St. Peter’s College, Dunboyne, Co. Meath


100 Years

If we go back 100 years

Teenagers didn’t exercise half as much as now

The pressure didn’t appear

It grew with the media.

If we go back 100 years

Teenagers didn’t exercise half as much as now

The pressure didn’t appear

It grew with the media.


If we go forward 100 years

Teenagers could be healthy and happy

Without the pressure

People stopped caring about the media.


Tessa Kissane



Time comes and goes

But never slows.

Tt ticks and


But never stops.

It’s never-ending, true

But if you’re careful

It’s manageable too.

Jamie Long



I think people have a feeling that people want to be perfect

But I think the idea of perfection is a bit of a defect

I see flawed people everyday

They are called the human race.

Nobody is perfect

And the last time I checked

Famous people, scientists, presidents, teachers, builders your parents are all flawed

But does this mean you, yourself the person you are does not deserve applause

You are you and you should defraud

The idea that is perfection in people.

Andrew Lane



I want to make

It’s a raging ache

Not a cake but to

Make my own movie

It could be even spooky

It will fill me with glory

I will make the own stories

I want to be a writer

So I can feel brighter.

Jamie Gannon



Everday, hearing people say the same thing; “How much do you weigh?”

“Why do you do your hair that way?”, “What are you, gay?”

And I just think “Why do you care anyway?”

But I never do anything

It’s what I see later that shocks me

Those people who were getting it rough

Go up to others saying the same stuff

That almost broke them down to tears

Calling them names and other jeers

All because of their inner fears

And here I am, doing nothing

Oscar Braun


Stranger Danger

Strangers staring at the same screen

Thinking to themselves how strange it is that a stranger can understand better

Think better, know better than a best friend or a parent or a teacher; a councillor.

Asking why and how and when. What happened?

The answer is always the same, it never changes.

The answer is like water, it can be as cold as ice or as hot as steam

It can appear different but always the same, the components never change

They only look, and act, and speak differently

Just like the answer

Always looking and acting and speaking differently but always remaining the same.

Katie Walsh



A man lay wounded surrounded by violence and war

Remembering the times before the uproar

Childhood memories of where it began

Now I’ts all about this game plan

Trying to protect the place I call home,

Allowing people to roam

People being afraid to step outside their door

At the beginning of this world war.

Leah Byrne



Almost 3000 followers, most followed in TY

I’m photoshopped to perfection

Can’t look at my own reflection

Blemish fixing all my lies.


College tuition used on followers,

Spend my time tryna’ numb the pain

No real life personal gain

Keep trying to win that InstaFame.

Eoghan & Catherine F. Burke


Justin Bieber

I love Justin Bieber

I have Bieber Fever

I think I’m a Belieber

Some people mix him up with a beaver.

Kaya Schofield



Why is that all black people hang with each other at school?

Why is that being black seems really “cool”?

Why is it that every black person in the class gets mixed up?

Why is that black people are called ‘colored people’ when their one color?

Why is that when people try not to be racist, they end up just being that?:


“Black people are actually nice.”

“I’m getting used to their smile.”


Why are you so surprised about that?

Why should we be judged by our skin, when there’s other things like attitude and personality?

Why is it that white people spray tan to look DARKER but yet some can’t stand black people?

Why should anyone feel different,

About a simple colour, pigment?




We are humans of all different races

Our bodies and faces are all different

It doesn’t matter if you look like you sprayed by mace

We don’t have a set time or date.

We are destined to choose our own faith

So live life at your own rate

Don’t let others decide who you are

Because you won’t get very far.

Richard Zou


Being 16

Being 16 is like walking through a foggy field

What’s ahead is scaring you

What’s behind is haunting you

What’s around you is damaging.


Every step needs strength

But each one exhausts you more and more

You feel alone but you are still surrounded

You want to speak but no one will listen.


You long for the day when you see the fog no more

And it is just an open field with no boundaries

Being 16 is like walking through a foggy field

Blind, exhausted, alone.


Will the escape ever happen?

Robyn & Caoimhe



Expectations and Failure

I have always thought that in secondary school, people expected a lot from you as a student, especially when you had to do that exam, the Leaving Cert (no the Junior Cert doesn’t count, it’s pointless and useless get over it.) Anyway, when it comes back and you haven’t done well, you start to question your life: what your ability really is, what are you going to do when you get older, will you always be a loser and never score high in life. Then you realize that you are better than this, it was just some old hag at the end of table in a dark room while the sun was shining brightly outside (except in Ireland, lets face it you all know it’s true) that corrected your exam and she (or “he”. I’m not being sexist here) decided to give you that mark because you didn’t put in that fada somewhere or you probably forgot to carry the one or something. That’s not the point though, the point is that you see that shitty score and you are left with two options: “spend another year doing the same shit and the same anxieties over again or suck it up and deal with it.” Personally I would just suck it up because I’d rather shoot my own dick off than do another year of that shit. But this decision is up to you. You are old enough to think for yourself (regardless of what they all say). At the end of the day, no matter how bad you do in that exam (or anything in life for that matter) you will be OK and there’s nothing that will change that (unless you have some kind of mental illness, then you’re f**ked).

Mega Stan


Teenage Drinking

I think drinking at this age is stupid; using it to kill nerves and socialize at a party is a terrible excuse. You should learn to be confident in your own body and mind. It makes you feel awkward at a party when everyone is socializing with feeding each other drink and you can’t have a proper conversation with the people in your year because they think you’re a baby that you don’t drink or that you are not cool enough. Life at 16 is hard when you don’t want to be a mess but peer pressure is a strong test to beat.

Aislinn Maria Cullen



When we are born we are a book with blank pages where we feel we are the author and feel we can write whatever we feel like we aren’t under any restrictions to do whatever we want. We the first years are ones where we begin to understand our surroundings and friends what we want to do with our life a time of joyous occasions. Then we begin to get forced to do things like school where we are told of rules: the part in the book where the antagonist meets the challenges. We can’t choose what happens but only how we react as our childhood dreams start to fade and the fear and pain begins to set in where people laugh at and make fun of yours and tell you only because they fear the power you might hinder me. I want to play professional football like most lads it annoys me each year you see people your own age already playing or signing for big clubs you feel it’s not fair so you panic and pretend not to care so you begin to isolate yourself and go inside and play video game or something to keep your mind off it. But I’m sure this is the story of most people a dream which can’t be broken we just need to take the leap like most characters in the books and try reach for the thing we want most rather than give up and get stuck in a dead end job working like robots like the system wants most of the time.

Jack Kennedy


Friendship Poem

Yis are bleeding bitches

When I think of yous my skin itches

But no rats, snitches get stitches

Ah don’t worry jokes jokes

Bleeding luv yis ye mad yokes

Yis are always up for the craic

But yis always have me back

Yis are with me through tic and tin

Even the mad one Asho Flynn

Shout out to me best friends

Carata till the end.

Clodagh C., Ali. A, Robyn R., Aoife A., Teia T. & Aisling T.


I Have OCD

“I have OCD”

Something said by you and me

We clean and tidy everything right

Forgetting the boy who cries at night.


He sits in the corner, panting, searing

Anxiety filled from a habit he’s fearing

Trichotillomania, he’s ripping out his hair

Nobody notices the balding, not that they care.


Excoriation Disorder, where’s his skin

On the tip of his nails, missing from his shin

Pulling, plucking, it must go

Helping, not letting the anxiety show,


The cereal boxes all out of order

Need to reorganise all this disorder

Five, six hours, he’ll never get back

Spent on his knees organising the rack.


The audacity of us, to claim what he suffers

We like things tidy, but in the mess he smothers

We work hard to show how we’re good/equal/feminists!

But nobody tries to learn the difference between OCD patients and perfectionists.

Luke Geraghty



The thoughts inside my head

Are so bad I wish I was dead

Misery all around

But I do not make a sound

I can’t because the box I am in is soundproof

I’m guessing you think all this sounds aloof

But you don’t have no proof

You don’t need none to be a spoof

The ground comes up like a truck doing 90

It isn`t real but it doesn’t have to be

Because all this world is so greedy

And you all say I am so needy

But your words are like the fires of satin

That are burning in my heart

Just because I might not be that smart.

This is a poem about a cruel world

I don`t give two shits if you think it is absurd

I might have no wings but I am still a bird.




Everyone makes mistakes, they define us, so accept them for f**k sake.

Many mistakes are forgotten but there are always those that stay with us.

But don’t sit and worry even if these mistakes have made the future look blurry.

You are a tree, the mistake is a carving into the bark.

The carving will not go away or get smaller

But you will get bigger and will sprawl

That will make the mistakes seem much, much smaller.

Zachary Maguire



We are humans of different races

Our bodies and faces are all different

It doesn’t matter if you look like you got hit by a mace

We don’t have a set time or date

We are destined to choose our own faith

So live Life at your own rate

Don’t let others decide who you are

Because you won’t get very far.

Richard Zou



Every teenage girl wants to be skinny

And if you don’t fit the media’s or your peers’ idea of thin and skinny

Then your fat and need to lose weight.

And if you don’t have a toned body, you need to eat less and exercise more

That some girls become so obsessed with that it’s the only thing they can think of

They are obsessed with losing weight because they think they will be more popular or get guys attention more if their skinny.

Who has the right to comment on someone else’s body?

You don’t know how much someone is dieting or not eating at all

You don’t know how much maybe they get told that at home or by other people either in school or on the street

You also don’t know how much one comment could affect someone else’s life

One small comment about someone’s weight might not be mean or affect you but it could affect someone else completely different

Nobody has the right, it’s not your body so don’t comment on it.

Katie Curran, Grace Dunne & Hazel Clare


What’s Wrong with Schools

Why did you teach the subjects of how to get a job when you could teach how to get the f**cking job.

You always give us work for home about chromosomes, because you’re trying to turn us into clones.

Why didn’t you teach us life skills or even how to pay our bills for a place somewhere nice, maybe even Beverly Hills.

All we care about in school is all the cute chicks, so why didn’t you teach us about dating.

And this advice about using a condom, but none about how to get a kid because you want one.

I may be straight-edged and allergic to drink, but at least I’m not waking up in a ditch feeling like shit.

So yeah teenage years are tough, but I’ll be gone soon enough.

Cian O’Dwyer



The roses are red

The sky is blue

Baby I love you

And I hope you love me too.




Don’t spend the rest of your life wishing you were living someone else’s

Everyone is here for a reason, so why wouldn’t you have one?

Maybe there were times when you thought you were a LOSER, that you would NEVER SUCCEED

But that’s just your conscience making your decisions for you

Don’t let it beat you up, or it will.


Every day is a new opportunity, free yourself of regrets

You have to look fear straight in the eye and tell him you don’t want him around anymore.

When anxiety attacks you will defend, never become the victim of yourself, and do what you’re afraid to do.

Because you can either accept the past as the present or delete it.

Be a WINNER and always succeed, because you might think that regrets won’t last forever, but they will.

Neil Tighe



I was asked to ode about me but nothing really came to see. Although I am the C with the f a lot of people see me as the bee. I’ve been known to be a dirty knacker but really it’s that they just can’t handle.

With the day at hand I’m here sitting down waiting. The ring to signal I can leave. Even though this isn’t my jam I might as well take part in this slam.

Whatever thought that I could do a rhyme is mental in their own mind. I’m not a poet but an hurler, the name Con Greene I play on a county team.

Con Greene


My Hero is My Mam

She is the strongest person I know beat cancer twice and has it again, I know she’ll pull through, she had tough life. Left school at thirteen cared for her sick mother. When her mother died she became a mother not just to me but my sisters too. But also to her brothers, sister, and father, she’s always there for me even at her worst.


                                                             John Mitchell



My mam is a fighter

Nobody hugs me tighter

She went through a battle

With things that made her rattle

With any abuse that changed her to crack up

Her daughters and social workers were her back-up.


Foster care we went

To give my mam time to vent

Rehab and help took time for her to take in

But she took the help and give in.

Got healthier by the day

Got to see her with some delay.

Years and years seemed to go by but yet she seemed to get on with life never complaining

She still is remaining

As healthy as ever

We all helped her together my mam is my hero

We’re my mam’s heroes.

Sarah O’ Neill



Sophie is my name

Swimming is my main

No pain no gain

I’m a bit of a pain

Show over for today

That’s what they all say

Even in Broadway

I’ll get there someday

I’ll find a way


It’s supposed to be an ode

I guess it isn’t gold

But I’m not very old

So I’ve been told

This isn’t very bold

Buts it’s not being sold

I’m a bit cold

Bit of a load

See you when you’re old.



My Name is Suzie Daly

My name is Suzie Daly

I love eating baileys,

And I’ve been to a few Ceilis ,

I’m a ginger

With the reflexes of a ninja

I love photograph

But I hate geography

Sorry for wasting your time

With my bad Rhymes

Have a good day

Now please just go away.

Suzie Daly


Ode to Me

This is an ode to me

I am deadly

Walking down the street

People envy me

I’m so baller

You’ll be on your knees begging please

Names Cadhla it’s mad

I’m actually a lad

5 foot loads

I’m as wide as that M50

And all those other roads

On the pitch

I’m unreal, litch pinging passes slappin asses

I’m a real G

Some compare me to the great Khali or even ALI G

I’m the real king of the slam you all know I am.

Love all my bessies are there

They give me good deals for realz

Ramada sila and abdul , selling me watches is what they do.

This ode is over later pal Cadhla McKenna.

Cadhla McKenna

Ode to Me

My name is Heather

Which rhymes with feather

I change the weather, because I’m so clever


In my spare time I listen to music.

I love JB and 1D. I attend SPC.

I did ty and I don’t know why


I’m a little shy but in TY I got more courage and have come out of my shell

I’ve gained more friends that I’ll keep to the end.


This an ode to me,

They call me GC.

I go to school in St Peter’s, Dunboyne

And yesterday I dropped a coin

I have a horse called Mac

I sit on his back.

When I get older I’d like to be

A veterinary student in UCD

I’m going to a Rihanna concert in June

I am over the moon

Yesterday I ate a selection Box

When I was younger I had chicken pox

My favourite food is chicken

My eyebrows are fleekin.

Grace Connolly


MC Trout, This is what I’m about

You’re about to learn, so sit down and turn,

Your body to me

Cause I’m your newest MC

No im not new to town

But im new to the crown

So yeah sit down and listen

This is music to your ears, let it glisten.


Youngest in my family,

It was hard to see.

That id soon grow up

To be a queen.

I’m putting you in my shoes

Quickly you’ll find out

There’s nothing better

Than being a trout .


My dad is half-African, black as a bat

No don’t mess with em. Ye rat.

And my mams 5’4’’, but mess

With her and she’ll knock you out the door.


I have to go

I know you want more

But I’m top groover

Yeah I’m needed on the floor.

MC Trout

Ode to Me

I am unreal, most people can’t deal

Without feel, Yeah. What get real?

Slipped on a banana peel

It slipped like an eel

On a slippery wheel. A good bit,

I can spit some real shit,

Even without Brad Pitt. My fire is lit

Ye sneaky little git   I the real Zach Dunne my dog weighs a ton

I can’t run. But ill pull out me gun you just got done.

Zach Dunne


Ode to Rachel

My name is Rachel

Nothing rhymes with my name. But I’m still in the game.

I’ve two brothers who look the same. Sometimes they’re really lame.

I like TV, When I’m watching it don’t bother me,

I love to drink tea, in my house I’m the Queen Bee

I hate the cold, it’s just getting old.

If dad was asked to work in Arizona, I’d be sold

I really want a pug, so we can hug.

This is the end, See ya later my Friend.


Ode to Orlaith

My name is Orlaith

Sometimes mistaken for Laura

Love a bitta JB

Giada’s sister is Sadie

Have a little pup called Jake

Rachel has never been in a lake

I like to drink green tea

But that just me

Have a boyfriend called Paul

But he’s not very tall

My brothers such a sap

Cause he wears a bat man cap

Halloween night was sick wink wink

All my haters live in Ratoath

Wish I could push them off the pier in howth

All my dad’s bro’s are gay

And his sisters are in the way.



Of all the 6 classes, I’m stuck in the best, the tall ones the small ones

And the hairy chests,

College or not, were stuck in a spot, in the middle of nowhere

We’re not allowed to swear, but in f** that we don’t care, were wild, in the school of SPC

They say school is cool, but in fact it is cruel, where food tastes like gravel, where work makes you drool, on top of that teachers are fools.

Although this school will be our end, we must turn a blind eye and bow our heads.

At morning assembly, shoulder to shoulder, we stand facing out, with the heat building up, it’s no wonder people keep passing out.



An Ode to Myself

I’m what makes the world go round, I’m really in tune with all my sounds, Cian is my name but I’m not to blame, for the destruction of our great world today.

I’m the best and I like none of the rest.

People should bow down to me and they should put a crown on me.

Without me the universe would fall apart and now that I’m here I guess I’ve a spot in all your hearts.

They call me the king, if you want me gimme a ring,

I’m the great Cian Fagan, yes, I might be a pagan.

I’m a billionaire and I’ve got some savage hair,

I guess this is the end, but it’ll never change the curve or the bend, that regular people call life.

Cian Fagan

An Ode to Myself

I’m a bear, the full square,

I’ve got legs the size of the spire, not to expire. My name is Michael, I love to recycle and I love to cycle, NOT!!!!

I’m the sexiest beast alive in all 32,

I’m up for a fight, come on me and you. I’m gonna smack you in the face, smack yah in the stomach, smack yeh in the chest , you’re gonna feel really silly, And then after all that I’m gonna smack yeah in the ….. Face again!

My house is 6 stories high, touching the sky. I’ve got 50 butlers, 6 golf courses, 30 wives, 70’ inch screens, lots of scenes.

They say I’m the best looking lad in the whole world, I’ve got 6 pack abs from all those curls, for the girls.

So don’t forget about me, and if you do, I’m sure you won’t ah who am I kidding you won’t.



An Ode to Myself

Liam is my name, GAA is my life,

Don’t particularly like school,

Really, need a wife.

Sport is my relief, always out and about,

Love a bit of grub, none of that aul stout.

Irish through and through, proper Meath man,

County is my motivation, All-Ireland is the plan.

Liam Byrne

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be happy,

As long as my friends and family surround me,

Helping the world is what I want to do, but if it’s one person at a time that’ll do,

Do everything you want to do, Visit every country that ever existed,

By the time I’m 80 I want pages upon pages,

Of tickets to countries that some people haven’t heard of,

Coach basketball teams to All-Ireland glory,

Play basketball until the NBA calls for me,

End of the day that my ode,


Julia K.

An Ode to Myself

This is an ode about me

I like tea and my name is Kellie

I don’t like jelly it makes me sick in my belly

I like to watch telly in my spare time

This is not a very good rhyme but it passes some time

I have a horse called Freddie he is like a big ginger teddy

Who’s always ready to help me fly high

But he doesn’t like pie, if he ate it he would die.



An Ode to Myself

This is my poem it’s all about me, one thing you should know I don’t like my greens,

I am quite small but nothing stops me, I’m heading to the top so no pictures please,

I have brown hair red lips and blue eyes, a modern day Marilyn Monroe to me that’s no surprise,

My Da’s the image of Frank Sinatra my Mam’s Sofia Loren that’s how they made the world’s perfect gene

Rubies and roses nothing beats me, I’m a shining star wait and you’ll see, the people who picked on me they’ll be the ones trust me, one shot in the head and bang you’re done.

I don’t really what I say see I have a kind heart and I’m not really that mean,

Sometimes I seem to be chatting and annoying but just get to know and you would find I’m not boring.

Sophie Donohue



The Poet’s Ode

Here’s an ode

To a poet

Who is fresh on the scene

He’s flying, and not lying! His name is me.

I’m flying around, at the speed of sound

Trying out everything.

I do martial arts, not partial to tarts

And giving acting a fling.

Family are tough but I can’t get enough,

I’m open to a ring

When the bell will toll, I’m a man tenfold

I have the world on a string.

Here’s an ode, to a poet

And his name is me.

Sam Bergin


An Ode to Myself

My name is Peter

And I’m writing a poem, when all I can think of is going home

When I go home I’ll eat some food, then I’ll eat some food, then I’ll watch TV because I’m a cool dude.

When that’s done and the sun has gone down I’ll be forced to do my homework

And end with a frown.

When homework’s done I’ll get ready for hurlin

All the while my hair keeps curling

After all that ill climb into bed. After a very hard day I finally get to rest my head

But instead I’m in school where they claim work is cool

When I’m in school all I do is give out oh how I’d love to get out.

Peter Davis