Meán Scoil Nua an Leith-Triúigh, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry


Live life the way you like

Today people ask me ’How’s school going?’

It’s never ‘How are you?’ it’s unknowing

People laugh and cry about an exam

But in the end it doesn’t matter a damn

We are all going to die anyway.

So live everyday like it’s your last day

Don’t turn out like any Tom, Dick or Harry

Be successful and as happy as Larry.

Jimmy O’Grady


The Real World

School limits our expectations

Troublemakers land at a Garda stations.

Kicked out of school for being a bollocks

But all he wants to do is herd bullocks.

This is his life, this is his education

Not maths or English with personification.

Be it you’re a banker or hauling anchors

School doesn’t teach you the things you need in life

Such as defending yourself against a knife.

Mathematics or science sure there important but it’s not all about exams

Where are they when you are in real life scams

Running, jumping, thinking or hunting

Surviving, driving even scuba diving.

This is a bit twirled

But this is what I think is the real world

David Sheehan



Standstill, freewill

Still here, but disappear



Dreams fading

Times changing

Believing, growing

Learning, knowing

I must do me

Taking hits, hypocrites!

Keep fighting, uniting

All around

Hearing no sound


Doubting, but certain

I must do me.

Muireann Casey


The Road Not Taken

All i want to do is sleep
Just go to bed and count some sheep.
I can’t be arsed to go to school
They’re all just a bunch of tools.
I need to think of four more lines
Everyone shut up, please don’t whine.
Boom boom bam
See you later fam fam fam.



I’m not creative

I hate school

I don’t play sports

I listen to music all day

I’m always laughing

Caitlyn Browne

We Are Human

Parents are always going on about exams

They say lots of things like



They think that we have no lives

That we should spend every night locked in our rooms studying.

I think it’s time that parents realise that we need a break too

We aren’t robots

We are just like them


Niall Moynihan



Welcome to Ireland, The home of fat wankers,

The TD’S, the lords, the country’s fat bankers.

Look at our country; it’s becoming a mess,

You have to look at it and also confess,

This newest generation, is totally f**ked,

I see young teenagers with drink fags and drugs.

Your mates come and ask you, fancy a drink?

I’m fifteen for god’s sake but when I say no they think,

That I’m strange and different, “everyone does it”

And the fact is most do, but that is the problem.


Your average working man is breaking his balls,

Making enough to get by, but struggling to buy his daughter fancy dolls.

When he gets his weeks wages the tax man lands in,

“Haven’t seen you in ages, where’s my money Ben”

Hands over his 41%

Now left with not enough money, what about the rent?

They say homelessness is a crisis,

But where does 41% go?

Wasted on things we don’t need, things we should let go.


It’s time we changed, Enda pull your finger out!!

I know it in my mind, without a doubt,

We’re Irish for god’s sake; it’s time to stand up,

‘The land of the strong, the brave and the rough’,

I know times are hard, I know times are tough,

But come on now Ireland. Don’t give up!

Mikey Lyne


Last Night Out

Everybody goes drinking these days

Even knowing it will put them in a haze

Everyone asks “You going out tonight”

But really they don’t give a shite

Doing stupid sh*t, like driving after

All of them in a pit of laughter

Then can’t see through the windscreen, because of condensation

Ending up again, in a Garda station

And that’s if their lucky, and if you doubt

For some people it’s their last night out!

Brian Dowling



I got nothing in my head I do not know what the f**k I want to do with my life I have got a lot pressure on my mind. My mind’s weak. I keep nearly given in my mom’s helping me she wants the best for me. I got loads of people hoping I’ll do well. I just gotta say I’m one mother f**ker for being lazy. I do not know what to do it’s a lot of pressure for all us teenagers trying to figure out what the f**k we want. I feel the pressure down on me with everybody watchin’. I need the help. I don’t know what I want.


What Is Life?

My life is a bit of a puddle all jumbled up

This part over there and the other part is like sup

This is wrong when people think life is cool

I’m not too cool for school

So I am out of tune

I ask myself, what is this life about

Basically, it is a whole load of crap!


My life is a mystery, some may say a surprise at times

But, you may say life is led by a whole tangle of lines

As you may say it, we are puppets

While kids like The Muppets.

As I grow older, I understand the mystery of life

Life can be as simple as live, breed and die but this is not life

This is not a melody, this is not a harmony

Life should be fun, you should be alive in this symphony

Life is life.

I have been down, my friends have been down

This is not known

You should do right, reach out a hand

Or else life can be bland.

But once you help, it is all that matters

Your neighbour, your friend, anyone can be sad

This is very bad

Do right and you will be right!

Eddy Lynch


I Am Me

I don’t like school

I don’t like people

I don’t like exams

I don’t like anything that involves education or effort

My parents say I’m lazy

My friends think I’m boring

But they have no idea who I truly am

I am creative

I am imaginative

I am strong

I am caring

I am loving

But most of all I am me.

Grace O’Sullivan


My Interest in Veterinary

For my whole life I was interested in helping,

Helping the things that have hair and wagging tails,

Beings that will dirty the door in fear,

These beings are animals.


Animals that need to be as they say ‘fixed’,

Or animals in dire need,

Animals that look at humans like their slaves,

And animals that look at humans for pleasure,

We could say that animals use us.

Animals that come in could be too fat or too thin,

Animals that just in for no reason at all.


There are animals that hate vets,

Animals that like vets,

Animals that would try to attack the vet,

And animals that would try their best to be content.


Some animals are in for no reason,

Some animals are in ‘cos the owners worry too much,

Animals can be filthy and smelly,

While some can be clean and washed.


I watched surgeries,

They were very interesting,

And it was nice to see money coming in from them!

Sure that is what the owners have to sacrifice,

Which overall makes me, as a future vet, very happy.

Olly Lynch


I Really Like Driving

I really like driving, especially driving fast.

Some people say it’s dangerous, but it’s really not!

It helps me de-stress, that’s what they don’t know,

That if I didn’t go driving, fast, I won’t be such blast.

I really like cars too.

They are really interesting, and quads too.

My favourite thing in the car is the handbrake, so when I’m pulling skids, if you’re in the car when I’m driving fast, please don’t pull any skids in your pants for it wouldn’t be any bants.

This is how I get control of my emotion and blow off some steam, so if you don’t like it don’t make me bust a cap in your ass.

Brendan Walsh


Des Animaux

Forget horses,
I only hunt giraffes.
Forget hogs
I only hunt in the bog
(for giraffes).
Baby giraffes are taller than humans
This fact got me fuming.
Like a snowflake the giraffe is elegant
Floating through the air
The giraffe is a herbivore
Bet you haven’t heard that one before!
Giraffes are more sociable than me
No surprise there you see (weyhey)!
Some may say you know nothing Jon Snow
Well I say that I know a shit ton about giraffes.
Jon Snow (not dead.)