St. Benildus College, Dublin



I am who I am

No one is gonna change me

I will do what I do best

No matter  what society says

I will live, be free.

Sculpt a life and make you see

That I don’t give a shit about the names,

The labels and tags that I was called,

About the girls that I won’t get.

I will show them –

That I will get that girl,

The one of my dreams,

Not the one society classed as ‘my league’

I am who I am

And no one will ever change me…

Richard O’Rahilly




Have you ever felt that feeling

Seen that dark creature hiding behind the corner

Who can just consume you, peeling away your skin

Filling you up on the inside

It gives you butterflies

All of a sudden you can’t think straight

Dates, numbers, facts all become mush in your mind

Simple tasks like catching a ball, placing a pass all become

Impossible tasks

This shadow cast over you

The creature around the corner

That devastating feeling is pressure

Just waiting to get you.



New Perspective

These days, the term Feminism is often confused with the action of “Man Hating”. Those who think that this is true have had their perspective changed by the people who complain about everything that men do, from the way that they act, to the way they behave, even when the hate isn’t necessarily there. Feminism stands for the equality of between genders, and if you believe it stands for anything else, you need to look up from the lies and hate, and look at the truth, and realize that this is here to make the world a better place, you just need to find the right perspective.




Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in

Like you don’t fit into society’s  pictures

Like to be different is a sin

A sin which is punished like it was in the scriptures.

If you’ve ever felt like that

Or maybe you still do

Just know that you are not alone

So you should just be you.





I want to live freely, without restrictions. People always say you need to go to college, need to get this job, need to spend your life life in front of a screen with the only time for exercise is in a gym after work, on a machine engineered for optimum efficiency. The world is beginning to become a factory ,producing millions of graduates a year in order to keep it evolving. By 2050 over 90% of the worlds population will live in urban workhouses, no privacy, no freedom. Restricted in everything you do, how you walk, how you breath, the amount of water you use, a basic necessity… taken from you. Why can’t the world live life as we have evolved to live life, free without restriction or judgement ? Let us explore who we want to be and do not let others depict how we should live our lives, our lives not theirs.

Tadhg Dunbar



It hits unexpectedly. It’s unknowing.

People like to say God created everything, and the hierarchy of the universe is the one dictated by the hand of a vengeful ruler.

But, what if this God is wrong. Is the mirage of a perfect creator one that was so “lax” as to be balancing on a pane of sugar-glass? And that one predetermined slip up dissolves the vision of a once great ruler to now the bastard who claimed my brothers life.

The one who allows me to wake up to the same quarter-empty house to a father who works 24/7 to pay for the meaningless commodities of a daughter who’s complex one true love has been redefined to being called “fat” or “slut” and cannot admit to her lazy cry for help, because she cannot accept that her baby brother has a better grip on reality than an undergraduate of Phsycology does.

My mother cries and hopes we don’t notice it, and she, a nurse out of work for 2 years because of a broken leg, and the fact she cannot hope to face machines.

And I lay and toss to a sporadic, off-beat rhythm in bed, hearing the coarse anger of a brother’s piano, blues songs.

And I rage and hurt when I look to myself many years ago, a naive idiot who  takes life for granted, to a year ago when I ignored my brothers hug because my cat died and I couldn’t allow him to see me upset over it.

Only to find him, eyes white, green slime, on his side… braindead.

I found him. I couldn’t comprehend it. My brother, seconds away shaking hands with the grim reaper.

I cried, I ran, I let my family do the hard work.

God doesn’t spare anyone, because God is a child trying to find amusement and we are his dolls in his doll house.

To this day, I regret not saying one last “good bye” or “I love you”, when my brother was relying on a machine to cling to life…. Only because I was afraid to let my family see me cry.



End of the Glass

There’s something peculiar about Saturday


Drinking every weekend gives new perspectives on


The big misconception about alcohol in


It’s not an escape it just magnifies your


If you’re happy it’s great, at parties you’ll be

a blast.

But depression gives a new meaning to the end

of the glass.



Waiting for Food

I have it when you have to wait

for food. For dinner, for lunch

whatever. You ask for a snack, but

Mom’s comes up with “Dinner will be

ready in ten minutes.” You wait ten

minutes, go back to the kitchen to see

the chicken is only going in the oven. “Mom

it’s been an hour.” She just dismisses

you with the flick of a wrist,

you clench fist. This sucks.

Daniel MacLouchlainn



We exist in a world where

you can but a knife at 16 yet

buy a substance that can kill you

slowly at 18.

We survive on a like, a

double tap on your Instagram

post, a heart underneath your

profile is supposed to show you

your future on social media.

1 like can be the difference

between a photo existing on Facebook

till the end of time.

We are shown that life is

a deadly concussion

of two people but whisper that

you are weird if you’re on your

own. They see independence as

an act of war. They say

follow your dreams

but keep you on a leash for the

journey. Most puzzles are

supposed to be solved, unless it is

about your sexuality, then it is

to stay a mystery.




Transition Year

The work is no fun

We play no games under the sun

Only Irish, Maths, English,

with the odd fun class

in Spanish.

Constantly glued to an

Irish book

When wanting to be a successful


Transition year is far from lit

Transition year is so shit.



Sectarian Violence

This whole hatred crap in football

With loathing put in their minds since they were able to crawl

Is wrong and stupid and unacceptable

With Celtic and Rangers a perfect example.


I can write this poem as I have witnessed first-hand

The violence, the atrocities, the drunken fights

With blood everywhere like sand

On a sectarian beach with dim street lights.


This case is just in Scotland, where the nation is torn

Between Catholics and Protestants, Irish and British

Where nothing is being done, even though they have sworn

To cut this shit out, to make this blood-bath finish.


“If you had three wishes, what would they be?”

World peace, end to wars and of course the money

are the typical answers that you may receive

but mine would be for Sectarian violence to relieve.


“You Mun”, “You Proddy”, “ You Orange Bastard”

Shout the Catholics as they swarm the Brits

I won’t even mention the rest of the curses

As if this poem could get any worse.

Jack O’Farrell



Words are sorer than walls:

When I ran into the wall it hurt.

I even lost three teeth and had bruising on

my face. But I dented the wall.


What I got called for running into that wall

hurt far more. Getting called toothless and

an eejit hurt

far more than the wall.


Now all I do is wear my fake smile

and try to forget it all.

Harry Doyle


Yes You Can

He stood there in his white shorts and green

jersey, hands dangling, tears flowing

Hoping to go on the field and prove

He was good.

Parents said you can’t do it, you

won’t make it, you’re too small, too skinny, weak.


That day he did not make an impact,

by the voices in his head breaking him

down at the final whistle, his dreams seemed

hopeless. He had to change, stand out, and follow

his passion.


“People who say they can, and people who

say they can’t are both usually right”

Eric Thomas


The Performance

The stage was set

Little did I know

This would be something I’d never forget.


The events would unfold

And I’d be there – all alone

Knowing if I got hurt

There would be no ambulance to place.


Sitting there tightly clutching the fiddle

The spotlight shinning down

If I made a mistake, even something little

The audience would think I’m a clown.


Sweat was pouring down my face

Desperately trying to hit the right note

Hoping the audience wouldn’t think I’m

a disgrace.


I was playing so fast that

it started to hurt

Putting everything I had into it

Trying much harder than I did with my schoolwork.


Before I knew it, it was all over

Deadly silence

Tension in the air

Expecting a chorus of boos

And possibly an apple or an orange to land in my hair

Before I received a rapturous applause!

Liam Kelly



From Door to Door

I walk down the street

From door to door

Knocking to see

Something more.


But never was I told of

The people to ignore

Standing behind

These locked-up doors.


I go up to the first one

Being precious as diamonds

But all I get

Is complete silence.


But sometimes I get this feeling

During all this commotion

That I’m stuck on a boat

In the middle of the ocean.


But don’t listen to me

There is no need to fret

Listen to everyone else

Because they all have regrets.


So I continue to walk

Down this empty street

From door to door

Not feeling complete.

Luke Andrew Feeney



It is spreading like a


This addictive drug

They’re getting passed

around the hallway

Teens passing out thinking they’re

at Galway Bay

Kids doing lines of coke,

That ain’t no f**king joke,

That green thing weed

That’s all they need

At the parties I see it all


Then I feel shouldn’t I be

Doing it too?

Jason Byrne


Vision Express

When I was young

I was told to be myself

But myself just ain’t enough.


My visions clouded by society

Express myself no longer my priority.


Perfection is a goal that can never be achieved

Perfection is a myth that cannot even

Be perceived.



The Poem







No light












No hope

All for nothing.



War Games

When people think of war it’s always

Syria and Iraq but they don’t see the one

that’s just over some craic.

These battles aren’t new they’re from 2002

Xbox, Playstation you use one of the two

There’s gonna be someone who will crucify you.

Minding your business on social media, uploading

a goal from your latest game of FIFA

Someone comes along and comments “you suck”

You ask why and he says “you use shit box”

Now all of a sudden you’re ranting in the comment box.

Half an hour passes then that person comes along and says “Huh console peasants. PC master race!”

What that person can do is take that sentence and shove it in their face.

Owen Corrigan



To own, be and to process everything someone else wants, forcing you and others into a mental and social slavery without a voice, developing another personality to fit their model. It’s parents telling children they can’t be an astronaut it’s too hard, you’re going to be an accountant. It destroys imagination, dulls out colours. Governments telling people they’re the enemy, they’re the beasts as men kill in bad blood for no reason other than, I was told. It annihilates the truth and replaces it for a conjured falsity. It has no freedom, only dominion.

Stephen Aiken


Bigger Picture

I don’t tend to write things like this.

“Inspiring” or cringy

I know I have it pretty good I’m not sat here whinging

Thinking, that life’s shit

Moaning and bitching, just stepping back a little bit, not going

Like fishing.

I’m pretty fucking middle class

Not poor, sure not wealthy. I have two parents, 3 siblings that are happy and healthy and four grandparents whose goal is for me to be the best I can.

Almost no responsibility, just go to school and sit in classes and somewhat try

People my age are struggling on the streets to survive.

People right here in this building are dealing with their own addictions, parents on the borderline, trying their best to dodge eviction.

Things like these seem far away in a land of fiction, just take a step

Back, look around and see the bigger picture

Oisín Horgan


Rite of Passage

I don’t really remember

But when I was young

(much younger than now)

I used to hate going to school.


I can’t play sports

And when you’re fine

That’s pretty much the terminal condition.


So I forget, lashed out

Stayed inside alone

And I read and I read and I read.


My Parents would say

“It’ll get better later”

“When sports start to matter less”

So I read and I read and I waited.


When we reached twelve

Went to secondary school

I found that sports mattered less

Than a brain and a voice

And the ability to use them.


My parents had said

“It’ll get better later”

And for some strange reason

It did.

Diarmuid McCourt



When the bus is late

You’re afraid you’ll arrive to see MacEoin and get hate,

Then you find out that he’s gone

There’s a poetry workshop on?


Poetry no-one likes you

Until Stephen showed me I do

The workshop’s the funniest thing ever

Will it happen again? I’d say never.

We’re all poets

We just don’t know it.

Emmet Bolster


Pokemon Rant

On my 7 birthday, my parents got me a Nintendo DS Lite with my first game, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team. That’s when my longest-lasting hobby began. Within a week, I had completed that game and I scoured the shops looking for a new game. I found a new game and my face lit up like a Christmas tree. From then on, I bought every Pokemon game I saw being advertised on TV. I mowed lawns and I worked with my Dad to save enough money. I worked for 6 years, since I was 10. I also obtained many movies, books, magazines, cards and posters of Pokemon. I know all there is to know about Pokemon. There was 150 Pokemon in 1995. In 2016, there are 726 Pokemon, and I know them all. Name any of the 726 Pokemon and I’ll tell you everything about it. I’m told that I’m too old for this. I like to think I’ll never be too old for Pokemon.

Ben Swan



Da name is Luke O’Brien

I be spittin’ rhymes

I’m like fire on crack

Just set the beat and watch me RAP

Irish-born first of my king a young new

Rapper talking about hard times.

None of the history Crap

We need to forget about that

I’m chatting about mental illness please see

It’s tearing our lives apart

We need to address

With open hearts

Help those who need it.

Luke O’Brien



Society is becoming a self-contradiction

An addiction

Where your worth is no more

Than a number.

Achieved in a state of virtual slumber

Staring at a screen

Letting your life be seen

Making it out as a dream

For fear of being judged.


But the reality is that this judgment,

This virtual ride

Is quickly creating a vast social divide

Killing off pride as you feel like you’ve died, like

You wanna run away and hide

Because you, your life, your very existence has been voted,

decided, seen as inadequate, unworthy of a like.


And this is how we “relax”

We use this pressure to

Escape the pressure of life

Part of school and sport is to

Finding your identity

Discovering who you’re meant to be.

Seph Aherne



There is a spark

a light the moment we are born

a fire the moment our life starts

that will never be part of the norm.


And yet it must be

a fire that has a way it must burn

at least according to society.

For then it will be of no concern.


But what about those who’s fires burn differently?

A little brighter or dimmer than others

A fire that could be heaven sent

But is extinguished with verbal water.

Just know that those fires are never gone away

They are merely made smaller and hotter.

So small that you can’t feel it anyway.

And society throws the smoke in the gutter.


Unless you can find that flame.

That little spark of you.

And burn the water away

So it can flare up anew.


Then your spark can grow

brighter or dimmer, bluer or whiter than ever before.

And all the world will know Your flame will burn its own way forever more.

James Slattery


Looked down on by society for whatever reason

If you’re caught mining for them it counts as treason

They are sticky and come in all shapes and sizes

When they come out of your nose it’s like you won prizes.


They grow inside you to protect you from germs

They battle never ends until a finger interferes

They are eaten by some but not many

Some even give them names like George or Benny.


They’ll always be there despite your age.

Boogers are the untold heroes held in your nose cage

Oran Duignan



I hate that there is a stereotype of what you have to be. You have to be thin, smart, considered weird, play sports or else you aren’t right or considered a man. I am not thin, smart to a degree, I’m not weird, I don’t plat sports. If people took 5 minutes to stop and actually talk to me, they might like me. Assholes just want to be funny and the main person in the Year. Fuck all that. You can’t be yourself unless you are the stereotypical guy. People say you can be but that is shit. You can’t fancy the popular girl because you’re considered “not popular” by the main people in the school. Society is shit. They expect you to like them then. I think they are assholes who think they are number 1. Maybe shit the hell up and actually be a nice, genuine person. It’s not that hard.




I feel like everyone is a clone

They’ve all got brains but too scared to use their own.

The same music in your ears

While you’re out drinking beers

But to me that just doesn’t appeal.

You see me and I’m here but you don’t know how I feel

And I hate writing this sad shit

So let’s all cheer up a bit.

Cause life’s a better place when you promote peace and love

I don’t see the point in turning to drugs.

But do what makes you happy,

Personally I’d rather buy a pug

But if you’d rather buy some gangster leaf,

Then go ahead we won’t have no beef.




Pens and paper, strained wrists and sore fingers

The world moves on, yet tradition lingers

“Kids better learn their maths, they won’t always have a calculator”

Sticking to the rules comes first and innovation comes later

I will never be taught how to pay a tax or raise a family

But all kinds of things about the human anatomy

Never how to deal with depression or anxiety

But about the Irish language and ancient society

You want to know how to save those who live on a dime?

Well first tell me if the number of them is prime

The important things in life cannot be read on a page

So can we please drop the system of a bygone age.

David Smith


I wonder how people starve to death,

When God bless the land that lacks the harvest

The stones equality but they homes are poverty and the whole world ignores the poverty,

Bill Gates is so high in the money but 1 in 5 live off a dollar a day so how can we complain about what we want for dinner when some birds don’t get dinner

Live your life like you want to because some people don’t have a choice.

Cian O’Rourke



Break times set in stone

Hustle in lines like inmate

Each one like the other,

Same clothes just different mother

One big punishment cast among all, boxed into tiny rooms this is our downfall

Ideas are unspoken for fear of being called absurd

But noted we’re to study things that make us stereotypical nerd

Is this prison

Nah fam just school.

Chris Gavin


The end.

Ben Roe 


Dream Chaser

From a broken home

Should come a broken child.

Which I was for a while

Until I was told it was my time

I’m chasing my dream one step at a time

On my way to the top

I’m a train that can’t stop

I was told that I can’t

But I know that I can

I’m climbing a mountain

The summit is high

But I know I can do it

And I’m not stopping now

Life is a gift so make the most

So many told me how I can’t

But I can’t I’m a dream chaser

Just believe that you can.

Luke Aiken


Struggles and Frustration

Being a teenager is tough

When times get rough

Freedom of expression to thoughts of depression

Social media to Wikipedia

We got through the recession

People looking at you strange

Asking for your change

It’s about time things change.

Name calling is appalling

And the fact of the matter is, is that the twats that do it are just kids.

Trying to look cool and acting like a tool

You’re just a fool

So don’t go cry when karma catches you by the tie

Cause all that judging and name calling you did

Won’t pay off when you’re asking me for a job

Cause by then I’ll know that you were a knob

Gerard Carrigan


The Kick of the Ball

From the kick of the ball

You’re running fast, strong and tall.

You hit that first tackle

Feel like you’ve broken that shackle.

Get the ball break out in a run

Like a bullet shot from a gun.

The team is calling your name

Try not to drop the ball in fear of shame

You got away from all the hate

Scored the try, now I feel great.



Left Behind

I get criticised for who I am and encouraged to become someone else

Encouraged to become who the critic thinks he is

Who he wants to be.

I’m not bullied or picked on because I do have belief in myself

I can see that he doesn’t know who he is

Fear of being judged

Not getting enough attention

Afraid of being forgotten.

He reeks of desperation to be heard by me

By his sheep-like followers

Perhaps his parents aren’t behind him or feels like he can already see his eventual failure or lack of success in life like a car crash waiting to happen.

But I don’t mind

Well, I do.

I’m not bullet proof but I can see who I am

I know I have talents and failures and beauty just like everyone else.

I know I will succeed to my capabilities

I know that I will not be left behind.

Thomas Meleady


The Meaning of Life




The meaning of life

Without them we have nothing.

Richie Sheil



I don’t expect everyone to understand

Understand what its like to be a man …. With severe problems

Cause the people that tell you that othr people have it harder

Are the same people that tell you that there’s always someone better

I don’t expect everyone to understand

That a dark place is a terrible place in

A rich or poor persons mind

A black or white person’s mind

A gay or transgender person’s mind

I don’t expect everyone to understand

That someone that is in so much pain

That they want to end their life

That its not just a short term problem

But I do expect you to understand that you don’t have the right

The right to judge someone over any of these

Nathan Kennedy



A broken bone won’t set the tone

No one wants to be left alone

When you called that kid fat

Why didn’t you think that

Some people have it hard

Some people cant think straight

And when you call them dumb

Just think about whats going on at home

Some people take drugs to forget about it all

So don’t call them junkie and bash their head against the wall

The girl that is with everyone and you call loose

Is probably at home tying up that noose




Being homosexual is a bit of a chore

“Embrace who you are”, you’ve heard it all before

But believing in yourself , its not as easy as they say

Having to conceal who you are day after day

At the lads’ school, girls are always on their mind

But since you’re “in the closet” you cant cut the ties that bind

“I’d shift her, shes fit” they say , their voices full of glee

But all that you can do is just nod and agree

The message is repetitive “it gets better, its true”

The people at the better stage, they’re the people that I rue

But see that is then and this now, our situations aren’t the same

I can’t display who I am and its driving me insane

Don’t get me wrong, I have some friends that know

They’re really cool about it, they go with the flow

Then there’s the fellas that I haven’t told

Having to disguise myself is getting kinda old

That’s the end of my rant, I think I hit the point home

Just know you’re not the only one, the only one alone