St. Mary's Secondary School, Charleville, Co. Cork.



Five hundred likes on her Facebook page,
Looks good on camera, but is it all staged?
She’s smart and pretty and funny, it’s true,
But she has nothing on the real me and you.
She takes pretty pictures on her flashy iPhone,
When it comes to having boyfriends, she’s like a dog with a bone.
Behind closed doors, she sits and she cries.
Even she’s sick and tired of all of her lies.
As the years wear on and the facts become clear,
She’s forgotten and lost and becomes her worst fear.
Lonely and afraid, standing up on a ledge,
Heart full of sorrow, she steps off he edge.
Mentally she struggled for years and for years,
All the fame and attention just added to her fears.
Social media is a beast, a killer, don’t you see?
Don’t value yourself on likes, and just be free.

Caroline O’Flynn


That Was Us

That was us snoring our brains out
Spending money that wasn’t ours on unnecessary items.
That was us fixing our hair pouting in the mirror while
Laughing at things that aren’t remotely funny.

That was us always looking for the best WiFi connection
Never wanting our favourite TV show to end.
Wishing you could download food from an app
That was us wishing distance wasn’t a problem.

That was us wishing you could teleport to me
Hanging out every weekend
Loving life, laughing ourselves to death.
This is us.

Emma, Ciara and Heather


To the Tune of Kids in America

Looking out a dirty shop window
Down below the teenagers are running too and fro
I’m not leaving town till I have the trends.

Friday night and everyones heading out
I can feel the pressure of fitting in to-night
I’m not leaving now, f**k society.

We are the teenagers in society – uh oh!
Everybody is shopping for the latest trends.



21st Century Disco

In the queue,
Judging faces, scanning my outfit up and down
Shouts and vulgar comments and I frown
Slap on the arse as I walk down
High pitch screeching, attention seeking, fake greeting
The girls unite with their powering smell of perfume
Music blaring shoving without caring
Boys saunter over with a tap on the shoulder and a strong odour
The smell of drink as I blink
He begins to vape, what an ape! I escape
It’s getting hot, sweating a lot
Cocoa Brown don’t let me down
Some guy catches my eye
He latches my hand and I say bye to my gang
The couches are full, the dancefloor is free
Off to the wall, you and me
Tall, dark and handsome
Together alone
and suddenly it’s time to go home.

Grace Murphy



I like food
It is nice
My favourite carb is rice.
I’m gonna get fat
I’ll look like a stuffed cat.
I don’t like steak
I do like to bake
But there is a shit taste off the cake.
I don’t like cheese
Chocolate? Yes please
Spuds? Disgusting
In the rotten restaurant it looked like they were rusting
I looked down at my dress then saw the zip busting.
My stomach is getting bigger
I better work on my non-existent figure.




I hear the screeching of brakes
and in walks the biggest bitch
Wearing my favorite hoodie
Ambercrombie and Fitch.
Blood splattered on my hoodie
and on her hands
She’s holding a bag of my clothes torn in strands
She hurts my nanna
and shoots my dog
Now my man shes tryna hog
I grab her gun and raise it to her head
I pull the trigger til bang the bitch is dead
I grab some petrol and inject it to her veins
Using a lighter i set her on flames
The place burns down and everyone does die
but i’m too awesome to give a crap
I simply can’t deny.
Outside the cops hold guns and sticks
But i exterminate them all yelling 666.
Yeah i guess i have now gone insane
But don’t look at me that muda fuckas to blame

Nicole Fitzgerald



It just happen.
I pick up a pen or a pencil and I draw.
Random shapes start to appear on the snow white page;
A circle, a rectangle, a square – Oh, look!
It’s a girl.
She’s sitting in the corner. Her tears already ruined her mascara.
Dropping a pencil on the ground makes her want to cry again.
Turn the page.
Again – a few lines, a bit of shade here and there…
This time it’s a boy.
He’s acting all tough.
That black bruise on his right side brings salty tears to his eyes that he’s desperately trying to swallow down.
For now they’re all alone. Safe.
However, tomorrow they’ll put on their masks.
No one will know that she is depressed.
No one will know that he is being bullied.
Fake smiles will be plastered onto their faces – something they mastered a long time ago.
But that won’t heal their hearts or their bodies.
Charcoal tears will fall again.
Their screams for help – so loud, yet so silent – will not be heard.
How many times have we done that ourselves?
How many times have we masked our feelings, just to keep everyone else happy?
It never helped, did it?
It only made our wounds deeper.
With the constant pressure to have a perfect life everyone says it’s OK not to be OK.
Or so everyone says.
Too bad very little people understand this;
And it’s only my sketchbook that shows how I truly feel.



Peer Pressure

Girls are nice to your face but behind your back
They’re posting sneaky rumours up on yik yak.

They convince you that drinking and smoking is cool,
But when you do it they call you a fool.

“You’ve only yourself to blame they say”
“Its all your fault at the end of the day”
But the truth lying beneath it all,
Peer pressure drives kids up the wall.

At the end of the day, the facts are clear
Rejection is our biggest fear
We try to be cool, we try to fit in
Just forget the likes on Facebook, its about whats within.



Teen Queens

I am young, I am dumb
I am trying to have fun
I get drunk on jealousy
When he looks at you and not at me.

You act like you’ve got it all
But deep down you feel really small
You try to hide your insecurities
By getting down on your knees.

He tries his best to act like he cares
But he pays more attention to his hair.
Cheating, lying, drinking too…Silly girl!
Whats so special ’bout you?

The likes online mean everything
They build my palace and my king.
You’re like me? In your dreams!
I am the real Teen Queen.

Grace Galvin & Erin O’Toole



Boys, boys, they’re sneaky and they lie,
But behind closed doors, all they do is cry.
They’re so judgmental and put on pressure,
Spray on too much Lynx just to smell fresher.

They go behind our backs, looking for a shag,
He thinks we don’t know about all those ugly hags.
They wear their pants down to their ankles, without a care,
And spend four hours a day, perfecting their hair.

To our faces, we’re skinny,
To our backs we’re obese,
You can’t say much,
You Ugly Fat Beast.

Take your hands out of your pants,
I’m just looking for some romance.
You don’t send cute messages,
You’ve got “no time 4 dat”.

Cause in your room playing Fifa,
On that chair you’re always sat.
Of course, I’ve no claim on you,
Yet the green eyed monster, lives in your shoes.

You’re a liar and a cheat,
That’s all I wanted to say.
You don’t deserve me,
Please have a nice day. šŸ™‚

Aoife Galvin, Fiona Neligan, Emma O’Keeffe, Amy O’Donovan, Katelyn Hanlon & Chloe Morrissey


That Was Us

That was us snoring our brains out
Spending money that wasn’t ours on unnecessary items.
That was us fixing our hair pouting in the mirror while
Laughing at things that aren’t remotely funny.

That was us always looking for the best WiFi connection
Never wanting our favourite TV show to end.
Wishing you could download food from an app
That was us wishing distance wasn’t a problem.

That was us wishing you could teleport to me
Hanging out every weekend
Loving life, laughing ourselves to death.
This is us.

Emma, Ciara and Heather



They rustle quietly in the trees
Carried on by the breeze.
They’re whispered in the dark of night
Never to be uttered in the light,
To keep them away from listening ears
That love to play upon your fears.

They’re trapped within a room’s four walls
Not to echo through the halls
They’re rarely said out loud for fear
That the wrong person will hear,
And they’ll find out your biggest weakness
That’s hidden within your darkest secrets.




Sometimes I feel like I’m useless,
That the grades I get don’t mean anything,
That all I do is for nothing,
That I shouldn’t bother,
Because there will always be somebody better.

Sometimes I think that I’m alone,
And that might be true,
But I’m so unsure.

I cry because everything gets on top of me,
And I don’t share my thoughts and feelings,
Because I feel like there’s nobody that really gets me.

Sometimes I question my beliefs,
Am I really buying into thus religious crap?
Or is that the problem?
Should I feel scared that my church won’t accept me because of my interests in all aspects of life, including the way I think I should live?

And it’s sad, to be honest, that I feel most alone
When I’m being told God is watching over me.

Sometimes I feel like something tragic will happen,
That life’s too good because my life is actually going great,
Even though I feel down and a sad, confused mess.
My teacher’s say that I worry too much, that I’m too caring,
But I think that it’s unfortunate that my kindness hurts me the most.

Sometimes I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders,
That I must conform to society’s view of ‘beauty’
That my size is a burden that makes me undesirable, even though I look in the mirror and sometimes think “You know, I look okay today.”

Sometimes I think that I’m different, that I’m strange, an outcast,
That I don’t have any friends and that my good nature gets me nowhere.
I try so hard to be friendly but I feel that I’m not good enough to have friends,
That I should just be alone.

Sometimes I find that if I just cry,
the loneliness becomes numb and maybe one day I’ll be happy enough
to accept myself for who I am and won’t care what others think of me.

Sometimes, I feel like I have it all,
That I’m comfortable and I’m surrounded by people who fill that lonely space.
And for a short time, I feel happy, relaxed,
I think about how content I used to be before I felt the sad pangs in my heart, and not myself,
Or maybe I was just hiding from the truth, behind a mask of smiles.

Maybe I can find myself and the happiness I crave to have again.



Not my Fault

It’s not my fault that I needed you
It’s because of all that I’ve been through.
It’s not my fault that i shut you out
I was afraid you wouldn’t help me out.
It’s not my fault that I wasn’t well
I felt I had been put through hell.
It’s not my fault I was full of fear
I just didn’t think you would hear.
It’s not my fault that I fell in love
But you gave me a massive hug.
It’s not my fault that it put me back together,
You just make me so much better.
It’s not my fault you’re more than a friend
Someone to be with until the end
You make me realise
Everytime I look in your eyes…
It’s NOT my fault.





Time of our life, known as hell
All stuck in school, just waiting for the bell
Back stabbing b!tch*s, that think there the sh*t
Making a fool of themselves, flashing their tits.
Fag between the lips, ready to be lit
Drugs in the system, I’m hooked on that sh*t
Rushed into hospital no where to sit
Doctors couldn’t be bothered to put in a drip.
What matters is the likes, and the comments you get
At the end of the day I couldn’t care less
Out on a lash, looking a mess
Drunken selfies on snapchat, look at the state of my dress!
Lads on the pull, girls hanging in the alley
Dad around the corner, I’ve had a shot too many.
All lads are the same, they just don’t have a clue.
Girls need stability, not a careless f**k you!
This is reality, I was born without you
Get over the fact I can move on too.


Elizabeth Moloney, Emma Howard, Julliane Barrington and Emma Hogan




‘Smile’, they said
You’d be prettier if you smiled
I smile, but their eyes soon leave
And I return to myself.
Knobbly hands pinch my face, “Smile,” they coo
Cold hands, warm hands, stubby fingers slender fingers,
I smile and they leave and I feel
A roaring tide begin to swell.
‘Miss Personality’, they laugh
With lecherous looks and flying spittle
And in that moment my eyes flash and they suddenly start
If only they knew.
If only they knew God forbid you frowned
Even for a moment, that suddenly you’re
Depressed, they whispered, weird, unfriendly
A sharp nudge is swiftly delivered
I surrender, uncomfortable, angry, yet in pitiful defeat
‘I know. Smile.’ Ā I repeat.
If only they knew of society’s unyielding chains
That binds my face into false sincerity
That tells us to smile and not delve into the forbidden place
Of comfortable silence.
And as the world thunders on,
Another continues to roll
Lightning flashes in the land behind my eyes
If only they knew how I smiled…


Nicole Scanlan


I Sit Here AloneĀ 

I sit here alone, I think of everything
My phone lies by my side, but it isn’t buzzing
Not anymore.
I wish I could take my phone, into my hands, and type.
I wish I knew what to say, because I know what I did.
“I’m sorry” won’t cut it. It’s not enough
But you left me first.
I got too close, too familiar. I told you this.
You didn’t reply. You couldn’t. I knew this.
I hated it.
Without you I couldn’t go on, wouldn’t smile.
I’d wither inside, crumpling like paper held above a flame.
Would you?
I try to forget, I did for awhile, but feelings are hard to ignore.
Emotions like eight foot waves, crashing down on me.
I can’t swim against them anymore.
If by chance anyone could see inside my head, the mysterious world,
They’d see all the ways I’d hurt you, all the things I’d scream,
But all the ways I love you too.
There’s no escape from inside.


Megan Hartigan


The Blame Game

The weather’s too bad
The people all mad
About some political blunder
Apparently it’s the governments fault we get thunder
We want someone to blame for it all
No matter how big, no matter how small.
“It’s the dogs fault the microwave broke”
Ā She Ā muttered as it went up in smoke
“He managed to put some tinfoil inside”
The womans own guilt impossible to hide.
Is it really that hard to admit you’re to blame?
Are you going to die because of the shame?
So people of Ireland I ask you now
Please own up to your mistakes if you even know how.