St. Jarlath’s College, Tuam, Co. Galway


I hate religion with a passion.

It makes no sense

It’s a bit like fashion

A man up in the clouds looks down on us

Minding us in him we trust

He created this planet and the universe

He gave his blessing and his curse

He knows every single human being

He’s all powerful and all seeing

Hut where’s evidence

Where’s the proof?

This God fella must be a spoof

Science proves more than the Catholic Church.

Religion’s belief without research

And if ‘God’ says he loves all his ‘children’

then why do people die so young?

Why is there horrible diseases like cancer and aids?

Why have we so many reasons to be afraid.

Why is there terrorist groups like ISIS?

Why are we stuck in an economic crisis?

There’s so many things wrong with the place.

This is why I hate religion

It’s all fake.

Daragh H.


When I Look Out the Window

When I look out the window

And I see what’s going on

I shake my head and just yawn

Teenagers involved in things they shouldn’t be

Smoking, drinking, robberies.

Everywhere I go

I see people in the low

And that just goes to show,

But everyone just goes with the flow.

Dylan Dunleavy



Small town people

Small town minds

Gossip turn sour

No secrets left behind.

Small town stories

Small town fairs

Drowning in the lake

Nobody cares.

Eoin Broderick


When times get tough

And life gets rough

It’s hard to cope

And some go for the rope.

When you try and stay OK

Sometimes your mind can stray

So try and stay strong

And do nothing silly or wrong

So keep your head high

Don’t let your life fly by.

Depression is a bitch

And not something you can itch

Kieran McDonagh

This is Where

This is where the lads lush before mantra

This is where we get scran at lunch

This is where you meet the beures for a feek

This is where they smoke before school

This is where we go to learn

This is where we hide our lush

This is where we run from the shades

This is where we make new mates

This is where we lose friends

This is where we die.



13 Seconds

When Aldo fought McGregor

Aldo first pulled a legged

Couldn’t fight ‘cus he “bust his rib”

Afraid of losing the belt that McGregor would strip

From his knocked out body

His face would be bloody

A battle to remember

Or a drawn out surrender?

Yes, Aldo knew from the start he would lose

McGregor was king and Aldo the fool.

When the night finally came

The arena shook

As Aldo bowed down to McGregors left hook

As the Irish crowd cheered, the Brazilians sneered

They all see the real Aldo, full of shame and fear

We’ve seen it through history

Time and time again

That this is what happens when mice challenge men.

McGregor could feel it

To be champion, it beckoned

And won in a fight of 13 seconds.

Cormac Deignan



Fed up of losing

Sometimes sport can be bruising.

Giving it your best

But all of it in jest

To win just once is all we want,

We’d find no need to flaunt.

For we know that awful feeling

Which needs so much healing.

Damian Boyle

The Bully

They all try to look the same

All try to give themselves a name

Pick on the boy who is all alone

Just because his identity is his own

What has this world come to?

All this wrong that people do

Just for the image they want to show

down the evil path they seem to go


The next person you go to hurt

Or try to make feel like dirt

Instead of trying to look cool

Feel for the guy you make look a fool


A cool identity isn’t a need

Let those you bully be freed

Your identity should be your own

A better person you will be known.

Stephen Daly

Haters Gonna Hate

People are going to hate,

But then they’ll debate

Telling you that all you are is second class,

So yeah, haters gonna take a pass

But just say screw you buddy

And I’ll tell you what is ruddy

Your fate is second rate if you keep going on with this dispute.

Yeah haters gonna stick in the boot

But in the end I know you won’t listen to my words

Your haters gonna come in their herds.

So take your hate, your fate and your misguided debate

And stick it where the sun don’t shine

Yeah haters gonna hate.

Keelan Greaney

I am a Believer

I am a believer.

I can take anything.

Take a hit make a hit give a hit.

People get depressed

Don’t go and see the rest

They stay at home

Remain known.

They don’t share their problems

or their stories.

They bottle it up

with all their worries

Liam Costello


I’m Sick

I’m sick of people thinking they understand

of people thinking they’re better than me.

I’m sick of people trying to comfort me

of people ignoring me.

I’m sick of the way I can’t sleep

of the way I can’t wake up.

I’m sick of being told to slow down

of being told to speed up.

I’m sick of this poem

of its meaning.

I’m sick of ‘minding my business’

of intervening.

I’m sick of the short end of the stick

I’m really sick of being sick



From the time I was born

I’ve been moving along

Nothing to fear

Somewhere to belong

That all changed in secondary school

A whole new place, lots of new rules

I was confused, it was different

Hard to explain

A lot to lose, little to gain

Very few people to call my friends

Until I entered Transition year

And I was sane again.

When life throws you down

You get back up

And you tell life,

I don’t give a ****.

Sam Hudson


(Ode to Alcohol)

The queasy feeling in my stomach

The pounding in my head

The only thoughts in my mind

Were wishing I was dead

My forehead covered in cold sweats

Body shakes beyond control

The endless aching in my bones

As you consumed my very soul

The minutes turned into hours

The hours turned into days

Suddenly, every moment that I ever lived

Was just a smoke-filled haze.

As I watched my body waste away

And my life slowly coming to an end

I realised I was wrong

You’re the devil & not my friend

So, I’m taking back what’s left of my life

Not one more second will you dominate

I’ll bet the strength that lives in me

You didn’t anticipate

Cast your spell on someone else

Find another unsuspecting prey

I came to live, NOT to die

And my life begins TODAY…



Manchester United

Sir Alex the God, called it day

Much to the awe off us all.

Then came Moyes who a lot thought might be able to lay

A new era of Manchester success.

But he turned out to only be a fool and we had to give him the boot.

Then came the great Giggs who we prayed could bring back Alex Ferguson’s way

But that very next summer Louis Van Gaal arrived and much to our dismay

He hasn’t quite fit into our way.

Peter Devane