle the mind.

If everyone thought like this you wonder how better the world could be.

Brian Quilty

Goalkeeper Discrimination

People think goalkeepers can’t play football

But I think all goalies are better at understanding the game

I think this because we can watch the game from a distance

And realise peoples’ mistakes so we know what to do and what not to do

This discrimination mainly occurs in GAA and soccer

And I think I can play both outfield and in goals!

Jack Keady

Why Bother?

In life you’re told to make goals

And you should push to get to your goals

But if you get so close but then you fail

It stops you from going for other goals

And when you have no goals you have no drive

Life passes and you don’t know how to act and you become shit.

Conor McHugh


Life is like a journey

Sometimes when you think

You made it something could just

Get in the way and push you back.

Aoife Keogan


People keep telling me to forget about it

But what if I don’t want to

What if I still believe in it

Believe in memories and remember the lovely time we’ve had

Andzelika Gürich


You have nice eyes

You’re funny

You look nice.

Hello, it’s me

Just make it easy say I never mattered.

There’s something tragic about you

I would change my height

I would change my teeth

I would change my intelligence

I would change my humour



People like to take this away

They like to destroy your belief

Even if this belief makes you happy these people destroy it for you

This belief brought you memories but as it was taken from you the memories turn to shit.

Ciara Lawless