Gormanston College, Co. Meath


No Exceptions

When I was growing up, I was always told

Be your own person

It was just a shape, to mould.


But little good did that do when it came to society

Only the normals were accepted, never room for variety.


In our generation we get shamed for everything we do

Especially by our own

From being fat to skinny,

Even stupid to clever too.


Nobody’s an exception,

Despite what you may think

You’re merely a ship on water that’s bound to sink.


Bullying is everywhere

From at home to in school

Sometimes from jealously

Or because it was “cool”.


It doesn’t only happen to children and teens

It’s brought into lives of adults,

With power and greed


So you may think you’re alone and the truth is you are

But only because people are too afraid to share who they are


But if we all stick together and say we’ve had enough

We can put these “normals” to shame because they’ve run out of luck.

Chloe Fitzpatrick and Saoirse McDonough


We are the Broken

The best are made of broken parts

The best are broken down

And it’s all the same

The group of friends who enjoy sports and parties

Are the ones who make the brightest the darkest

They put out the flame to their candle

And the few times they confide, they’re shunned, or they turn away

The people they depend on the most leave or move

And leave them a mess.

Who don’t tell, don’t say

Don’t feel

They leave for others

A substitute

Cast aside

The broken then don’t confide and don’t tell

They walk the tightrope of everyday with a bomb vest strapped to their chest

They can fall at any time



But we never pay any attention to them

We tell them that it’ll get better

And that’s probably true

But we’ll never understand that the future to the broken is a million miles

And we leave them to their own devices, leave them with the others

The broken

And never FOR ONE SECOND ever bother to understand

The invisible war they’re fighting


And we think the solution is to push more pills across the table

To send them to more councillors only to reach the same conclusion

To ignore the mean kids and teenagers

Outside turns into war zones

Canteens turn into minefields

They’re afraid to feel

To say

So they don’t

For fear that the next thing said

Might blow the fuse

And then

Then they’ll be sorry

And that’s the only time they are sorry

When they think there’s an actual consequence

And when they’re over the grave



Then and only then

And for what?

So they can make themselves feel better

So they can somewhat live comfortably with the fact

They broke the broken

They took a Picasso and sprayed graffiti on it

They could’ve been beautiful

But no

They denied them that

From the first word

They’re fighting


Walking the tightrope

A short fuse

Fighting, sometimes they lose


With themselves

We are the forgotten

The abandoned

The shunned

The broken

We are the broken.

Adam Lally


The Final Battle

I single bead of sweat rolls down his face

He struggles on, writing, panicking

Unable to keep up with the pace

Trying to remember something anything

That could help him, he’s done

According to his mother this test is his life

And it could be over before it’s begun

No future no money no wife

Just 17, hardly a man

Not cautious or alert

He stands at the end of the plan

Out of the final battle, the Leaving Cert.

Sean Briscoe


I Was Blind

For the rest of my life I will never be able to understand why I put myself through such pain.

Day after day , I would go to school and go through a lifetimes worth of hassle.

For years I thought they were my friends. I was blind.

I seemed to live through a consistent hard time, everyday when I came home

I thought my hell was over , it turned out I was just walking into the flames.

Nobody knew about the trouble I went through,

I didn’t even notice it myself. I was blind.

How have I only noticed all this now?

The people I called my “friends” and even my “brothers” destroyed my morale.

I could not understand the principles of it all. Surely a big guy like myself could never be bullied.

But no I was wrong,

I was bullied.

I was blind.



Beacon of Hatred

There’s a reason you sit there

Picking your fingernails

Combing your bitten fingers

Through that greasy hair

Staring into space

Shivering in the shower

There’s a reason

You don’t want to go to school today

That you’ve got nothing to say

There’s a reason you’ll never be happy with your physique

Or the spots on your cheek

That you’ve got no reason to stay

That reason has a face

That reason has a fist

That reason needs no reason.

Maximilian Tipp-McKnight


If You Look at This

If you look at this, this way you would see the colours are different but it’s what’s within

Not just the shade that makes you afraid

Wake up in the morning, where’s the first aid

Stiching those glitches they scarred on your face

It’s so hard like your lives in a maze

It’s not a Nintendo game or a reality game

Open Snapchat oh theres your face

No.1 quote “You’re a disgrace”

Happens not once or twice its’ by the human race

The moment you’re about to spill your own blood tells you to chill.

Ademola Bakare



Growing Up

We’re all told this is the time of our lives

Where we settle down and find our wives

Where we go to college and drink is life

When we wake up with someone we might not like.

We’re told we have to study at night

When all were doing is wasting our lives.

We all at one stage can’t sleep at night

Because we’re all afraid we might end up a failure despite

All the work we put in late at night

I think we might be losing this fight.

Sam Reddin



Bullies are nothing but sad and cruel

They act this way mostly in school

They always pick on the lonely one

The one who wishes they had a gun.
The bully does this to act big and proud

So he is the one who controls the crowd

The boy is alone, so he checks his phone

He has no friends, only mean texts that the bully sends.
School is finished, the boys at the gates

He checks his Facebook were the bully awaits

He can’t take it so he uses drugs

To try and avoid these ridiculous mugs

He’s giving out to himself because no one has a clue

So how would you feel if this was you?




Imagine life without a struggle and every day is sunny

Where happiness is really free and there is no need for money

When happiness is there it only shines in the shadows

For those who had their eyes closed they will overcome the battles.

Imagine life without depression

Where the lust and love you felt didn’t turn into obsession

When you love something too much you end up getting hurt

For those who know this feeling, yeah you get treated like dirt.
Imagine life without injustice

Where they all treat you the same, you don’t end up feeling loveless

When you start to get happy, something always screws up

For those who agree, we all know this shit is tough.

Daniel Mannix



I wake up in the morning fearful

And always end the day tearful

I walk into school with my bones ready to break

But it’s not my body but my mind at stake

Why they do this I will never know

When I get home I feel like I’m about to blow

Before it happens I imagine hurting them

But when it happens I just want my Mam

Maybe I need to change so they’ll leave me be

Cause maybe its not just them its me

Sean Power & Jamie Canning


Maximo Turrem

It stands, silent.

The Tower stands, tall and proud and new and fresh

The malachite vines link alcove to alcove on

The shining ivory surface, the sun glinting off the smooth cut stone.
The Tower stands powerless. The Tower stands silent.

Refusing to cry out as the once benign vines, turn maleficent

And choke her with their grotesque tendrils.
The Tower stands, old and weak and limp and dying.

Short of breath and short of time. Her foundations soon betray her,

and the ivy grabs hold as The Tower cedes
In a final act of defiance, the tower falls, toppling

The vines lose their hold as brick separates

From brick. Finally in death, it can be free.
The Tower stood.

And The Tower stood silent

Matthew Morgan


Coming in the Front Door

Coming in the front door

Wishing happiness and excitement and nothing more

Avoiding trouble and having good names to be addressed by

Which ended up with me using the tissue to cry.
They mocked me slagged me roasted me

Without even ending with an apology

I talked with brother friend and the mother

Which then I realised I can’t go any further.
I cried and cried and asked for assistance

Which then made me create a distance

Between friends strangers family and more

It felt like I was being enclosed between the ceiling and the floor.
I was gonna go and end it with one more metre

But then I was approached by a Christian preacher

He told me I was saved and that God loves me

I’m telling this story now that I’m nearly forty.

Thomas Weakliam



Coming in for another school day

Hoping it will be different

Wishing all the pain away

Hoping the bullies will be distant.

But again the torment starts

The bullies are fast approaching

No remorse in their hearts

Just them being there is choking.

The names and abuse come raining in

Feeling helpless and alone

Told just to take it on the chin

By adults not knowing the pain shown.

His only saviour is the ringing bell

Telling him to leave

But now he has to tell

Parents about new bruises he’s received.

Saying it’s no big deal,

Unwilling to tell the truth,

Hoping time will heal,

The problems of his youth.



Like, Comment, Share

We spend our days with our heads stuck in our phones

Checking social media judging the people around us

Our so called friends who you are always able to say

Something negative about, yet you lead them to believe that

You care about them by liking there picture or commenting

Some fake shit to make them feel better about themselves

Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat used to promote self-images but some people are too scared to even post a selfie.

Some able to basically expose themselves and they call the

Conscious of us: “freaks” or “weirdos”

Some use Tinder to feel better about themselves but a

“Match” is a hollow slag my people with fake accounts

Messing with your head and then the proud owners of people with a thousand likes on their Facebook.

The people who think they’re too good to talk to someone with only a hundred

The stuck up “squads” who think people bow down to them and the independent who get
“chatted” about or “posted” about into groups and statuses

Getting called such insulting terms like “geebags” “whores” and “slags”

We block them thinking out of sight out of mind but that really isn’t the case, the hate continues

We believe that they will forget about us but it gets worse

Then you can’t take it you unblock them and what you see is no surprise

How could all these social medias make us so unsocial so much communication but nobody to actually talk to

Facetime without a real face

How can we talk to someone so much on the internet but not a single word will get passed in real life

Thousands of Facebook friends but no a real one in sight

Yet the happiest of us are the ones who have not a care of their own image

How to aspire to look like no one

How can this be true

In the age of social media

Chris Leech



My mind is so deep in thought

I think there is something wrong

Did you try calling for me?

No, no one believed in me

I woke up in the morning

First day of school

Obviously not considered cool

The no.1 fool.



Stinging Bloom

It was just another night, just another session

Little did they know tomorrow there would be depression

He was young, smart good looking too

The worst he had done was sniff some glue

But, like everyone he was insecure

He wanted to fit in with the boys

He drops three pills, all he hears is white noise

Jaw swinging

His chest is stinging

He loves it and doesn’t care he wants more

And out of the bloom

In comes his mate with some magic mushrooms!

All of a sudden, the trip goes south

He needs fresh air, he’s scared

He doesn’t know he sits in death’s chair

Suddenly, a searing pain hits he chest

He can’t breathe, He’s going into cardiac arrest

His final thought turn to his mother and brother

Who will care for them? As his breathe is smothered

Everything goes black, the overdose

He’s swallowed, makes his body hollow.

Jack Mitchell



Believe that your life is a good life even if you don’t think it

Believe that your life is suited to you
Believe that you will find someone in your life

Believe that you will find a career
Believe that you are talented at something

Believe that your life isn’t pointless
Believe you will live a happy life
Just believe in yourself.

Matthew Flanagan


I Can’t

Are you willing to give up?

To be the one who is called a failure

Keep your head up high

Don’t let them tell you

You are special in your own way

Don’t let them tell that you can’t

Let their hate inspire

Your faith.

Matthew Cassin


Monday Mourning

Monday morning the alarm goes off

Don’t want get out of bed

The anxious moment you walk in the door

To see the bully awaiting

Somebody waiting to put you on the floor

Somebody waiting to make a joke out of you

For the end of the day you wish and pray

that Monday morning wont happen again.

Rory Bentley


The Truth

The truth is, that it’s not easy

The truth is, you can’t be fat, black, smart or gay

The truth is, you can’t be you without being judged

The truth is, some people can’t handle the truth

The truth is, the most successful people are the ones who fought this sick reality

The truth is, there’s hope

The truth is, there is someone that is there for you

The truth is, f**k the truth.

Kyle Keeley & Jade Higgins



I have a fear for the life when I finish school. I have an idea what I want to do but I don’t know if I want to do it for the rest of my life. I think the question life is asking me is to much as I’m 16 and I will be doing this profession for the rest of my life. I have no interest in going to college, and all my parents want me to do is not just to go, but to continue on after my degree to get a doctorate. To be honest I have no interest in growing up.

Alex Smith