St. Vincent’s Secondary School, Cork

Being a Teen is Hard

Being a teen is hard
Were expected to grow up
While we’re treated like children
Were told were not good enough
Were made look a certain way
We know models are fake
But we don’t except the reality
Some starve themselves while others overeat
We still won’t be excepted because of our looks
So we hide behind our makeup
It comforts us
But really it makes us nervous
Being a teenager is hard.



People ask questions, ponder on the answers they want to hear
But sometimes, people forget that not everything needs an answer.
Not everyone has to fill the space with meaningless words just to say something, anything at all.

Sometimes I find comfort in not knowing answers to certain things, especially ‘death’.
Everyone has their own beliefs in religion or some people mightn’t be religious at all. ‘What happens when we die?’ is one of the questions in the world that no one can truly answer because no one knows.

Not knowing might be a good thing, that’s not important while we’re here now, alive and full of desire. Focusing on the here and now is all that matters.

Ciara Buckley



Best friends stick together till the end,

They are like a straight line that will not bend.

They trust each other forever,

No matter if you’re apart you are together.

They can be your hero and save the day,

They will never leave your side they are here to stay.

They help you up when you fall,

Your true friends are best of all.

Rebecca Thomas



When I am hungry I am sad and down

When my food arrives my life turns around

Chocolate, biscuits, sweets and cake

I also love a bit of chips and steak

I would eat all day till I see the moon

It’s not my fault I can’t put down the spoon

When food is in front of me I can’t stop picking

Especially the chicken is so finger licking

That’s my poem about sugar and spice

Now it’s time to cook something nice.

Chelsea Curtin, Amber Curtin & Nikole Murray


What is Food?

Food is life

Food is death

Food is good

Food is bad

Food is love

Food is hate

Food is?

Chloe Daly



It happens everywhere at least one person will have a really bad day

They hide it very well you wouldn’t even know that they have to go through pain in every way.

Tear by tear, everyday you’ll never know the pain they keep hidden inside

You try to cut the hurt away, but you can never ever hide.

I finally talk and let it out the hurt and pain is gone

I feel like I will finally find the place

Where I really belong.

Nicole O’Callaghan & Renee Collins


Don’t Let Them

They tell you “you won’t make it”
They tell you its not realistic
They tell you to fake it
But they’re actually sadistic
If you have dreams
That are bigger than where you come from
Don’t let them tell you otherwise
They’re incoherent scum
Then go for it, go
Break that fourth wall
It’ll all be worth the effort in the long haul
But who are ‘they’ you may inquire
They are the people who didn’t aim higher
Who have lost their youth
And want you to lose yours too
But don’t let them talk sh*t

Ellen O’Shea


Broken Promises

After a while, you learn
the difference between
holding a hand and falling
in love. You begin to learn
that kisses don’t always
mean something, promises
can be broken just as
quickly as they are made,
and sometimes,
goodbyes really are


The Quiet Girl

I’m the quiet girl

Who’s shy at first?

Can be a bit mad with friends, crazy even

Carefully watching my own actions

But who’s watching mine?

I’m the quiet girl

At home most of the time

Earphones in so I don’t hear anyone whine

The whining isn’t about me or even at me

Yet I love my peace

I’m the quiet girl

Who barely speaks?

The understated who overthinks

Thinks all morning, noon and night

No wonder I’m shy

I’m the quiet girl

Everyday is pretty much the same

It can be a bit lame

Unlike other teens

I try not to tease

Never took a pill, smoke or drink in my life

Never even thought to try

But that’s not the way I wanna live my life

Maybe it’s ok to be the quiet one

As long as I stay to be a true one.

Nikita Chambers O’Sullivan


Beautiful – Different

Society today is really messed up
Why does the nerdy girl has to change her ways
to hang out with the cool girls.
Why does the innocent boy has to smoke or hook up with
girls to hang out with the cool guys.

Why is it so hard for people to accept us just the
way we are.
Why do we think we need to change ourselves to be
Society needs to learn and accept people
for who they truly are.
Being different is beautiful.
Your look, your gender and your race
does not define who you are.

If society accepts that people are different the world will be a better

Patricia Douanla


Five Percent

Faceless party with two friends and too many strangers

He’s cute I suppose but I know I’m in danger

When I head home I know they’ll know,

That there’s a reason my movements are slow.

I’ve got a crooked smile in place,

The kind I know will soften my face

And I try to make him know

How his laugh gives me vertigo

My grades don’t mean much to me

They haven’t since I realised you don’t get praised for B’s

An A seems nice but watching paint dry

Is almost as satisfying as getting a grade that high.

Being a teenager sucks 95% of the time

And its bullsh*t saying we’re in our prime

But it’s worth it for that 5% of endless possibilities

When we don’t have the chains of adult responsibilities.

Anneka O’Donoghue



He walks proudly

Boots loudly

Scraping the floor

Passing through those deadly doors

In go his headphones

Bang, bang, bang

Casually the bell goes

Ring, ring, ring.

It’s a faceless killer that invades his mind

Knife in hand, eyes unkind

Smiles are sent quickly across the hall

As dark shadows under his eyes threaten to make the grin fall

Hollow laughter fills his ears

As the deadly killer wipes away laughing tears

Ready to execute all his worst fears.

His eyes are dark, his smile too bright

Much too reassuring for what he must fight

Because as the proud killer brandishes his gun

He looks straight back in the mirror and accepts defeat

Realizing sadly, the killer has won.