St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Tulla, Co. Clare

This Too Shall Pass

People always seem to think that things are fine, but their lives are not

And I won’t argue against people’s lives sometimes being bad

But that doesn’t mean that the world isn’t terrible either.


They complain about “The Machine”

But we’re the ones making it worse

Allowing it to happen, not speaking out.


All of those little problems

They stem from bigger ones

Always happening, never ending.


It sometimes may be easy to turn your back to the truly big issues

Say “Oh, that’s Bad”, and do nothing about it,

Apathy leads a simpler life, I suppose.


So amongst this all, this uncaring,

While a single voice might go unheard by some,

It could still go far.


So try to get the point across,

Heal the world,

And only then, the old proverb shall come to be:

This too shall pass.

Tiarnan Boyce



Looking for answers is more difficult than looking for one,

and acknowledging that the result may be complex

and untidy is worrying.

Judging a person leads to a discreet result,

a neatly cut idea

Of who they are, and if a new perspective is discovered,

Then the reason for the discrepancy is that they have changed,

not that the difference was always there,

and that the discreet question was flawed.

Emotions are not a value, but a wave, a wiggly line going up and

down, and no person is the sum of a single cross-section.

James O’Neill



Everything contributes

Like fuel on a fire

The jeers

The kind words

Even your itchy feet

It doesn’t matter

The fire has already started

And you keep burning

Because the burn is the best thing you’ve experienced

Nails dig in

Hair pulls out

Everything burns

And then it’s all cold.



Orlaith’s Struggles

Getting kicked out of the TY ball

Or not even getting in at all

I wasn’t even drunk

They’re all stupid skunks

I spent so much on a dress

And I didn’t even get to impress.

Four months on

And I still get accused in the wrong

One f**king drink

And my social life is on the brink

Seven euro on a naggin

What was with all the braggin’?

For the ball at the end of the year,

Just to be clear,

I wont be getting pissed

Instead I’ll be getting kissed….




When I was a boy I was told to grow up

My parents told me to grow up

They sent me to school without any help

So instead I looked for help on yelp

I was having a blast

I grew up too fast

But your teenage years don’t last

Looking back on some of the things I did I start to cringe like an ass

And now I regret that I grew up so fast because now I am so full of sass.

Sean Murphy & Cathal Borrmann



I remember the first time

a ten year old kid.

I mean how do you tell people.


and you tried to scream

but you swear it must have been in the head,

Couldn’t speak. couldn’t move

Frozen in that time, with just pain and hurt, and why?

These tears in my flesh to feel something.

Yes it happened


She was downstairs but.

It was him.

That monster behind the handsome mask

The interesting thing about trauma,

is the night terrors

The demon

Curled up in a ball on a bed.


stop trusting people.

Men are filth

Drag me back.

From suicide

One hundred and seventy two

One and seventy two gashes in my arms

One, one girl who saved me.


My heart

My soul

My tears





Pressure is all around us

People say… Nobody is forced to do anything

But just because a gun is not held to your head

Does not mean there’s no pressure

It’s all around us:

Pressure to have a good body

Pressure to be popular

Pressure to drink

Pressure to have expensive things

Pressure to be part of the crowd

Pressure to be different





One day you wake up and

Everything has changed

You have two choices

You choose to embrace what

Life has given or you sit

There and watch yourself slowly drown in

But we have to realise everything happens

For a reason

And life goes on


Because for some people

They don’t have that choice.



Read Between the Lines

Another day, another dawn

While everyone sits stares and yawns.

Learning nothing new just like usual

As the cool students embark on their refusal

And as the depressed teacher sits and wines

The students who strive are those who how to read between the lines




I am what I am, because of the choices I made yesterday

I am what I am, in spite what happened to me

I am what I am, for the good times and for the bad

I am what I choose to be

What will you be?

Frank Fitzgerald



If everyone individually decided that they were going to stop giving out all the negative vibes, and just was a positive influence on everyone that surrounded them, the world would literally have all of its problems solved and everyone would be happy.

But that’s not going to happen.

So if just a small group of people decide to stop being so mean to everyone, then that little collection of people would be happy and then if the small collections built up around the world there would be a lot more happy people.

So, we’re going to sprinkle hash into everyone’s food so that no one will care because everyone will feel this way.


Being a Teenager is Hard

Being a teenager is hard

For I’ve been told that I am not good enough

Too hard to handle

Not good enough for society

For I am not the same as the models on display

No matter how hard I try.

But we all know that the models are photoshopped

But for some reason society doesn’t except that reality

And pressurises us to starve ourselves to meet their standards

But even if achieve the weight excepted by society

We are still not excepted because we don’t fit the beauty category

So we hide behind a mask called makeup

To make us feel better

But in actual fact it makes us insecure

In our natural self

Being a teenager is hard.

Naomi Peer



The night is black and the grass is glazed over with dew. The night is still only to be interrupted by the laughing chatter of a group of teens filling up the empty courtyard of the desolate school. They stumble and sway, bottles and cans in hand, laughing, joking, living.

The boy in the shadows watches, envious of their fun, excluding himself from their antics because of the hurt alcohol had brought him through his father. Afraid of ending up the same dishevelled man he doesn’t take part. He sits and fumes silently, worries in hand, afraid, lonely, angry. watching, reflecting, living.

Chloe Carlos



I feel pressured all the time.

My friends they want me to do crime

They want me to smoke, drink do drugs

But I don’t want to be a mug

I’m into sport

I don’t want to snort

I want to make my family proud

I don’t want to let them down

I want to get on good in school

I don’t want to be a fool

I want to be around the good group

And not drinking soup

I want to be a sport star and make my father proud

I don’t want to be vowed.