St. Josephs Secondary School, Drogheda, Co. Louth



Trying to be cool when in school

So the other day in school I was trying to act cool,

When the teacher came over and told me the number one rule,

To be who I am and not be a fool,

I chose not to pay attention so she gave me a detention,

I didn’t go so I got a suspension,

The teacher gave me twelve comprehensions,

I sat at home wanting to forget,

I knew I was living a life of regret which made very upset,

I decided to change and not be a fool,

But to be myself because to me that is cool.

Sean Rice


New Things

New ways new people new everything

A new place with new things

But not bad new things

An experience for life, a whole new perspective

The start of whats next

The next step of life

The new things, the things to come

It’s OK to miss the old stuff but dont hate the new things.

Just remember to keeping looking froward

And keep on living.

Cooper Buckwalter


I’m Just Fed Up

Why am I appreciated at home

But not at school?

Why can I score a point from sixty-five yards,

But not fit in with a crowd?

How do I understand what Shakespeare meant by this or that

But not what it takes to be one of the lads?

I’m tired of being an easy target for stupid jokes.

I’m just fed up.



Trust Me

Growing up, I mean, I still haven’t, but between the ages of 9-10, I got absolute shit for how I looked. I was never a slim lad, nor was I ever crazy fat, but I got shit for what I did after school. I was/am that kid who would go home and do my homework then play games on the Xbox.

The slagging started off kinda play-like, then as I started to try stop the insults, the intensity and ferocity jumped up in how deep they started to go. I tried everything I could to not go into school.

The summer of 2009 came. I got a break for my own personal hell, I tried to forget it over the 3 months, it didn’t help. We were back to school and everything was like it was. I wanted to just hit something. I slowly lost my sanity. I was sick of the inhumanity caused against me.

Trust me… I have had the worst time I think I could have. I have plotted, and attempted to kill myself, I had a plan. IF you feel and or think in this way, PLEASE tell someone. Maybe not your mam or dad, School Counsellor, if you have one, at least.

Trust me… It would have been the worst mistake I made.



Speak your mind

I’m good at sport, professional for my age. I’m popular on the pitch but off it can be quiet a bitch. I have opinions, but nobody wants to listen to them. I’m loved by my family and my girlfriend too, but even though I’m loved by them I feel like a tool. When I go to school I find I’m not so cool. I’ve got a load of friends, but  I still get some who like to look at me as if I’m a tool. But the one thing that makes me strong is that I’m not afraid to say what I feel. So even though people feel that way, I make them feel as if they are the ones that have no clue




I spend most of my time online, talking to people I can’t even find.

I talk to gamers who are mad, or people who ask for advice when they’re feeling sad.
These relationships I build, and these circles we band, are called fake or not real, because they’re formed over broadband.
So this is for people that meet, from countries below and above, who end up falling in love.
Because friendships are real, and relationships are genuine, and if you think otherwise, don’t waste my time.



I consider myself very lucky, and this is why:

I am 16 and I have a girlfriend that I have been with since September 2014, and it is now January 2016, and I absolutely hate the fact that no adults, maybe besides my own family, seem to trust the fact that she can be the actual love of my life. I googled and read stories of couples who have been together since they were teenagers and are still together to this day and that’s what gives me hope that I haven’t just found a ‘teenage love interest’. I spend the majority of my time either with my family, putting in the work sport-wise (basketball) or with my girlfriend and to be honest I’ve never been happier. (Let me just disclaim that I was chasing someone who played hard to get so when it finally came together it was a real achievement) and once I met her I actually started to concentrate on dressing nicely, smelling good etc. etc. which I suppose is pretty standard actually.

But really I consider myself lucky because if it were not for her I wouldn’t really have any life ambitions, any goals, or places I want to get to in life. This is because in the past I’ve been laid back and not worried about anything, but now I think a lot about my future and who I want to be, and it makes me glad to know that I won’t be doing it alone. I have one hope: That my luck doesn’t run out.





Being a casual isn’t all that wonderful

The clothes might dazzle but its not all that affordable

They’re good visuals but there still very valuable

You might buy your Burberry or purchase Mastrum

I’m a walking advertisement caught in the maelstrom

I’m following the herd of this clothing brand of passion

I might have too many shoes but I’m no fool

I spend my money wisely its part of my fashion.

Emmet King


Against Modern Football

F**k off with your overpriced ticket

Keep them up at this rate, people will end up rather going to cricket

Expect students to be able to go to the beautiful game

Cost 100 pounds last week to go to Arsenal away and your only paying for the name.

I mean how do you expect a student to go who’s attending school studying books and pages

To afford these kind of things that will cost him an odd 20 hours wages.

The aim of the poem I hope will help you consider

To take everything into consideration and you might get more bidders

There’s a reason why every year you end up banning an odd 100 football fans

It’s just a few passionate men enraged with the prices enjoying the day out after having a few cans

You would swear that the modern day ultra’s a criminal

They only get violent with the regulations at football matches that are liminal

Expressing their love for their club with flags and displays

They’re not expecting any praise.

All we ask for is to change some rules

Such as having to sit down in the stadium which is just for the fools

I’m pretty sure the FIFA & UEFA pigs don’t care

But wouldn’t £20 a ticket be a lot more fair?

All that I can do is write this poem so that is my conquest

I hope you’s can stop caring about who has the most money treating it as a mini contest.

Diarmuid McKeown