St. Munchin’s College, Limerick



Walking down the hall

Feeling rather small

Everyone else seems tall

Pushing me against the wall.


Slinging insults, shouting abuse,

Everything in this world seems so obtuse

Throwing punches, taking drugs

When all I need is some hugs.


Feeling dark, feeling down

Almost felt like I was going to drown

Then the light came

Made me feel fame

Made me feel whole again.


Before I wanted to be six feet underground

The change made me want to fall to the ground

But I never frowned


I had triumphed.



In school trying to be cool.

I don’t bully because I’m not a tool

And that’s what makes me a non-fool.

So I want to ask you

Do you want to be cool

Or be a fool?

Seamus Reddan


Walking around slagging you slán

All we hear is BANG BANG

The teenage boys drinking a can

Thinking they’re the man

Since they dropped out of sports and school

They’ve been to court

For being a fool.

The girls are not really pretty

That’s how you know you’re in stab city

This is not it

Teenagers with a gun

What can we do

Something has to be done.

Dermot Hogan


Who are you trying to fool ?

Trying to be cool

Putting other people down

You f**king clown.

So desperate to fit in

You hit the quiet lad’s chin

And here you are trying to make friends with me

I’m not loving it

Because you’re full of shit.

Michael Davern

Teenage Life

Teenage years are an absolute pig. Do this don’t do this walk like this talk like this say this don’t say this. The promote being unique yet they want you to be a robot at the same time. Wear the same uniform as everyone else, learn the same boring notes as everyone else. How are we meant to be unique when we are given rules to live by? Wear these shoes, these pants, this tee-shirt and this hoodie and you’ll be cool. But remember always be unique. But when you stand out or break the mould you are ridiculed and made fun of.
Popularity is all that matters. If you’re not known then you’re more than likely not worth knowing by some peoples standards. Nobody wants to hear about it it unless you’re rich and famous or some sort of prodigy. To most people you’re seen as worthless unless you’re cool and liked. Popularity is all that matters if you’re in the wrong group or the wrong “clique” you’re a loser of a “misfortune”. If you don’t like what the mainstream likes it’s seen as weird or unnatural.
Home life is tough at this age all sorts of hormones are coursing through you’re body. This makes life at home very tough at our age. Parents want the best for their kids, they want them to succeed and be great and if not they must be deadbeat assholes. But honestly all I see it as is Liam v The World. “You’re grades aren’t good enough” or “You’re not pulling your weight around the house”. In my experience this leads to venom being spit and verbal diarrhoea of curses and vulgar gestures being thrown and relationships being pushed to the limit. But at the end of the day they are just words and movements. What ever happened to forgive and forget?
Kids these days are popping pills, getting high and drinking ridiculous amount of alcohol. This results in friends becoming enemies and hospital visits to bring your insides back out. These are some of the leading causes of domestic violence, social and personal problems, and dysfunctional personalities. Young people addicted to drugs is the norm. It’s a recipe for disaster if something isn’t done about it. It is becoming and epidemic in the cities and towns county wide. What will it take to bring back the times when they were seen as taboo and frowned upon. Instead of “Oh yeah sure John took 3 ecstasy pills, a line of cocaine, smoked a joint and then went out and had a few drinks. Sure John’s a legend.” As I said it’s becoming a normal occurrence to hear this.

Liam Clancy


I live in a world that is nothing more than a box were your only way out is what you right on a book or a blue bird.

What happens when you’re not like that

You duck and dive and hide your hat

From the storms before hate where friendship can be used as a beat

What if you’re not like the rest?

They don’t let you rest they keep you awake with the memory of fate

All because you watch, you read, you play, you look not like the others

Thats there problem and our salvation, we’re not like them, we’re like us

We watch, we read, we play, we look like ourselves, and we make our own way out of the box because their hate made us rocks.

Corey O’ Riordan


I am expected to get in and around 600 in the Leaving

I am expected to play three years of senior cup

I am expected to play for Munster when I grow up

I am expected to be great at weight lifting

And now I’m afraid of what will happen if none of this happens.

I am afraid of peoples’ judgements and opinions of me

I am afraid that I’m not cool and leave people clappin’

I am afraid that I can’t and won’t be the person that I want to be.

Gary Quilligan


Scum walk around with canes for protection

Or just for the harmless kids who needs correction

Smashed window, robbed car, looking over your shoulder, when walking no matter how far

Drink and drugs are two of the many bugs that will leave you sleeping on dirty old rugs

Many kids have experienced things they shouldn’t have

And at the end of the day it is really all that bad

When your 15, you’re still keen on saying when your 40 what you should have been

But society is limiting the variety of jobs leaving people at home workless like slobs

Shane Ryan


Crows nest call it what you want

Its home to all of us

From the drug-dealin’ junkies, from the gangs

The work that men in black suits say crime don’t pay

While the dealers are crusin’ around in their new BMWs

Where kids grow up in this life ‘The hardest man on the planet’

But all that work comes to your name slabbed on some granite

It’s a long way from Dublin Zoo

But monkey see monkey do

Sean Finnan


I am a very sporty guy

I play rugby just to get by

The training can be very tough but the opponents can be very rough

We go to the gym Tuesday morning, when everybody else is snoring

Adam Duggan

He Complains

He complains I eat too much

So I don’t eat

He complains I don’t eat

So I eat

He complains to me if I fail a test

When I can only do my best

Colm O’Riordan


Parents are telling us to get good grades

But all we think about is getting laid

And all we hear of is a cheating wife

And kids using a knife

People being kicked in the head

To people wishing they were dead.



I come from from a place where a town is far

These city don’t understand my tar

Civilisation isn’t near but I have no fear

City is for the nitty but for me the country is the way

And this is why I am happy the way I be.

Luke Eagan


I don’t like being 15 to be honest

It doesn’t feel good and I’m bored off my head

I’m so goddamn lazy it’s like I’m dead

I’m sick of school I’m sick of life

I’m soooo bored, I need a bike

15 is such a shitty age I hope in the next few years it’ll be very vague

But as of now I have to move on

As bad as it is I’m living it right and as of now I’m all g


Sean Skelton

Security Guard

One thing that really annoys me is when in a shop with a group of friends and the security guard follows you.

This happens all the time.

The guard tries to make it seem like he isn’t but its clear he’s following.

The only reason for this is because we are teens.

Any adults wouldn’t get the same treatment and that annoys me.

Conor Quinn


From a kick to the head

To a hospital bed

And texting to a Facebook chat

Then beating someone with a baseball bat

Stop they beg

Then I hit them in the leg

In a prison cell

To ringing my doorbell.

Aaron Hogan